Allison Hewitt Is Trapped

Allison Hewitt Is Trapped

Madeleine Roux / Jun 01, 2020

Allison Hewitt Is Trapped Allison Hewitt is trapped In the storeroom of Brookes Peabody s In a world swarming with the Undead the Doomed the Infected Locked away with an oddball collection of colleagues and under siege Alli

  • Title: Allison Hewitt Is Trapped
  • Author: Madeleine Roux
  • ISBN: 9780755379132
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Paperback
  • Allison Hewitt is trapped In the storeroom of Brookes Peabody s In a world swarming with the Undead, the Doomed, the Infected.Locked away with an oddball collection of colleagues and under siege, Allison takes advantage of a surviving internet connection and blogs She writes, as the food runs out and panic sets in, as relationships develop and friends die, and asAllison Hewitt is trapped In the storeroom of Brookes Peabody s In a world swarming with the Undead, the Doomed, the Infected.Locked away with an oddball collection of colleagues and under siege, Allison takes advantage of a surviving internet connection and blogs She writes, as the food runs out and panic sets in, as relationships develop and friends die, and as zombies claw at the door, all in the hope of connecting with other survivors out there But as she reads the replies to her posts, Allison begins to comprehend the horrifying scale of the damage And when no one comes to the group s rescue, they are forced to leave the safety of their room and risk a journey across the city streets that crawl with zombies, and worse fellow humans competing for survival.

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        New York Times Bestselling Author of the ASYLUM series, Allison Hewitt Is Trapped, Sadie Walker Is Stranded and the upcoming House of Furies seriesDELEINE ROUX received her BA in Creative Writing and Acting from Beloit College in 2008 In the spring of 2009, Madeleine completed an Honors Term at Beloit College, proposing, writing and presenting a full length historical fiction novel Shortly after, she began the experimental fiction blog Allison Hewitt Is Trapped Allison Hewitt Is Trapped quickly spread throughout the blogosphere, bringing a unique serial fiction experience to readers.Born in Minnesota, she now lives and works in Seattle, Washington.


    1. I first picked up this book due to the interesting concept, "Allison Hewitt is Trapped" being a stitch-up work designed from a blogged novel. I truly wanted to enjoy this book, and while the basic idea appealed to me, for several reasons the narrative is flawed and ultimately did not deliver the goods.It's a brave experiment, attempting to invest chick-lit sensibilities into a post-apocalyptic piece, but one that just doesn't gell when you look at suspension of disbelief. The upbeat aspects of t [...]

    2. 4.5 Stars'Allison Hewitt is Trapped' is just fantastic. I was absorbed after just a couple of chapters and didn't want to put the book down. Allison is a great character, she's spunky and real - a woman I would like to be if the world was overrun with the undead. She's scared of everything going on around her but she's brave, not afraid to fight and put her life on the line for others.Allison is locked inside the break room because it's the strongest door in the department store, which means The [...]

    3. When the zombie apocalypse happens, Allison Hewitt is working her regular shift at a local bookstore. Allison and several co-workers hide inside the book store's office, complete with a security monitor and Allison's laptop. As zombies wander the store, Allison and the rest of the survivors must band together to survive and consider their next move as they wonder if help will ever arrive.Told in the form of blog entries, "Allison Hewitt is Trapped" takes a page from "The Walking Dead" and concen [...]

    4. Cement and concrete are not the same thing, Madeleine. I know you have an MFA, but surely you can learn the distinction.Well, it's petty obvious I've switched from reading to vivisecting the book as of last night somewhere around page 80 or so. For a zombie novel, there's a hell of a lot of Jane Austen Sense and Sensibility "Oh, I simply cannot marry Ted, for he only wants to marry me because of the zombies and does not truly love me." ACK. That and for some reason our "motivated take-charge" na [...]

    5. I became quickly enamored with Allison Hewitt is Trapped. It was such a humorous, nerve biting read that kept me engrossed from start to finish. I often caught myself wondering what I would do in similar situations, would I be brave enough to fight off a zombie with nothing but an axe and my own strength? How desperate would I have to be to even attempt to flee my safe hidey hole? And most importantly, how would I cope with being trapped with fellow human beings not of my choosing for indefinite [...]

    6. Read: December 2016Rating: 5/5 starsI had been in a weeks-long reading slump before I picked up this book and it turned out to be exactly what I needed. Zombies, blogs, a cute dog, literature references, pop culture references, blood, gore, and a little romance too. Perfect.

