The Memory Tree

The Memory Tree

Tess Evans / Jun 03, 2020

The Memory Tree When Paulina dies mid dance she leaves year old Zav and year old Sealie with their loving but unstable father Hal The grieving family decides to plant a tree in her memory a magnolia which gro

  • Title: The Memory Tree
  • Author: Tess Evans
  • ISBN: 9781742377896
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Paulina dies mid dance, she leaves 12 year old Zav and 7 year old Sealie with their loving but unstable father, Hal The grieving family decides to plant a tree in her memory a magnolia which, growing along with the children, offers a special place where secrets are whispered and feelings can be confessed.But as the memory tree grows, Hal, bereft, and increasingly sWhen Paulina dies mid dance, she leaves 12 year old Zav and 7 year old Sealie with their loving but unstable father, Hal The grieving family decides to plant a tree in her memory a magnolia which, growing along with the children, offers a special place where secrets are whispered and feelings can be confessed.But as the memory tree grows, Hal, bereft, and increasingly suspicious of the world, turns to his own brand of salvation to make sense of the voices that bewilder and torment him Mrs Mac, housekeeper and second mother since Paulina s death, cooks, cleans, loves and worries about her family She is even concerned when Hal brings a larger than life stranger to the house for a beer but Pastor Moses B Washbourne, founder of the Church of the Divine Conflagration, ex sergeant of the US Army, soon becomes part of the family, with surprising and far reaching consequences.As the seasons pass, Sealie blossoms into young woman, the apple of Hal s eye while Zav, having spent his childhood quietly trying to win his father s lost attention, is conscripted for duty in Vietnam.And all the while, the voices continue to murmur poisonous words to Hal who knows he must keep them hidden until he is persuaded into the most tragic of acts.Written with humour and compassion, The Memory Tree is a poignant and compelling story of love, loyalty, grief and forgiveness.

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        I was raised in the Melbourne suburb of Clifton Hill and now live among the trees in Eltham I am married with three grown children and four grandchildren I love to travel, my most intense experiences being walking the Inca Trail and riding a camel in the Sahara desert Something about my working life I don t holiday all the time I worked in schools, full time at first, and then as an emergency teacher when my children were small When they started school, I moved to TAFE were I began as a teacher, then manager of programs for long term unemployed This was a very satisfying part of my life we did some great work in those programs When the funding was withdrawn, I worked in the money making area a challenge, but not as rewarding personally My job required a lot of writing tenders, reports, curriculum even advertising, but it wasn t until I took early retirement that I was able to tap into the stories and poetry that were waiting somewhere in my head Beginning with poetry, I was delighted to win a prize with a poem I had submitted to a competition Then I won an encouragement award for a short story I had no idea how encouraging those encouragement awards can be Along the way, I joined a writers group and began to attend a class at my old TAFE Again, I was overwhelmed by the support I received from these people I was a late starterMy first novel, Book of Lost Threads, was published by Allen and Unwin in 2010 My second novel, The Memory Tree was published in March 2012 The third is a work in progress, and will give me the excuse to visit the Darling Downs Book of Lost Threads was published the year I turned sixty so it s never too late The Memory Tree is Tess Evan s second novel Her first, the bestselling Book of Lost Threads, was published in 2010 and was shortlisted for the Indie Awards, 2011 Previous to her writing debut, Tess taught and counselled a wide range of people youth at risk, migrants, Indigenous trainees, apprentices, sole parents and unemployed workers of all ages and professions Her experience with people is clearly visible in her humane, compassionate writing.


    1. With the sudden death of his wife Paulina, Hal must find the strength to get through each day if not for himself then for his two young children. Throughout this story we are taken on a pretty sad journey at times on how a family must struggle through and try to pull together and be there for one another in the good times and the bad times. A beautifully written tale about love, family, death, friendship, mental illness and so much more. For some who read this you may want to keep the tissues cl [...]

    2. The Memory Tree by Tess EvansWhen Hal's adored wife Paulina dies suddenly whilst dancing with her seven year old daughter Selina (Sealie) in the kitchen of their home, it is more than he can comprehend or bear.Paulina is an exceptionally good and highly regarded ballerina with a great career ahead of her, and she is the love of Hal's life.Now Hal's adored wife, and Sealie and her 12 year old brother Zav's mother is suddenly and inexplicably gone from their lives minute laughing and dancing in th [...]

