From Notting Hill with Love...Actually

From Notting Hill with Love...Actually

Ali McNamara / Feb 19, 2020

From Notting Hill with Love Actually She was a girl standing in front of a boy Movie fanatic Scarlett O Brien dreams of a life as glamorous and romantic as all the big screen flicks she worships When a chance house sitting job in iconic

  • Title: From Notting Hill with Love...Actually
  • Author: Ali McNamara
  • ISBN: 9781402269486
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Paperback
  • She was a girl, standing in front of a boy Movie fanatic Scarlett O Brien dreams of a life as glamorous and romantic as all the big screen flicks she worships When a chance house sitting job in iconic Notting Hill comes along, she knows living in one of her favorite movie settings is an opportunity too good to pass up.Leaving behind her skeptical friends, family, andShe was a girl, standing in front of a boyMovie fanatic Scarlett O Brien dreams of a life as glamorous and romantic as all the big screen flicks she worships When a chance house sitting job in iconic Notting Hill comes along, she knows living in one of her favorite movie settings is an opportunity too good to pass up.Leaving behind her skeptical friends, family, and fiance, Scarlett heads to London and finds herself thrust into the lead role of her very own romantic comedy But can real life ever be just like the movies Larger than life new friends, a handsome but irksome new neighbor, and a mystery from her past may prove to Scarlett that living her life like a RomCom is complicated than she thought Sparkly, fun, and endearing Kate Fforde This romantic comedy is the perfect way to pass a winter afternoon should Johnny Depp be unavailable Daily Record

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    1. I'm at an almost total loss here. I feel like Ali McNamara raped my brain. I feel.lted. This book. Wow, this book. It's difficult to put into words just how awful this is. First of all, the stereotypes are embarrassing. Perhaps not 'naked in front of strangers' embarrassing, but maybe 'tripping at a job interview' embarrassing. The stereotypical homosexual shows up like, four pages in. Oscar owns a designer clothing boutique, a tiny dog named Delilah, says things like, "honey" and "darling" to a [...]

    2. This started out pretty great. I was immediately drawn in and found it enjoyable and cute. At some point, it just got a little bit too cute, if you know what I mean.I guess all the movie references were adorable for maybe the first half of the book but after a while, I wanted to scream. It's not even the movie references that bothered me; it was the way the main character had to explain them. I think most people who will read this book will know the references. We don't need to be told what situ [...]

    3. What you need to know about me is I love everything British (I should have been born in London instead of Long Island, New York) so this book was made for me! The main character loves movies like me (British movies!) and the romance of it all. I'm a dreamer like her as well. Basically, this was me in a nutshell and I loved it. While reading this I would be skipping down tha halls of my office and apartment, singing Disney songs. So if you want to be jolly like I was then read this book!Also, thi [...]

    4. Romantic Comedy Adventures in London!Rating: 4.5 stars I was drawn to this book by two things, the title and its dual movie references, and the fact that is was published by Sourcebooks (who published quite a bit of Jane Austen works years ago.)I immediately fell in love with this fun tale that has a movie-obsessed heroine who dreams of her life being like in the movies. I loved all the fun movie references and nods - Sleepless in Seattle, Pretty Woman, Notting Hill, and Bridget Jones's Diary ar [...]

    5. I really enjoyed this book - a lot! I read chick lit because it is light, fluffy and entertaining - this book was all that and more. It was fun and funny, yet the characters really drew you in. The movie references had me laughing out loud and nodding my head. Great job for its genre!

    6. Cliched, shallow, cringingly embarrassing, and trite, with cardboard characters, unbelievable coincidences, and a questionable moral message. In its defense, it was meant to be cliched, with the entire premise being that the protagonist was trying to live out various moments from romantic comedies. I found that a clever enough gimmick. One flaw in this plan, though, was that the author relied on too few films: Pretty Woman, Sleepless in Seattle, Pride & Prejudice (not exactly a romantic come [...]

    7. Books don't make me angry often, but this did. I am furious I paid seven quid for it and it took up space in my suitcase that could have been filled with another book.This is why Rom Coms have a bad name. Bad, dull, cliched writing: a protagonist so unbearable it's like being stuck in the corner of the xmas party with the office bore, except in your own house, and you're paying for it. The author has stumbled across the GENIUS strategy of interjecting terrible, insanely pointless monologues with [...]