    7. I wanted to like this book but it was just painful. Alison does all sorts of ridiculous things, she isn't trapped except for the first 5% of the book, her idea of getting along with her fellow survivors is everyone just doing what she says and shutting up, and lastly she is extremely unlikeable. I don't mean imperfect or simply flawed. I mean I wanted to punch her in the face. I wanted her eaten. Just as an example, she has an affair with a married man twice her age (even he admits there is no r [...]

    8. This book started very strong. It was at a fast pace and it made you want to know what would happen next. Allison gives a female voice to a genre that is heavily skewed to the male action hero/everyman type. That was a refreshing change. I did knock one star off for the mid part of the book where Allison just got a bit too soupy over the older manbut the story was still VERY solid.However, it was at around the midpoint when I believe she got a bit too "girly" for how her character had been react [...]

    9. This book was a little different than I expected. First of all I should have read it online for free (even without the last chapters). That's point number one.This is YA Zombie Fiction. Expect a women trying to survive a zombie invasion while dealing not only with their normal problems (food, shelter and security) and at the same time trying to work out her heart problems.Praises:1) Roux wrote a book quite different from other writers but at the same time there isn't anything new. Confusing? Ok, [...]

    10. I bought "Allison Hewitt is Trapped" by Madeleine Roux while I was on vacation in Boston. I was checking out all the bookstores I could get to and this book was one of my spontaneous buys. I bought it because I liked the cover, I mean Zombies + books = must be awesome. Right?Well, no. As I opened the book I got my first warning sign of this, as the title is decorated with comically draw skulls. Now, I have nothing against skulls. It's just that I was under the assumption that this was a horror n [...]

    11. *This review is based on a copy of the book I won through FirstReads Giveaways.*Wow! Loved this book!Having not ever heard of the "Allison Hewitt is Trapped" blog (apologies, Ms. Roux!), I had no idea what to expect, but the synopsis sounded interesting, so I entered to win the book.I am ever so glad I did.Allison's story unfolds as a series of blog posts, complete with commenters from others struggling to survive post-zombie apocalypse. I wasn't sure if I'd like the blog-style approach to the [...]

    12. As a blogger, I presume that if the world ended my blog would go bye-bye but Allison Hewitt, the kick ass, axe weilding heroine of this novel shows that not only can you survive a zombie apocalypse you can also maintain your blog presence and get new readers too, awesome!Seriously though, this is a "bloody" great book, Allison works in a book store and when the dead start kicking off and picking off people, she holes up behind a great big thick door with some of her colleagues. Nothing tests a w [...]

    13. When the zombie apocalypse first begins, Allison Hewitt is at work. Trapped with a couple of coworkers and shoppers in a bookstore, she starts a blog. Many years later, when the heroes of the outbreak and it's aftermath are being studied, Allison and her blog are looked at for their possible inclusion in the history books. Allison Hewitt is Trapped is the the blog and comments in their entirety.The thing I loved most about Allison Hewitt is trapped is the tiny, but realistic details. What do you [...]

    14. Just like the walking dead.I enjoyed reading this one. Madeleine have a different approach here. Hilarous! Awesome!Recommended to everyone!

    15. A woman fighting zombies with an axe in a bookstore? How could I not be curious after just looking at the cover? I saw this one getting decidedly mixed reviews, but honestly, I found it to have nearly everything I was looking for in a zombie apocalypse book. Granted, there are a few things that I think could have been done better, but generally speaking, I had a great time reading this.The title aptly describes the framework and entry point of the book: Allison Hewitt, a literature major and boo [...]

    16. This review was originally published on Book Blog BirdAllison Hewitt, along with a few of her colleagues, is trapped in the staff break room at the book shop where she works while the zombie apocalypse takes place outside. When the first zombies started marching through town, taking a bite out of anything with a pulse, she and her work buddies barricaded themselves in (I don’t think it’s specifically mentioned, but I get the impression that they left the customers to fend for themselves, whi [...]

    17. 3.5 starsI loved how this zombie, apocalypse-style book began with a bang in a bookshop of all places. The survivors, an eccentric group mix, were trapped for survival in the back storage room. Soon it was inevitable for them to leave the sacred place, however, venturing up into apartments nearby and then out into the world. I won't spoil the trip of the voyage, but while it was sad to leave the bookstore (I'm such a book dork), their journey continues on interesting routes and explorations. All [...]

    18. So often scoffed at by the uninitiated, blogging has become a pivotal way in which we as a society spread our news and views. With the medium now so prominent, it makes sense that, if an apocalypse ever was to dawn, at least some survivors would turn to the blogosphere for some much-needed advice and guidance.And in Madeleine Roux’s novel, Allison Hewitt is Trapped, that is exactly what the eponymous heroine decides to do. The book begins with Allison and a small group of survivors trapped in [...]

