The Love Knot

The Love Knot

Elizabeth Chadwick / Jun 01, 2020

The Love Knot In the summer of Oliver Pascal returns home from a long pilgrimage to discover England ravaged by civil war and his family lands forfeit to the conflict between Henry I s daughter Mathilda and

  • Title: The Love Knot
  • Author: Elizabeth Chadwick
  • ISBN: 9780751525229
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the summer of 1140, Oliver Pascal returns home from a long pilgrimage to discover England ravaged by civil war and his family lands forfeit to the conflict between Henry I s daughter Mathilda, and her cousin Stephen of Blois, who has seized the crown at her expense Riding to the Earl of Gloucester s keep at Bristol, Oliver stumbles upon the aftermath of a mercenary attIn the summer of 1140, Oliver Pascal returns home from a long pilgrimage to discover England ravaged by civil war and his family lands forfeit to the conflict between Henry I s daughter Mathilda, and her cousin Stephen of Blois, who has seized the crown at her expense Riding to the Earl of Gloucester s keep at Bristol, Oliver stumbles upon the aftermath of a mercenary attack on an isolated village Among the survivors are Richard, an illegitimate royal son and half brother to the Earl himself, and the boy s young nurse Catrin Widowed, stubborn and proud, she has much in common with Oliver, a man still grieving for a wife lost in childbirth At Bristol, Catrin meets Ethel, a wise woman and midwife, who begins to train her in the healing arts and is instrumental in bringing Oliver and Catrin together as lovers But the endurance of that love is threatened by the perils of injury in battle, the danger of childbirth, the upheaval of continuing civil war, and the risk of loving in exchange for nothing but heartbreak In the end Catrin must decide where her true loyalties lie.

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        Best selling historical novelist Elizabeth Chadwick won a Betty Trask Award for her first novel The Wild Hunt She has been shortlisted for the UK s mainstream Best Romantic Novel of the Year Award 4 times and longlisted twice Her novel The Scarlet Lion about the great William Marshal and his wife Isabelle de Clare, has been selected by Richard Lee, founder of the Historical Novel Society as one of the landmark historical novels of the last ten years When not at her desk, she can be found taking long walks with the dog, baking cakes, reading books of course exploring ruins, listening to various brands of rock and metal music, and occasionally slaving over a steaming cauldron with re enactment society Regia Anglorum.


    1. Prava poslastica među ljubavnim istorijskim romanima Autorka na koju valja obratiti pažnju U Engleskoj je poznata i popularna koliko i Filipa Gregori koja je kod nas poznatija jer se Laguna više potrudila :)

    2. A likeable novel, set during the protracted civil war between Empress Matilda (Mathilda in this book) and Stephen de Blois, and contemplates on the lives and emotions of ordinary individuals who are trapped in their nobles’ war. This book seems like a feel-good version of the more sober When Christ and His Saints Slept although it has its own historical merit, and as this is tagged under historical romance, the main fictional characters do reasonable love affair and even pining over.

    3. Even Chadwick's second best novels are a cut above much of the historical fiction genre.This is one of her earlier books and more of a historical romance than true historical fiction, the main characters being fictional. This is the second time I've read the book, in between I had read SKP's When Christ and His Saints Slept about England's civil war. Having a better understanding of that complicated period made this novel much more enjoyable than the first time. I don't understand a previous rev [...]

    4. Ovo je knjiga koju zaista vredi procitati! Jeste da je ljubavna prica ('ljubavni cvor') ali nikako nije samo to. Ko voli price sa istorijskom pozadinom puno toga moze da sazna o istoriji Engleske iz ranog srednjeg veka.

    5. **3.5** I apologize in advance if this review isuneven. I read the first 60% of the book and then took a 2 month break before picking it up again to finish it, which I had pretty much never done before. Usually when I go that long without picking a book up again I never finish it so this was a novel experience for myself (sorry, couldn't help myself). Anyway, if I remember correctly I was enjoying this, but the angst I hit at the 60% mark was just too much for my poor heart to bear. Basically Ol [...]

    6. I enjoyed this, tho I found it a bit predictable. It was an entertaining tale involving the war of Stephen and Matilda, midwifery, superstitions, and knights. Oh, and let's not forget romance. The main character is Catrin who has been widowed for three years (or so she thinks) and after being caught in the middle of the Stephen and Matilda war in England, 1140, she barely escapes with her life from an evil band of raping, pillaging merceneries. She meets and falls in love with a knight that is f [...]

