Shakespeare's Memory

Shakespeare's Memory

Jorge Luis Borges Andrew Hurley / Dec 12, 2019

Shakespeare s Memory Jorge Luis Borges has been called the greatest Spanish language writer of the twentieth century Brilliantly translated these stories combine a direct and at times almost colloquial style coupled with

  • Title: Shakespeare's Memory
  • Author: Jorge Luis Borges Andrew Hurley
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  • Page: 234
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jorge Luis Borges has been called the greatest Spanish language writer of the twentieth century Brilliantly translated, these stories combine a direct and at times almost colloquial style coupled with Borges s signature fantastic inventiveness.

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        Jorge Francisco Isidoro Luis Borges Acevedo, usually referred to as Jorge Luis Borges Spanish pronunciation xo xe lwis bo xes , was an Argentine writer and poet born in Buenos Aires In 1914, his family moved to Switzerland where he attended school and traveled to Spain On his return to Argentina in 1921, Borges began publishing his poems and essays in Surrealist literary journals He also worked as a librarian and public lecturer Borges was fluent in several languages He was a target of political persecution during the Peron regime and supported the military juntas that overthrew it.Due to a hereditary condition, Borges became blind in his late fifties In 1955, he was appointed director of the National Public Library Biblioteca Nacional and professor of Literature at the University of Buenos Aires In 1961, he came to international attention when he received the first International Publishers Prize Prix Formentor His work was translated and published widely in the United States and in Europe He died in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1986.J M Coetzee said of Borges He, than anyone, renovated the language of fiction and thus opened the way to a remarkable generation of Spanish American novelists.


    1. “Blindness is not darkness; it is a form of solitude.”I have the Collected Fictions, but am splitting my review of that into its components. Those reviews are listed in publication order: Collected Fictions - all reviews.These four stories were published three years before JLB died (but are also often included in The Book of Sand). He went out on a high. What a wonderful writer. August 25, 1983 6*August 25, 1897 is the key date in "Avelino Arredondo", a story in The Book of Sand. However, th [...]

    2. كتاب صغير من ترجمة مها رفعت عطفه و الحق يقال أنها لا تقل مهارة عن والدها - إن لم تتفوق عليه - و تستهل الكتاب مقدمة لمقالة في منتهى العذوبة و الجمال للأديب البيروفي يوسا المغرم بخورخي بورخس - و المقالة للمهتمين توجد في كتابه المترجم عن العربية بعنوان " الكاتب و واقعه " - و من ثم 4 قص [...]

    3. تلفيق دو حافظه انتقال خاطرات و الهامات معجزه ي امكان كسي ديگر بودن!شايد شما هم بارها مثل من، به وجودي برتر از خودتان حسد ورزيده باشيد. شايد نتوان اسمش را حسادت ناميد؛ بلكه صرفا آرزوي كسي ديگر بودن است. كسي بسيار تحسين برانگيزتر و شخيص تر! مثلا شكسپير بزرگ! تجربه ي جالبي است اگر [...]

    4. چند مدتی بود که می خواستم یک دوره از کتاب‌های بورخس را بخوام، تعریفش را از یکی از دوستانِ اهلِ فن شنیده بودم. برای شروع کتابِ حاضر -به رغم کوچکی‌اش- خوب بود.داستان درباره‌ی شخصی است عادی، که گویا استاد دانشگاه است، شکسپیر پژوه است. شخصی دیگر حافظه‌ی شکسپیر را به او می دهد؛ این [...]

    5. This is an outstanding work. Jorge Luis Borges presents us to Hermann Soergel, a man living in the early 20th Century, and through him, to the memory of Shakespeare. At one point Soergel becomes Shakespeare and we have a sense of how he wrote. How he lived. who he saw. But knowledge and perhaps creativity has its costs and soon Soergel could no longer live with Shakespeare's memory and spoke for it, by inviting someone else to BE-come Shakespeare. This is an outstanding fable that enriches philo [...]

