Never Say Genius

Never Say Genius

Dan Gutman / Sep 17, 2019

Never Say Genius Today is Coke and Pepsi McDonald s thirteenth birthday Someone s out to make sure they never make it to thirteen and a half Racing across America the twins will nearly beBOILED ALIVEin a huge basket o

  • Title: Never Say Genius
  • Author: Dan Gutman
  • ISBN: 9780061827679
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Today is Coke and Pepsi McDonald s thirteenth birthday Someone s out to make sure they never make it to thirteen and a half Racing across America,the twins will nearly beBOILED ALIVEin a huge basket of french fries,FROZEN TO DEATHby soft serve ice cream,STAMPEDEDin a wild stadium riot,KIDNAPPEDfrom a high speedroller coaster, andWORST OF ALLtheir parents thinkthey re totToday is Coke and Pepsi McDonald s thirteenth birthday Someone s out to make sure they never make it to thirteen and a half Racing across America,the twins will nearly beBOILED ALIVEin a huge basket of french fries,FROZEN TO DEATHby soft serve ice cream,STAMPEDEDin a wild stadium riot,KIDNAPPEDfrom a high speedroller coaster, andWORST OF ALLtheir parents thinkthey re totally joking Will they survive Will they defeat Archie Clone Will they be dropped out of a helicopter onto the tip of the Washington Monument Will they ever say genius

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        The author of over 80 books in a little over a decade of writing, Dan Gutman has written on topics from computers to baseball Beginning his freelance career as a nonfiction author dealing mostly with sports for adults and young readers, Gutman has concentrated on juvenile fiction since 1995 His most popular titles include the time travel sports book Honus and Me and its sequels, and a clutch of baseball books, including The Green Monster from Left Field From hopeful and very youthful presidential candidates to stunt men, nothing is off limits in Gutman s fertile imagination As he noted on his author Web site, since writing his first novel, They Came from Centerfield, in 1994, he has been hooked on fiction It was fun to write, kids loved it, and I discovered how incredibly rewarding it is to take a blank page and turn it into a WORLD Gutman was born in New York City in 1955, but moved to Newark, New Jersey the following year and spent his youth there.


    1. 'The Genius Files #2: Never Say Genius' by Dan Gutman continues the fun and hilarity of 'The Genius Files: Mission Unstoppable.'Pepsi and Coke, enrolled in a secret program for geniuses, are still targeted for murder by the creator of the program, Dr. Herman Warsaw.Don't worry if you haven't read the first book, although Gutman seriously urges the readers to stop reading this sequel, "So get a copy of that book and read it. Then come back and start this one again. Go ahead. I'll wait."But even G [...]

    2. Since I am really not the intended audience for these books, I will merely say this: if kids love books where kids get in and out of completely preposterous situations, they will love it. I can only suspend my disbelief so farBut I must say this -- these people are the wimpiest travelers ever! From page 79: "It was June 26. They were about seven hundred miles from Washington, and they hoped to get there at least one day early to explore the capital before Aunt Judy's wedding on July Fourth. So t [...]

    3. This book is a major adventure book and a great sequel to "Mission Unstoppable." My opinion on this book was that it was good and was very descriptive. The main characters Coke and Pepsi are on their way to their aunts wedding. I am not going to spoil it so lets leave it at the trip goes terribly wrong and so does the wedding. Coke and Pepsi are very enjoyable from their traits. They are normal teenagers who pretty much disagree about everything with their parents. The difficulty of this book is [...]

    4. Title: The Genius Files: Never Say Genius (#2)Author: Dan GutmanRead by: Michael GoldstromPublisher: Blackstone AudioLength: Approximately 5 hours and 30 minutes (5 CDs)Source: Kewaunee Public Library – Thank-you!The McDonalds epic trip across America continues in The Genius Files: Never Say Genius. Coke and Pepsi McDonald have been selected to be in a top secret “genius files” program for super smart kids. As secret (even from their parents) government agents, they will get $1,000,000 as [...]

    5. I guess it may not be fair that I'm an adult reviewing these books that are clearly intended for elementary aged children. Although I have children and I liked to read up on things they might enjoy. I enjoyed book 1 of the series more, it was a bit of a novelty, I learned a little about US History, and the adventures the kids had were mildly entertaining.Hoever, this book continues the story of Coke and Pep, on their journey across the US, in danger from individuals in a "secret" government agen [...]

    6. A series about twins that find themselves on all sorts of adventures while it seems someone is after them. Wonderful read for my son. we started when he was around 8 and we are still reading them. As you might guess we are not running thru them, in part because we live in rural America and out library is lacking and in part because he likes to take a break between. I have seen mixed reviews on these books, but we take them for what they are outlandish fun of children. The great part is we learn [...]

