Karma Bites

Karma Bites

Nyrae Dawn / Dec 07, 2019

Karma Bites Whoever said parents are always right really should have thought that one through After all my mom believes in vampires Go figure All Abigail Thompson ever wanted was to be considered normal Instead

  • Title: Karma Bites
  • Author: Nyrae Dawn
  • ISBN: 9781937254681
  • Page: 382
  • Format: ebook
  • Whoever said, parents are always right really should have thought that one through After all, my mom believes in vampires Go figure All Abigail Thompson ever wanted was to be considered normal Instead, she ended up a loner with a vampire obsessed mom and a stamp labeling her the resident freak of Karma, California.When bad boy Caleb Evans saves Abby from a mean girl Whoever said, parents are always right really should have thought that one through After all, my mom believes in vampires Go figure All Abigail Thompson ever wanted was to be considered normal Instead, she ended up a loner with a vampire obsessed mom and a stamp labeling her the resident freak of Karma, California.When bad boy Caleb Evans saves Abby from a mean girl attack straight out of a B movie, Abby s own karma starts to improve Maybe normal could become her way of life, after all But Caleb isn t the only boy to notice her Once newcomer Gabriel Chambers becomes Abby s new best friend, she finds herself trapped between two boys, both holding secrets And when Abby learns sometimes things really do go bump in the night, she discovers one of those secrets could just get her killed.

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    1. Yay! I love this cover! So much fun!I have a special place in my heart for this story and its author. :)Abby? Hilarious. Caleb? HOT. I've loved this book for many years, sine it was in the top five on inkpop along with Sweet Evil (titled Angel Prophecy back then, haha) and I was thrilled when it got picked up for publication. Unfortunately the editing job was not so great - when I beta read this book it was FINE, but somehow there were a few errors made during the editing process which weren't c [...]

    2. This book is totally made of hot guys, unexpected twists and FUN!!Abby is SUCH a fun character to read, and I found myself both feeling sad with her, falling in love with her, and laughing out loud.I adore the voice of this book :D

    3. This was such a fun read! I'm not a vampire girl. I know…vampires are all the rage. Sorry, all the bloodsucking gives me the skeeves! Karma Bites was perfect, the right amount of high school angst, witty banter, cute boys, and things that go bump in the night.

    4. The cover fits this book so perfectly. Loved the setting, and getting back to the roots of how vampires are portrayed. (No sparkles!) Along with a fun protagonist and gorgeous boys alongside a crazy (or is she?) mom, KARMA BITES is a fun, dark, and sass rolled into one.

    5. I discovered Nyrae Dawn a few days ago when I found Measuring Up on and loved it. I proceeded to buy all of her books and tore through them all in two days. This one was my least favorite, by far.I liked it at first. I actually loved the first half. Abby is funny and occasionally snarky and cute. While I thought she was a little bit of a wuss when it came to the Mean Girls (who were a little over the top), I still liked her. Caleb was also interesting at first, though I really didn't follow the [...]

    6. This book left me wanting the sequel, and I can't wait to see if and when that happens. Great characters, love the way you tied it all in. :)

    7. Karma Bites is another book to add on to my ever growing obsession, addiction and admiration for Nyrae Dawn. It’s also another one of Nyrae’s books that will be added to my all-time favorites list because I seriously cannot tell you how much she never ceases to WOW me with her work. Just when I thought her last book was my favorite, she goes and writes another, that I knew would be completely great, but instead I get blown away. Whether it be contemporary or a paranormal book, Nyrae Dawn is [...]

    8. I tried so hard to finish this But it was too painful for my eyes.There are three things that made this book cringe-worthy:1. Annoying love triangle2. Mopey Heroine3. and not just enough plot to make it a worthwhile book.There's only one thing I can say after dropping this book Nyrae Dawn should stick to what she does best and not do a PNR again.EDIT: make it four. I forgot to add this:4. Instalove

    9. With a disbelieving and snarky teen protagonist, Karma Bites is a fun take on vamps.Abby Thompson's mom believes in vampires. Like, really believes in them. Her quirkiness makes the pair outcasts in the town of Karma, California. Abby has zero friends and is constantly on the run from The Lipstick Posse, a group of mean girls who bully her. But one day, the school bad boy Caleb stands up for her. Caleb has long been the object of Abby's would-be affections, but he has some serious mystery surrou [...]

    10. The book I read before this, I couldn't wait for it to end.Reading this book instead, I didn't want it to end. I couldn't put it down. Except for dinner. And when the end has come, I couldn't believe I was already done. I wanted more. And I wasn't really satisfied about how it ended. I'm hoping for a sequel. I want more of Caleb and Abby. Oh, especially of Caleb. Right, I fell in love with him, like, immediately. He was so cute and so sweet! And he was a little mysterious and looked dangerous, w [...]

