Traitor's Blood

Traitor's Blood

Michael Arnold / Jan 27, 2020

Traitor s Blood Traitor s Blood the first in The Civil War Chronicles Michael Arnold s acclaimed series of historical thrillers sees battle scarred hero Captain Stryker the Sharpe of the Civil War confront his

  • Title: Traitor's Blood
  • Author: Michael Arnold
  • ISBN: 9781848544048
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Paperback
  • Traitor s Blood, the first in The Civil War Chronicles, Michael Arnold s acclaimed series of historical thrillers, sees battle scarred hero Captain Stryker, the Sharpe of the Civil War , confront his nemesis Stands in comparison with the best of Cornwell Yorkshire PostOnce seen in the heat of battle, Captain Stryker is never forgotten A hardened veteran of the wars inTraitor s Blood, the first in The Civil War Chronicles, Michael Arnold s acclaimed series of historical thrillers, sees battle scarred hero Captain Stryker, the Sharpe of the Civil War , confront his nemesis Stands in comparison with the best of Cornwell Yorkshire PostOnce seen in the heat of battle, Captain Stryker is never forgotten A hardened veteran of the wars in the Low Countries, he has come home to England to seek revenge on the man who left him for dead and scarred him for life.Stryker is driven by loyalty rather than conviction to serve King Charles s cause He has no truck with aristocracy, preferring the company of a handful of trusted men, including sometime actor Lancelot Forreseter and his foul mouthed sergeant, Skellen But when the existence of a dangerous spy at the heart of the Royalist establishment is discovered, it is Stryker whom Prince Rupert chooses to capture the man before he realises the game is up.Lightly armed and with only a handful of men, Stryker must journey across a country riven by bitterness and beset by marauding bands of soldiers in a race against time But unbeknown to Stryker, someone else is also closing in on his quarry, someone whom Stryker has sworn to kill Captain Eli Makepeace, his nemesis, the man who nearly destroyed him .

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        Michael lives in Hampshire with his wife and children His childhood holidays were spent visiting castles and battlefields, but his fascination with the civil wars was piqued partly by the fact that his hometown and region of Hampshire are steeped in Civil War history.


    1. Very enjoyable and lots of action. The characters are interesting and not hard to support. Overall well worth the read. Pet peeve: publishers who put comments on the covers of their books like 'The Sharpe of the Civil War''. A new author deserves to be judged by their own work, not by comparison with a vastly more experienced author. Comments that suggest a book is of a similar genre seem fine to me, however. Michael Arnold is a good writer and Captain Stryker an interesting creation, but they n [...]

    2. Crackling, action-filled swashbuckler set in the first phase of the English Civil War. The Royalist Capt. Stryker, the protagonist, is tasked with a mission to take a spymaster for the Roundheads into custody; at the same time the Roundhead, Makepeace [ironic name, that!] sets out to rescue him from Royalist clutches. The novel is brim filled with skirmishes, besides the opening volley of the war at Edgehill. A feisty woman, Lisette, on the Royalist side, fights boldly for them.The main thrust o [...]

    3. Being an American, we learn next to nothing about the Civil Wars that tore the British Isles apart during the 1600s, as the monarchy and Parliament struggled for supremacy. Arnold does a wonderful job of bringing this bloody time to life, with characters that feel well-fleshed out and a plot that is engaging and fast-paced. The way Arnold pieced scenes together made it feel like I was watching a movie, rather than just reading a book. Some of the battle scenes became rather bloody, though, and a [...]

    4. I don't believe during my history with this website, and doing reviews on it, that I have ever used the term 'rollicking good read'. Nor have I in fact used the word rollicking in any form. I think that is fair excuse for using the term now, for Traitor's Blood was a bloody rollicking good read and the author has won a fanof at least the first book in his series.Kicking off in 1642, it is primarily set against the microcosm that was Hampshire during the English Civil War and also includes the Ba [...]

