The White Pearl

The White Pearl

Kate Furnivall / Feb 25, 2020

The White Pearl National bestselling author of The Russian Concubine Kate Furnivall spins a tale of war desperation and the discovery of love off the coast of Malaya Malaya Connie Thornton plays her role as

  • Title: The White Pearl
  • Author: Kate Furnivall
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • National bestselling author of The Russian Concubine, Kate Furnivall spins a tale of war, desperation, and the discovery of love off the coast of Malaya Malaya, 1941 Connie Thornton plays her role as a dutiful wife and mother without complaint She is among the fortunate after all the British rubber plantation owners reaping the benefits of the colonial life But Connie National bestselling author of The Russian Concubine, Kate Furnivall spins a tale of war, desperation, and the discovery of love off the coast of Malaya Malaya, 1941 Connie Thornton plays her role as a dutiful wife and mother without complaint She is among the fortunate after all the British rubber plantation owners reaping the benefits of the colonial life But Connie feels as though she is oppressed, crippled by boredom, sweltering heat, a loveless marriage.Then, in December, the Japanese invade Connie and her family flee, sailing south on their yacht toward Singapore, where the British are certain to stand firm against the Japanese En route, in the company of friends, they learn that Singapore is already under siege Tensions mount, tempers flare, and the yacht s inhabitants are driven by fear.Increasingly desperate and short of food, they are taken over by a pirate craft and its Malayan crew making their perilous way from island to island When a fighter plane crashes into the sea, they rescue its Japanese pilot For Connie, that s when everything changes In the suffocating confines of the boat with her life upended, Connie discovers a new kind of freedom and a new, dangerous, exhilarating love.

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        Kate Furnivall was raised in Penarth, a small seaside town in Wales Her mother, whose own childhood was spent in Russia, China and India, discovered at an early age that the world around us is so volatile, that the only things of true value are those inside your head and your heart These values Kate explores in The Russian Concubine.Kate went to London University where she studied English and from there she went into publishing, writing material for a series of books on the canals of Britain Then into advertising where she met her future husband, Norman She travelled widely, giving her an insight into how different cultures function which was to prove invaluable when writing The Russian Concubine.It was when her mother died in 2000 that Kate decided to write a book inspired by her mother s story The Russian Concubine contains fictional characters and events, but Kate made use of the extraordinary situation that was her mother s childhood experience that of two White Russian refugees, a mother and daughter, stuck without money or papers in an International Settlement in China.


    1. Oh. My. God. This book was terrible. The ONLY thing right about this book was the cover. It's a very pretty cover. Pretty colors. Ooooh.Ok, so, what's wrong with the book, other than everything? I'll break it down for you.1) The characters. Every single solitary character in this book was completely unlikeable. There was nothing that connected you to them, or that made them empathetic, or that even made you care if they lived or died (I was actually hoping some of them would die, just so I would [...]

    2. I have heard several good reviews on Kate Furnivall's books, but have yet to read them. So when I came across her latest release, The White Pearl, I decided that this would be a good time to read it since the theme revolves around World War II set in Malaya and Singapore during the 1940s. Though I learnt about the history of the Japanese invaded Singapore during my secondary school days and have heard many horror stories on how the Japanese soldiers tormented the civilians then, I thought it wou [...]

    3. Jacqui's review:The White PearlA great read with secrets being unraveled throughout which kept me turning the pages to discover the next twist and revelation.The main character, Connie, was a convincing heroine. The book explored her determination as a mother to keep her son safe, while doing her best for the casualties she meets along the way - all at great risk to herself.The story weaves together a diverse group of people at the time of the Japanese invasion of Malaya, all with their own pers [...]

    4. THIS story revolves around Constance Thornton, a petite British blonde, who moved to Malaya after marrying Nigel Hadley. He is the owner of wealthy rubber plantation. Life in Malaya is good for the imperial elite until one day Connie is involved in an accident while driving to pick up her son from school and her car kills a Malay woman. The woman curses Connie before she dies. Connie feels responsible for the woman’s twin children and tries to help them but they are only concerned about making [...]

    5. A story that delivers in a somewhat altered style what I have grown to enjoy about Kate Furnivall. Slightly strange to read something set in such a different world to the one the author usuallly inhabits, but apart from the ending it was an enjoyable story with an ambitious niche. Setting it in Malaya during the Second World War is perhaps a small aspect of why the ending that she did write is the only ending possible, but an ambitious "historical" drama needs to take a fuller account of where i [...]