    8. I'm giving this book 5 stars not because it's some kind of groundbreaking masterpiece, but because it's absolutely adorable and perfect read for romantic comedies sucker. I have to admit - I got it as a freebie on and wasn't hoping for much, but I was nicely surprised. It's good to read book like that from time to time and be completely charmed by the story. It's well written, page-turner about girl, who reminded me of myself a bit. I love romantic comedies, movies in general. I sometimes wish [...]

    9. In un primo momento, confesso di essermi ricordata perché Colazione da Darcy non mi avesse persuasa fino in fondo. Non è facile che il chick-lit mi convinca. Spesso le storie sono banali, scontate, oppure sono piene di facilonerie: alla protagonista va tutto liscio come l'olio e, anche se può capitare che abbia difficoltà a sbarcare il lunario, riesce sempre a cadere in piedi.Non vi dico, poi, quanto mal sopporti la descrizione da capo a piedi dell'abbigliamento dei personaggi con tanto di m [...]

    10. In the beginning this book was really cute and funny, even though Scarlett's obsession with movies and re-creating movie moments in real life could be a tad annoying. However, as the story progressed I liked the book less and less, until I got to the point where it really made me angry! I liked the whole idea of the book, and the writing was not all bad. Basically, there were good parts, and there were bad parts, but the further the story got the worse the plot (and the writing) became. Scarlett [...]

    11. From Notting Hill with LoveActually is a VERY sweet book. It wraps you up like a warm hug, with brilliant characters and a lovely plot (especially the last few scenes). I adored it. Of course, it was very obvious, very cliched and didn't hold any surprises - but that was the point, to me, in a way. It was certainly part of the charm. I am not going to say much more than this - anyone who loved movies like Pretty Woman, Notting Hill, Love Actually and Sleepless in Seattle will just love this, and [...]

    12. Scarlett O’Brien lives her life as if she’s in one big movie production but often finds herself in trouble for indulging in such fantasies. When Scarlett is given the chance to house-sit a mansion in Notting Hill, she jumps at the chance to live out her life-long film fantasies. As she gets comfy in her Notting Hill mansion and finds herself re-creating many famous film scenes, she also realises that there may be more to life than the one she was leading prior to her house-sitting expedition [...]

    13. I have been wanting to read this for ages! I heard so many great things about Ali's writing and especially that s ries, so I was really excuted to read it! Now I finally got round to it and all I can say is taht it is just FABULOUS!!! And the cover is gorgeous ��Scarlett O'Brien is a big movie fan, she co-owns a business with her father, they sell, install etc. popcorn machines, so it's all connected to the movies. She lives the think about mivie scenes and alsi connects them to her real lif [...]

    14. This is one of the best books I've ever read. Like Scarlett, I like the escapism of a good romantic comedy, especially British director Richard Curtis's movies (Notting Hill, Love Actually, Bridget Jones). This book blends the plots of several well-known romantic comedies with a dash of real life to create a whole new romantic comedy. I was torn about how I wanted the story to turn out; I felt like Scarlett needed to get her head out of the clouds but I also really wanted her to have her movie m [...]

    15. I think I'm one of the last people on earth that would qualify as a romantic. I hated Titanic, didn't cry during P.S. I Love You, have no desire to see most of Hugh Grant's movies, and I've never seen Pretty Woman. I'm still trying to understand why that movie is popular or romantic. Not that hookers don't deserve love, but all I can ever think of is if Richard Gere's character was ever tested for anything he could've caught from Julia Roberts' character. So, yeah, not a romantic.This book kinda [...]

    16. Well, I'm happy to have at least one book finished in 2013; I'm also glad I got it for free on my Nook. There is something irresistible to me about a good boy meets girl story. Chalk it up to that stingy extra "X" chromosome or the monthly hormone imbalance, but I've always been a fan of a decent meet-cute, and a satisfactory happy ending. While this book does actually have both of those, it's the pesky in-between that gets tedious. From the outset, the premise is, at best highly questionable. A [...]

    17. "Everyone who’s seen a romantic comedy at least once in their life knows the story. Boy meets girl. They fall in love. Something happens that separates the two of them. This is followed by a swoon-worthy, grand romantic gesture that sweeps the girl off her feet. We’ve seen them, and we love them. Some of us even wish for one of those grand romantic gestures at least once in our lifetime. I know I do! And so does Scarlett O’Brien. The spitting image of Vivien Leigh, Scarlett is madly in lov [...]

