De zaak Collini

De zaak Collini

Ferdinand von Schirach Hans Driessen Marion Hardoar / Jan 23, 2020

De zaak Collini Vierendertig jaar heeft de Italiaan Fabrizio Collini als monteur bij Mercedes Benz gewerkt Altijd even onopvallend en correct Tot hij in een Berlijns luxehotel een oude man vermoordt Zonder reden zo

  • Title: De zaak Collini
  • Author: Ferdinand von Schirach Hans Driessen Marion Hardoar
  • ISBN: 9789029584975
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Paperback
  • Vierendertig jaar heeft de Italiaan Fabrizio Collini als monteur bij Mercedes Benz gewerkt Altijd even onopvallend en correct Tot hij in een Berlijns luxehotel een oude man vermoordt Zonder reden, zo lijkt het.De jonge advocaat Caspar Leinen krijgt de verdediging toegewezen Wat op het eerste gezicht een veelbelovende carri rekans lijkt, verandert in een nachtmerrie alsVierendertig jaar heeft de Italiaan Fabrizio Collini als monteur bij Mercedes Benz gewerkt Altijd even onopvallend en correct Tot hij in een Berlijns luxehotel een oude man vermoordt Zonder reden, zo lijkt het.De jonge advocaat Caspar Leinen krijgt de verdediging toegewezen Wat op het eerste gezicht een veelbelovende carri rekans lijkt, verandert in een nachtmerrie als hij hoort wie het slachtoffer is De dode, een vooraanstaand Duits industrieel, is de grootvader van zijn beste vriend In zijn herinnering een vriendelijke, zachtaardige man.Leinen probeert de daad te begrijpen Tevergeefs, want Collini bekent weliswaar de moord, maar over zijn motief zwijgt hij En zo moet Leinen een man verdedigen die niet verdedigd wil worden De zaak lijkt hopeloos, maar dan stuit hij op een duister hoofdstuk in de Duitse rechtsgeschiedenis.

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      • Ferdinand von Schirach Hans Driessen Marion Hardoar

        Ferdinand von Schirach born 1964 in Munich is a German lawyer and writer He published his first short stories at the age of forty five Shortly thereafter he became one of Germany s most successful authors His books, which have been translated into than 35 languages, have sold millions of copies worldwide and have made him an internationally celebrated star of German literature.


    1. Ich gestehe seit 3 jahren bin ich ein richtiggehender Schirach Fan. Ich liebe seinen juristisch minimierten schnörkellosen Erzählstil, die genauen Beschreibungen, die eben aber nicht blumig romancierhaft sondern detailgetreu analytisch sind. Dieser Krimi ist so toatal anders als alles, was ich jemals in diesem Genre gelesen habe, kein Funken Humor, sondern todernst knochentrocken, kein Lokalkolorit, obwohl die Orte in Berlin Moabit detailgetreu geschildert werden, keine nordische Düsternis un [...]

    2. in order to have an International Bestseller™ and be lauded by Big newspapers everywhere, a book must> include Very Adult themes> have characters who are Very Normal people> be about everyday things> have spurious and unnecessary sex scenes thrown in somewhere> relegate any female characters to sex toys or fantasy objects> have flashbacks to childhoods which are either idyllic or terrible> include the death of someone close, preferably in some inexplicable and unusual way& [...]

    3. Torn between three and four stars. My primary portal into a novel is through character and although the characters are not fully vibrant, they remain interesting and I found it a compelling read. A quiet, giant of a man brutally murders a German industrialist, and admits to the crime yet declines to say why. You learn this at the outset. He is given a defense attorney fresh out of school with no courtroom experience. Given the ages and the time period there are suspicions as to the reasons for t [...]

    4. I recently read a list of the best crime fiction of the last yearthat focused on non-American novels. Since my taste runs that way I wasvery happy to get such a list and to find most of the books were in mylibrary system. I had never read German literature before and so I waslooking forward to this.The Collini Case involves a well-respected, elderly member of Germansociety who is violently murdered, by an immigrant no less. Given thestatus of the victim and the perpetrator, and because the murde [...]

    5. wenn man ein buch mit 208 seiten quasi in einem zuge ausliest, ist das jedenfalls ein gutes zeichen: "Der Fall Collini" ist ein großer wurf, der rasch lesbar ist. schirach hat sich in diesem buch auf sehr emotional greifbare art und weise einem dunklen kapitel deutscher (justiz-) geschichte genähert und macht nachvollziehbar, wie das millionenfache morden im zweiten weltkrieg eine derart unübersehbare anzahl an tätern zurücklässt, so daß diese, weil eben an teilweise entscheidenden stelle [...]

    6. Crime was one of the more original books I read in 2011; I also appreciated Guilt. These books presented themselves as non-fiction, even if the writing was suspiciously fine. When I came across The Collini Case a few days ago, I bought it without hesitation.Given the bloat of most legal thrillers, I appreciated the author's characteristic brevity. Even so, this tale dragged a bit, its characters are colorless, and the denouement is underwhelming. I'll be spoiling nothing by saying the crime at t [...]

    7. The practice of indicating the theme and treatment of a novel in a review makes sense. How else will one know whether it might be worth reading? However, there are some books where a review can reveal too much. In fairness to the many who will surely want to The Collini Case, I will restrict myself to saying that in essence it is a court room drama. At the outset there is a murder and an obvious murderer. So far, so relatively conventional. What follows is not.So much for plot. What lifts The Co [...]

    8. 3.5 stars.Given the impact and significance of this novella upon release in 2011 and the discussion that it has generated it seems almost inconsequential to comment on The Collini Case as simply a piece of storytelling. The author, Ferdinand von Schirach, is well known in Germany as a prominent defence lawyer and also as the grandson of the founder of the Hitler Youth movement, and I suspect the majority of readers will approach this fully informed of its subject matter.When retired Fabrizio Col [...]

    9. This is the first novel by Ferdinand von Schirach that I have read and I was instantly absorbed into a world where the legal system can systematically fail those in search of justice. The story opens with an apparently cold-blooded and nonsensical murder where the perpetrator (a man in his sixties) takes full responsibility for his actions and there is no question of his guilt in murdering a prominent German industrialist, Jean Baptiste Meyer. His case is taken on by Caspar Leinen, a newly quali [...]

    10. A german bestseller, this was a good legal story but also a warning that something that looks like a sure thing is anything but. Or maybe the old adage that everyone has a story. Thought provoking, and a insightful look at the legal system. Good, fast but meaty read.

    11. I started reading this with the misapprehension that it was in fact a true crime story, as opposed to a legal drama/thriller which focuses on some very interesting aspects of how the law has been applied in Germany. It’s not as if this realisation half way through (in response to a slightly odd coincidence that felt hard to believe was real) spoilt my enjoyment of a very well-written and thought-provoking book, it just required some recalibration on the part of myself as the reader. Starkly de [...]

    12. 'The Collini Case' by Ferdinand von Schirach is not quite what it seems. The precis of the plot on the back cover of the paperback edition that I have just read gives the impression that we are in John Grisham territory and that the story is a legal thriller. In fact, it's worlds away from any of Grisham's books. 'The Collini Case' is a philosophical tale that poses the question: to what extent can someone continue to be regarded as morally and legally responsible for any crimes and misdeeds tha [...]

    13. In the opening chapter of this novel, Fabrizio Collini walks into a Berlin hotel posing as a journalist, kills the man he had arranged to meet, and then waits for the police to turn up and arrest him. He admits to the killing but refuses to reveal anything about his motive. His defence is assigned to a young and inexperienced lawyer Caspar Leinen. When it transpires that he knew the victim, and was romantically involved with his grand-daughter, Leinen initially takes steps to get taken off the c [...]

    14. ‘Madness alone was lord of all this land.’From its shockingly violent start to its equally shocking and moving end, this short novella pulls the reader in to a story of guilt, revenge and reassessment of the past.We know from the beginning that Collini is guilty of a horrific murder, but we don’t know his motive. It seems there can be no justification that would make his actions understandable let alone forgivable. Young defence lawyer Casper Leinen has to solve the riddle of the motive wi [...]

    15. That young man would never tell anyone about this day. It wasn't war now, it wasn't battle, contact with the enemy. It was human beings killing other human beings, that was allThis book has a really great opening scene. Fabrizio Collini, a retired man, meets a famous, wealthy German industrialist in a hotel room. There he brutally murders the man. Why? To answer that a novice lawyer by the name of Caspar Leinen is assigned to defend Collini. However since Collini won't talk and say why he commit [...]

    16. I read this book in German (I am not a native German speaker), and if you want to read it in the original language, I would say there is a bit of legalese. It is not too horrible in that sense and is actually quite recommended to practice the language, I didn't feel like I didn't understand something (linguistically) because I took the hard road. This is a court-procedural drama, where everything, including the sad ending, is prescribed from the beginning. We know who the murderer is and quite h [...]

    17. I won this book in a giveaway and honestly, if I hadn't, I'm not sure that I would have discovered this one. As an attorney in a public defender's office , it's always interesting for me to read about the trial process in different countries. Overall, it was an interesting read.Pros: - good story- lack of details provided a bit of suspense- fairly easy to picture this as a movie (or basis for a legal tv show)- main character was surprisingly developed despite the sparse writing styleCons: - sin [...]

    18. Very enjoyable. Not one redundant word, not one boring moment. A fast, but by no means forgettable read. It's a story that makes you wonder and ponder while reading and you keep on thinking about it once you're done.Von Schirach's writing just pushes all the right buttons with me. It's clean, precise and to the point. You'd think that such a straightforward way of storytelling might make it hard to feel the actual story or its characters, but that is the most amazing thing about von Schirach: He [...]

    19. I am surprised at the number of excellent reviews this book has had.It's a very short, easy read, and holds the attention, but that's about it. I found the story line about as predictable as it gets - an Italian who was a kid during the war murders a German industrialist twenty years older than him. What could the motive possibly be? It isn't hard to guess, and took me no time at all to spot it.The book is made slightly more interesting given that the author is the grandson of the Nazi who ran t [...]

    20. Nach zwei Kurzgeschichtensammlungen nun ein Roman, und siehe da, Ferdinand von Schirach kann auch das. Wie vom Autor gewohnt: ein Kriminalfall, der durch die geschickte Erzählstruktur dafür sorgt, dass sich der Leser sowohl mit dem Anwalt-Ich-Erzähler und seinem Ringen um die Ethik seines Berufes als auch mit der titelgebenden Nebenfigur, dem Täter in einem brutalen, scheinbar aus heiterem Himmel kommenden Mord, identifiziert. Das alles erreicht durch klare Sprache ohne ein Wort zuviel. Bitt [...]

    21. I have just put this book down and i know it will stay with me for a long time. It is a very short book and I am reluctant to say much about the plot as I picked it up not knowing much about it and being totally hooked from page one. We follow a young lawyer in twenty first century Germany defending his first murder trial. It reminded me of The Reader and the author has the confidence to make less more as it is written in a very objective manner with little emotion which makes the emotional impa [...]

    22. A really powerful book, with a blockbuster ending. I saw it in the 'new books' section of the library, read the dust jacket, and had to check it out. It's a fast & easy read, hard to put down, and I was done with it in two days. It says a lot about how rule of law can be subverted with completely innocuous sounding administrative rules. Kind of what we are seeing so much of in the US today.

    23. This author generally writes short stories, and I wondered if in this case he had been persuaded to pad one out which, if printed in a big enough typeface, could be fat enough to be priced as a novel. Certainly the autopsy scene seemed to be taking place in real time, but taught me a thing or two, and my ageing eyes appreciated the big, big print, but if I'd paid £7.99 instead of picking it up second hand, I might have felt a bit short changed.The story concerns a murder case, in which a young [...]

    24. Over het algemeen zijn dit soort genres niet echt mijn ding. Maar ik moest het voor school lezen en ik ben uiteindelijk best blij dat ik het gelezen heb. Het was interessant om door het verhaal heen te ontdekken wat de reden is van iemands daden. Iets wat mij persoonlijk best interesseert.

    25. in the middle of a major book cleanout/database updating, I've discovered another book I read last year & discovered I hadn't posted a review for on .The Collini Case is, much like Pia Juul's The Murder of Halland, a novel based on the commission of a crime yet really isn't crime fiction per se. There is a murder, but the focus of this novel is more on what lies beneath the decision of a retired Mercedes-Benz toolmaker to walk into a man's hotel room, shoot him, and then brutally kick him -- [...]

    26. Di questo libro parlò molto bene D’Orrico nella sua rubrica settimanale qualche mese fa: dei suoi consigli non mi fido più molto, ma lo stesso giudizio estremamente positivo è stato espresso anche da un mio “vicino” su aNobii, che addirittura lo ha additato come uno dei romanzi più belli degli ultimi anni. Ciò nonostante, tra i millemila libri che vorrei leggere avevo pensato che di questo, probabilmente, avrei anche potuto fare a meno: questo finché il caso non ha voluto che venisse [...]

    27. Read my full review here: mimi-cyberlibrarian.cIt has been more than 75 years since Hitler began his march across Europe, but the repercussions of World War II continue to resonate in current literature. In the brief novel, The Collini Case, German lawyer Ferdinand von Schirach tells the story of a murder and court case based on a case that actually was prosecuted in Berlin quite recently. The Collini Case is a very spare story dealing with only one thing, the murder of German businessman Hans M [...]

    28. When I first picked up this book, I was struck by how short it is. I estimated 40,000 words; that would make it a novella under some of the varying definitions of the word. The entry for the term novella also notes that: "For the German writer, a novella is a fictional narrative of indeterminate length––a few pages to hundreds––restricted to a single, suspenseful event, situation, or conflict leading to an unexpected turning point (Wendepunkt), provoking a logical but surprising end." T [...]

    29. My sister gave me The Collini Case by Ferdinand von Schirach as a Christmas present. I had not heard of the book nor the author. However she established her local book group and reads a lot. So I trusted her judgment and was sure this would be a book that I would enjoy. It is a murder mystery, but not in the traditional style.The author was born in Munich, Germany, in 1964. By profession he is a lawyer as well as a writer. He studied in Bonn, Koln and Berlin before specialising in criminal law. [...]

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