    6. به نظر من بورخس، داستان‌هاش را «کامل» می‌نویسد. یعنی چی کامل؟یعنی اگر روایت اوّل شخصی می‌کند، خودش دقیقاً و کاملاً همان شخص شده‌است.اگر روایت سوم شخص می‌کند، انگار همه چیز را دقیقاً از همان زاویه که وصف می‌کند مشاهده کرده‌است.بعد که دست به قلم می‌برد، تک تک چیزهایی را که [...]

    7. Every once in a while, I stumble upon a piece of literature that though brief, it bears loads of meaning. Just like a bullet penetrates the skin, this 7-pages fictional essay entered the recesses of my heart, making of my soul a highway. During our courses of life, we are likely to meet people who'd shatter our cherished perceptions, tear them apart and just leave. For me, this person is ( and will forever be ) Mr.Hassan Hilmy. He is one of those rare pearls who - though unnoticed - are extremel [...]

    8. Esta pequeña recopilación de cuatro relatos del gran maestro podría funcionar como resumen de toda su obra. El encuentro con el otro en los remolinos del tiempo y los sueños, los tigres azules, que a la vez nos lleva a los pequeños discos que escupen sobre las matemáticas, el mago, su discípulo y la fe. Pero personalmente, el último cuento, que es aquel que le da el título al libro, es el que tiene los elementos más representativos. La memoria de Shakespeare es aquella que se traslada [...]

    9. -Qué raro –decía –, somos dos y somos el mismo. Pero nada es raro en los sueños.Pregunté asustado:-Entonces todo esto es un sueño?-Es, estoy seguro, mi último sueño.Con la mano mostró el frasco vacío sobre el mármol de la mesa de luz.-Vos tendrás mucho que soñar, sin embargo, antes de llegar a esta noche. En qué fechas estás?-No sé muy bien –le dije aturdido–. Pero ayer cumplí sesenta e un años.-Cuando tu vigilia llegue a esta noche, habrás cumplido, ayer, ochenta e cua [...]

    10. Listened to this being read by Hisham Matar on The New Yorker's Fiction Podcast. Didn't love it, I have to say. I didn't like the style, the story or the way it was partially open to interpretation and yet very specific in parts. I didn't find anything inspiring, surprising or thought-provoking. Perhaps it had something to do with Matar's reading, or his interpretation of the story afterwards, but I just didn't enjoy it at all. Pfft.

    11. “Shakespeare’s Memory” (1983) by Jorge Luis Borges, which is one of the most interesting stories that I have never read that interesting story. While I was reading the story, it seems to me interesting. I am sure that while you are reading the story, you will share same feel. First of all, when you start a story, you get involved a story without even realizing it and the story is drawn in you. The story is about a memory that the story’s title gives a spoiler to you. ‘The memory’ is [...]

    12. El único libro de Borges que me faltaba. Sólo cuatro cuentos y todos fantásticos. Sobre todo los dos primeros.

    13. bilješke:25. kolovoza 1983. Borges koristi svoje vlastito ime u pripovjetci - susret Borgesa sa samim sobom - taj se motiv već pojavljuje u Dvojniku (Knjiga od pijeska)Razgovor pisca sa samim sobom/ Kolizija Borgesa u hotelskoj sobi - pripovijedanje života Borgesa drugom Borgesu - priča u kojoj sam Borges pomalo osporava svoj prijašnji rad > pa i sebena str. 20 Borges piše o jednom svom djelu (nezz točno o kojem se radi) - (ako uopće postoji) i navodi kako ga je napisao pod pseudonimo [...]

    14. Borges last collection of short sories, written only 3 years before his death, he was around 80 when he wrote these. It contains only 4 stories, 2 of which are particularly good: blue tigers which is along the same vein as previous borges stories about the horror of considering infinity. The other (and his last story: (shakespeare's memory) also goes back to what brought him success, focussing on memory and writing.

