The Wicked Big Toddlah

The Wicked Big Toddlah

Kevin Hawkes / Feb 24, 2020

The Wicked Big Toddlah Absolutely nothing exciting happens in Maine nothing that is except for the birth of one giant baby That s one wicked big toddlah you got there exclaims Uncle Bert and so Toddie is named Toddie s a

  • Title: The Wicked Big Toddlah
  • Author: Kevin Hawkes
  • ISBN: 9780375824272
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Absolutely nothing exciting happens in Maine nothing, that is, except for the birth of one giant baby That s one wicked big toddlah you got there exclaims Uncle Bert and so Toddie is named.Toddie s a baby just like any other sort of The thing is, he s big really big That means really big diapers, really big teeth, really big everything From new booAbsolutely nothing exciting happens in Maine nothing, that is, except for the birth of one giant baby That s one wicked big toddlah you got there exclaims Uncle Bert and so Toddie is named.Toddie s a baby just like any other sort of The thing is, he s big really big That means really big diapers, really big teeth, really big everything From new booties that wear out the knitter to a bath in the ocean it s fun to play with boats , Toddie goes through all the stages of baby s first year it s just a little different for Toddie.Kids will laugh out loud as they see Toddie get into and trouble it s time for giant laughs all around

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        Kevin Hawkes is the illustrator of over 35 acclaimed picture books and chapter books including Library Lion, The Librarian Who Measured the Earth, Weslandia, and Sidewalk Circus His vibrant colors, unusual perspectives, an dry sense of humor are hallmarks of his work He lives with his charming wife and children in Southern Maine where he is often found wandering aimlessly in his garden When forced indoors, he works quite happily painting cobalt blue skies, imaginary landscapes, and flying pianosom KevinHawkes


    1. The Wicked Big Toddlah by Kevin Hawkes is a gorgeously illustrated laugh-out-loud vision of a giant toddler called, unsurprisingly, Toddie. The text is simple but vividly evokes the images fulfilled by the illustrations. Imagine the cradle. Imagine the diapers! Imagine what the first solids might be. This book is as satisfying for an adult as for a small child who gets to feel massively clever and superior to giant Toddie (and Toddie's grown-ups).

    2. Hilarious! One of the best read alouds for elementary kids that I've seen in a long time. I'm sure my Bah-stahn accent is terrible, but it's fun to do, nonetheless. The sequel is just as funny, and my kids (from South Carolina) come into the library asking for them with a northeastern accent, which just cracks me up!

    3. Genre- Children's Picture BookThis text reminds the reader of Clifford, the Big Red Dog, only with a toddler. The story follows the birth and first year of a giant baby, and all of the accommodations made to fit the size of this baby, such as giant diapers and a haz-mat crew for changing them. The text is simplistic and cute, but doesn't really follow a plot line- it instead shows snapshots of a baby growing into a toddler. In the beginning, Hawkes incorporates the midwestern accent of a family [...]

    4. I thought this book was on the better side of okay the first time I read it, but I liked it a lot more on the second reading when I noticed all the funny details in the illustrations.I don't know much about Maine culture, but I enjoyed that I could see the author's love for it shine through in this book. I also adored that the whole extended family and/or neighborhood was helping take care of the baby. I'm glad I like this book because I'm pretty sure my two-year-old is going to demand I read it [...]

    5. My husband and I bought this for our daughter during a trip to Maine for my cousin's wedding. We buy books for her as a gift during our travels. It is so entertaining, sweet and captures the culture and lifestyle well. My daughter chooses this book to read at bedtime 9/10 times these days. She loves it. I think she's working on saying the "HIHOWAWYAH" line right now. Sweet and whimsical story, with beautiful art. We love it!

    6. Recommended by Susan! Read this last night with Lily D who has a new toddler in the family, and she pointed out, "You know, without the pictures making jokes, this would be a regular baby story." But giant Toddie is no regular baby. Enjoyed the Maine accent and visual jokes throughout. Would be good paired with The Bunyans by Audrey Wood.

    7. Adorable 'giant baby' tale with a Maine twist. Like all the Giant-Baby genre, it's important not to worry about practicality, but the humor of the situations as Toddie grows from infant to toddler and enjoys the passing seasons and his family will amuse adults and toddlers alike.

    8. Literally a "tall tale". This is a one joke book--just endless scenes of life with a Paul Bunyan like baby.But the pictures ARE funny--especially the diaper change scene with the folks in hazmat suits!

    9. I have no idea why I was so thoroughly entertained by this book . . . . It isn't one I would use for storytime (too long), but it is one I can picture myself reading again and again. This is most likely a result of the amazing illustrations and that subtle humor that makes me, literally, laugh out loud.

