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Pharaoh THE SECRET OF THEIR POWER IS BURIED IN THE CURRENTS OF TIME Marine archaeologist Jack Howard has made an astounding find in the depths of the Red Sea proof of a mass suicide by a pharaoh and his army

  • Title: Pharaoh
  • Author: David Gibbins
  • ISBN: 9780345534705
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Paperback
  • THE SECRET OF THEIR POWER IS BURIED IN THE CURRENTS OF TIME.Marine archaeologist Jack Howard has made an astounding find in the depths of the Red Sea proof of a mass suicide by a pharaoh and his army But what could have driven the most powerful people of their age to hurl themselves to their deaths What terrible new king, revered as a new god, came to take their place HTHE SECRET OF THEIR POWER IS BURIED IN THE CURRENTS OF TIME.Marine archaeologist Jack Howard has made an astounding find in the depths of the Red Sea proof of a mass suicide by a pharaoh and his army But what could have driven the most powerful people of their age to hurl themselves to their deaths What terrible new king, revered as a new god, came to take their place Howard s search leads back through the ages to the discovery of the vault of Tutankhamun in 1928, the legacy of American adventurers in Egypt, the fate of General Gordon s doomed garrison in Khartoum and a long shrouded catastrophe that saw a unit of Gordon s would be rescuers swallowed by a mysterious Nile whirlpool Between the story told by a crazed survivor of that horror, a lost labyrinth, and the truth behind a three thousand year old conflict, Howard is on the verge of a discovery that will change history for good, for evil, and for the future of all humankind.

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        Canadian born underwater archaeologist and novelist Gibbins learned to scuba dive at the age of 15 in Canada, and dived under ice, on shipwrecks and in caves while he was still at school He has led numerous underwater archaeology expeditions around the world, including five seasons excavating ancient Roman shipwrecks off Sicily and a survey of the submerged harbour of ancient Carthage In 1999 2000 he was part of an international team excavating a 5th century BC shipwreck off Turkey His many publications on ancient shipwreck sites have appeared in scientific journals, books and popular magazines Most recently his fieldwork has taken him to the Arctic Ocean, to Mesoamerica and to the Great Lakes in Canada.After holding a Research Fellowship at Cambridge, he spent most of the 1990s as a Lecturer in the School of Archaeology, Classics and Oriental Studies at the University of Liverpool On leaving teaching he become a novelist, writing archaeological thrillers derived from his own background His novels have sold over two million copies and have been London Sunday Times and New York Times bestsellers His first novel, Atlantis, published in the UK in 2005 and the US in September 2006, has been published in 30 languages and is being made into a TV miniseries since then he has written five further novels, published in than 100 editions internationally His novels form a series based on the fictional maritime archaeologist Jack Howard and his team, and are contemporary thrillers involving a plausible archaeological backdrop.


    1. Μια ευχάριστη έκπληξη!Παρόλο που μου αρέσουν οι -πολλές φορές τραβηγμένες από τα μαλλιά- περιπέτειες του σύγχρονου Ιντιάνα Τζόουνς, αρχαιολόγου Τζακ Χάουαρντ, το συγκεκριμένο βιβλίο διαδραματίζεται ως επί το πλείστον στο παρελθόν, και συγκεκριμένα στο 1884-85, όπου παρακολου [...]

    2. I am a big Jack Howard fan, but this book is nine tenths boring something else, dozens and dozens of pages which will solve your worst insomnia problems in zero time.Too much late nineteenth-century military history which can only appeal to connoisseurs with a tiny little nothing of Jack and Costas.Giant fail!

    3. For the longest time my adventure shelf has primarily consisted of Clive Cussler, Matthew Reilly, and James Rollins; with Will Adams, David Gibbins, Andy McDermott, and Paul Sussman patiently waiting their turn; and Alex Archer lurking on the next shelf, alongside all the Indiana Jones tie-in novels. These tattered paperbacks are my go-to adventures when I'm looking for an escape. They're the kind of books I insist on physically holding in my hands as I read, the texture of the paper akin to tha [...]