    15. مجموعة قصصية صغيرة 4 قصص فقط، مع مقالة طويلة عن بورخيس كتبها ماريو فارغاس يوسّا. أعتقد أن الاختيارات كانت محسوبة بدقة، فالقصص جميعها جميلة. بورخيس مختلف، قصصه تعج بالأفكار، يذكرني بأدونيس الذي يرفض القصيدة التي لا تحمل بعدًا فكريًا، وكذا بورخيس، عالمه مليء بالأفكار، والفان [...]

    16. "A medida que transcurren los años, todo hombre está obligado a sobrellevar la creciente carga de su memoria."

    17. المترجمة ممتازة للغاية، والمقدمة بقلم يوسا مميزة كذلك وتقدم لك بورخيس: أوروبياً ولا تينيناً. لكن القصص، صدقاً، لم أجد فيها ما يجذبني، ولا أعرف لماذا.

    18. Borges es un Completo Genio, Las Historias Atrapan desde el primer instante y es tan cortico que se lee en media hora, Lo amé desde la primera letra hata la última.Lo recomiendo al 100% ♥

    19. Ya en la vejez Borges se permitió más que nunca ser él mismo; ya no es el doble más joven, no es el escritor erudito, sino un hombre como cualquiera con sus obsesiones y manías que, siempre fascinado con la complejidad del mundo, temía y alababa los infinitos, los tigres azules y la memoria. Esta colección resume (y cierra triunfalmente) la carrera de un jovenzuelo argentino que siempre escribió para sí mismo y que a más de uno nos arrancó lágrimas de los ojos.

    20. Y ahora me pregunto yo porqué nunca antes leí a Borges. Sentí que hablaba, al calor del fuego, con un viejo amigo o tal vez con un milenario maestro, y qué experiencia mágica. Muy recomendado.

    21. VEINTICINCO DE AGOSTO, 1983Huí de la pieza. Afuera no estaba el patio, ni las escaleras de mármol, ni la gran casa silenciosa, ni los eucaliptus, ni las estatuas, ni la glorieta, ni las fuentes, ni el portón de la verja de la quinta en el pueblo de Adrogué. Afuera me esperaban otros sueños. TIGRES AZULES– Tienes que darme todas – me dijo-. El que no ha dado todo no ha dado nada.Comprendí y le dije: – Quiero que sepas que mi limosna puede ser espantosa. Me contestó: – Acaso esa lim [...]

    22. Excelente. Excelente.El último libro de cuentos de Borges.Veinticinco de agosto, 1983 retoma el tema de "El otro". Es decir, se vuelve a encontrar consigo mismo y esta vez cerca de su muerte. Me resulta trágico, triste y tangible. La muerte de Borges es inminente y parece que al escribir este cuento ya olía a la muerte cerca. Me encantó ese relato.Tigres azules, magnífica refutación (por la vía fantástica) de las premisas elementales de la matemática. Precioso relato.La rosa de Paracels [...]

    23. I didn't feel like making a Borges only shelf, and the stories are fantastical in nature so into fantasy he goes. D'you know that feeling when you read something and you understand it intuitively but you can't explain what it is you understood nor are you able to reproduce the story itself.I don't know. I'm not sure. Borges sounds like that his stories, they have someuniversal quality about them, in them. Something connecting to the foundations of language, thought, memory and identity. Hm, I do [...]

    24. یه داستان کوتاه خیلی خوب ، در حدی که میشه از بورخس انتظار داشت . چیزی که باعث لذت بردن از اغلب کارای بورخس میشه چند صدایی بودن و چند زبانه بودن به همراه آرکاییک بودنشونه که یه نوع خوشی قابل لمسی رو تو وجود آدم میاره ، خصوصا تو اینکار استعاره ای که برای عقل و دانایی از «حافظه ی شکس [...]

    25. Son cuatro cuentos, que ya había leído pero que valía la pena revisitar. Solo puedo decir que si tuviera que elegir entre Shakespeare y Borges no sabría qué hacer, y es una suerte que no sea necesario y podamos tener a ambos.

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