    7. O nó do amor foi mais uma das minhas "escolhas cegas" das estantes da biblioteca municipal. Não conhecia a autora, nem nunca tina lido nada sobre o livro. No fundo, era um verdadeiro desconhecido para mim. Agora, no fim da leitura, só me resta um verdadeiro sorriso de satisfação por ter dado uma oportunidade ao livro. Não restam quaisquer tipos de arrependimento por tê-lo trazido para casa. Tudo isto para dizer que gostei muito do livro.Infelizmente não leio muitos romances históricos, [...]

    8. This was a true love story; not simply a romance. Chadwick managed to flawlessly intertwine 12th century history with a personal story of loss, love and betrayal. Chadwick's colorful and lively cast is lead by Oliver Pascal and Catrin who have both felt loss and betrayal before meeting each other after Catrin's village is burned to the ground by a group of murdering mercenary soldiers. Everyone is dead except Catrin and the son of her companion -- a young boy who is the king's bastard son. The s [...]

    9. O ponto central do livro não é a luta pelo trono entre Matilde e Estevão mas sim o romance entre Oliver Pascal e Catrin, mas não deixa de ser um livro interessante.Oliver e Catrin são pessoas marcadas pela dor de perderem o seu cônjuge, que se conhecem em condições marcadas pela guerra mas que com o tempo vão-se apaixonando um pelo outro. Gostei bastante da interacção entre as personagens, nomeadamente da língua afiada de Catrin, que tem sempre uma resposta pronta e apesar de ser ób [...]

    10. Although it took me longer than usual to read this book, there’s a good reason for it. The Love Knot by Elizabeth Chadwick is a historical romance and the author has used a style of writing that fits with the era of the story, which is the 12th Century. Because of this, it meant I had to read slower than normal in order to grasp the meaning of the words and take the story in. This sounds like a hindrance, but it wasn’t. Apart from the fact that, like everything, it only took a short time to [...]

    11. I found The Love Knot to be an easy read. It's a historical romance set during the war of succession between Stephen and Matilda. While the romance hews close to historical facts, it treats the conflict itself and politics in broad strokes. It does not approach the level of detail about the conflict that is covered in Sharon Kay Penman's While Christ and His Saint's Slept. I would say that the level of detail was more similar to Pillars of the Earth, but The Love Knot's portrayal of medieval lif [...]

    12. One of my favourite reads of 2008The Love Knot is set during the turmoil of civil war between King Stephen & Empress Matilda in 12th century England. Oliver Pascal returns home from a pilgrimage to the Holy Land after losing his wife in childbirth. After losing his lands to King Stephen, Oliver becomes a hearth Knight to Robert of Gloucester, illegitimate brother to Empress Matilda.Oliver rescues the only survivors of a village raided by mercenaries, Richard an orphaned boy is the illegitima [...]

    13. This is the very first Elizabeth Chadwick book I ever read and is my favourite historical fiction book by a female author, to date I could not put it down. Something about the way it was written really inspired me. The only problem I had with it, well, there were two problems actually, one was the depressing and overtly descriptive manner she used over and over and over again to detail childbirth and midwifery in the 12th century. At one stage I thought if I read "and then delivered the after bi [...]

    14. This book was a 2.5. Chadwick's books are all very similar for me, in that they all have a choppy flow. Where as most good books have an organized development, climax and ending, Chadwick's works seem to be disorganized, with choppy development, several climaxes, and abrupt (or even disappointing) endings. Another thing that all of EC's books seem to have in common is annoyingly repetitive language. The Love Knot was no different. If I read "oblivion", or "delivered the afterbirth", one more tim [...]

    15. Após uma longa peregrinação, Oliver Pascal regressa no verão de 1140 à sua Inglaterra, mas depara-se com um cenário de devastação, criado pela guerra civil. Entre os sobreviventes encontra um bastardo do rei - Richard - que é também filho de uma grande amiga sua, e a viúva Caitrin, a jovem aia do rapaz.Decidido a protegê-los, Oliver leva-os ao Conde Robert, irmão do rei. A viagem até lá aproxima Caitrin e Oliver mais do que qualquer um deles poderia esperar. Sendo ambos viúvos, o [...]

    16. I found this book to be a very good read. It has all of the things you want in a book. I liked the main characters a lot. It makes you feel your right in there seeing it all happen. Not may authors can do that but, this one can. 4 stars cause it didn't knock my socks off. LOL I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to read about knights and survival of the fittest or smartest.