    6. In Kate Furnivall's The White Pearl, this gripping historical romance deals with the harsh realities of surviving doing World War II. In 1941, Constance Hadley accidentally struck a woman with her car in Malaya. She feels bad for the accident and wants to help out the victim's twin children. Both of her kids want nothing to do with her and Maya, the girl puts a curse on her. Before word of war has hit them, Connie remembers she had a brief affair with a Japanese spy and accidentally killed him. [...]

    7. Wasted opportunityould have been five star but it gets three the end with the 'good gay' I was crying ( and not with sadness) This writer could be a Ken Follete first three chapters of this book about an Upper Middle Class British woman in Malaya are gripping: the pace, the scenes, her feelings are so real, so aptd for once, for a woman of that time.You think: yes, this is it. Hoorahter one or two not so good books, this writer has learnt and knows what we want.Oh dearen it all goes down like Pe [...]

    8. This book, its characters and the plot kept me so interested that I lost lots of sleep the last 3 nights. You know."I'll just read one more chapter"d then of course, you keep reading until you can't keep your eyes open.That's how much I like this book! The storyline twisted and turned so much it kept me wondering what would happen next. I liked the way the characters were introduced subtly. I had to keep reading to get to know them.The location, in Malaya, was vividly described, as were the hist [...]

    9. Much more of a page-turner than I expected, with a healthy dose of adventure, history, romance--all set in the South Pacific during WWII. This is the story of a British colonial family that escapes on--what else? their yacht--from the Japanese invasion of Malaysia. Most of the plot twists are fairly predictable to an experienced reader, but they are nevertheless entertaining, and there are a few genuine surprises along the way. Much of the sentence-level writing is strong but is reduced by its m [...]

    10. In "The White Pearl" by Kate Furnivall, we follow the story of Connie Hadley whose life is turned upside down when the Japanese invade the Malay peninsula in December 1941. The story follows her family, the loves of her life & the family of a woman who she accidentally kills in the books opening moments. Furnivall's story is hard to put down as you go through the emotions of this woman & the events surrounding her as WWII closes in. The title of the book comes from the Hadley family yach [...]

    11. I really enjoyed this book and all the characters in it. It was a pleasant surprise because I just picked it really quickly in a hurry one day. It gives a really interesting perspective on World War II in the Far East. I'm not sure if it didn't get a bit farcical in the end but it was still a really good read. I love all the characters and really have a vision of them in my minds eye - this would make a great film and I just love the main character Connie (and secretly want to be her!). This boo [...]

    12. Best in genre. Remember James Clavell with his sweeping historical sagas of the Far East? The White Pearl has all those elements. The bad guys are bad, the good guys are bad. Murder and sex and death and war and racism abound. Furnivall has one up on Clavell. Hers is not a hero, but a heroine who is gutsy and wise and loving and kind. She's a killer, but we cheer for her anyway. The opening lines will suck you in and you won't want to stop until you're done. "It was not the first time Connie had [...]

    13. You'd think an author intending to write a book set in an exotic, foreign culture would at least do her research. Being a proud citizen of Malaysia (present-day Malaya), trust me when I say this book might as well have been based in Portland, Oregon for all the similarities it bears to Malaya (an exaggeration, but you get my point).It's insulting to us and to the author herself. Please, woman, do your research.

    14. I've read all the other books from Kate Furnivall about Russia and China and absolutely fell in love. Naturally, I ran to get this book and was so excited by the prospect of it. Unfortunately I was very disappointed. The characters are hard to relate to, weak story line and just blaghh I could not wait to finish it just so I could move on to something more exciting.

    15. I'm so disappointed. I found it difficult to get caught up in this, the characters were unappealling, the narrative held several twists too many and by the end I just wanted to get through it as quickly as possible.I've read and enjoyed Kate Furnivall's other novels, this just isn't my favourite.

    16. Was amazed by this story! What I thought was going to be a sad WWII drama was an amazing adventure with everything from steamy bug filled jungles to pirates to sharks to so much more. Could almost see the movie playing as I was reading! Highly recommend!

    17. This story is set in Malaya in 1941, in the lead up to the bombing of Pearl Harbour and the invasion of Malaya by the Japanese. Connie is trapped in an unhappy marriage with Nigel, a wealthy rubber plantation owner. As events unfold the reader is taken on richly woven roller coaster of emotions and I was immersed in the sounds, pictures and culture of a country I know little about. Connie is a complex character who is pushed to the limit as she tries to protect her son and escape the unrelenting [...]

