Porcupining: A Prickly Love Story

Porcupining: A Prickly Love Story

Lisa Wheeler Janie Bynum / Jan 19, 2020

Porcupining A Prickly Love Story What could be poignant than a porcupine pining for a companion With pun filled prose and pleasing pictures this passionate tale of love and friendship between two prickly creatures in a petting zoo m

  • Title: Porcupining: A Prickly Love Story
  • Author: Lisa Wheeler Janie Bynum
  • ISBN: 9780316989121
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Hardcover
  • What could be poignant than a porcupine pining for a companion With pun filled prose and pleasing pictures, this passionate tale of love and friendship between two prickly creatures in a petting zoo makes a perfect read aloud and a sublime Valentine.

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    1. The idea of this one is cute, and there's a banjo-playing porcupine in it, which I guess is why it gets two stars. Though I kind of want to give it one. (I had to make up most of the words as I read it.)Premise. A lonely porcupine lives at a petting zoo. Rut roh. That got a few laughs.He decides enough is enough of being all alone, and goes out looking for love, playing his banjo and crooning lonely songs, first to a rabbit, then a pig, next a beavers, and finally(spoiler alert).This is the song [...]

    2. Cushion, the lonely porcupine, sets out with his trusty banjo(?) to woo a mate. Too bad his serenades are downright insulting. He attempts to court a bunny with the line . . . rabbits aren't too icky, calls the pig fat, and makes fun of a beaver's teeth. Does this work for him? (view spoiler)[Unfortunately, yes . . . but I'm hoping his new Mrs. throws him over for a ravishing groundhog. (hide spoiler)]

    3. This story was cute! A male porcupine, Cushion is his name, is on the lookout for love at the petting zoo, yep a porcupine that lives in a petting zoo. Cushion plays his guitar and sings the saddest song all over the petting zoo, but he is constantly spurred by all the other girl animals that is until he meets Barb the Hedgehog. So Cushion croons Barb a love song and the rest I think you can figure out.

    4. Cushion the Porcupine wants to find love. Don't we all? Well. The picture book crowd may not be looking to get married but they understand wanting friends and someone to play with.We had fun reading this one today in kindergarten. Started with a non-fic book about porcupines. There are 26 different kinds and they can weigh up to 66 pounds. Did you know that?Anyway, back to Cushion. He tries to woo a bunny rabbit, a pig, and a beaver with some truly terrible songs that everyone will enjoy singing [...]

    5. Lisa Wheeler is a genius! This book is great for teaching manners, using kind words. Cushion never has a clue when he's unkind . . . and often neither do we!! When I shared with children we interacted by saying, "Dude, that's rude!" when Cushion didn't get it quite right . . . Great for sparking discussion. Fun to sing Cushion's sad, sad song with a country music twang!

    6. This book was a very emotional and funny in a way kind of book. The story represents how people are rude and judge people by their covers. If you read this book you will get the emotional roller coaster that Cushion goes through. Over all I think this is my favorite book

    7. Cute, yet sad, idea to write about a porcupine looking for love. However, I did not like the personality of the other characters - too mean to be in a children's book. I felt the story was a little too simple and seemed rushed at the end. I enjoyed the illustrations and the colors used.

    8. "I've been so lonesome all my life. No one will get near. I'm porcupining for a wife, someone to hold me dear."

    9. Soooooo cute. Heartbreaking beginning (who puts a porcupine in a petting zoo) and heartwarming ending. The song is just hysterical.

    10. A cute story about a porcupine trying to find a mate that would love him despite his imperfections. My kids understood his pointing out everyone else's imperfections because we discussed it, but some may see his comments about others (calling the pig fat, the rabbits icky) as insulting. I saw it more as, we all have our "quills" and we just have to find the right person to put up with them. The song was the favorite part of the book for my kiddos.

    11. I wanted to like this one--it was such a cute concept! Plus, I love plays on words.However, it rubbed me the wrong way; and for a book about a porcupine, that's a problem.The personal insults he throws at other animals in the name of serenading them was never resolved and the inter-species thing was not clearly inaccurate; for instance, if it were a dog and a cat, most kids would know that they wouldn't really be mates. A porcupine and a hedgehog look closely related, so a kid might pick this up [...]

    12. Cushion on üksildane miniloomaaias elav okassiga. Kui kõiki teisi loomi võib tavaliselt paitada, siis okassea puhul pole see "soovitatav"."Cushion was a porcupine with a problem. he lived in a petting zoo. That was the problem. No one would pet a porcupine. There were even signs outside his habitat that read:DO NOT TOUCH andKEEP OUT and worst of allNO PETTING!Kurb okassiga läheb omale naist otsima ja laulab serenaade erinevatele loomadele. Ta on seejuures küllaltki ebaviisakas, näiteks lau [...]