    10. Takes place in Maine, but they have Boston accents. . . If you can get over that inconsistency the book is ok. Some of the illustrations are cute and funny. However, there isn't enough to the story for me to consider it any more than just ok.

    11. "That's a wicked big toddlah ya got theya, Jessie!" And he sure is. Toddie is normal in every regardexcept for his size. His big sister, who narrates the story, talks about him as if he's just like all all other toddlers. Toddie sleeps in a crib (a full-sized lobster boat), needs his diaper changed (by a helicopter and neighbors in hazmat suits), plays with (real, not stuffed) animals, and loves sugaring (or, in his case, squeezing all the sap out of the trees with his hands). The humor in this [...]

    12. “The Wicked Big Toddlah,” now appearing in a sequel, “The Wicked Big Toddlah Goes to New York,” would make a great shower gift for expectant parents. It’s clear from the moment of his arrival by over-burdened stork that gigantic Toddie is no ordinary baby. In fact, he must be hauled home on the back of a flatbed “lumbah” truck. Toddie requires a helicopter, a hazmat team, and a crane at diaper-changing time, and a fleet of lobstah boats to entertain him in the bath. His first taste [...]

    13. Let's go have an adventure. On our boat, we're going to have six tangerines. (Typist's note: This may have been influenced by My Father's Dragon.)Okay, we're going. Zoom Zoom. Swoosh. Primrooooose! Hackateer. Woo-hoo-woo-hoo-woo! Banggggggg. Do you know what that is? The toddler! Boom boom crash. Go go go. Back through the woods. Zoom zoom. Out of the book, into the computer. Hide inside the carpets! Climb up the bookstand! Into the class. Chapter Two: The Monster.Bang. Something when. The whole [...]

    14. If you are not from Maine you will be quickly introduced to the phonetic pronunciation of certain words"Downeast" and that's part of this wicked big books charm! Toddie IS a wicked BIG Toddlah. Nearly 60 foot tall and must be cared for in the most ingenious ways. Jimmie knits him a hat and bootiesand ends up with her aged Hans bandaged. Uncle Bert makes him a cradle that could hold a football team, and changing his diaper taks the local crane, with men in hazmat suits!Toddie taks baths in the ba [...]

    15. Give this book to every expectant parent you know! "Toddie" is just like every other baby.y diapers, teething, first steps, the whole thinghe's just BIGGER. This book is a gentle poke at all of us parents who think our baby chores are bigger than everyone else's; Hawkes does a wonderful job at reminding us that no matter how huge that dirty diaper seems, there's a REALLY cute baby at "end" of it ;)

    16. This is a very cute story about a gigantic baby. I love the Maine accents and the details about New England. Having grown up with a similar Massachusetts accent, I only lost it after years of living in other places around the world. But it's still easy for me to slip back into the local dialect. Our girls haven't been exposed to it very much, just during our short visits home. They don't quite get the charm of it all, but we all still enjoyed reading the story together.

    17. This book is a very unrealistic book because of how large the baby is in the book; however, students could see how authors use their imagination to make an entertaining and enjoyable book for readers. You could use this book when demonstrating creative writing and how its okay to make up things that are not even close to being realistic.

    18. A very quirky story about a giant toddler who has a great day in NYC. It's never explained why Toddie is so big, which was odd; I kept wondering if that was covered in a previous book. Fun book, but I wouldn't go out of my way to read it to kids.

    19. My daughters mini review: "This large young boy (who is enormous in comparison to his parents) travels to New York."My own: Some books are a hit, some are a miss. This one was a miss. Can't describe exactly why other than I just found the premise of the story kind of stupid.

    20. Cute, I suppose, but a little odd in a sense too. My son got this from his school library and he enjoyed the baby's mishaps but I didn't find this book to be that sweet/"Aw, or even educational. I do, though, its emphasis on family.

    21. The Wicked Big Toddlah was born in- where else? Maine. He plays with real boats in the bath, and generally acts like all toddlers, except for the fact that he is ginormous. Fun pictures that make the story worthwhile.

    22. This is one of those great picture books that takes full advantage of the possibility of telling one story with words and a different one with pictures. Hilarious! Kevin Hawkes is one of my favorite illustrators, and here he proves that he's a mighty fine writer too.

    23. This picture book is a good one! I just hear accents from the Northeast as I read this one. This story is set in Maine and is about a giant toddler. Even though he is "wicked big" the family still loves him, even at diaper time.

    24. We laughed and laughed reading this book. We loved the New England accents and the super silly pictures that complemented the unusual lifestyle of this story's toddlah and his family.

    25. So silly! 2 yr old Michael burst out laughing when he saw the cover--my favorite part was the toddlah's own life-size teddy bear.

    26. I "read" this book on vacation -- okay it's a children's book and took about 5 minutes to read. But the illustrations are wonderful. We brought it home from Maine.

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