The Pursuit of Mary Bennet: A Pride & Prejudice Novel

The Pursuit of Mary Bennet: A Pride & Prejudice Novel

Pamela Mingle / Oct 19, 2019

The Pursuit of Mary Bennet A Pride Prejudice Novel From Pamela Mingle website It s a sequel to Pride and Prejudice about Mary Bennet the socially awkward middle sister

  • Title: The Pursuit of Mary Bennet: A Pride & Prejudice Novel
  • Author: Pamela Mingle
  • ISBN: 9780062274250
  • Page: 333
  • Format: ebook
  • From Pamela Mingle website It s a sequel to Pride and Prejudice, about Mary Bennet, the socially awkward middle sister.

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    1. “I stared at my sister, who seemed grotesquely large. A cow about to calf.For the Lord’s sake, how much of her simpering was I to endure? Have a care, Kitty. A good dunking would be just the thing for you.”This is the tale of the bitchiest, boringest, stupidly self-sabotaging, sister-hating, sanctimonious cluck of the Bennett sisters. She is judgmental and hypocritical. A self-made social disgrace. A thief who would steal a sister's potential mate. "“Was I willing to risk their censure b [...]

    2. Meh. Two Stars feels a bit stingy but Three Stars to indicate I actively liked it too generous. I pounced upon this book when I saw the giveaway in the LibraryThing Early Reviewers program because I was in dire need of comfort reading and I thought this might hit the spot. I'm a big Jane Austen fan. I've read not just the completed six novels but her two unfinished ones and some of her juvenalia--and reread them. And it's not enough. As Mingle wrote in the afterword an "intense longing for more [...]

    3. I can’t resist a well written book that takes a less prominent, somewhat maligned character from one of Austen’s novels and convincingly rescues her (it’s usually a her) from the shadows with a plausible alteration of manners and a fitting happy ending. On all these accounts, The Pursuit of Mary Bennet delights.Since Lizzie and Jane have gotten married Mary Bennet is much improved, though it took soul searching and hard work, and when upset she sometimes slips back into old patterns. Her s [...]

    4. Who remembers Mary Bennet? You know, the least-thought-of Bennet Sister from "Pride and Prejudice"? The one no one was particularly fond of? Well, Mingle's taken her and turned her into a heroine, giving her her own moment in the Sun.I was pretty impressed. Mingle took Jane Austen's writing style and combined it with her own unique voice. She stayed pretty true to the Bennet sisters' characters, though she did take some liberty with Mary. Of course, as there was little about Mary in the original [...]

    5. 3.5 starsA warm, charming continuation that follows the P&P formula with a few surprise twists. Mary gets a makeover, an attractive acquaintance named Henry Walsh, and a rush of maternal impulses. Fans of Austen and the sequels will enjoy Mingle's Austen-like touch and the chance to wander through the pastoral English countryside with familiar characters who behave exactly as we would expect them to.Review from Femmeliterate excerpted below.Mary is, in many ways, the least appealing of the B [...]

    6. In this sequel to Pride and Prejudice Mary Bennet finds herself the focus of the attentions of a young gentleman, Henry Walsh. A few years have gone by since the events of Pride and Prejudice; Elizabeth and Jane have both settled into married life and Kitty and Mary spend their time visiting their sisters. Mary has spent the years taking a hard look at herself and has changed dramatically from the hard and judgmental person that she was in Pride and Prejudice. Despite these changes, Mary is fair [...]

    7. At First Sight: Used to being the ugly duckling of her own family, Mary Bennet spends most of her time alone. Knowing fully well that her sisters don't really like her, and that she has embarrassed her family on more than one occasion, Mary has started to change, becoming more thoughtful and acquiring some decorum. Even if she's still left alone most of the time -while Kitty is more often invited to visit their elder sisters Jane and Elizabeth - at least her relationship with her father is impro [...]

