The Blue Edge of Midnight

The Blue Edge of Midnight

Jonathon King / Dec 07, 2019

The Blue Edge of Midnight Max Freeman s old life ended on a night he killed a twelve year old child in self defence in a Philadelphia shootout The night he stopped being a cop Now he lives an existence of solitary confinement

  • Title: The Blue Edge of Midnight
  • Author: Jonathon King
  • ISBN: 9780525946434
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Max Freeman s old life ended on a night he killed a twelve year old child in self defence in a Philadelphia shootout The night he stopped being a cop Now he lives an existence of solitary confinement on the edge of the Florida Everglades Then he finds the corpse of a child beside an ancient river, and Freeman s past explodes into the present He is thrust into the centreMax Freeman s old life ended on a night he killed a twelve year old child in self defence in a Philadelphia shootout The night he stopped being a cop Now he lives an existence of solitary confinement on the edge of the Florida Everglades Then he finds the corpse of a child beside an ancient river, and Freeman s past explodes into the present He is thrust into the centre of the search for a serial killer, distrusted as an outsider by the longtime residents of the Glades and considered a suspect by the police And when another child goes missing, all eyes turn to Freeman, and the ex cop, driven by his old habits and the memories of that long ago Philadelphia midnight, knows that he has no choice but to hunt down the murderer himself.

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        Edgar award winning author Jonathon King is the creator of the Max Freeman crime series set in the Everglades and on the hard streets of urban South Florida In his previous career as a journalist, he was a police and court reporter for 24 years with the Sun Sentinel in Fort Lauderdale and the Philadelphia Daily News.


    1. Edgar Winner 2002Former Philadelphia Cop Max Freeman has fled to an isolated cabin in South Florida's Everglades to forget. But he can't forget the night he was shot answering a Robbery in Progress Call. The memory of being shot and fatally shooting the 12 year-old accomplice haunts him to the point that he rows his kaiak nightly to his exhaustion point. This loner lives austerely: no television, no telephone, no electricity, and almost no human contact. But when he sees a bundle in his beloved [...]

    2. If you like crime/thrillers, you know the feeling of following a character into the twilight zone, that place where no one ever really goes.The character draws you in, and you identify with them and want to see them succeed. Then, out of the blue, they are with the hottest women/man on earth, while destroying evil greater than can be imagined in ways that are beyond belief. Not in "The Blue Edge of Midnight". In this first series novel what you find is a well developed believable story, with str [...]

    3. I could not put The Blue Edge of Midnight down.Jonathon King has created one of the truest 'sense of place' in his depiction of the Everglades that I have ever read. I was sucked into this story by the authors knowledge of the Glades and the world he enters in the first chapter. The mystery surrounding Max Freeman's part of the river of grass is tight and well-thought out. My heart ached for the main character as he tried to solve the crime encroaching on his sanctuary in the wild and battled th [...]

    4. THE BLUE EDGE OF MIDNIGHT (Former Cop-Florida-Cont) – GKing, Jonathon – 1st bookDutton, 2002- HardcoverMax Freeman, while a policeman in Philadelphia, killed a young boy in a self-defense shootout. Now retired, Max has moved to a shack in the Everglades. When he finds a child's body, it takes him back to the shooting. But other young children have recently, and still are disappearing and Max is being set up as a suspect. *** The character of Max is interesting, but unrelentingly depressed an [...]

    5. actually maybe 4.5 stars. why can't we do halves? have had this on my shelf for a long time. really enjoyed it. set in Florida everglades. very atmospheric. once i went along with the premise by which the main character gets sucked into the situation (which was better explained later in the book, at least well enough for me) i got carried away. finished in one day. and given the length of time it has taken me to finish some of my books lately that says something.

    6. I am writing this review while already half way through the second in the series. The second book gives some answers to what was only hinted at in the first (deeper background of Max and Billy's friendship). This helps with the perspective - now I understand that some subplot strings were left dangling intentionally. But never mind. Even if "The Blue Edge of Midnight" is the only Max Freeman book you are going to read it is still a very good book. As a genre, it is a crime story with all the obl [...]

