Crossing the Line

Crossing the Line

Malin Alegria / Mar 30, 2020

Crossing the Line In Dos Rios Texas life is all about borders and what happens when you cross the line Nothing is simple in a border town like Dos Rios in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas Even for high school students

  • Title: Crossing the Line
  • Author: Malin Alegria
  • ISBN: 9780545402408
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Paperback
  • In Dos Rios, Texas, life is all about borders and what happens when you cross the line.Nothing is simple in a border town like Dos Rios, in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas Even for high school students Fabiola Garza and her younger sister Alexis, whose parents run a local Tex Mex restaurant, Dos Rios is full of borders where you should go, who your friends should be,In Dos Rios, Texas, life is all about borders and what happens when you cross the line.Nothing is simple in a border town like Dos Rios, in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas Even for high school students Fabiola Garza and her younger sister Alexis, whose parents run a local Tex Mex restaurant, Dos Rios is full of borders where you should go, who your friends should be, which boy you should date.Dos Rios is also full of opportunities, but it s a town divided, between the haves and the have nots, the Whites and the Mexicans Americans, the Texans and the Mexicans, the legal and illegal But through it all, the Garza sisters have each other Water can be crossed, but blood is the ultimate borderline no matter what.

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        Mal n Alegria was raised in San Francisco s Mission District She s a graduate of UC Santa Barbara and received her MA in Education She is a teacher, permaculture consultant, Aztec dancer, and performer She s preformed and wrote with Teatro Nopal the WILL Collective Malin s is a member of SCBWI, TNAFA, and the ultra fabulous Nopalitas Estrella s Quince era was published by Simon Schuster in 2006 Her second novel Sofi Mendoza s Guide to Getting Lost in Mexico was released May 2007 Her short stories have appeared in the anthologies Once Upon a Cuento, and 15 Candles 15 Tales of Taffeta, Hairspray, Drunk Uncles, and other Quincea era Stories Malin currently lives in California and New Mexico where she teaches,writes, and is hard at work on growing the perfect nopal.


    1. Border Town: Crossing the LineBy Malin AlegriaRealistic Fiction182 pagesFabiola Garza is an average girl in high school. Her sister Alexis, is a freshman and starting high school. Fabi is excited for her sister to start high school, so Fabi can show her sister around and who to not be around. A guy named Dex Andrews is one of the jocks and Fabi tells her sister not to hang with him or any of the popular girls. But when Alexis falls for Dex and becomes good friends with the populars, Fabi becomes [...]

    2. Book Review: What a cute little book. I really actually found myself liking this book. There seems to be something actually refreshing about this story. I like it a lot. It was cute. I found that this is a family that is very loving and caring about one another. Even if they have difficulties. What I like is the way the family pulls together in the end even if it wasn’t what you expected. What I like is the relationship between the two sisters. They are very different. I really liked Fabiola a [...]

    3. I was on a search to find decent young adult novels that featured Latino characters without falling prey to so many of the pitfalls and stereotypes that these characters can undergo in Latino fiction, especially YA fiction. I admit I was disappointed to see the book was thin at just 182 pages, so perhaps people could argue it's a middle grade book. However, Barnes & Noble told me it was young adult and that's what I'm going with.Fabiola is excited to start high school with her younger sister [...]

    4. The book Border Town Crossing the Line is an amazing book. It really caught my attention because it’s a bilingual book. There are Spanish words as well as English words. This book is about a girl whose name is Fabi, who has a family restaurant. The setting for this book takes place in Dos Rios,Texas, where there are borders and lines you shouldn’t cross. Fabi’s younger sister, Alexis is a freshman and Fabi is excited that Alexis will be joining her in high school but also nervous. There ar [...]

    5. As someone who was born and raised on the Texas-Mexico border where these stories are set, I was thrilled to find this YA series about small-town life with big-time teen drama. I'm certainly not the target audience for these books, but they still turned out to be a fun read. As a fellow writer, I appreciated author Malin Alegria's expert description of landscape and climate, like when she writes that the heat singes your skin like a fiery brand. I also enjoyed the nearly real-life familiarity of [...]

