All Over You

All Over You

Beverley Kendall / Jun 01, 2020

All Over You An ex is an ex for a reasonTo Rebecca Winters it s not just a saying or the title to a catchy tune it s a rule she staunchly lives by Especially since the break up with her ex What s the point in tr

  • Title: All Over You
  • Author: Beverley Kendall
  • ISBN: 9780983800668
  • Page: 181
  • Format: ebook
  • An ex is an ex for a reasonTo Rebecca Winters, it s not just a saying or the title to a catchy tune, it s a rule she staunchly lives by Especially since the break up with her ex What s the point in trying to fix the unfixable Besides, only a girl hell bent on heartbreak would go back to the guy who bailed on her when she needed him most But saying no to Scott isAn ex is an ex for a reasonTo Rebecca Winters, it s not just a saying or the title to a catchy tune, it s a rule she staunchly lives by Especially since the break up with her ex What s the point in trying to fix the unfixable Besides, only a girl hell bent on heartbreak would go back to the guy who bailed on her when she needed him most But saying no to Scott is becoming difficult than surviving the breakup itself And unfortunately for her, the kind of pressure he s exerting is making her rule all too easy to break.Scott Carver has given up trying to get over his ex He s still in love with her and their year apart has done nothing to change that Yeah, he knows he screwed up Just how royally, he wasn t aware of until now So when Becca agrees to give him a second chance, he grabs on to it with both hands But it s clear the only way things will ever truly be right between them is if he comes clean about everything He can only pray the truth doesn t send her running for good this time.New Adult Romance college set Due to language sexual situations, recommended for readers 18 yr Warning The sensuality level of this short novel is highHero is not tattooed or damaged Heroine has not been emotionally or physically abused.

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    1. First ReadsThe author graciously gifted me a copy. This is a genuine review.Holy hotness. This was a steamaliscious short book/long novella. Like her other books, Kendall did not disappoint. This is a follow-up to WHEN IN PARIS, but can definitely be a stand-alone. Her new adult series is soooo good. I highly recommend this series. I'm guessing Troy and April's story is next? Although it can be read as a stand-alone, read WHEN IN PARIS anyway. Girl knows how to write*clears throat* especially th [...]

    2. This was a short and meandering piece, which means that even with less than 150 pages to work with there still wasn’t any amount of focus. The drama is all over the place, and the flow from one problem to the next isn’t always smooth. Problems are solved quickly and without any real payoff, but then a new problem has to step in immediately to fill the tension void, which means we end up hopping around a lot.I had a hard time deciding if I liked Scott and Becca. At times, they were each despi [...]

    3. Disclosure: I received this copy from the author. Many thanks to Beverley Kendall for the opportunity. Yes, this is an honest review. Before college, Rebecca and Scott were an item and what they shared felt very special for the both of them, but something happened that drove them apart and love turned to hate, especially for Becca. While college is seen as a fresh start for most, it turned out to be the continuation of an unfinished story for them -- one that Rebecca would love to avoid but can' [...]

    4. Rebecca Winters believes an ex is an ex for a reason. If its unfixable, why even bother? But when Scott Carver comes back around asking for another chance, all seems lost and her rule gets closer to being broken. Scott Carver knows he fucked up, and he'll do anything to get Rebecca back. When she agrees to give him the second chance he asks for, he grabs it without a second thought. But Scott isn't exactly in the clear, he has a few things hidden and he knows he has to tell Rebecca. But will he [...]

    5. An ex is an ex not by chance but for a reason.Actual rating: 3.5 starsThis is a much longer novella than I expected, but I enjoyed reading about Rebecca and Scott. I liked the dual point of view, so you could hear what each of them were feeling. They're both oh-so-stubborn, so unwilling to do what they both obviously want. Becca took a while to like; she's always sending mixed signals and is a bit childish at times. I like that Scott has a mysterious past that you don't find out about until the [...]

    6. "All Over You" is a very nice novella about Scott and Becca whose break up was messy and based on a huge misunderstanding. Though, it takes an unwavering Scott, determined to win Becca back, to finally those two giving their love another chance. Kendall offers a sizzling hot and sweet story with two likeable characters who, despite their dishonesty are mature enough to work through their damage and grow stronger from the experience.Nice writing. It definitely convinced me to read book 1 and give [...]

