Enemy Mine

Enemy Mine

Barry B. Longyear / Feb 26, 2020

Enemy Mine ENEMY MINE The Nebula and Hugo Award winner that inspired the th Century Fox motion picture starring Dennis Quaid and Lou Gossett Jr The story of a man incomplete in himself taught to be a human

  • Title: Enemy Mine
  • Author: Barry B. Longyear
  • ISBN: 9780595309764
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Paperback
  • ENEMY MINE The Nebula and Hugo Award winner that inspired the 20th Century Fox motion picture starring Dennis Quaid and Lou Gossett, Jr The story of a man, incomplete in himself, taught to be a human by his sworn enemy, an alien being who leaves with the human its most important possession its future.

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        Barry is the first writer to win the Hugo, Nebula, and John W Campbell Award for Best New Writer all in the same year, for Enemy Mine In addition to his acclaimed Enemy Mine Series, his works include the Circus World and Infinity Hold series, SF fantasy novels, recovery and writing instruction works, and numerous short stories He has just completed the first novel in his Redcliff Series, Turning The Grain, which is being serialized in Analog Science Fiction magazine, and is currently researching his new Civil War mystery thriller.Series Circus World Enemy MineSeries contributed to Alien Nation


    1. I read 0595309763, an "authors Guild backinprint edition." Iow, the original novelette, not Gerrold's novel created from the movie. I wanted to read it because I remember loving the movie. I had only a vague memory of it, mainly just the attempt, over a campfire, to move from trying to kill each other to communicating. The short book is so much more than that. I loved it. And now I definitely want to see the movie again. I don't have anything specific or useful to say to convince you to read it, [...]

    2. Me ha encantado, es una historia maravillosa y aunque más o menos sabía lo que me iba a encontrar (hace poco me he leído la mano izquierda de la oscuridad de Le Guin, y más o menos sabía por donde iban a ir los tiros) pero a pesar de eso me ha sorprendido y muy gratamente.Me ha conmovido mucho la amistad que se forja en el planteta hostil entre el Drac y el Humano y el compromiso que adquiere el humano Davidge y el cariño con que lleva a cabo su promesa. Parece mentira como en tan pocas p [...]

    3. Me gustó la película pero la novela corta todavía me ha gustado más. Enfrenta la visión del individuo capaz de empatizar frente a la especie y su anhelo expansionista. Muy recomendable.

    4. I have the original paperback which is a novelization by Gerrold of the movie that was made of the short story by Longyear. I read it years ago when it first came out & still have it. When a group read came up, I pulled it off the shelves, but decided to read the short story instead. Glad I did. It was very tight & fast. I read it over my lunch hour. For the most part, it was a lot like the novel, I think. The end differs quite a bit, if I recall correctly. I'll have to skim the book to [...]

    5. We should teach this in schools. I'm serious. Everybody needs to read this, like, right now.Why? 1. It's short (100 pages) and the prose is simple but efficient, so everybody has time to finish it. It reads fast and it bridges that gap between fun and literary/deep/philosophical beautifully. 2. It's very moving. I almost cried twice in the first 40 pages (and I'm not really a crier). 3. It encourages acceptance of other and genders without being preachy. It shows the reader through the main char [...]

    6. If you've seen the movie, you do not know the real story, you have not read the book. This book is wonderful. Two enemies crash land on a meteor-ish small planet. They almost kill each other, but need each other to survive. They learn to understand each other. And then much more happens, that would spoil it to learn ahead of time. This is a book I've read, reread ,remember, and have thoroughly enjoyed.

    7. I enjoyed the story way more than the ending. One of those old school scifi's where it is all about the story and the ending is just something that is used in two pages to give you posture, regardless of how unlikely it is.

    8. Like some of the other entries in this anthology, Enemy Mine feels like a prototype that defines the mould for an entire subgenre of science fiction. In this case, Barry Longyear uses the plight of two individuals to highlight the folly of the blind hatred taught to them by their respective species. With a human and a Drac soldier stranded together on an inhospitable world in the middle of a war, they must work together to survive. When the Drac reproduces (asexually) and then soon dies, Davidge [...]

    9. Checks:- kind of first contact- alien with great cultural and philosophical background (unlike those in Starship Troopers, The Forever War, or Ender's Game)- background narrated within the story- mixture of action and musingThe movie touched all those checks and the novella doesn't stand back at all. On the bad side, narration feels rushed very often - from enemies to romantic cuddling in just a few sentences, the dying of alien Jeriba "Jerry" Shigan, and Davidge's investigation on Dracs' planet [...]

    10. I had seen the movie with Dennis Quaid and Louis Gossett, Jr but had never read the book. Didn't even know there was a book out there. The book is very different, but I found it highly enjoyable. The Irkmaan and the Drac are stranded on a planet alien to them both, but they forge a friendship trusty enough that Davidge (the human) is entrusted with the care of his friend's child.I was moved by the commitment Davidge displayed as well as the trust shown to him. The end - well, I won't spoil it fo [...]

    11. just finished Barry Longyear's Enemy Mine. A saw the story on a list of great Sci-Fi shorts/novellas and fondly remembered the 80's movie which I saw as a kid. I had heard that the story was much better and that the movie mangled it a bit plus there were production problems. The story starts out great and has many great chapters that revolve around Davidge and Jerry or Davidge and Zammis as they are stranded on the planet. The text is good. You believe in the characters and the ever strengthenin [...]