    6. Crossing the Line highlights the life of the Garza family, their family dynamics and the relationship of the Garza sisters. Fabiola, the elder sister, naturally looks out for her younger sister, but this also seems like an expectation as Fabiola’s parents leaves her with the responsibility of making sure her younger sister does the right thing. It was an interesting read and very insightful when it comes to culture. I didn’t find the story itself very surprising, but, I did find the characte [...]

    7. A book in the Border Town series. Fabiola is really excited to have her younger sister Alexis join her at high school this year. Fabi carefully tells her all the “rules” for successful navigation, including which students to avoid. Alexis, however, quickly ignores all of her older sister's sage advice and falls in with people who are bound to get her in trouble. An excellent addition for your Latina collection.

    8. Quick read about a Mexican American girl & her family living in a small "Border Town" 10 miles from the Mexican border in Texas. #1 in the series. Typical high school social issues addressed in addition to immigrants & undocumented workers.

    9. Have you ever read a realistic book that grab's your attention in every way possible,if not mines will do that for you!The genre of my book is realistic fiction.In my opinion this book is filled with drama and confusion,But i like those type of book this one in specifically because i can relate to some of the problems,like one the main character's Alexis Garza Fabiola's younger sister ,she struggles in school and she gets compared to her older sister alot that's me and my older sister because sh [...]

    10. While I love a good story that's multicultural, this one disappoints a bit. Good characters, even a pretty decent set-up as far as plot goes. But the whole thing kind of came together with too much coincidence to resolve everything. And cliche ran a bit high (really, Dex HAD to be related to the judge).Still, it was fun and a quick read. I'll go back and try the next book on the series even if I'm not expecting much.

    11. Fast read but the overall plot and characters didn't hold my interest as well as I'd hoped. This would have been better if there had been more character development. There are three more books in the series, but this one didn't perk my interest enough to make me want to read on. It was just really "okay" and had potential to be more.

    12. Won this book free through a First Reads giveaway. I enjoyed this book. It was easy to read and had some nice life lessons embedded into the story. The main characters are likable and relate-able. I am going to pass this book on to a friends teenage daughter as I feel it would be a good book for a teen and think it would also be enjoyable for the age group.

    13. Familia is everything to Fabiola (Fabi) when it comes to helping her younger sister Alexis learn the rules about high school; working with her family at their Mexican restaurant; and working to prove her cousin's innocence, where Fabi must step across boundaries to confront her sister's new love interest--Dex Andrews.A series that shows the culture of Latino youth to all readers.

    14. This was a cute book that is definitely for 7-9 grade girls. Although it has Spanish words, and Mexican culture and characters, I think any girl would like this book because everyone can relate to family/friend drama. I will put this easy read on my bookshelf for my freshmen and see what they think :)

    15. The book entitled Border Town Crossing the Line by Malin Alegria is about Fabiola’s sister Alexis just entered high school. While Fabiola AKA Fabi wants to guide and help her sister through high school Alexis makes her own friends and becomes popular. Also throughout the story Fabi deals with family problems. I recommend this book if you like drama.

    16. I tried to read it a few years back, but didn't finish it. I totally wish I had then, though. When I was younger, I was confused by the amount of Spanish used (though younger me forgot to look in the back and read the Spanish-English glossary!)

    17. This is a new series we got for the lit center. I really enjoyed the mix of Spanish and English. There was some drama and Fabi and Alexis remind me of some of my kids. A great book for teenagers. I kinda want to read the next one.

    18. I think it was a good book because it tells about Fabi and Alexis tries to find out of Santiago's guilty problems but they think it wasn't his fault that made into that he broke through the restuarant and stolen foods.

    19. It sounds like me with my brothers and i liked how the author made the reader feel like it was them in the book

    20. This book was a great book I enjoyed reading it and I didn't want to stop reading it because it got really interesting.

    21. it is a awesome book i love how it has a mexican background that i connect with the language cant wait to get the next book

    22. I think that this book is going to hook me up and I won't be able to put it down and stop reading it!!

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