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Fishtale Sawyer Brown s family runs a catfish farm in rural Mississippi When his widowed mom gets sick after her wedding ring is swallowed by a pond cat Sawyer is sure the missing ring is to blame But he soo

  • Title: Fishtale
  • Author: Hans Bauer Catherine Masciola
  • ISBN: 9780761462231
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Sawyer Brown s family runs a catfish farm in rural Mississippi When his widowed mom gets sick after her wedding ring is swallowed by a pond cat , Sawyer is sure the missing ring is to blame But he soon suspects that the pond cat has become the meal of a far challenging catch He sets out with his friends and his stowaway little sister to find the culprit that stoleSawyer Brown s family runs a catfish farm in rural Mississippi When his widowed mom gets sick after her wedding ring is swallowed by a pond cat , Sawyer is sure the missing ring is to blame But he soon suspects that the pond cat has become the meal of a far challenging catch He sets out with his friends and his stowaway little sister to find the culprit that stole the ring Journeying deep into the bayou, the foursome must band together to battle the elements, outwit a sneaky poacher, and overcome their differences in pursuit of a colossal catfish But this is no ordinary fish This is Ol One Eye the biggest, oldest, smartest, and meanest durn cat that ever swam the Yazoo River And before long, the adventurers aren t sure who s chasing who.

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        Austrian born Hans Bauer is the co author of The Pet and Fishtale, the children s adventure novel that reached 4 in the Children s Bestseller List, and was awarded the honor of the 2013 Austin Waldorf Children s Choice Award On January 16, 2014, Hans released Anaconda The Writer s Cut He is also the editor of In the Beginning Great Opening Lines From Your Favorite Books.As a screenwriter, he is the creator of the Anaconda movie franchise and has several additional films to his name Titan A.E The Flock, Highwaymen, among others Beyond writing, he is a creator of fine art photography and has been the subject of exhibitions in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Austin.Hans divides his time between Los Angeles and the beautiful Texas Hill Country.


    1. Hm. Well, Fishtale is a little hard for me to rate. It's a children's chapter book, probably appropriate for kids between 3rd and 6th grade, so it wasn't as meaty as it could have been if it had been for older kids. As an adult who did not read this to a kid, I can't possibly begin to guess what kids might think of this book. I found the story to be decent, but I did feel like it was all a little bit "surface." There didn't seem to be much real depth to the emotions in this book, but absolutely, [...]

    2. Once again I have bought a book on Kindle that I will need to now buy a hard copy of, because this is sure to be a hit with some of the boys and girls in my classes. Fishtale is just that. A fishtale. It is the story of three boys and one stowaway little sister who go in search of mythical Ol'One Eye, a catfish of monstrous proportions. For most it's with hopes of fame and fortune, but for Sawyer, the boy who came up with the plan, it's an attempt to save his mother's life by returning her weddi [...]

    3. An entertaining tall tale in which a catfish plays the role of Moby Dick. The preposterous adventure grows more and more exciting as the story unfolds.

    4. Set in the Mississippi Delta, our neighbor to the west, this is one action-packed tall tale. Who knew a catfish chase could get your heart pounding?

    5. Loved itI love these kind of stories. American fairy tales. The story was about a brother, a sister, and three friends on an adventure to find magic to save their mother. To find this magic, they have to find Old One Eye, the giant catfish.

    6. Well, I love a good fish tale. So the cover drew me and I borrowed this from the library. I picked it up last night thinking I'd read it before returning it unless it was a dud. I didn't really mean to spend half a day reading it when I could have been getting things done. But there you go. Just finished it now and nothing done for the day. This is not great literature. But it's a great fish story. It reminded me of lots of things. 'Tom Sawyer' of course. The main character is called Sawyer, so [...]

    7. As a city kid I always kind of envied the kids in books who lived in small towns and could just go camping and fishing when their chores were finished - kind of like this one. Twelve-year old Sawyer Brown's father was killed in Vietnam and he has to step up and help his mother run the family catfish farm. But when she loses her wedding ring and subsequently becomes ill, Sawyer sets out to find it thinking it will make her well again. Together with his best friend "Nose," his hippie cousin Truman [...]