    7. I think I'm pretty clear about how I feel about the New Adult/College Romance/Mature YA genre as it seems to be trending. Fortunately, Those Nights in Montreal is definitely not one of those. I think it must help that Beverley Kendall is an established writer who actually knows how to construct a story and bring characters to life in form recognizable to the average non-dysfunctional reader. This is a novella that has more life in it than a lot of the full-length novels that can't hold a plotlin [...]

    8. Posted on What I'm ReadingEarly today I finished Those Nights in Montreal by Beverley Kendall. I probably could have finished the story yesterday, but that wasn't in the cards (funny how I need to sleep). Anyways, this a novella, but a little bit longer. Which I'm glad it was a little longer, because I don't believe it would have been as good if it was any shorter. I mean there is a lot that goes on in the story. First off, Rebecca Winters can hold a grudge. Especially , against her father and h [...]

    9. I liked it, even though Becca and Scott were so stubborn I wanted to strangle some sense into them. I remember Scott when he was hitting on Olivia, which is Becca's BFF and I did think he was kind of pushy(?), maybe a little arrogant. Becca always not saying what she means or feels, so there was a lot of game playing with the two of them. And they did admit to it that they were doing it so that lessened my annoyance.I really want to read about April and Troy! They were trying so hard not to be i [...]

    10. Good read. Part of the Unforgettable series. It was shorter then the other books but the story line was just as good. I love the characters and the heroine Rebecca was very spunky. It was an enjoyable reading experience.

    11. I enjoyed this quick read the characters were interesting a little twist but gotta love a HEA I thought Scott and Becca were perfect for each other cant wait to read Troy and April book SQUEEE!!!!

    12. Another 2:75 review from me! It was ok, a little dramatic (without actual drama) I found myself frowning through most of it. I was slightly confused as to why they broke up. I get that he ran away but it felt like she'd blown everything out of proportion (just a little) and after all the "I hate him's" she maybe got back together with him super fast! She was all "my mind hates him but my body wants him" which I had a little chuckle about! (Anyone else singing that song now. minds telling me nooo [...]

    13. ***ARC courtesy of Season Publishing via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review***All Over You tells the story of Becca and Scott - former lovers who have gone separate ways for a year now, yet still holding on to those feelings inside of them. At first, I didn't know what caused their separation and why Becca acted so stubbornly against Scott, despite his relentless wooing and stalking as others might call it. The fact that it's so obvious that Becca is still pinning for Scott even after 1 [...]

    14. My ReviewMy InterestAn ex of mine once philosophised that you should never go back, moving forward is the key. It’s not a very happy thought for those whose love has gone awry, though sometimes I can concede the point. Generally you break up with someone for a reason, so it’s conceivable that second chance romances are doomed to fail. Yes it’s conceivable, but letting go of a loved one is often the hardest thing to do. You’re letting go of more than just a person. You’re letting go of [...]

    15. People need second chances, they need to try taking risks, and many need to finally start growing up. Becca gets her chance at all of that in All Over You, a NA novella by Beverly Kendall. Teen love is intense, it feels all-encompassing, but breaking up can be devastating, especially when one’s heart wasn’t ready to let go. That’s what happened with Becca and Scott. One year later and both of them still love each other, but Becca does her best to push Scott away, consumed by her feelings o [...]

    16. Rating: 3.5 stars!I really enjoyed this book, it was a really good story with a hella lot of emotional journey. Both main characters are confident and independent, definitely got the sizzling electric connection between the two yet they have not reveal their skeleton inside their closet towards each other. *cue in the drama!*Although it is a novella, i thought i could adapt to the story from the first chapter, and i haven't read the first book yet (i will soon). The prose was written quite good, [...]

    17. ARC generously provided by publisher via NetGalley for honest review.This is just a short Novella about Becca and Scott. Book #1.5 I have not read book oneOnly For Youso I was a little nervous that I would be lost in this book. That was not the case, this one can be read as a stand alone. I will say after reading this one I will probably go back and read the first one because now my interest is peeked.Becca broke up with Scott a year ago. It wasn't because she didn't love him or that he cheated [...]