    7. The storyline was too slow Which was unfortunate the blurb got me in but not for long the author concentrated too much on the scenery & highways he was travelling on more than the murder of the little girl just average for me i am afraid.There was no tension build up in each chapter to like a book there has to be a WOW factor this did not have it i DNF

    8. I was drawn to this book because I dig dark crime stories, and I also dig stories that take place in intimate, rural settings. Odd preferences, I know. But this book fit both bills. You had your evil dude murdering kids, and you had the Florida Everglades. It couldn't go wrong. Plus, the novel won an Edgar award. I felt it'd warrant AT LEAST 3 stars.Unfortunately, it didn't deliver.There were numerous faults. The writing style was fine - in fact, that's what I enjoyed most about the book. Good w [...]

    9. This is written in similar style to Michael Connolly. In fact the author mentions a painting by Hieronymus Bosch. It is a fast read as it keeps you on the edge of your seat. Max Freeman is a disabled former cop who is a suspect /investigating a series of child abductions and murders set in the Florida Everglades. Vivid descriptions of the atmosphere in the glades. Some interesting characters as well.

    10. Great writing style, intriguing book. I enjoyed learning more about Max and his friend Billy, different, interesting characters that I would like to read more about. I loved the backwoods Florida setting and how it contrasts to the commercialism and over-developement Max must reluctantly venture into. I will definately be reading more

    11. A former Philly cop relocates to desolate area of the Everglades to meditate upon his life and his losses. He is unfortunately pulled into everyday life when he finds the body of a murdered child while out in his canoe. An outsider and a suspect, he must take an active part in the investigation in order to survive.

    12. Max Freeman, former Philadelphia cop, moves to a shack in the Florida Everglades to escape his past. He discovers a child victim of a serial killer and is forced back into the world of police investigation as a suspect. I liked the book, even though some of it is a bit far fetched. The writing is descriptive and filled with atmosphere. It kept me reading all weekend.

    13. Wounded in a shooting in which he killed a 12-year-old boy, Max Freeman leaves the police department for a secluded shack in the Everglades. Trouble follows him when he finds a child's body deep in the swamp while canoeing. A great effort for a first novel. good character development and tight plotting. Highly recommend.

    14. Having started this series in midstream, I went back and was highly rewarded by reading the first entry.Max Freeman was a Philadelphia policeman who was seriously wounded in a gunfight with a robber. But during the fight he also fatally shot the robber's unarmed teen-aged accomplice.Having taken a disability retirement, he has now settled into hiding from his guilt in a shack in the Everglades.When kidnapped children's bodies start turning up near his shack, Max becomes a target for both police [...]

    15. Really enjoyed the character development, story arc and the author's ability with description, however, the latter was at times tedious, weighing the story down, even though it gave an incredible sense of place. Most likely I would read another one of the series because of the author's ability to plot and, above all, to develop rounded characters. Recommended for an "escape-read."

    16. Great debut novelI can see why this book is an Edgar's award winner! Great storyline with great character development. I am glad that Mr. King put together a Max Freeman series as I am eager to read more about Max and his friendsI hope that Billy shows up in the series.

    17. Pretty decent first novel in another Florida mystery series. Former Philadelphia cop moves to Florida after shooting a kid and gets involved in the abduction/murder of kids near the Everglades.

    18. very interesting plot for a first time writer. excellent job . love the Locale and the setting. character development was very interesting highly recommend this book.

    19. Good ProseI enjoyed Mr. King's writing and character development but found Max's inability to anticipate events troubling. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series.

    20. Former Philadelphia police officer, Max Freeman, is in his canoe on a river in South Florida. He seems something that doesn't look right. When he gets closer, he realizes it is the body of a young girl. He later finds that it is six-year-old Milissa Marks, who had been abducted and killed.Max has been living with the memory of a child he shot in self defense while Max was on duty in Philadelphia. His motivation for being a cop ended with the remorse he felt for taking the life of a twelve-year-o [...]

