The Shoebox Project

The Shoebox Project

Jaida Jones dorkorific / Jun 01, 2020

The Shoebox Project The Shoebox Project is a collection of pictures notes letters and scenes that focuses on the notorious Marauders Mssrs Remus Lupin Moony Peter Pettigrew Wormtail Sirius Black Padfoot and James

  • Title: The Shoebox Project
  • Author: Jaida Jones dorkorific
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  • Page: 481
  • Format: ebook
  • The Shoebox Project is a collection of pictures, notes, letters, and scenes that focuses on the notorious Marauders Mssrs Remus Lupin Moony , Peter Pettigrew Wormtail , Sirius Black Padfoot and James Potter Prongs The narrative follows them through two years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and beyond, and explores the exploits, friendships, and relaThe Shoebox Project is a collection of pictures, notes, letters, and scenes that focuses on the notorious Marauders Mssrs Remus Lupin Moony , Peter Pettigrew Wormtail , Sirius Black Padfoot and James Potter Prongs The narrative follows them through two years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and beyond, and explores the exploits, friendships, and relationships of an antecedent generation of Hogwarts students One of the most emotional, witty, and memorable fanfictions ever written, The Shoebox Project is a perennial favorite Though it was never finished, it is one of the most involved and stunning extracanonical fan written additions to the Harry Potter series ever written

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        Jaida Jones is a graduate of Barnard College, where she wrote her thesis on monsters in Japanese literature and film A poet and native New Yorker, she had her first collection of poetry, Cinquefoil published by New Babel Books in 2006 she also writes the Shoebox Project a Harry Potter fan website with than five thousand subscribed members From the back flap of Shadow Magic


    1. It might seem silly to list a fanfiction as a book on this account, but if you've read The Shoebox Project, you'll understand why. This is my third time reading it in its entirety and it's so ingrained in my understanding of the Marauders that I consider it canon, even though J.K. Rowling didn't write it.This story is well-written and emotional, an incredible look into the lives of these four boys, their love interests, and the tidbits of history we get in the Harry Potter series. I'm still hold [...]

    2. To me, this is canon. It just is. This is my second reading, I first read it years ago, and once again I find myself wishing the authors would finish the Project. Granted, it leaves off in such a way that those familiar with what comes after can be satisfiedI just want more. Brilliantly done, wonderful concept, and the writing really gets to the hearts of the characters. Just brilliant. I have no better words than that.

    3. Probably my excessive status updates on this reread have made a review obsolete, but I still feel the need to babble besottedly, so here we go. I am not exaggerating when I say that The Shoebox Project is my favourite Harry Potter thing, and this comes from someone who loves the HP books A LOT, and has been obsessed with HP fanfic for more years than I like to think about. I'll freely admit I have no interest in the third generation (when Deathly Hallows came out, I sliced the epilogue out with [...]

    4. I'm not hugely into Harry Potter, but I think that's mostly because Harry and co really annoy me, so when I heard about this, being about the marauders and the pictures/notes being a neat idea for framing, I decided to give it a go.And, dang, I am glad that I did. I think Remus was the narrator more often than anybody else, and I really liked him, but James, Sirius and even Peter were all fun. I don't know how closely they resemble the characters in the actual books, but just as far as this work [...]

    5. I wish I could write a proper review for this but all I can think of is "ADASDJAKLDJ" and "god why can't I be such a good writer" and that is all.

    6. Don't read this unless youwant your life to be absolutely ruined after you've finishedn't mind giggling, snickering, and outright laughing like a madman while reading.feel the need to have your heart broken repeatedly.enjoy the idea of having to add fanfiction to accepted Harry Potter canon.Because you will do all of the above, and so much more. I started reading SBP when it was still on Livejournal, when we made 100x100px userpics of our favourite quotes (and there were many), and before there [...]

    7. It was like having the HP days back for sometime; it was bittersweet because I knew how things would end. It was also perfect because that is exactly how the Marauders would have behaved. Peter with his insecurities and hero-worship, Remus with his attempts at keeping the rest in line while Sirius who just bowled everyone over with his personality and charm. Then there was James, as spoiled as Snape said he'd be and pathetically after Lily. The fanfic just reemphasized the fact that McGonagall r [...]

    8. Se potessi, darei 10 stelle. E anche di più.Quest'opera geniale è una perla rara, imperdibile per tutti i fans wolfstar - i sostenitori del pairing Sirius/Remus, per capirci.L'ho letta e riletta nel corso degli anni e l'ho sempre amata un po' di più. Mi ha fatta ridere, piangere, commuovere. Le sue caratterizzazioni sono a dir poco perfette in tutto, mai una sbavatura, mai un calo. Lo stile è sublime. Come altro definirlo? Persino mamma Row non avrebbe saputo fare di meglio.Signori, il talen [...]

    9. Really enjoyed this fanfic!General spoilers, nothing too specific.(view spoiler)[Art was wonderful!!I thought the collection of letters were hilarious, and a great way to have the characters be together while being actually apart and also a great way to demonstrate their past relationship and current connection to each other. Plus, I think it was fabulous to show how Sirius and Remus were on paper versus how they were when together in person.Yes, this is certainly a slow build, as stated the des [...]