    18. For more of my reviews visit losttobooks I didn't realise that when I requested this novella I had previously been accepted to review it with the former title Those Nights in Montreal. It was only when I went to download it to my kindle did I notice and although I prefer the new title, I really like the old cover better.Anyway this book was a believable, fun read that included a lot of detail for a novella. The back stories with each character and the history between Scott and Becca was interest [...]

    19. If you want to read a light book, then this is the right book to read. I just found it too light. You know those kinds of books that I feel that there is no plot in it. Maybe it was like this because it is a novella, not a full length novel. But it is still too light.So what is this book about? It is about this Becca girl who is stalked by her ex, Scott. They broke up a year ago, but he still wants her. I know that this kind of act the girls would like, but I am not. I hated when my ex wanted to [...]

    20. I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewo.k. i understand that most of the readers have given this book some bad stars. this book is a little boring, but for under 200 pages it was not bad. this is the part of a series, but can be read as a stand alone. I did not read the first book, and followed the story with no problemsis book will go between two POV'S Rebecca and Scott.Rebecca did not understand why people would re-date their ex's she told everyone they are that wa [...]

    21. This review and others can also be found at Jackie's Book World :)The novella centers around Rebecca and Scott's relationship. Having ended their relationship a year ago, both are struggling to move on with their lives while in College. For once Rebecca feels the need to move on with her life, she is done crying over the guy that broke her heart. But that doesn't work out because Scott is not ready to move on and he is going to try everything and anything to get her back. At the beginning of the [...]

    22. After a bad break up 12 months ago, Rebecca Winters still wants nothing to do with her ex. Scott Carver. But unfortunately for her – he hasn’t given up on her. For the past month, Rebecca can’t go anywhere on campus without Scott turning up. One incident with a little too much to drink and the gorgeous and hard-to-say-no-to Scott, leaves Rebecca doing something she swore she would never do – giving him a second chance. Has Scott really changed? Or is he just going to end up breaking Rebe [...]

    23. ARC by NetGalleyAlthough this is a novella, this is truly a well-developed story with intriguing characters and a great story about second chance at love. Rebecca and Scott have a past relationship. One that ended after Becca called things off, stating that things were moving too fast. And the story starts after their break-up, with Becca running into Scott again. Scott has never gotten over Rebecca and he wants to win her back. He is sincere, upfront about his feelings and the mistakes he made [...]

    24. Wow. I loved this story. Beverley Kendall definitely has a way with words. Her writing is superb. I really love how she puts a shroud of mystery in her stories. It's so enthralling. You just have to keep reading in order to find out what's really going on. I adore Rebecca and her story is so sweet. She's trying to get over the boy she loved who is persistent in getting her back. Their story is sweet, sexy, and every thing in between. Rebecca is so relatable. And Scott is a sweetheart. He knows h [...]

    25. I received a copy of All Over You (Unforgettable You #1.5) in exchange for an honest review. Please beware that there might be small spoilers.Becca Winters and Scott Carver are exes. Exes are exes for a reason. Both are still clearly not over it…so why did they break up? This story is about the road to recovering from heartache of a devastating breakup and moving forward. Both Becca and Scott were completely devastated and feel jaded by what happened and are having trouble moving on…even aft [...]

    26. 4 starsFirst we meet Beccaa strong, stubborn girl who has been raised by a single mother and has learned from her experiences that men will break your heart. Scott, her ex, is everywhere she turns and he is the last person she wants to see. She broke up with him after he proved that he wouldn't stand by her when she needed him most and now she wants him to stay exactly what he is, her ex.Scott is still madly in love with Becca, yes, he screwed up and he knows it. Now, he is committed to doing wh [...]

    27. 3.5 stars. Novella length, contemporary romance set in upstate New York mostly off college campus but both H/h are college students. Good emotional development, relationship development, good chemistry and sensual anticipation. Pretty hot but not erotica. The H/h are in college so I guess their emotional development is correspondent to that. I was not bored or turned off by the writing so I have approved this author and will read more of her books, maybe the next one will be a full length novel, [...]

    28. I really enjoyed this story. Rebecca is a complicated character. I have known women with similar childhoods and the pain that they experience was definitely captured by the author. The unraveling of the reasons behind Rebecca breaking up with Scott and the effect it has had on her during the past year was really well done. I felt that her story was somewhat predictable but I liked the character so I really enjoyed the discovery of each new issue. Scott was a bit more of a mystery. At one point I [...]

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