    18. MAP wrote an incredibly accurate review on this book that I wish I had read before purchasing and reading. Props to them. This review will probably contain SPOILERS.Alright, so look at that cover. Look at the name! This is a book set in Malay. This books main character is an Asian woman clearly by the photo, and she's going to get stranded in a boat at sea with a man from the other side of the war and it's going to be an interesting learning story and she's going to find herself and love and wha [...]

    19. I had heard rave reviews about Kate Furnivall's books by some friends, so did not hesitate when I saw this book was offered as a freebie. And second bonus, the story took place in Malaya and the surrounding area during WW2, close to where I now live.I should have looked at some reviews before jumping into its reading. Maybe. Though it might have well prevented me from trying it.I really liked the way the book was written, the context seemed realistic enough, though a bit schematic at times. Howe [...]

    20. This book had a hell of a hook for an opening line”It was not the first time Connie had killed someone.” The White Pearl is the story of Connie Hadley, an English colonial wife living in Malaya in the 1940's . Bored and restless, in a marriage quickly losing its appeal and in an environment hostile to everyone, Connie just wants to feel in control of her own life. With the opening scene of a car accident that kills a native woman on the sidewalk in front of her teenage children, Connie's lif [...]

    21. This story starts off seeming like it's going to a good place, but then it seems as if the author ran away with the plot. Any attempts at foreshadowing pretty much gave away what was going to happen, therefore plot twists weren't really all that surprising. When they were surprising, they were eyeroll-worthy because it was like "UH OH, THIS CHARACTER IS BAD!" "BUT WAIT! No he isn't." Basically, by the end of the novel, I just couldn't wait to be finished. I feel like the plot could have been a l [...]

    22. The book kinda slowly develops in the beginning, but it takes some unexpected turns that leave you rattled for the rest of the book. Like war, life takes turns you didn't expect, and this book makes a great read for it. The unfinished leads throw you off though, and sometimes make for a confusing plot line.

    23. Only had to read it because it was about Malaya.Disappointinge sad part was the characters and the story had so much potentialBut then weird things just kept happening, one after the other, with no true exploration of the characters, their true deep motivations and feelings.Honestly Kitty was the best character of the lot!

    24. Set in Malaya during WWII, this book details in striking detail the events surrounding one woman as the Far East falls under Japanese control.

    25. Story begins in Malaya in 1941. Yet another WWII novel, there have been a number of these read this year. This time period intrigues, this one was no different. There are far fewer novels taking place in the Pacific though.Connie Hadley, British born is the wife of Nigel Hadley, British owner of a rubber plantation owner. Connie plays the role of dutiful wife and mother but is discontent with life she's leading there:feels oppressed, overwhelmed by the boredom, cannot handle the sweltering heat [...]

    26. complicated plot. Constance is in an unhappy marriage in Malaya at the outbreak of WWII. She accidentally hits and kills a woman with two children. the mother's dying breath is a curse on Constance. C tries to help the kids. There are guys that are in their social circle. A new guy appears. In flashbacks reveals C had an affair with a Japanese guy. When she finds out he is a spy she accidentally kills him (now that I write this she does have a lot of accidents) She hires new guy to pilot the fam [...]

    27. It seems that you either loved this book or hated it. Unfortunately, I am in the last group. I have read several of Kate Furnivall's novels previously, and was a huge fan of this author's books. After limping through this disaster of a book, I will have to reassess my opinion that she could do no wrong. I suspect that this should not have been a surprise , after reading several blurbs from her previous novels that I have not read. I was deflated upon finishing this high action thriller because I [...]

    28. Set in Malaya at the beginning of World War II, this gave me a glimpse of the British Empire in Asia, just as it was about to be destroyed by the Japanese. Connie is married to a Rubber plantation owner and kills a Malayan women in a car accident. She meets the woman's children and tries to help them by employing them in and around the house. As the Japanese bombing begins, Connie stocks up the family yacht, the White Pearl, with provisions and makes evacuation plans to go to Singapore. The motl [...]

    29. Took me a while to get into it but I wasn't disappointed in the end. Couldn't predict anything in the plot! Saw none of it coming. I've read two of Furnivall's novels now and enjoyed both. I'll have to try another sometime.

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