Inventing Elliot

Inventing Elliot

Graham Gardner / Jan 24, 2020

Inventing Elliot When fourteen year old Elliot Sutton arrives at HolminsterHigh he s determined not to stand out He simply can t let himself become a target again not like he was at his last school This time he s a

  • Title: Inventing Elliot
  • Author: Graham Gardner
  • ISBN: 9780142403440
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Paperback
  • When fourteen year old Elliot Sutton arrives at HolminsterHigh, he s determined not to stand out He simply can t let himself become a target again not like he was at his last school This time, he s a new Elliot Tough Impenetrable But then he meets the Guardians, a group of upperclassmen that secretly rule Holminster with a quiet and anonymous terror Obsessed with GeoWhen fourteen year old Elliot Sutton arrives at HolminsterHigh, he s determined not to stand out He simply can t let himself become a target again not like he was at his last school This time, he s a new Elliot Tough Impenetrable But then he meets the Guardians, a group of upperclassmen that secretly rule Holminster with a quiet and anonymous terror Obsessed with George Orwell s book 1984, they desire power for the sake of power and they always get what they want Now, they want Elliot Not to terrorize but to join them Can Elliot face his new future, or will he become his own worst nightmare

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    1. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke Elliot, a kid that WAS the victim of bullying moves to a new school for a fresh start. But the PTSD associated by his earlier problems is constantly aggravated by the even more insidious bullying in his new school. This time he's managed to avoid being the target of the bullies and is even invited to become one of the perpetrators. Does he have the courage to suffer the fate he fears awaits those [...]

    2. This is basically just The Chocolate War except for if Jerry had just like, done whatever the Vigils had said immediately and just desired to be one of them rather than done his whole disturb the universe thing. Not saying that this was bad, because it was definitely an enjoyable, quick (emphasis on thequick , I started and finished it in roughly forty-five minutes) read, but it just was well, it was a Chocolate War book, but not in a Brutal Youth kind of way, in a, "what the hell, this is liter [...]

    3. This book is rare in that it is a YA book that overtly describes an ethical dilemma for a young boy. 13 Year old Elliot was bullied at his former school; his father has had a breakdown after being, significantly, assaulted by a gang of youths, and he is about to start at a new school. The reader can hardly blame or question his resolve to be a small target - to be unnoticed and to affect indifference and so make the most of his new start. Elliot even goes so far as to disguise his poverty by pur [...]

    4. Elliot Sutton is a victim of violent bullying at his school, until he is beaten so badly his mother moves them to the other side of the city. He is enrolled in Holminster High for a new start as a freshman, and his goal is not to be noticed. He doesn't want to stand out for any reason. He almost succeeds by reinventing himself as someone who doesn't react and doesn't care. However, he does befriend (privately) one of the victims, Ben, who shares Elliot's love of swimming and whose passion is fil [...]

    5. When I first began reading this book I really didn't like it. I knew it was about bullying so that part wasn't a surprise but I really didn't like how the author portrayed teachers as blind and uncaring when it comes to kids being physically abused in school. I gave it a week and picked it back up. Teachers are never written in a better light (well one teacher kind of is) but the story evolves beyond that.Elliot finds himself in an untenable position when he is invited to be one of The Guardians [...]

    6. This book is very well written and is relevant to both lives of teens and lives of adults. It takes realistic ideas from 1984 and also helps show why people are the way they are as they age. It causes me the question of can people really change--or, more importantly, will their society allow them to change?

    7. Gripping story of bullying from a 13 year old boy's point of view. I was wondering what he was going to do the whole time. Book captured that sense of isolation and hopelessness. Ending a bit weak but an interesting read.

    8. Thought this was a great YA read. Elliot, deeply traumatised at the hands at school bullies, moves to a new school where he has the chance to start anew. In the desperation to create a "new Elliot" to avoid the same fate as before he is determined to not stand out. But he has been noticed, by the "Guardians" at his new school. A secretive power force, the Guardians determine which kids should be punished / bullied. But they aren't after bullying Elliot. They want him to become one of them. A pow [...]