    18. I won a copy of this book and was very excited to receive it in the mail. I love romantic comedies and adore Hugh Grant and Colin Firth. I sigh like crazy over Notting Hill and LoveActually so I thought this would really speak to me.The problem was that I just had a hard time getting into this book. I see nothing wrong with having a hobby (I'm addicted to Pinterest and drive my roommate crazy with my "ooh, that looks delicious" or "Wow, I can't believe they did that from cardboard" but this obse [...]

    19. Grab your popcorn and soft drinkor a glass of wine and the chocolate box for the Rom-Com of the year!This story has all the elements of a great romantic comedy just like the films Notting Hill, Bridget Jones, Pretty Woman, Sleepless in Seattle and more. It is all there and you won't be disappointed. I loved all the characters Scarlett the movie fantic who wants life to be like the movies -sometimes we all wish it could be more like the movies, eh girls?Sean, the neighbour who befriends Scarlett [...]

    20. What a wonderful British Chick Lit story! This totally quirky, romantic comedy will leave a smile on your face. Now the first chapter was just a bit cheesy for me but once I got past it then I couldn’t put it down.I loved all the movie references! I did think that Scarlett was a bit extreme in how much she loved movies but that really is what made her personality interesting. I really didn’t like her fiancé David though. I didn’t get the feel that he really loved her and that he just want [...]

    21. This book has everything I love. There's a wonderful love story and it involves all my favourite films (I adore romantic comedies.) Scarlett lives her life in films (something I would like to do) but it's not always appreciated by the people around her. When she gets the opportunity to house sit in Notting Hill she jumps at it. Her life becomes more like a film when she meets Sean. This book was one I couldn't put down. If you love your romantic comedies and know your Mark Darcy from your Willia [...]

    22. No. No, no, no. A story about a girl obsessed with movies trying to reenact her favorites in real life sounds cute. I love Hugh Grant movies as much as anyone. But Scarlett's obsession got old very quickly. How can you live day to day with your head constantly in the clouds?

    23. Der Buchtitel klingt wie ein perfekter Hugh-Grant-Liebesfilm? Nun - ja! Denn "Tatsächlich Liebe in Notting Hill" ist ein perfekter Liebesroman, der sich um fünf perfekte Liebesfilme dreht!Scarlett wurde mit ihren schwarzen Haaren und strahlend grünen Augen natürlich nach Filmlegende Vivien Leigh benannt, die bekanntermaßen die dramatische Figur der Scarlett O'Hara in Vom Winde verweht spielte. Wie ihre Mutter, die sie nie kennen gelernt hat, liebt Scarlett Kinofilme über alles. Sie verlier [...]

    24. I’ve had this book for some time on my bookshelf. Having just finished ‘Agent 6’ by Tom Rob Smith (review coming soon) I was looking for a read that would be fun… as I was browsing, Katie Fforde’s quote on the front cover caught my eye ‘Sparky, fun and endearing’ so I thought From Notting Hill with Love Actually would be just what I needed.I did have fun reading about Scarlett – but the story is much more than a romantic comedy - with a plot-line running alongside that deals with [...]

    25. I don't really know how to wrap my head around this one. I think the best word to describe this book was uneven. At times I laughed and felt that this was a great book, other times it was almost boring and dragged out and particularly towards the end I just wanted to throw my kindle into the wall because the characters was so stupid. Everyone (except Sean) just gave her crappy advice all the time. And she was just to weak to make any decisions by herself - not even in the end. I would say that t [...]

    26. I love chick lit. I love Korean dramas. I love to read cheesy romance stories sometimes. But this book was too much for me to bear. Why? Too much unbelievable dramas. Plus, an annoying main character is one of the reasons why I dislike this book.The premise of the story, a main character who is obsessed with movies and cinemas, is a pretty good idea, but the way it turned out was not as good as I expected. Just a few pages in, there's this guy who accidentally spilled orange juice on Scarlett, t [...]

    27. Non l'ho recensito ma vi posto questo estratto che penso renda l'idea del libro e di quanto sia carino e divertente!Mi fermai mentre superavamo uno dei tanti giardini comunali che punteggiavano quella zona di Notting Hill. Sbirciai tra le sbarre nere delle cancellate che lo circondavano. Poi mi voltai verso Sean."Insomma, decidi tu", continuò lui. "Dammi una mano a salire", dissi. "Che cosa?" "Forza, dammi una mano, voglio scavalcare." "No". "E perchè no? Che c'è, hai paura?" "Non è question [...]

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