    3. The Memory Tree is the second novel by Australian author, Tess Evans. It is the late 1950s in the rural Victorian town of Yarra Falls. When ballerina Paulina Rodriguez suddenly dies, mid-dance, her family are devastated. Seven-year-old Sealie (Selina) and twelve-year-old Zav (Xavier) are lovingly cared for by the family’s housekeeper, Mrs Mac (Eileen McLennon). But, suddenly a widower, Hal (Heraldo) is finding it hard to cope without the love of his life. Although they plant a magnolia tree to [...]

    4. The Memory Tree is the story of a family shattered by the unexpected death of wife and mother, Paulina. Spanning a period of almost 40 years the novel reveals a family fractured by grief, devastated by tragedy and longing for freedom from the losses that torment them. Tess Evans explores the everyday, and life changing, moments that bind the Rodriguez family in joy and sorrow, with compassion and tenderness.The narrative moves between the past and present revealing the changes wrought to the fam [...]

    5. I struggled majorly for the first half of this book. Trying to follow the story was really hard, and nothing seemed to make sense or connect. But Im glad I pushed through, as once I reach the middle you are told something that makes it all start to make sense. (I wont tell you as that would give away the story).This is the story of a family that stuggled through many different tragities. Unfortunately in times were they should have worked together to get through it all, it was left to one to hol [...]

    6. I totally loved Tess Evan's debut novel so this one had a great deal to live up to. I didn't fall in love with this one as I did the first but still found it a really enjoyable read. An interesting narrator is used and the effects of war and grief upon a family are tenderly examined. Definitely worth a read when this one is released :)

    7. This is Tess Evans second novel, very different from her first. It is about a family that deals with the mental illness suffered by Hal after the death of his wife, Paulina, it looks at the effects of his illness on his two children and friends and the consequences bought about by delusions, very sad at times with an interesting ending. I enjoyed it and I love to read books by Australian authors.

    8. I have not read Tess Evans previous book. I found this in a second hand book store while on holiday. I found it an easy read and an interesting one. It is a sad story looking at grief,mental illness,love,family,sacrifice . In fact there are many elements to this story.The ending was not one that I wanted - and I was left feeling saddened. I am now curious to read her first book.

    9. Disappointing. I loved Tess Evans's first book, The Book of Lost Threads. But this one? Not so much. The lovely characterisations and sub-plots that made 'Lost Threads' so enjoyable were missing and the main plot was dark with no light relief.

    10. I was looking forward to reading this book after enjoying The Book of Lost Threads, but found it a bit depressing, but still a good read.

    11. Enjoyed this book however, not as much as her first novel. However, I think it was my frame of mind not so much the writing.

    12. Loved it. I too wasn't expecting it to go the way it went, on many occasions, but couldn't put the book down. Can't wait to read her first book now!

    13. I really enjoyed this book. It is a well crafted family saga, documenting the hardships and difficulties encountered. Y only struggle with it was that the book was written from the perspective of a person who clearly wasn't there when events were taking place, and yet they had a huge understanding of what was going on in everyone's heads. But if I set that aside, I found the book easily readable and enjoyable.I received this book free from .

    14. A well-written, thought-provoking insight into grief, mental illness & the effects on the family & surrounding community. However, I found the book very disturbing & shocking in its content. Personally, it was disappointing compared to other books by Tess Evans that I have recently read, but my reaction in no way detracts from the fact that it is an amazing, insightful & thoughtful book.

    15. Totally different from her first novel. Took an unexpected turn which was quite upsetting and from then on was a bit dark. It certainly did not have the ending I expected. Very well written and takes you out of your comfort zone.

    16. I found this book slow to begin with but once a turn of events occurred I was totally engrossed. In fact I have found myself thinking about the characters all afternoon since I finished the book at lunch time

    17. I was expecting a lot after "the book of lost threads" but found the writing in this book was not as strong. Having said that, the story was interesting, sad and compellling.

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