    8. From the first chapter, Fishtale had me hooked. In the first chapter, the reader gets introduced to Elvira, the curator at the catfish museum. She has what she thinks is the greatest fishing story ever told. The story is about the time her, her brother, and her friends tried to catch the worlds biggest catfish, Ol’ One Eye. Also, they are trying to get back Elvira’s mom's wedding ring so she can get better. The plot was one crazy thrill ride after another. There was never a dull moment where [...]

    9. The book cover of this book totally pulled me in - 4 kids in a small row boat and a half of a big white fish and a tree branch with spanish moss hanging down.This was a fun read from start to finish and a quick read at that. I couldn't put it down. I started it thinking I'd read 2-3 chapters and the next thing I was half-way through it. Well, why stop then. Anything I would have done sooner could wait that bit longer for me to finish :)Elvira Brown, her brother Sawyer, his friend Nose, and their [...]

    10. What a fish tale!!! ;-) This was a great fast read. Definitely perfect for grade school kids and adults alike who all enjoy a fun fantastical read. Four kids set off on a journey to get back Sawyer and Elvira's mom's wedding ring that was snatched off her finger by ol' one eye, the giant catfish. On their adventure they learn to help each other by working together, forgive, and believe in the unbelievable.I really enjoyed seeing where this tale would go and how big it could get. I admit I starte [...]

    11. What a great story! Elvira, a smart pistol of a girl, tells the wild tale of she, her brother, and a couple of friends fishing for Ol' One-Eye, a legendary giant catfish with a supernatural bent. Part fish-story, part ghost story, part tall tale, part old-fashioned high adventure, and part redemption tale, this story set in rural Mississippi is exciting and thought-provoking. The narrator does a good job with the accents. I find that I like using audio books when an accent is going to add to the [...]

    12. I loved this book and had trouble putting it down. It is targeted towards elementary school kids. Two kids have a mother who gets sick after a catfish bites off her wedding ring. They realize the only way to save her is to find the one eyed catfish that took it and get it back. They take this journey with two friends and search the bayou for the catfish. As an adult, you'll read through this book very quickly.

    13. To me to start it out super charming and exciting and then something happened. It became more difficult to keep track of the plotline and some of the characters got a bit extreme and I started to realize I was looking at the clock and checking how many pages I had left. But then, magically!, the end wrapped up in this book in the adorable way it had started. So that's nice. :-)

    14. Once you've hooked, played, and landed a sizable fish, it changes you. The same is true for floating quietly in a canoe, pirogue, or rowboat through magical quiet natural worlds. This tale transported me back to both of those experiences with a good dose of the family and friend dramas kids will relate to. Fantastical and pure fun.

    15. I asked my son how many stars this book deserves. "Since it's really awesome, I would say 20!" In my opinion, the book is a bit too slow to stick with. If I was reading it for myself, I would have given up. But he loves it and that's what counts in read alouds!

    16. Maybe I was a bit doubtful at how this book would turn out, but I shouldn't have been. A couple times I was confused as to how One Eye got everywhere, but that isn't too consequential. I completely forgot about how Vi was in an interview.

    17. A really fun read. I wanted it to be longer and the characters could have used it so their backgrounds were fleshed out more. The southern aspect to it was done well so I didn't feel like banging my head against the wall.

    18. A classic hero's journey that just happens to involve four kids hunting a giant catfish. The author's screenwriter background is quite evident - this would make a great movie. A really charming, exciting tale.

    19. Three 12-year-old boys+a 9-year-old girl+a legend+a missing rig+an (almost) impossible goal= a fishing trip they would never forget.

    20. I was listening to this on audio and loved the beginning then kind of lost interest. Maybe another time. DNF.

    21. Whopper of a good story! A group of kids set off in search of the great one-eyed catfish and get into some really unusual circumstances. I would recommend this to anyone that enjoys reading.

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