    5. Being part of one of the Civil War towns I have taken an interest in this particular point in history.I wasn't sure what to expect from this novel but I really enjoyed it, the story is set around Captain Striker and his companions giving the battles and skirmishes from their point of view (in this one it includes the battle of Edgehill) Whilst trying to complete his special mission he has been given. I found I was rooting for the good guys, disliking the bad and wondering how they were going to [...]

    6. With the promise of sequels, the author introduces his disfigured protagonist as the Battle of Edgehill looms at the beginning of Britain's First Civil War in the cold autumn of 1642.The story moves with acceptable pace and the well-developed characters interact with ease. Stryker is a bold figure, dogged and unflinching, easily followed and respected by all who have rubbed shoulders or crossed blades with him.Well written, the reader's attention glides through the pages until the end, where man [...]

    7. I really enjoyed this. I had read Marston Moor so I had to return to the beginning of the Civil War with this one. In some ways I prefer it to Marston Moor as it explains the characters. It is very much the Sharpe of the Civil War. I particularly liked the Turnham Green section as I once lived looking on to the green!

    8. I’m always a little wary when I see a book drawing comparison with another author’s book and character, in this instance Bernard Cornwell’s Sharpe. The comparison is perhaps an obvious one to make, but frequently only serves as free advertising for the other persons book and in this instance does Michael Arnold and Captain Stryker a disservice—they are more than good enough to stand on their own merit.There is a real paucity of historical fiction that tackles the tricky but potentially f [...]

    9. Traitor's Blood sets the Civil War Chronicals up to be a monster of a series. Some works of historical fiction lean heavily enough to the historical feel and detail that it actually detracts from the flow of the tale, while others can fly so free with the accuracy that it's little more than fantasy. Michael Arnold has hit, with his first novel, that coveted spot where the history is well presented and feels solid and detailed, and yet never gets in the way of a speedy and exciting plot.Another w [...]

    10. Arnold is a very accomplished writer and he's introduced me to a historical period I've not read about before. He's definitely sparked my interest and I'll be picking up his other stories - and more factual information - about the English Civil War. I loved the drama and the romance and the hard characters who kept me enthralled. I can only hope there's a TV series/film coming one day

    11. It is rather 3.5 because of the irritating female character. Some characters (esp Captain Eli) could have been more developed for they seemed interesting and only some facts were given about their background. Still the main problem is that I couldn't but feel sympathy for Parliament troops, not king's.

    12. This is a cracking good first book by Michael Arnold who has managed to create a compelling story set during the English civil war. It's a subject usually disregarded or not even considered by most authors probably because of it's uncharismatic, dull nature but why? Thousands of books have been written about the American civil war and films made about it but not our own.Arnold manages to create through an interesting cast of characters and a story that has you turning the pages to find out what [...]

    13. A first outing from Michael Arnold and his battle scared Roylist hero Captain Stryker, that soon had me page turning as the pace hots up in this adventure set in the English Civil War.The sticker on the front of the book proclam that he is the Sharpe of the Civil War and he certainly has all the ingredients to make that happen,but i will wait till we have more outings before i agree with that statement.Stryker is a veteran of the wars in the low Countries and with his small band of trusted men,i [...]

    14. For a first novel (that threatens at least 9 more in the series !) this was quite a good story.Captain Stryker, a veteran soldier, is brought over from the Low Countries to fight on the Royalist's side in the English Civil War; and this is his first adventure. Apart from knowing straight away that he has only one eye and a very badly scarred face, very little background is given; but as the story progresses we learn about his injuries and his friends/foes. Information is dribbled nicely into the [...]

    15. It is a brave publisher who slaps the "the Sharpe of the Civil War' sticker on the front of a new author's first novel. Yet, here, at least, the claim is valid. In Stryker, Mike Arnold has created the hard-bitten hero I have loved since I first read Sharpe's Enemy as a teenager. For me, there is nothing better than a lead character who does not care one jot for authority, fights like a man possessed and yet still cares deeply for the men under his command.The battles and skirmishes come thick an [...]