    7. book #2 in the seriesCoke and Pepsi are on their way to Washington DC for their aunt's wedding. on the way they run into Archie, who tries to get rid of them at the McDonald's exhibit, the rock & roll hall of fame and Cedar Point. The twins try to tell their parents what is going on, but the parents thinks it's all a big joke or overactive immaginations

    8. I really enjoyed the second one as the Mcdonalds travel on to Aunt Judy's wedding. Bad guys are all around and you never know when they might strike and the ending made me half to dive in to book three!

    9. This sequel did not let me down. People always say the second installment can not be as good as the original, but they are wrong. This book has exactly what the first book had, but more of it. So overall, I really enjoyed this book, so thank you Dan Gutman!

    10. I think it was a very good book. It leaves you on the dge of your seat during the whole book. Great read.

    11. this book was pretty good, yet I don't know how solving puzzles or having a good memory makes you a genius

    12. I loved this book because of the gadgets. This book is perfect for all ages that can read. If you liked spy books then you will love this book because it has gadgets like the spy books. The plot is escaping the minions and Archie clone in the end they make it to their aunts wedding. Gutman continues to do what he does best entertain readers- publishers weekly. You can continue to read their adventures in book 4 5 and 6. Who is the groom find out in the next book.

    13. Never Made It To 13Kayce D. Coke and Pepsi a.k.a Pep are running for their lives. This evil, raging, black shadow is chasing them. They don’t know where to go. They’re terrified for their lives. They don’t think they will be alive by the age of 13.Nobody will believe that two 13 year olds could be spies. Dan Gutman wrote the wonderful book: The Genius Files-Never Say Genius. The day of their birthday is when everything happened. There was a man trying to find and kill them. They didn’t k [...]

    14. More crazy adventures coming your way!Never Say Genius is the second book in The Genius Files series. It is even more exciting than the first book! I really liked the combination of fantasy and non-fiction. Twelve-year-old genius twins, Coke and Pepsi McDonald, continue having crazy adventures on their cross-country summer RV trip with their parents. At the beginning of this book, Coke and Pepsi celebrate their thirteenth birthdays in the RV. Their parents give them silly souvenirs that they pic [...]

    15. Get back on the road with this pop culture pilgrimage in Dan Gutman’s second installment of The Genius Files. Thirteen-year-old twins, Coke and Pepsi McDonald, are in for more hilarious adventures as they trek cross country on their way to our nation’s capitol, all the while being chased down by sinister characters, including one who bears a striking resemblance to the comic book icon, Archie (…yes, as in “Archie and Jughead”). The reason for all the mayhem is that the twins are part o [...]

    16. Coke and Pep are travelling with their parents across the US to Washington DC for their aunt's wedding. And the only thing they are certain of, is something terrible is going to happen on July 3rd at 2:00. That's the first cipher they receive. Along the way, they are nearly boiled like a french fry, almost drown in ice cream and other diabolical traps. Not only has Mrs. Higgins returned and vowed to "make their lives miserable until they die - which will happen soon", but there's "Archie Clone", [...]

    17. This book called The Genius File Never Say Genius By Dan Gutman is the sequel to Mission Unstoppable. The book is about twins who have been added to an orginization called The Genius Files and to be in that group you have to be one of the smartest kids in the U.S The kids were going on a trip around the U.S. to go see their aunt get married unknowingly to the person who was trying to kill them in the first book, it is Dr.Herman Warshaw. He is the one who had started The Genius Files but then tri [...]

    18. Coke and Pepsi McDonald are on a ride from coast to coast in an RV from California to Washington D.C. to go to their aunts wedding. Right now they are half way into Wisconsin, and so far they have managed to stay alive. They are part of a super secret association called The Genius Files. Their enemies are trying to kill them, but so far they are doing a good job of surviving. First, they try to kill them by putting them in a big French fry maker, and they are almost roasted with hot oil. Then th [...]

    19. Thoroughly enjoyed this second in the series! Same off-the-cuff humor, adventure, and crazy museums as in the 1st. I still love how Gutman "talks" to the reader, it's great! I also love how we get to see places in the United States that we'll maybe never go to. I did the first one in my school visit book-talks last year, and I might do this one this year!Booktalk:Some of you may remember that I brought the 1st one of "The Genius Files" by Dan Gutman last year to tell you about and this year I ha [...]

    20. Parents only need be award of a few h-words.I can see why this book (maybe the whole series) would appeal to young readers, especially reluctant readers. This is the only volume of the series I have read, but it was a likable, interesting adventure.It is rather like a series of a popular cartoon - predictable patterns with variable details. This type of repetition is great for growing readers who need to practice reading within known parameters, but who also are entertained by the multiple ways [...]

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