    19. I keep saying that I don't like zombies and yet I keep coming back to zombie books. I may need to examine my opinion more closely. In any case this deserves a solid four stars for being a perfectly balanced and well paced survival story. I don't think you can call it a romp in any sense of the word because the stakes are just too high but I enjoyed this with the same excitement and feel-good factor as a family film. ( possibly that says more about me) Allison kicks ass but is very low key about [...]

    20. It has been a great pleasure to discover that women can in fact write not only good horror, but good zombie books as well. After the ridiculous and fairly lame As The World Dies trilogy and the cheesy Married With Zombies trilogy, I wasn't sure, but Madeleine Roux has proven this to be the case. This book is well written, nicely paced,fun, with good action and great characters and most importantly totally kickass heroine. Already got the second one from the library. Highly recommended.

    21. Reading zombie books for my birthday month in November. :)Was reading zombie books in November, but I've been dying to do my Harry Potter reread so I'm doing that in November instead of December. HP is more important than zombies :PI'll do my zombie marathon in December for sure. :) Zombies and Christmas go well together anyway.

    22. Allison Hewitt was hard at work in a bookstore when the zombie apocalypse broke out. Now she's trapped in the store room with her boss, a few coworkers and a couple of the store's regular customers. For now, things seem okay because they have a few supplies but Allison knows that they cannot afford to stay in the store room. As she and her compatriots look for someplace safe to live, Allison cannot stop thinking of her mother who has cancer. When Allison learns that her mother may have moved on [...]

    23. On the scale between the excellent (The First Days) and the atrocious (Married With Zombies) zombie novels this sits somewhere in the middle.Allison is working in a bookstore when zombies attack sending her and the rest of the staff behind the reinforced door to the backrooms. There they wait for rescue and struggle to subsist on what they have. Allison discovers a wireless internet network and searches for information and other survivors which escalates into blogging her experiences while other [...]

    24. I had been wanted to read this book for some time. I loved zombie books and this one had a great premise. It was an entertaining book that ended up being more about dealing with other people than smashing up zombies.ough there is a lot of zombie smashing as well.I listened to this on audiobook and it was very well done. They have different voice actors for the different voices and blog comments. I highly recommend listening to this if you like audiobooks.Alison is at work at a bookstore when it [...]

    25. I have just finished Allison Hewitt Is Trapped by Madeleine Roux. Unfortuantely, for me it is written in the first person which always creates a problem for me in a novel of this ilk in that when a chapter ends in a cliff-hanger - you know the main character has recovered as she is telling the story and the next chapter is 20 pages and starts with the word I.Putting that aside, this novel does complete the check list for zombie horror which include - normal people stuck somewhere with one taking [...]

    26. Introduction: I remember someone said, "a movie about zombies can never fail". I agree with him anyway :p I used to love watching zombie apocalypse happen xD Its always funny no matter how scary they make it look like :p And I guess there is always something romantic in falling in love with someone while the rest of the world become cannibals. Lol.So then I wonder (when I saw this book), will a book about zombie wins my heart as well? But guess what, I loved it so much I stayed up late for coupl [...]

    27. Thank you fro recommending this book to me!!!!! I was browsing through the "recommended from your reading" books and this one happened to pop up. Honestly I almost bypassed it but I have to admit the cover art made me chuckle. and they say you can't judge a book by its cover!This was a very very creative spin on the zombie genre. Heck I feel it is one of the better books I have read in a while. It is written as a blog. And it includes blog responses from other survivors out there, so not only d [...]

    28. What can I say about a book that started as a blog and continued on into publication as if the main character was writing said blog? Not much good. I did not like Allison, I did not like her ideas, and I did not like her whining about wanting her Mommy then snarking about a man (Phil) wanting his wife and children. Allison was too much of a (w)itch to make me like her or her plight. She wasn’t hard enough to pull it off, I never believed her as a real person and I couldn’t get over her attit [...]

    29. So Allison Hewitt works at a bookstore, or did until the zombie outbreak happened. Now she's trapped in a storeroom in the bookstore with some co-workers and customers. Allison begins blogging and finds that there are little pockets of humanity that have survived.I went into this book thinking about how much I loved FEED by Mira Grant - it's about zombies and has blog excerpts. It's unfortunate that the author just couldn't make me care about Allison the way I did about the characters in FEED. I [...]

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