    13. I ended up reading this book while looking for easy to read books for a class assignment. I saw the name, which is so adorable, and just had to read it. It's so sad that Cushion lives in a petting zoo but no one is allowed to pet him and he is isolated. He starts writing sad songs (Porcupining!)about how much he wants to find a wife and find love. One night he goes around to all of the different animals singing about how he wants a wife, but no one wants him there until he finds Barb. She is a h [...]

    14. After hearing one of my students read her story about a hedgehog during author's chair, the interpreter for my student who is deaf recommended that I read this story to my class. It's a cute story about a porcupine that never gets any attention at a petting zoo so he sets off to find a mate. There are lots of puns in the story ("poking fun," "got the point," "sharper sense of humor" etc.) which went unnoticed by most of my first graders. However, I had two clever kids who not only noticed, but f [...]

    15. This is a cute picture book about a porcupine looking for love in all the wrong places. Cushion is lonely in the petting zoo, because no one wants to pet a porcupine. So he sets out looking for love, and when he arrives at each possible match - rabbit, pink sow, beaver -- he sings them a romantic song to woo them. Unfortunately, Cushion could really use some work on his word choice! But as we know, there's a perfect match for everyone out there somewhereThe illustrations are cute and typical for [...]

    16. This book has my favorite animal in it, a hedgehog! It's a cute story about searching for someone who doesn't mind your quills! (even though a hedgehog and a porcupine could never really get together) My favorite quote is"You don't look like a hedge or a hog!" said Cushion."And you don't look like a pork or a pine!" said BarbYou can pick up this book at the Colona Public Library. ~Ashley

    17. Oh the silliness. Plus, I totally had the song stuck in my head during the day today. The girls and I read the book, I wailed the song, and we were all happy at the end. (view spoiler)[(Plus, Pork+Pine! Hedge+Hog! I never would have noticed the pig+plant thing without this book, and really, my life is just so much more enriched now.) (hide spoiler)]

    18. Another wonderful story by Lisa! This time it's a sad, but funny porcupine in a petting zoo! He needs someone to love but he goes about it in terrible manner, insulting all the animals in the zoo. Unfortunately he doesn't realize this, as he's singing his heart out hoping for love. It ends well tho!

    19. The porcupine is an outsider at the petting zoo because no one is aloud to pet him. Later, he finds his true love. I feel like the moral of the story is, you aren't the only one and it is okay to be an outsider. This would be a good book to read if you are having trouble with bullying in the classroom.

    20. Such a different storybook for children. It was a joy to read to my preschool granddaughter. A porcupine in a petting zoo is lonely. There is signs up on his cage saying no petting, and that makes him sad. He sets off to try and find a wife, but everywhere he turns he can't find on. But in the end I finds what he's looking for. A very sweet story.

    21. This is a silly story about a porcupine looking for love at the petting zoo. Cute illustrations and funny lyrics to his songs make this a fun book to read aloud. It's not specifically about Valentine's Day, but since it's a love story, that's a good time of year to read this book. We enjoyed reading this book together and we've read it a couple of times.

    22. A wonderful story of a lonely porcupine in a petting zoo who sets out one night to find himself a wife. He sings his sad (and often a bit insulting) songs to a variety of other animals who rebuff his efforts to woo them into becoming his wife. At last he comes across a hedgehog and they live happily ever after. Very cute, I laughed out loud at his songs.Great illustrations.

    23. What's a porcupine to do when he's in a petting zoo? Strike out on his own and find a wife. Although this particular porcupine's songs are more offensive than sweet, and he keeps striking out -- until he meets the hedgehog of his dreams!Pretty straight-forward kids book illustrations on this one.The songs in this book and the multiple voices would make it a fun story for a story time!

    24. Porcupining: A Prickly Love Story is well written. I especially love the clever pun on words. Children will love the melodic song and will even sing the off tune lyrics. I read this book to children on Valentine's Day. Always gives them chuckles and plenty to comment on.A fun book to read out loud.

    25. This little porcupine is pining for a mate. But who will enjoy his er, um, lovely and very truthful songs and fall for him? Certainly not the pigs. Certainly not the other animals at the petting farm. So, who will he find that will love him and all his prickles?Kids love it if you sing the catchy song in a mournful, out of tune voice. They'll be singing along too.Great for ages 4-7.

    26. The kids laughed hysterically when I read this too them, especially when I whispered to them, did he just call the pig fat? Etc. this was a rollicking good adventure as the porcupine searched for a wife. The songs just made the silliness come to life.

    27. Sick of being ignored by the children at the petting zoo, and longing for some companionship, Cushion the porcupine sets out to find a wife. The song he sings to each potential wife is a highlight, and despite Cushion's prickly body, he does end up with a suitable wife.

    28. One of the best love stories I have ever read! Porcupine wants a wife, so he sets off with his guitar in search of his one true love. He tries to sing to all the animals he comes across, but none are persuaded by his song, until he meets a hedgehog. Great Story!!

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