    12. Maravillosa historia, nada menos que eso se puede decir de esta novela corta. No es de extrañar que haya ganado el premio Hugo y el Nebula, es una historia sencillamente bellísima en mas de un sentido. Batallas espaciales, dos razas enfrentadas en una guerra y dos seres diferentes que unen sus esfuerzos para sobrevivir a un planeta hostil es el escenario que en esta novela sirve para denunciar el odio racial y la xenofobia que los humanos aún no pueden dejar atrás. Esta novela sigue siendo t [...]

    13. Though you'd think there was more info in here than the movie, actually it feels like there was about the same, then a portion that was different, but the movie makes up for it with its own bits. I love the film, so it was great to read what prompted it.

    14. This book answered the question: could I get all teary over a bloke looking after an alien's child?(Answer: yes.)

    15. This was good. Universal issues/ideas surrounding war, and racism involved in a beautifully told story about hate and friendship.

    16. I happened to have watched the movie first, but I loved the book. It's really smooth and fast, yet never forgets to have intriguing details and amazing characters. I loved how much deeper the relationships are and how touching things can be. Damn, it made me cry few times and so far it's been the only book to make me do so, haha. About 2/3 of the movie are pretty similar to the book, almost line to line and I was very surprised to see that -yet of course the book has many details you just need t [...]

    17. I remember watching the movie years ago and fully enjoyed the process of lessons learned by the mutual enemies. I didn't remember the whole thing, though, and so this reading was delightfully surprising. I've always been charmed by the idea of being stranded on anything - an island, a planet, a mountain the element of how one learns to survive feeds my curiosity about how people think and reason. The element of relationship survival is another fascination, and this story covers that challenge th [...]

    18. I really enjoyed reading this as I am a fan of the film, and liked the insight the book gave on both characters from Davidage to the Drac he named Jerry and how they were first enemies to surviving together in the situation they were in. A great read for those who enjoy sci fi books and films and are a fan of this film.

    19. One good sample of book turned into a film where both are good. Some differences can be found between them, but it's a good reading even if, like me, you have seen the movie before.

    20. A quick engaging read about two stranded enemy fighter pilots in space who learn what humanity looks like as they strive to understand the other. Written in 1979, it says as much about a past generation's morals and values as it does about a future not yet conceived.

    21. Enemy Mine is a touching story about friendship, hope and survival in the face of danger. I loved the film and the book certainly didn't disappoint although it would have benefited from being slightly longer.Set in the late 21st Century, a war is raging in space between mankind and an advanced alien race known as the Drac. A human fighter pilot is shot down during a dogfight and left stranded on an alien world but not before damaging a Drac fighter which crashes not far away.The two find each ot [...]

    22. I first stumble across this magnificent piece of Sci Fi when I was a kid. I saw it first in movie form and I remember my dad and I watching a grain copy on a dodgy VHS. It was the start of our love of all things science fiction and Denis Quid.It was years later that I discovered it was original a book. I brought it, of course, and without fail every year I have to have a read of it. Of course, with all good sci fi there is always a message behind the laser guns and spaceships, this book was no d [...]

    23. Wowwhat a touching story!Friendship between two species that don't have anything in common other than a warm heart.The plot includes themes such as loneliness,change of personality,bonding with the Other,distorted propaganda,the uselessness of war,unjustified hate, and feeling at home.The book reminded me of Lacerta Files (true or not,I don't know). After ET/Alien disclosure, this has to be one of the books which citizens of the Earth should perhaps one day read. ;)Now that I've read the book, I [...]

    24. Thirty-five years after reading the novella in "Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine," I reread. It was as good as I remember, although some events were clouded due to several viewings of the movie. After reading the novella, I read the movie novelization, which is credited to Barry Longyear and David Gerrold. If memory serves right, Mr. Longyear was no fan of the movie that was based on his story. I am willing to bet that the novelization was written by Mr. Gerrold and based on Mr. Longyear' [...]

    25. Enemy Mine is an absorbing tale about how two enemies can grow to care for and respect each other despite their differences (a lot like the 1958 film, The Defiant Ones). I read this book a very long time ago and was surprised how much development Mr Longyear was able to create in such a short book. There is quite a lot of detail here about the Drac alien species and their various rituals (reminiscent of the Klingon rituals that you may recall from Trek). Was very excited to see the film version [...]

    26. I really enjoyed the movie Enemy Mine and for years, I wanted to read the book. I randomly came across it in a bookstore and purchased it. The book was a lot different than the move. I will not get into the spoilers, but I was surprised at the level of differences. Overall, Enemy Mine is a survival drama that really makes you think. It begs the question, why do we fight and is this just human nature or survival. I found myself connecting with the characters and sharing in their struggle to survi [...]

    27. A tady nevím. Asi se neshodnu s některými recenzenty - tohle podle mě vůbec nepojednává o nějaké válce (i když tam ten souboj je). V první řadě vyjadřuje "Můj nepřítel" obrovskou sílu porozumění, které se může objevit kdykoli a kdekoli a přetrvat. Splynutí ras i generací. Ta spousta citu, která se na člověka vyhrne na závěr (a navíc podaná jen tak mimochodem, chladně) stojí za každou minutu, kterou u toho příběhu člověk strávil. Určitě jedno z nejlep [...]

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