    4. This is the seventh book in the Jack Howard series, and although this is the first book ever I’ve read by Gibbins, it will surely not be the last! “Pharaoh” can be read as a stand-alone without having to have read the first six books in this series. I never had the feeling I was missing out on any previous character development, even though the characters have histories and relationships which were most likely formed in the previous books. Jack and his team’s quest to unravel the mystery [...]

    5. Once again Gibbins has created a fast paced archaeology led thriller that finds Jack Howard following in the footsteps of the Heretic Pharaoh Akhenaten. The story starts with a bang as we travel back to Ancient Egypt and the moment that Akhenaten turns of the gods of old to follow the Aten before we are pulled back to modern day with Jack and his team beneath the waves as they hunt down another lost treasure. And so begins a story interwoven with fact and fiction, some of which is a little much [...]

    6. I have read all of David Gibbins' Jack Howard books! I liked the plot, I liked the accuracy of the information given and the accuracy of the historical backround. I gave only 3 stars because the biggest part of the book was dedicated to the events of 1884-85 and not to the present adventures. Unfortunately when the book started to be really interested, it finished, so we have to wait for the next one. I understand that the events of the past played a specific role , creating the plot for the eve [...]

    7. I love the Jack Howard series. I would argue that the majority of the books aren't thrillers, they're archaeological adventures, often with a fascinating historical fiction component. I think Pharaoh is the finest example of this, combining the archaeological search of Jack and Costas for lost remains from the reign of the most enigmatic of Pharaohs Akhenaten, with the daring mission of a British sniper to reach General Gordon in the besieged city of Khartoum during the 1880s. This story is done [...]

    8. Two stories in one with Jack and his team searches for clues about a great treasure from the pharaonic time in Sudan. The other story is about a spy on a mission to Khartom in1884. Jack story was not finished by the end of the book and will continue in the next one. A quick adventure.

    9. The deserts of Sudan and the archaeologist Jack Howard is investigating sites that are connected to Akhenaten the Sun-Pharaoh. Jack and his team believe that Akhenaten is the Pharaoh in the Bible and the story of Moses.As they attempt to unravel the three thousand year old mystery Jack and his team must not only contend with the heat and dust of the desert but also the huge Nile crocodiles and the equally rapacious Sudan government officials.With the dig progressing they find not only echoes of [...]

    10. Jack Howard is a modern day Indiana Jones type, part academic, part action man. Along with his friends and colleagues of the International Maritime University, he travels the globe uncovering facts behind myth and legend. His latest adventure finds him in Egypt and the Sudan attempting to track down the lost secrets of the Nile.What really caught my imagination though were the chapters that take place during the nineteenth century. Major Edward Mayne is tasked with reaching Khartoum before a fun [...]

    11. couldn't get through it. dragging my feet. not exciting to me. the flashbacks aren't engaging. maybe I just can't relate but I can't read this. the descriptions drone on and are too wordy and boring. sorry guys, I tried.

    12. I’m slightly obsessed with ancient Egypt (thanks to Stargate) so when I saw this book on Edelweiss, I really thought it could be a fun read. For one reason or another, I didn’t find out that this was the 7th instalment of Jack Howard series until quite a bit later and as I just don’t have the time or energy these days (new house & job), I was hoping this book could just stand on its own.For the most part, reading this book by itself really wasn’t an issue. As the blurb on would tell [...]

    13. The most interesting part of the book was the extended Author's Notes. The author clearly has a passion for events he writes about. In fact if he wrote a non-fictional book based on his own personal connection and extensive knowledge I can imagine that being very well received.As a fictional story this book is disjointed and didn't flow very well.In the attempt to fit in every single factual detail in, especially minutiae detailed descriptions of weapons, the plot never really takes off. There w [...]

    14. I've read all of the previous Jack Howard books and must say I have really enjoyed them, so it was with high hopes that I started to read this book. I will say now that it s a great story but I did have to check a couple of times that I was reading a Jack Howard story and not an Edward Mayne story as at least two thirds of the book are devoted to him and his mission regarding General Gordon of Khartoum. Just as the action really begins for Jack and Costas the book finishes, although you do begin [...]