    21. The Blue Edge of Midnight by Jonathon King is the first book in his Max Freeman mystery / thriller series. Freeman is an ex-Philadelphia cop who has moved to Florida to escape from an incident that happened while he was responding to an incident in Philadelphia. It resulted in the shooting of a teenager and also in Freeman being shot.Freeman now lives in a cabin in the Everglades as far from life as he can. Unfortunately, a series of child abductions and murders forces Freeman to confront the re [...]

    22. Ex-Philadelphia cop, Max Freeman, has become somewhat of a recluse in his stilted shack "in a swamped lowland forest" of the South Florida Everglades. On his daily therapeutic ritual of canoeing, he finds the body of a young child and whispers, "Not again." Over a year ago back in Philly, he shot and killed a 12-year-old boy who was helping to rob a convenience store. Now Max is reliving the nightmare that's been haunting him ever since. Being the first to find the child's body makes Max a natur [...]

    23. REVIEW OF AUDIOBOOK; 26 AUGUST 2015Narrator: Nick SullivanI saw a review or two that likened King's writing to Connelly. I didn't see the similarity but this could be due to my listening to the audiobooks, read by different narrators, than reading the print book. Nick Sullivan, whose narrating I like, did not give Max Freeman the tortured feel to the character that Dick Hill and Len Cariou did for Harry Bosch.The story was just ok to me. I can't give it 4 stars because it lacked that indefinable [...]

    24. Max Freeman ist ein Ex-Cop, der nach einer Schießerei im Dienst, bei der ein Junge starb, sich in die Everglades von Florida zurückgezogen hat. Doch auch hier findet er keine Ruhe. Als er die Leiche eines Kindes im Sumpf entdeckt, steht er auf der Täterliste der Polizei ganz oben. Nun liegt es an ihm, seine Unschuld zu beweisen. Das kann er aber nur, wenn er den wahren Täter findet. Ich fand, dass einige der Personen relativ farblos blieben, nicht ausreichend voneinander unterscheidbar besch [...]

    25. Action, suspense and the Florida crime scene reminded me of both John D. MacDonald's, Travis McGee series, and the more recent (and more humorous) Mick Stranahan books by Carl Hiaasen.  Max Freeman, a former Philadelphia cop who has escaped to the Florida swamps, finds himself embroiled in some horrifying crimes in which he is being set up as the perpetrator.  With help from his (interesting character) friend, a Miami lawyer, he manages to track down some clues, identifies several possible sus [...]

    26. Loved this! A wonderful setting in South Florida that goes beyond the borders of metropolitan Miami and explores the "Old Florida" cultures-- moonshiners and watermen, fishers and gator hunters, outlaws and folks who just want to disappear who occupy the swamps and waterlands. Max Freeman is a newcomer to this crowd, a former Philadelphia cop who retires after he kills a 12 year old boy while responding to an alarm call in a convenience store, an encounter that almost cost him his own life when [...]

    27. When I began reading this book I experienced a sense of deja who and had to close the book to look at the authors name to confirm who had written it. Jonathon King writes in a style very similar to Micheal Connelly, which is not a bad thing. For fans of one author it is easy to get very comfortable with the other authors books. This is a very well written story of a retired Philly P.D. officer just trying to take a step back while living deep in the Florida Glades. Only if life were so simple. I [...]

    28. Max Freeman was a smart but uninspired foot patrolman for the Philadelphia police department. Shot in the neck by a young gang-banger in the course of a robbery, Freeman returned fire and killed a twelve-year0-old accomplice. Now, retired on disability, but really in retreat from the world, Max lives on the edge of he Everglades in a one-time research station. He spends his night canoeing long and hard, and lives like a hermit, until the night that he finds the body of a child a mile or so from [...]

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