    11. 3.5 starsKarma Bites is a story about a girl named Abigail, who is somewhat of an outcast at school. Her mom believes in vampires and as a result, people think Abby is a freak. She doesn't have many friends and has never had a boyfriend. However, she does have a major crush on Caleb. He's kind of the bad boy, but not really. Caleb just tends to hang out with the wrong crowd. Anyway, one day when Abby is getting picked on by the "mean girl" group, Caleb steps in and sticks up for Abby. They start [...]

    12. Duh, I have to say I was quite disappointed with this one,at least I expected after reading the synopsis and seeing the cover that it would be a funny, sarcastic read well, don't make the same mistake as meThe overall feeling of the book is just, sad, pitiful - ok there were family trouble, social problems at school and so on mentioned but I just didn't see it coming:For example the mother who believes in vampires, I thought this at least would be a running gag, instead it's a nightmare for her. [...]

    13. Vampires. Yes, I would say I'm a sucker for these kinds of stories. I don't know if I'm pro-vampire or pro-werewolf, I guess it all depends on the story or maybe I'm just neutral about it.The start was pretty boring but it eventually started to become interesting, especially when Gabe's character came around. I was a bit confused by what I was reading at the time, I just fnished reading Story of a Girl and the events in both books were so similar. (view spoiler)[Like when the main characters bot [...]

    14. The main thing that I liked about this was that it was short and sweet. The ending was abrupt enough, but not cliffhanger style, just in a way that kind of leaves you wondering about a few things but nothing that plagues you. It can be really off putting when supernatural novels go into long, lengthly descriptions of how everything works and are really long and stretched out. This was not the case with Karma Bites. The supernatural element doesn't kick in for a while and it's pretty straightforw [...]

    15. I love the style of this book. I love the way Nyrae Dawn makes the main character think and speak. I liked the story. The main character was completely understandable and likable. And, yes, I loved the boys. The only thing I had problems with was the number of editing errors I found. There were a number of words that were obviously just typos that spell check would miss, and there was one part where we were told something, and then a few paragraphs later told again as if it had never happened (t [...]

    16. So I was like, snorting and rolling my eyes most of the time. I mean, I really really really hate Abby. I can never see her as the heroin in any story. Abby's just stupid, stupid, stupid, and fucking stupid! I know she really really loved Caleb but she's only just a stupid, weak, ignorant 17 years old mortal girl. What made her think she'd be able to save Caleb? In such situation, her presence will only slow down the mission and be the distraction for her father to kick villain's ass or whatever [...]

    17. Me tenía pegadísima leyendo, no lo podía dejar, Caleb me tenía confundida pero me gustaba al mismo tiempo, odiaba cuando Abby huía en vez de enfrentar a las LP pero también tenía sus momentos Gabe nunca me gustó Estaba intrigadísima a mitad del libro y estaba segura de que se iba a poner bueno pero de pronto se me cayó la trama y terminó No se la verdad si me gustó o si perdí mi tiempo sólo sé que es uno menos en mi lista.

    18. OH MY GOD THE VAMPIRE THING IS REAL?!?!?!?!?!I can't believe it! I thought it was just like Northanger Alibi, you know assumptions and craziness. BUT OH MY GOD THEY'RE REAL VAMPIRES!!!To be honest I really wished Abby was actually just dreaming. Or maybe she's a nutjob and it's one of her hallucinationsSo anyway, I guess this is the only other vampire story that I actually liked. The other was Silver Kiss.

    19. Me ha encantado!Pero es una verdadera lastima que sea solo uno, me dejó con muchas ganas de una segunda parte. No es justo ese final D:Hace rato no leía un libro sobre vampiros que me guste tanto. Aunque no es taaan original, si es muy entretenido, fácil de leer.Me gusto la historia, aunque en algunos momentos me dan ganas de gritar.Quiero una segunda parte!

    20. Dos cosas. Si en la tapa no dijera Nyrae Dawn jamás hubiera creído que ella lo escribió.Por otro lado, ¿en serio no hay segundo libro? Es decir ¿Qué fue ese final? :| jajaja todavía estoy como shockeada y lo terminé de leer anoche.Para un domingo sin nada mejor que hacer, engancha :)

    21. Clara is so hilarious I almost die laughing in the scene where she imagine Caleb is going to kiss her she really got me in that one:)Caleb I thought his sort of a jerk but that's just because of vampires messing him and OHI forgot to mention he's HOT!!!

    22. a very cute, sweet and light vampire read. it was the perfect read for me to juggle during these really busy last few days. But, because it was kind of light and short, I didn't feel like I fully connected to the characters or the story. but it was a fun read and perfect for summer!

    23. This book was really good! I wish there was more of them I think it would make an amazing series and I know for me I was entertained and captivated the whole time. I loved it!

    24. 3.5 round up to 4It was such a fun read! Abby was hilarious and I really liked her character. There should have been more vampire scenes, though.

    25. Young love with campers but this is no twilight it's a good short read with characters you'll love an relate to.

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