    9. When fourteen-year-old Elliot Sutton arrives at Holminster High, he's determined not to stand out. He simply can't let himself become a target again—not like he was at his last school. This time, he's a new Elliot. Tough. Impenetrable. But then he meets the Guardians, a group of upperclassmen that secretly rule Holminster with a quiet and anonymous terror. Obsessed with George Orwell's book 1984, they desire power for the sake of power—and they always get what they want. Now, they want Ellio [...]

    10. This is the story of Elliot, who was severely bullied at his previous school. He is beaten badly and that is how his parents find out, he's a victim. However a few months later (actually, I'm not sure the time frame) His father is severely beaten and robbed and is left with severe brain trauma. Elliot's mother now has to get a job and take care of her husband. The family lived a pretty decent life but now has to move to a small apartment and new school district. Elliot has reinvented himself and [...]

    11. This is an impassionated, fairly heavy-handed bildungs roman about the victim-bully transition in a Freshman boy. That seems like an insult. But, I actually enjoyed it and felt something when I read Elliot's experience. Many of my students (at least 5) recommended this as their favorite book of 2007, and now I can appreciate why, in their state of development, it would be.A few key passages for further discussion (possible spoilers ahead):(p 138) Survival wasn't that difficult. It simply meant c [...]

    12. I read this in a day and it really got to me. I could feel for the characters. I agree with the critic who said it is 'a chilling, powerfully written and occasionally disturbing story' as it certainly moved me.Elliott Sutton is a victim of bullying constantly living with fear. But when he moves and starts a new school he re-invents himself as a cool customer - but someone who is not too different as to not fit in. He gets himself noticed but in the right way. But the Guardians (the main bullies) [...]

    13. This book is about the struggle of a boy named Elliot who was hoping for a fresh start after his family moved in Holminster, away from the city and the ugly memories it contained. At his new school, he tried his best to not be recognized in the wrong way, he wanted to ‘invent’ a new Elliot well at start, it worked in a way but it didn’t in the end, even though he was noticed in the right way and also the bullying of this boy reminded him of his life in his past school and that’s when he [...]

    14. In the book Inventing Elliot, by Graham Gardener, Elliot sutton is severely bullied, and beaten up at his old school. he is a victim. but just as things were getting worse, his parents decide to move to a cheaper apartment out of town. Ellie saw this as a fresh beginning and a new start, he wanted to fit in, get noticed in the right way and stay out of the "victim zone" he succeeded. at his new school memories flowed back to him about being bullied, as now he is not the victim he is the bystande [...]

    15. Inventing Elliot was on of the most interesting books I ever read. It is an exiting book that anyone who is in school can relate to. It is about a boy who is starting at a new school. At school he is notice by a group called the Guardians. The Guardians rule the school from behind the scenes, and only a select few know who these Guardians are. They want him to be a successor to the current Guardians who are graduating. Elliot is a very shy person that used to be a big victim at his old school. H [...]

    16. Probablemente mi libro favorito hasta ahora. La historia es corta pero en esa simpleza muestra la evolución de las personas; con cambios que, aunque pasan rápidamente, te alteran para siempre. No se supone que ellos sean largamente anunciados ¿verdad?Por momentos sentí que leía una autobiografía y esa es la mejor parte de todo: identificarse con esta historia es tan fácil como comerse un pedazo de pizza. Elliot es la clase de chico harto de ser quien es y decide ponerle fin a eso por el c [...]

    17. Elliot es un niño que sufre de abuso escolar. Se transfiere de escuela a una de mejor nivel, y las cosas marchan bien. El trata de ser alguien que no es, con el motivo de no ser molestado. Trata de no destacarse por cosas malas.Este libro fue extremadamente aburrido y tedioso al principio. Era lento, y no pasaba nada. Era solo Elliot lamentándose por su vida.Pero luego, paso algo que me sorprendió. Se planto un dilema moral. Que estaba o no correcto. Las reflexiones me parecieron profundas y [...]

    18. This book is about an issue that occurs in almost all schools: bullying. In this book, Elliot Sutton gets bullied around by his classmates. As a result, Elliot feels like he doesn't belong in this world. He is on a journey to find his "place" in society. His parents are very poor and he is weak. He "reinvents" himself by switiching to a new high school and changing his appearance. Now he lives a much different life. The main idea of this book is to show that bullying can lead to bad things in a [...]

