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Anomaly Alternate cover edition for ASIN B IMBGIMFive years have passed since Caitlin Tierney was kidnapped from New Haven a secret facility for gifted children Deemed a threat to society by the government

  • Title: Anomaly
  • Author: Jessica Marie Gilliland Kimberly Gourgon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 231
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Alternate cover edition for ASIN B008IMBGIMFive years have passed since Caitlin Tierney was kidnapped from New Haven, a secret facility for gifted children Deemed a threat to society by the government s Anomaly Control Team for her empathetic and telekinetic powers, Caity was implanted with a chip meant to neutralize her abilities and keep her on the ACT s radar.Now CaitAlternate cover edition for ASIN B008IMBGIMFive years have passed since Caitlin Tierney was kidnapped from New Haven, a secret facility for gifted children Deemed a threat to society by the government s Anomaly Control Team for her empathetic and telekinetic powers, Caity was implanted with a chip meant to neutralize her abilities and keep her on the ACT s radar.Now Caity is trying to live the life of a normal 21 year old but her nightmares are getting worse She s haunted by the past she can t remember, the painful experiments she endured in New Haven and Chase Taylor, the love she lost.When a mysterious letter arrives one day and promises Caity answers to her forgotten life, she suddenly finds herself thrown back into the world of New Haven and into the arms of her old flame For once it seems like everything will be alright, but how much has New Haven really changed And how much has Chase changed While conflicted by the dark secrets she uncovers about New Haven and her beloved Chase, Caity stumbles upon a group of Anomalies who call themselves The Punks They re charming and unexpectedly, Caity finds herself drawn into their small family and to their leader, the quiet, enigmatic Kismet.Ultimately, Caity must decide where her loyalty lies is it with her first true love Chase and the cloaked objectives of New Haven Or is it with the peaceful, nomadic Punks And how far over the line will she be willing to go for either one

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    1. I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review and boy am I glad! I am pretty new to YA books of this nature, but have read quite a few in the past two-three months, and Anomaly is right up there in my number 1 spot! I mean who wouldn't love a book with characters like Chase, Izzy, Dozer, Kismet (Kiz, Kizzy), Bubbles? I was in love with the fun names, nothing banal about this book!Each character has a supernatural ability, some used for good and others used for not so [...]

    2. I got this book from the author to review. Boy, am I glad I signed up for this one!I really loved this book, and had a hard time putting it down to take care of my kids. It was just wonderful, and well written, and such a great story. It is about a place called New Haven where kids/teens are taken because they have special abilities like super strength or speed. Caitlin is the heroine in the story, and her journey is a very emotional one. She was a very strong female lead; just the way I like th [...]

    3. 4.5 starsI was sorely tempted to give this five stars, but after finishing it and then sleeping on it, I figure (reluctantly) four stars is probably more fair. It wasn’t perfect, but who needs perfection? You read this and you are in for a ride. (Ugh, you know what, forget it. I’m switching this to a 4.5.)It’s been five years since Caitlin Tierney was kidnapped from New Haven, a secret institute for children with superhuman abilities. Her kidnappers? The Anomaly Control Team, or ACT. Viewi [...]

    4. So when I got this ebook the very first day it came out, I won'tdeny that I was extremely excited! The prologue and the description just grabs you in and dumps you into a 5 hour reading session! What I really appreciated about this book is that it didn't over- do the story elements. Like it had some kind of dystopian feel to it but it also contained regular life issues. Also the romance did not over- do itself either, it was pin point perfect! Yes I have read books with simliar concepts but the [...]

    5. I read this book as an Author Requested Review. To me, the book is a combination of Spy Kids/Incredibles/Matrix.At first, I didn't think I was going to like this book. I was perturbed by the huge spaces between each paragraph, which distracted me continually from the book. The overabundant use of "was/were" in place of active verbs also detracted from the flow of the story. Maybe that's my editor lens tainting my view of the book, but I can't help it; when a great book could've been excellent wi [...]

    6. The New Haven Project had a bumpy start for me. The prologue drew me in, the first chapter or so had me losing some interest, and then the whole Las Vegas portion seemed a tad rushed and, later, unneeded. (view spoiler)[ Mainly because, if Stone knew where Caitlin was, why was it necessary to have her come to Las Vegas in the first place? I can assume it was to make her run in with Chase an “accident,” so that she’d be more trusting and willing to return to New Haven with him, but that was [...]