    17. A rare Chadwick I did not care for. Mainly because I loathed the heroine. Usually Chadwick is good at giving us pragmatic, strong, yet flawed heroines to love but Catrin was awful and I couldn't stand her. If bitterness, selfishness and bitchiness were money, she'd be able to buy both Stephen and Matilda twice over.

    18. I read somewhere that Elizabeth Chadwick was a really good historical fiction writer. This book was so-so for me though. It was very long and the romance seemed to dominate more than the historywhich is fine for me, but Catrin made some stupid choices that annoyed me. I did want to see how it ended so I did finally finish it. Don't know that I'll read another by the same author though.

    19. I'm really glad I got this one from the library, that way I didn't feel too badly when I gave up reading it only half way through. It was okay, but fit into my "boring & typical" romance criteria. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about a good romance every now and then, but this was not it

    20. Fantastic book, the more I read the more I like Elizabeth Chadwicks work. Lovely, witty, enchanting and non the less enthralling story.

    21. First off, I'm not super-psyched about medieval tales, whether it's HF or romance. Sometimes I'm OK with them. I don't even mind really OTT bodice rippers since I find that stuff interesting in itself. But leisurely pastorals are not my thing, nor in-depth detail about the daily life of the mid-level classes or peasantry. This book has a lady's maid as a protagonist and is heavy on midwifery and pregnancy. Probably not the best book for someone who loathes children. So when I started to read it, [...]

    22. In the summer of 1140, Oliver Pascal returns home from a long pilgrimage to discover England ravaged by civil war and his family lands forfeit to the conflict between Henry I's daughter Matilda, and her cousin Stephen of Blois, who has seized the crown at her expense. Riding to the Earl of Gloucester's keep at Bristol, Oliver stumbles upon the aftermath of a mercenary attack on an isolated village. Among the survivors are Richard, an illegitimate royal son and half-brother to the Earl himself, a [...]

    23. Another excellent Elizabeth Chadwick historical, though may be not my favourite of hers. When Oliver Pascal returns from a long pilgrimage in 1140 he finds his brother dead and their lands given to a Flemish mercenary. The country's in turmoil with civil war raging between Stephen and Mathilda. Drawn to the site of a raid by the smell of smoke, he finds two survivors, Catrin, a young widow, and her charge Richard, bastard son of the old king. He delivers them safely to Earl Robert, in command of [...]

    24. The Love Knot is one of Elizabeth Chadwick's earlier books. It's more of a historical romance than historical fiction, in that the main characters aren't real, but the times are, and there are other historical figures aplenty. It takes place during the war between Stephen of Blois and Empress Mathilda over who is the rightful ruler of England. Oliver is just back from pilgrimage to the Holy Land when he meets Catrin, a young widow. Their trials and tribulations and the relationship they develop [...]

    25. What a fantastic book! I loved this book so much that I can see myself reading it again. It is one of the most beautiful love stories I've ever read set in an amazing time in history. The way in which Chadwick brings this period in history to life is remarkable. I especially loved that the heroin was a midwife and healer. Summer in the year 1140, Oliver and Catrin are drawn together through the horrors of civil war; their love grows but is threatened. Oliver is taken prisoner and Catrin returns [...]

    26. Olá,É um romance histórico.Que muito nos ensina, principalmente a nível antropológico, etc, etc e o modo de vida de 1143 +/-.Não é um romance meloso. Ma sim muito imbuído naquele tempo. As escolhas, a maneira de pensar, enfimA personagem principal faz escolhas e tem reacções que até podem ir contra a nossa natureza, mas provavelmente se fossemos ela assim o fariamos, não seiLeiam,PyHello,Is a historical romance.That really teaches us, mainly the anthropological level, etc, etc And th [...]

    27. While romances are not my reads of choice this one is interesting because it's written in medieval times. I did like it. The story is about Catrin who is deserted by her handsome charming husband. He supposedly drowned and she is taken as a companion to a lady whose home is later raided by mercenaries. Everyone is killed but Catrin and her lady's young son, Richard. The two travel to a kinsman of the boy and Catrin studies to become a wisewomman/healer. She falls in love with Oliver, a man who h [...]

    28. Nothing beats historical romance with characters that make you draw your sword, or cry when the lights are out-and better yet, make you want to drown your sorrow in a jar of wine.Ladies and Gentlemen- I introduce 'The Love Knot', take Oliver- who serves the Earl,and Catrin- a widow who knows that she can speak her mind no matter what- and a journey into a new land, and an old lady whose wisdom knows no bounds of her duty as a midwife- and you have a story that takes you years back in time- and e [...]

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