    15. I enjoyed the story and the period about which this book was written. However, it was difficult for me to toggle my mind between the past story and the sudden interjections of the current era story. It all came together in the end though and found myself enjoying this book. Like most series I read, I always seem to start in the middle. I guess I'll have to go back and read the first couple to see if I will want to read the entire series about Jack Howard and Costas. If you like Egyptian history [...]

    16. I've read all of the Jack Howard series and I've loved them all and I especially like the underwater archaeology element to the stories. Some of the theories behind the stories are fascinating too and are a constant source of reference in some of my discussions with friends. The only thing I disliked with this particular book was the fact that about 3/4 of it is set in the doomed "Gordon Rescue" mission in the 1880's. I know it is crucial to the story but I felt it overtook the rest of the story [...]

    17. This book has piqued my interest in archaeology once again. This book follows the history in the desert. First the mystery of Akhenaten the heretic pharaoh. Second the Gordon relief effort in 1885 who dabbled in archaeology. Then the archaeology following the pervious two. The description is perfect: Indiana Jones meets Dan Brown.

    18. I'm a big fan of Jack Howard but this book was too concentrated οn past events and it did not have enough Jack and Costas interactions or present day adventures.

    19. So my wife checked this out for me at the library. There's something to be said for reading book one first. This one had so much obvious backstory that it was almost laughable, like a romance series for real men--provided you didn't read from the beginning. Maybe it's better when you read it in order.

    20. I don't know about this book. Is there another book that tells what happens? This book is a very confusing jumble of words. Especially the ending. It doesn't conclude the story and I don't see anything about a sequel. I take that back. It looks like "Pyramid" is the sequel. But it doesn't matter to me. This is probably going to be the last David Gibbins novel I read.

    21. This book was hard work, it took ages to get into. The whole story feels like a history lesson on Egypt. This is the first David Gibbins book that I have read. I am not sure that I would read anymore.I guess Jack and Costas have other adventures in David Gibbins books as this is number seven.So if anyone can recommend one of the other titles I may just read it.

    22. I really enjoyed this book. It kept me engrossed and it was 2 story's in one which was factual and imaginary. Warning it stops at a cliff hanger so have the follow on book Pyramid to hand. I have had to reserve mine from my library and i am not a patient person!

    23. This book had a really good story line, with excellent transitions between eras of time.However, the writing is severely plodding, which is too bad as it eventually became a chore to read. With a different writing style, this could have been an excellent book.

    24. I love paul sussmans books so i thought i would try this book but i gave up after two chapters only. I guess the lack of intrigue and also enjoyment made me gave up.

    25. Pharaoh is my first book by David Gibbins and apparently the seventh Jack Howard novel overall, although I found it worked quite well as a standalone. That said, I looked over a few reviews of the earlier books to see what I may have missed, and found myself generally agreeing with both the favorable ones and the criticisms. Obviously I can’t speak for the other books, but my impression of Gibbins’s writing, at least from this book, is that it’s meticulously researched and quite ambitious, [...]

    26. Je ne suis même pas sûre d'être allée au bout ! C'est peut-être passionnant pour des archéologues. Moi, j'ai trouvé cela ennuyeux !

    27. This is an interesting adaptation of multiple historical facts. It brings home the horrors of war and tells us that the world that we live in is really nothing new. As for the storyline, it is truly interesting and keeps the reader hooked, being extremely well written and cleverly merging the past and the present. Think of it as an extremely serious Indiana jones type adventure. I enjoyed it immensely but wish there was a little more to the ending.

    28. Star rating: very, very hard to decide. If had half stars, this would be 3.5 stars; if this had just been a historical adventure about the Gordon relief expedition of 1885, just a story starring Major Edward Mayne, I wouldn't hesitate to give this 4 stars.As it is, the book's billed as an archaeological adventure in the Jack Howard series, and those parts, to me, didn't work nearly as well, so rounding it down to 3 stars it is.Pharaoh is a difficult book to review. I should say right away that [...]

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