    7. Undeniably a page-turner. I'm reading this book while walking, on my way home, waiting in-line and while working (don't tell my boss!). I can't stop reading! Every time I try to stop and rest my eyes, I could not stop thinking of Caitlin, Chase, Kismet and even Izzy. The characters are so adorable all of them! I think this is even better than Xmen with the love story and all! The book is a perfect mix of action, heavy drama, romance and light comedy.I really like Caitlin's character, she's not t [...]

    8. This is like a supernatural ‘Bourne Identity’ novel - - full of mystery, action, super-secret government agencies, and romance….ah, the romance. A young girl with special powers is kidnapped and sent to a secret facility where doctors test – and torture- in order to find out where the powers come from. Caitlin Tierney, called ‘Caity’, has no memory of her childhood before she was brought to New Haven, but she does have nightmares about the events that occurred there. She has a specia [...]

    9. 3.75 stars book. In other words: very good :)Though I had a bunch of feelings about it and that's probably why my review it's a collection of ramblings! It felt like I read 2 books instead of one, the beginning was great, then it became a little difficult to me to get into the story but after 50 percent, when she runs into Spaz, Dozer, Headset, Charlie and Kismet, the book turns amazing again.The story goes around Caity and her friends, which all have special abilities and awesome powers!Her abi [...]

    10. Wow! What a great read! Caity is a 21 year old with some awesome supernatural abilities who finds herself in the middle of a war against the government and ultimately in the middle of a love triangle. She is the type of female I like reading about: strong, brave, and not afraid to breakdown without looking too weak. The setting was beautiful and all the characters were likeable which in my opinion is a very hard thing to achieve in this genre. The two love interests were very swoon worthy and th [...]

    11. 3.5 Stars.I really enjoyed this.I love stories that jump straight into it without any of the usual slow build. It got right to the intresting stuff as quickly as it could and the X-men style powers were fun to read about. The only thing I wasn't sure about is that this comes dangerously close to other female leads in YA fantasy. In other words, no matter how serious the situation, no matter how dangerous things get, the herione just can't stop thinking about the two hunks in her life.But that li [...]

    12. LOVED THIS BOOK! I really enjoyed this book and I cant wait to read up and comming books. There were some points that I thought seemed to drag, but now that I think of it, it was only because I really really wanted to find out what was going to happen next! What was Chase hiding? Who sent Caity that letter? What were they doing to the people that would come out of there testing so tired? Is Stone really bad? Or is she just misunderstood? What the hell happened with Madison that she is such a bra [...]

    13. Must read. Caity is a great character to watch fall into situations and see how she uses her bravery and determination to accomplish what she feels will right the world of evil. She is gaining a sad wisdom by learning she can't trust everyone, but all too often have to learn to trust someone along the way who will not let you down. Kismet is intriguing and dark and perfect. I can't wait to know more about him and where he will lead Caity next. Loved the twist on the "paranormal gifts" the charac [...]

    14. Well when you normally a person who goes to bed around 9:30/10 and you're up reading til 1:30am that says something, right?! I honestly could not stop reading the book. I kept wanting to see what was going to happen next! I fell in love with the characters and felt actual emotions for them. I actually cried a bit in the end. When I connect to characters like that, I know it's a great read :) I can't wait for book 2 to come out already!

    15. This book grabbed me from the beginning and pulled me right into the story. I couldn't put it down!! If you like dystopian paranormal fiction, you will love this book! It is books like these that make me wonder how much is true and how much is fiction Sometimes you never know. :)There is an occasional spelling error or word misplaced but they are so few and far between I was able to read through them without any problems. I can't wait to read the next book in the series!

    16. I absolutely LOVED this book. It reminded me a little of the Darkest Powers series, but with far more emotion and grit. I found myself swooning, smiling and sobbing throughout, and now eagerly awaiting more in the series. Brilliant.

    17. This book is extremely well written,with well developed interesting characters.The plot is well planned and arranged. It is suspense filled, with new twists emerging every chapter. It is an absolute page turner,can't wait for the next one!

    18. I'm very proud of this novel! I've come to care about the characters and their stories immensely, and I'm excited to share them with everyone now!

    19. Hmm, how do I begin to review this book? How about, two weeks after finishing it, I am still thinking about it! Sifting through the details I've absorbed and imagining where the characters will be headed in the next installment and just how will Caitlin move on after what transpired at the end of :Anomaly?!!? It begins with Caitlin, a 20-something bookshop employee leading a typical drab life, that is if she wasn't endowed with awesome super-human powers of telekinesis and empathy, suppressing a [...]