    19. To start off, this book wasnt the greatest of reads. When i read the summary it seemed somewhat interesting: Kid being bullied a lot, moving, then making a new life at his new school where he hopes to get a fresh start. That summary i read was basically the book that i read, him getting bullied then going to the new school. In my personal opinion, there wasnt much love for any of the characters. You couldnt get attached to any for example if they got hurt or something like that you wouldnt reall [...]

    20. Chilling story of a boy who is bullied—violently—and changes schools. Turns himself into someone else, and the bullies want to admit him to their group. And he has to decide what he’s going to do. Author handled things well so the boy didn’t seem weak or whiny—we saw what happened to him, how violently he was bullied, and then had an echo in the gang that jumped his dad. And there were frequent recurring visions of the initial bullying thing, so that we felt his fear over standing up t [...]

    21. This book was such an easy read. There were moments in which I couldn't stop thinking "when will I have the chance to read again!?!" With its ordinary plot it trapped me. The reason I don't give it five stars, is that it left so many deals loose. I don't want to risk much, but I would bet that, at the end the author had to hand the book faster than expected and they just decided to publish it like that.Will his dad get treatment and leave his depression behind? What will happen to the guardians? [...]

    22. I picked up this book because I finished the book I was reading and needed one for later that day and my co-worker happened to have this one with her. I was intrigued by the Orwell 1984 tie-in so I gave it a shot. Well, by 60 pages in there was no mention of 1984. This book just repeats over and over that bullies are bad and this is what it feels like to be bullied. So without an engaging plot well realized characters could have made this a meaningful book. But by a third of the way through I di [...]

    23. Read Inventing Elliot in eighth grade, I think. It's what encouraged me to read 1984 for the first time.And for that I will love it forever. I think I may have actually reviewed it on the morning news show to publicize the library or something. I actually had the epigraph to this book memorized at one point (it was a quote from 1984 <3). I remember seeing the characters quote 1984 and being awed. And it was a good book in its own right. Bullies, social pressure, romance, pretty typical young [...]

    24. Do schools like this really exist? OK, I suffered bullying at school but it was insidious girl-stuff - nothing like the overt reign of terror and physical abuse that the students go through in Inventing Elliot. I like to think that teachers would not turn a blind eye to the Guardians and students would report their behaviour. It has a contemporary setting but seems very Dickensian. Apart from this, it's a good read. Elliot's need to reinvent himself if convincing and the minor characters interes [...]

    25. After being bullied at his old school Elliot decides to do everything he can to fit in at his new school; his ultimate goal--don't get noticed. But it’s not quite that simple. The Guardians notice him—but they don’t want to bully him, they want him to become one of them. Trying to protect himself, Elliot invents one image for the Guardians and school, one image for his friend Ben who he can’t be seen with at school, and another image for Louise, who he’s developing feelings for. Trying [...]

    26. I thought this was a very good book. It's about a kid [Elliot:] who moves to a new school, and he's terrified of being noticed in the wrong way. He used to be bullied really badly, and he doesn't want that to happen anymore. So he invents different versions of himself, masks, to hide behind and use to help him protect himself. But Elliot is noticed in a way that can't really be considered bad or goodElliot is noticed by the Guardians. Will Elliot choose to become a Guardian himself.or will he le [...]

    27. I read this book for school so I wasn't expecting to like it but I did! It also gave me some pretty intense feels that left me almost crying It was not so much a super entertaining read but more so a book that changed the way you think. I made me really look at myself and think about the decisions I make and why I make them. It also made me think about what kind of masks I wear and what I really am underneath them. It made me think of fear and how you need to be scared or afraid to be brave in t [...]

    28. Ha I'm the translator of the Albanian version of this book "Te gjesh veten". It's a great read for teens and handles at best a sensitive thematic and social affliction: Bullying. The story takes place in UKElliot has suffered from bullying in his old school, now he has the chance to begin new in his new school, but his fear to be again a victim of bullying is huge and will push him to the other side becoming a bullybut how will an once victim of bulling live with himself bullying now other innoc [...]

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