    8. Oh, Mary Bennet. What is there to say about her? Unfortunately, the most pedantic, priggish and un-proprietous Bennet sister from Pride and Prejudice has not received the attention from Austenesque authors that her sisters have enjoyed so regularly: Jane is known for her beauty and kindness, Lydia and Kitty for their rambunctiousness, and of then of course there is the spirited and witty Lizzy. But where does poor Mary fit in? Perhaps you could say, “there’s something about Mary,” and now [...]

    9. This tale begins three years after the end of Pride and Prejudice where we find Kitty and Mary unmarried.But Mary has changed, and when once again Lydia and Wickham cause a scandal they are both sent to visit the Bingleys. Where Kitty is re-introduced to the gentleman she believes wants to marry her. But what about Mary. Some new characters are introduced into a lovely story.Already looking forward to reading it again.

    10. Pride and Prejudice is social satire; The Pursuit of Mary Bennet is chick-lit. Austen never developed Mary as a character and I've always thought something interesting could be done there, but this book didn't do it. So disappointing. The plot was modeled on Pride and Prejudice in all the non-essential ways, missing completely the essence of the story.

    11. I have owned this book for awhile and have put off reading it because I had so many other Austen Variations to read and frankly, Mary just was not a very interesting character in Pride and Prejudice. She perplexed me. She studied sermons, but not the bible and did have some sense of decorum but behaved a little foolishly in public. So, who wants to read about Mary when Elizabeth is there?But, from the onset, this book surprised me and amazed me. Mary has grown up three years since we leave P& [...]

    12. A quick, easy and enjoyable read about the most overlooked Bennet sister, poor middle-child Mary. Her romantic hang-ups are well thought out and addressed and her ultimate HEA quite satisfying! It's exactly what Mary deserved after so many, many years of neglect.

    13. Really enjoyed it! Review to come later, closer to publication. :)Full ReviewMary Bennet has always been the black sheep in her family. As the middle sister, she's on the outside of things while Elizabeth and Jane stick together and Lydia shares everything with Kitty. Now with three of her sisters married and Kitty on her way to being engaged, Mary is feeling more on the outs than ever. She has improved very much in the past three years, overcoming many of her youthful faults but everyone still [...]

    14. If you are a Jane Austen fan of Pride and Prejudice, you will love this novel. If you haven't seen Pride and Prejudice, watch it and then deeply immerse yourself in the richness this novel offers when it picks up where the original leaves off. It had been quite awhile since I had read or even watched the movie and in order to reacquaint myself in the characters of the Bennet girls I spent some time watching the movie. Since this novel takes a look at life from Mary Bennet's point of view I had t [...]

    15. Thanks to Edelweiss and William Morrow Paperbacks for early access to this title.2 1/2 stars - Its probably me, and maybe I should just quit trying to read the Jane Austen take-offs. For me, at least, they almost always disappoint. Like most Janites, I long to see a continuation of the story. However, this one in particular was a disappointment in the complete disregard of the Regency time period it was supposedly portraying. I realize modern audiences need different plot points, but having char [...]

    16. This is a light and cute imagined sequel to Pride and Prejudice, that tells the story of everyone's least favorite Bennet sister. Maybe not *least* favorite, but probably most annoying or least noticeable. Anyway, in this story, Mary has matured and tried very hard to overcome her youthful obnoxiousness. So when circumstances force Mary to the home of her sister Jane and Mr. Bingley, she is much more open to the idea of a romantic overture from Henry Walsh. Elizabeth and Darcy make an appearance [...]

    17. This is everything I wanted in a Mary Bennet story. A story not just about Mary falling in love, but about her finding herself in the process.Full review will be up on my blog soon.

    18. La Quête de Mary Bennet reprend le cours d'Orgueil et Préjugés quelques années après le mariage des Darcy et des Bingley. Il se centre sur Mary Bennet et sa quête de bonheur, et c'est d'ailleurs elle qui nous raconte l'histoire.Entre ce livre et moi, ça a plutôt mal démarré. Tout d'abord, à la lecture de la première page, j'ai du consulter la quatrième de couverture pour vérifier que l'on était bien dans une austenerie "Regency" et non moderne alors que le langage n'aurait pas du [...]

    19. