Wedding Night

Wedding Night

Sophie Kinsella / May 25, 2020

Wedding Night Lottie just knows that her boyfriend is going to propose but then his big question involves a trip abroad not a trip down the aisle Completely crushed Lottie reconnects with an old flame and they d

  • Title: Wedding Night
  • Author: Sophie Kinsella
  • ISBN: 9780812993844
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Lottie just knows that her boyfriend is going to propose, but then his big question involves a trip abroad not a trip down the aisle Completely crushed, Lottie reconnects with an old flame, and they decide to take drastic action No dates, no moving in together, they ll just get married right now Her sister, Fliss, thinks Lottie is making a terrible mistake, andLottie just knows that her boyfriend is going to propose, but then his big question involves a trip abroad not a trip down the aisle Completely crushed, Lottie reconnects with an old flame, and they decide to take drastic action No dates, no moving in together, they ll just get married right now Her sister, Fliss, thinks Lottie is making a terrible mistake, and will do anything to stop her But Lottie is determined to say I do, for better, or for worse.

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        Sophie Kinsella has sold over 40 million copies of her books in than 60 countries, and she has been translated into over 40 languages.Sophie Kinsella first hit the UK bestseller lists in September 2000 with her first novel in the Shopaholic series The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic also published as Confessions of a Shopaholic The book s heroine, Becky Bloomwood a fun and feisty financial journalist who loves shopping but is hopeless with money captured the hearts of readers worldwide Becky has since featured in seven further bestselling books, Shopaholic Abroad also published as Shopaholic Takes Manhattan , Shopaholic Ties the Knot, Shopaholic Sister, Shopaholic Baby, Mini Shopaholic, Shopaholic to the Stars and Shopaholic to the Rescue Becky Bloomwood came to the big screen in 2009 with the hit Disney movie Confessions of a Shopaholic, starring Isla Fisher and Hugh Dancy.Sophie has also written seven standalone novels which have all been bestsellers in the UK, USA and other countries around the world Can You Keep A Secret , The Undomestic Goddess, Remember Me , Twenties Girl, I ve Got Your Number, Wedding Night, and My Not So Perfect Life, which was a Choice Awards finalist for Best Fiction in 2017 In 2014 she published a Young Adult novel Finding Audrey about a teenage girl with social anxiety and her madcap family, and in January 2018, Sophie published her first illustrated book for young readers about the charming adventures of a mother daughter fairy duo, Mummy Fairy and Me also published as Fairy Mom and Me.Sophie s latest novel, Surprise Me, published in February 2018, presents a humorous yet moving portrait of a marriage its intricacies, comforts, and complications Surprise Me reveals that hidden layers in a close relationship are often yet to be discovered.Sophie wrote her first novel under her real name, Madeleine Wickham, at the tender age of 24, whilst she was working as a financial journalist The Tennis Party was immediately hailed as a success by critics and the public alike and became a top ten bestseller She went on to publish six novels as Madeleine Wickham A Desirable Residence, Swimming Pool Sunday, The Gatecrasher, The Wedding Girl, Cocktails for Three and Sleeping Arrangements.Sophie was born in London She studied music at New College, Oxford, but after a year switched to Politics, Philosophy and Economics She now lives in London, UK, with her husband and family.Visit Sophie s Facebook page facebook SophieKinsellSeries Shopaholic


    1. My rating: 2 of 5 starsA copy of Wedding Night was provided to me by Random House Publishing Group/Edelweiss for review purposes.I know. It's shocking. I can hardly believe it myself. ME. Giving a Sophie Kinsella a two star rating. Okay, yes, I know I gave Mini-Shopaholic 2 stars too but that book should have never happened as that series should have already been done. But this? Had such potential and actually started out highly entertaining (even though the character totally reminded me of Beck [...]

    2. Wedding Night by Sophie KinsellaWas this book really written by Sophie Kinsella? I mean yes it has her usual style of protagonist's, but in this novel I couldn't even find the tiniest way to like them or to sympathize with them. This book was all about one lie after another. Three out of the four main characters spent the entire novel lying their knickers off and it was `always for the good of someone else' or even worse, simply lying to oneself so they could keep telling themselves that what th [...]

    3. Aaaahh I think I just really need to be in the right mood for Sophie Kinsella books. I really do love so many of them!! Sometimes they're super fun, fluffy reads but other times I get SO ANNOYED with the immature main characters. And this was one of those times. I just wanted to chuck the book out the window like

    4. Actual rating: 3,5This will be just a brief review.This book was really fun, especially at first. Lottie was, to me, relatable character (now you'll probably think I'm crazy but guess what - I am!).Fliss was likeable at first, but after a while, she started annoying me (view spoiler)[(especially when she crossed the line and putedt her sister's life in dangeour just to stop her from having sex).(hide spoiler)]Same goes for her son, who was sweet at fist but then his lies weren't that funny anymo [...]

    5. This is a hard book to review because I wanted to like it so much because I generally like books by this author but it fell disastrously flat for me and I am so sad because her last novel "I've Got Your Number" I actually ended up liking a lot! After my mess last year, I had to make sure I was judging this book on it's own qualities and not my love for the author ;) I think what the biggest problem is for me with this novel is that there really isn't a single character that isn't an idiot. I mea [...]

    6. Yeah.I am a major Kinsella fan. In fact I own every single book she's done under Sophie Kinsella, and I still re-read Twenties Girl every few months. My expectations, you can imagine, we're super high for this book. However it just didn't cut it. My brain kept shouting "How could anyone be so STUPID?" the whole time I was reading Lottie's POV. Eventually I skipped Lottie and Ben's story and went straight to Fliss and Lorcan. They were at least bearable and had some pretty good amusing and endear [...]

    7. I'm usually a huge fan of Sophie Kinsella. I usually devour her books within a day. But Wedding Night made all the difference: I really had trouble finishing it, I only skimmed over the last pages. At some point I even only wanted to rate it one star. I never was sure whether the book was supposed to be funny or just sad. After having read the opening chapter (the "proposal" scene) I actually thought of quitting right then and there. This scene was just completely embarassing - as were many othe [...]

    8. First things first, I absolutely adored Wedding Night. There are so many mixed reviews about this book, and I will be honest to say I was hesitant to start it because of the negative reviews I had read. I saw so many references to how this was nothing like Kinsella's previous books, how they couldn't stand one or both of the characters, and was just overall disappointed.I don't understand these negative reviews at all. Was this different than previous Kinsella books? Yes. But that in no way made [...]

    9. Terrible. Just Terrible.Let me just say, I LIKE Sophie Kinsella. Can You Keep a Secret? Adorable! The Undomestic Goddess? Funny! Cute!So I went in expecting to like Wedding Night. In fact, I tried really hard to like it. But this book it's just awful. There is not one likeable character - not one - in the entire book. Each person we're introduced to is more irritating and incompetent than the last. The plot is inane and predictable and the whole book is about a hundred pages too long.A little ex [...]

    10. Sophie Kinsella is my always go to author whenever I need a quick pick me up. Her books are light and fluffy reads and are always quick to bring a smile to my face. However for the first time the initial reviews I had read for her latest book Wedding Night hadn’t been that great, but it was a Kinsella book so I knew I would be reading it regardless.Lottie has been waiting for the night that her boyfriend Richard will propose for a long time now. He’s been dropping hints for a few days now an [...]

    11. Review originally on I Heart Chick Lit.iheart-chicklitWhat I thought about it:First and foremost, we're talking about Sophie Kinsella, queen of chick lit and romantic comedy. Anyone who is anyone would, scratch that, MUST know of this brilliant author. Surely? So, I knew what to expect when it comes to Sophie K's books - a funny, heartwarming romantic comedy, literally chick lit at its best.Wedding Night is about Lottie, who is sick of all her long-term boyfriends who are commitaphobes, desperat [...]

    12. So it's fair to say I disliked this book; after all, I created a new 'hate reading' shelf in its honour. I should preface this review by noting that I like chicklit and I've enjoyed Kinsella in the past (Twenties Girl in particular). But damn, what went wrong here? I think she was aiming for screwball comedy or even Shakespearean farce, wherein the love plot (or, in this case, shagging plot) becomes more and more convoluted with lots of situational japes and bedroom mishaps. In actuality, it rea [...]

    13. Wedding Night isn't my first Sophie Kinsella book, but its the first I've read in a while - and it was so refreshing to read another of her books! They're always so entertaining, funny, and easy reads! Wedding Night was no different; it had me giggling throughout! The story follows two sisters as one embarks on an impulsive wedding to a man she hasn't seen in fifteen years, and the other attempts to stop the wedding night from going ahead. Like all of the Sophie Kinsella books I've read, the sit [...]

    14. Sophie Kinsella has lost her touch, I think. I was excited to finally read her latest novel, but it resulted in disappointment. It was not engaging as her previous best sellers such as Shopaholic series or Twenties Girl, my favorite so far. All the characters are annoying, in their own way. It's like none of them has the right sense and mind. I think Kinsella tried to be funny but I didn't find the humor funny. It was stupid and silly.The book was not boring, actually. I just didn't enjoy it as [...]

    15. So, I read the first 100 pages and started skimming after that. Just couldn't get into it so I don't think it is fair to give it a rating. It was definitely a fluffy, chick lit book, but this one just wasn't for me. I guess I tried and I know now that I just need to stick to the hardcore stuff.

    16. Muitas trapalhadas como sempre mas gostei. Impossível não rir com este livro!----()Ser pedida em casamento deve ser o sonho de grande partes das mulheres e na verdade, quando já estamos numa relação séria, na nossa cabeça, o casamento é o único passo a seguinte, a única preocupação será: "afinal quando é que ele se vai ajoelhar?!"()Por conta de termos duas narrativas, o livro tem um tamanho considerável, quase 500 páginas e ao princípio a leitura é fresca e entusiasmante mas à [...]

    17. 3,5mrs-margot/ I always like to return to territories like this literary genre, where I always know what I can count on, it's like the expression "go back to the place where we were already happy". Loved the story, the characters, made me laugh at various times. It was a light reading, of unexpected encounters and loves and when the trip of Lottie and Ben begins, the adventure is so hallucinating, frantic and unusual that we can't stop reading.

    18. Sophie Kinsella's last book, I've Got Your Number, was my absolute fave, and I loved the idea of a Chick Lit story set in Greece, so I've been eagerly anticipating Wedding Night for months. Sadly, I ended up being disappointed with this one. It had its entertaining moments, but the humor just felt slapstick-y and I had a really hard time caring about either heroine. Older sister, Fliss, was a bitter divorcee with control issues, while her younger sib, Lottie, was so flighty, immature, and self-o [...]

    19. Okay, normally my Kinsella experience goes like this: Pick up book, start reading, become incredibly annoyed with hopeless main character, start to fall in love with main character anyway, read book in one sitting and continue to love it forever. Count this one out. Why, you may ask? These main characters are not likeable. At all. Lottie is incredibly smart but also comes off as a major airhead in her quest for marriage. Fliss countinually ignores her poor son, yet does not understand why he is [...]

    20. I was so looking forward to this after enjoying I've Got your Number. But this isn't of the same mold as the Shopaholic series and other stand alone Sophie Kinsella books which were light, funny and feel good. This felt like a Madeleine Wickham book as it dealt with complicated and mature issues such as sex, divorce and annulment. Readers who like Sophie Kinsella's style but not Madeleine Wickham's would probably not appreciate this. I didn't but finished the book anyway. I think they published [...]

    21. Book at Beachtime3* The Book Lovers' Appreciation SocietyOTBR Remember Me? 1* Wedding Night There is chick-lit, and then there is crap. This belongs firmly in the latter category!NEXT!

    22. 2.5/5 stars. I love reading chick-lit because that genre is so relaxing and entertaining, and that's exactly why I picked up "Wedding Night" by Sophie Kinsella. I had been reading a lot of dense and interesting books, but I was in the mood for a light read. This book has what a chick-lit novel should have: Humour, clumsy characters, disastrous love and a slightly predictable plot. However, I don't know if it's me who have grown out of the chick-lit genre or if it was just the book; I felt like t [...]

    23. Lets face it, like Kinsella we shall overuse the word incredulous because her novels shouldn't be dissected. They are there for some light-hearted escapism (admittedly a drawn out one being 394 pages long, at particular stages I didn't care if the 'sausage had gone in the cupcake' yet.)I was reading Wedding Night in a coffee shop, engrossed and laughing out loud with not a care who saw or heard me. You definitely need to be in the mood: not taking life too seriously, ready to indulge whilst feel [...]

    24. Did not like, pure idiocy. -Lottie was an ungrateful, idiotic, delusional, selfish, insufferable brat who was obsessed with marriage and sex, and based all her thoughts and actions on that. She was a rubbish sister as well, Fliss was going through a messy divorce and dealing with being a single mother, and not once did she show any support to her. Everything was about her and the daft problems she created for herself. -Why did Richard want to be with Lottie? She had no redeeming qualities whatso [...]

    25. Honest to God, this book made me laugh, a lot.It's got an interesting premise. Basically the MC, Lottie and Ben, an old flame, made a pact long ago to get married if they were both still single at thirty. Many years later, being single and thirty, she jumps at the chance and they were married soon after. However, Lottie's sister, Fliss a divorcee, is convinced that this is a terrible-no-good idea and is bent on to stop Lottie from let's say consummating her marriage during her honeymoon (for a g [...]

    26. This one gets three stars because I laughed so hard I cried multiple times while reading it. That is the genius of Sophie Kinsella's writing. And it is certainly here in all its screwball comedy abundance. But. I won't be re-reading it like I will I've Got Your Number. I didn't fall in love with the characters as much as I wanted to, because they always zigged embarrassingly silly when they should have zagged genuinely empathetic. It was a close call at second, too. Part of the problem was what [...]

    27. For Sophie Kinsella, I will always suspend my disbelief. She puts her characters in ludicrous situations for a pay-off of genuine amusement and good times. She's an addictive read, swoony and ridiculous in the best of ways.However even I, a long time fan, can not find much to love in this book. While there are little snippets of Kinsella charm hidden throughout, reading this book was still like watching a train wreck. What happened, Kinsella? Where did your magic go?I can get behind ditzy charac [...]

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