    16. Billed as 'The Sharpe of the Civil War' (ever notice how these types of novels always use that character as their benchmark?), it's easy to see the influence of Cornwell's most famous creation on this novel, which (according to the author) is the first in a planned series of 10 books set during the English Civil War. This is told from the POV of a soldier in the (doomed) Royalist army: a soldier who has a history with some in authority (like Sharpe and Wellesley), and who is chosen to go behind [...]

    17. I decided to try this when I met the author while he was working at his other career. Lots of historical detail especially about armour and how battles are fought, plus all the gory descriptions of what weapons do to the human body. On top of this there are masses of characters, and explanations of the context of the English Civil War. So not an easy read, but I will feel better educated in all sorts of ways when I have finished it. Not sure I will read the next one in the series, as it is a bit [...]

    18. Quite SharpeI enjoyed this. The comparisons to Sharpe are plentiful and Stryker is described in almost every review as "the Sharpe of the Civil War". Which, let's face it, he is. A rough around the edges soldier, with a small but loyal team around him and a past in which he saved someone way above his station. It basically is Sharpe. But with only one eye.Which is not a bad thing. The Sharpe comparison, that is. The one eye thing sucks - he could never enjoy a 3D movie. Although I suppose that d [...]

    19. A fun read, not very demanding. Th author has done a lot of background research and the battle stuff is well done, and gory. However its all a bit James Bond meets Sharpe with lots of 'derring do' thrown in and the usual charmed life of the hero. A shame in some ways as Stryker could be a much more rounded person if he was left in the actual history and possibly had soem sense of what was going on around him.

    20. Wow. I don't think I've ever read a book with so much action. From personal fights to skirmishes to battles and war there is never a dull moment in this story. Captain Stryker is a physically and emotionally scarred war hero asked by his Prince to complete an important task that could affect the outcome of the Civil War for the royalists. This is a good addition to the growing number of historical action hero novels.

    21. I decided to go for this book, the firest in a whole series on the British civil war because I know very little about this period. This was first and foremost an interesting story which I enjoyed reading but which also gives a lot of background information about the war and life during this time. An engaging plot, a hero that you want to learn more about, interesting historical detail. I'll be reading the others in this series.

    22. This is a good "ripping yarn" introduction to the English Civil War, but the plot is a little too pat. In the first place, 17th-century muskets are depicted as unfailingly accurate, which stretches credibility quite a bit. Second, there is a romantic angle that seems out of place in such a soldier's tale. The plot was engaging but I always kept asking myself if this is the way things really were.

    23. English civil war entertainmentA favorite of mine is historical fiction. This weaves great story line with historical figures as the author brands each to life. You will root for the ruthless Stroker, and laugh at Eli. This will make a great action period movie. The detail on life in the era, use of weapons and difficulties of daily life are brought home.

    24. Intriguing concept marred by spotty research. The author obviously did his homework in regard to weaponry and battles (I think I could manage to fire a musket after reading this), but skimped on social aspects. He mangled all the titles and his dialogue would switch abruptly from an attempt at 17th century conversation to exchanges all too modern. The plot was a stock one.

    25. An okay story but not that gripping. If I hadn't been interested in the historical period I don't think I would have enjoyed it that much. Still it was good enough for me to buy the second title in the series.

    26. A fantastic read! Thoroughly loved this book, a fantastic story told in a relatively untouched setting in the fictional world. Captivating characters with never a dull moment. A genuine page turner, one of those wonderful books that you have to read 'just one more page'.

    27. Wass looking for strong historical fiction and was recommended this. Nothing wrong with it but the writing falls short of iggulsdon, Clancy and Cornwall. the story is okay and it passes the time but more of a holiday read than a book to spend time with.

    28. A good account of the start of the Civil War. At times it was a confusing read with a lot of characters all on different missions. However, Stryker was likeable enough and may tempt me to read Civil War Chronicles #2

    29. Sets out to be 'Sharpe of the civil war'. Mission accomplished! Fascinating period in English history, told with plenty of the usual ingredients that constitute a good historical novel, battles, blood, daring, well researched period detail and colour and of course adventure.

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