    20. This story started out slow for me. The first few chapters were spent with me sitting there going okay I don't really need to know every single thing that she is feeling and thinking. I thought a lot of time was spent in the set up of the story. I didn't have any real feelings towards Caity until much later in the book.A mysterious letter comes in the mail and she drops everything to rush off to Vegas to find a sister she doesn't even recall having. What she finds there is the man of her dreams/ [...]

    21. Caitlin or Caity Tierney is twenty-one year woman, who thought she left her past behind her, yet is having nightmares about the past. She works at coffee/bookstore while attending college. Caity seems to be pulled back into her life five years ago with a mysterious letter claiming to have all the answers she's been looking. The mystery letter tells Caity that she has a sister named Madison, who is living in Las Vegas. Caity immediately jumps at the chance to meet her sister yet her past will be [...]

    22. Oh, what can I say? It's 2 AM, and I just finished. It's a book, that as a writer makes you think-- darn, I wish I wrote that, it's so good if makes you doubt your own writing. The high level of emotion and excellent descriptions leave you breathless. It's a well thought out mind game, you hate the characters when you are supposed to, and then in the same instance love them again. I dislike love triangles, but this one made sense and was well thought out. The character's actions were emotional a [...]

    23. This novel fascinated me from the first sentences, exactly what I want in a YA thriller: action, adventure, mystery, suspense, secrets, soul mates, travel, suspicious authority figures, concealed locations, paranormal elements (in this case, the giftedness of the young persons, both adolescents and younger children). This is a can’t-put-down story, and the reader just wants to race through the pages, not to get finished, but out of compulsion to read, to understand, to get to the next thrill o [...]

    24. I was given this as a free e-book by the author in exchange for an honest review.You know it's a good book when on the last page you're thinking, "NoooI want to read more!" If the next book isn't out soon I think I might have a serious breakdown.Honestly, everything about this book was great. The characters, the writing, the emotion You completely fall in love with the main characters Caity and Chase. Their childhood started with their memories being erased after being sent to live at a facility [...]

    25. **4 Stars**MY OVERVIEW: I was given this book from the authors for an honest review and was very excited to read it. PROS: Caity was a great character. I like how the authors gave her two different powers as apposed to the normal one power per abnormal/anomaly/superhero; whatever you want to call them. I enjoyed all the character you were supposed to and disliked all the ones you weren’t supposed to like. (view spoiler)[I would have liked to have seen a reason as to why Stone actually adopted [...]

    26. Okay so where do I start? First of all this book is very dear to me. I remember back in high school she always dreamed of being an author and here she is, making her dream a reality. Congrats Jess you deserve it!On to the book, it is amazingly written, the elegant descriptions helped me stay focused and even made me feel what Caity was feeling and in turn what the other characters were feeling since Caity is an empathetic. I fell in love with all the characters (even Kismet). I cried a little at [...]

    27. It made no sense. Here's why;(view spoiler)[Caity got away from ACT's hands and when she ends up back in their grabs, under a different name though, she befriends everyone including one of them who tortured her when Caity was a child. When Caity finds out that children are still being tortured and killed in the name of science, she runs away after promising to come back and help them. After leaving her boyfriend behind, she spends a month with strangers who are like her. We hear nothing about th [...]

    28. It was just about an 'ok' read for me. If I could've, I would've probably would've given this 2.5 stars. Its a little unfortunate because I read this book shortly after I finished reading Touch by Jus Accardo. Both books have pretty much the exact same storyline (sub-adults w/ superpowers on the run from big, bad super-secret agency; love triangle in which one boy goes bad etc etc), but the execution of the premise was done so much better in Touch. I could not connect with Chase at all. Given th [...]

    29. WOW! WOW! I don’t think that I can write a review that would even do this book justice. But I will try my best. When reading this book it was like I was in the story myself. I love to read books that pull you into the story and let you be a part of a different world and being someone else entirely. This is definitely a page turner from the beginning till the end. I didn’t want the story to end! There were parts that made me laugh. There were parts in this story that made my heart race so fas [...]

    30. What I liked:1. The basic idea of giving just about everybody around some kind of super power.2. The basic idea of giving the protagonist two, one of them being the power to tune in to other people's emotions. That gives an excellent reason to describe lots of them.3. The super power Kismet got. (Maybe I should not admit that in public)On the other hand, I had some problems with the plot.The handling of the tracking devices seems somewhat odd. Anybody at the receiving end of such a device would [...]

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