    10. "I swear everything you've heard about this is true, this is that good. But I think it's best to go in knowing that this story ends abruptly: it's got an ending that dangles you 20 feet above your destination - the place that anyone who has read the Harry Potter books knows it will end. For the sake of the 25% who haven't read Harry Potter and are still reading this review - hello, seems rather unlikely that you are reading this, even rounding up you'd be 1% - I won't spoil the books. "Read the [...]

    11. This is my first fanfiction. I'm probably one of the few readers here who didn't love this book. I still felt that it was good, just not unputdownable.Like most people who read this, I'm a potterhead and I love the marauders. I picked this because I wanted to try out a fanfiction and I was missing the HP world. With the cursed child releasing next month, I yearned for something related to HP.It was fun to read a few pages of this book every other day. I just could not read this at a stretch and [...]

    12. Best described in two-word phrases, possibly with the addition of "bloody" in the middle: fantastic insight, brilliant vocab, OMG SQUEE (is that a phrase? I think yes), and the most important: instant headcanon.

    13. Best. The Wolfstar that will change your life. So canon, so emotional, best letter writing, best art, everything. All the awards for this fic.

    14. Nostalgia! I loved the drawings and exquisite writing and I still am in love with this version of what happened before Harry Potter.

    15. It is so difficult to express my feelings about this ‘book’ but I’m going to try and write a review because I have a lot of them that I just need to get out.Firstly, like pretty much everyone else I loved this so much. It is my favourite Harry Potter fanfiction and probably even my favourite fanfiction of all time. It’s what made me so passionate about the Marauders and made me fall in the love with these characters I had barely given a second thought in the past. I take most of The Shoe [...]

    16. The Shoebox Project is a novel-length marauder-era Harry Potter fanfic co-written (and illustrated) by LadyJaida and Dorkorific. In it, we follow the Marauders (Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, Sirius Black, and James Potter), and more specifically Remus and Sirius through their final two years at Hogwarts. The story is told mainly through Remus and Sirius' perspectives, and the overarching plot of the story is a romantic one between Remus and Sirius, but the story also does a great job of fleshing [...]

    17. I stumbled across this years ago and recently found Part 24 saved in a folder. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to this, since I read a few other chapters (out of order–shame on me), but I remember thinking the socks scene was cute. For whatever reason, I never read it all the way through until now (probably because this was way before Kindle, and I had nowhere convenient to read PDF’s). I’ve read/written fanfiction here and there, but I’ve certainly never reviewed any. It seems fair [...]

    18. On Merlin's beard, there is some high quality storytelling displayed here. I'm quite picky regarding fanfiction and I look for the type which completes the original story, like a lost piece of the puzzle that fits in and makes it whole. Which is what the authors succeeded in achieving. They gave me a sequel to my dearest story, holy and sacred, and I can't help but view it as canon. The voices of the characters are perfectly captured and I fell all over again in love with them. Oh James you arro [...]

    19. I have no words to explain the brillance of this fic.Actually, I do. Even though I've finished this a while back, I still return to reread my favourite bits -- James and Sirius' Halloween costume scene; Snape and Sirius' mistletoe smooch; the LETTERS (!!) -- and I always end up in tears, either from joy or sadness over the fate of each of the Marauders. In my mind, this is canon. This is real and it happened and not even J.K. Rowling can tell me otherwise. SBP portrays how I now see James, not o [...]

    20. 1. To be clear, this is a 5-star fanfiction, though not necessarily a 5-star book. Because I've recently been rather obsessed with the Marauders, and because I've always liked the world, if not the characters, in Harry Potter, this rating is biased. I admit it. Still, it's so hard to find a good fanfic nowadays that I will keep the rating at five to inspire others to follow in the Shoebox Project's tracks. 2. This was better than Harry Potter in some ways (no hate, please. Just stating my opinio [...]

    21. I loved this book! The only thing wrong with it was the reader. That's right, I listened to the audiobook version. The reader and the quality of the sound were horrid. At some parts, I couldn't even understand the reader.Also, to anyone who wants to know, this book isn't really about the romance between the two main characters; it's more about the friendship. It doesn't get to the romantic bits until near the end. Which, in my opinion, is good! Because I would much rather hear a story about frie [...]

    22. Iconic piece of Harry Potter Fandom history, I love the story. I do take some issue with the fact that they popularized Sirius' stupidity, which no longer seems likely given JKR's canon. This book should be immortalized due to the dedication of the authors, as well as the love from the fandom, has shown just how much power a book can inspire others to interact with the text and create their own works.

    23. Oh god. Oh god that ending.So this is it. The cornerstone of the Wolfstar fandom. I can understand now why so many people consider it canon, why it's such a huge classic within the Harry Potter fandom as a whole. It's so nostalgic in a way that very few pieces of fiction have ever made me feel.

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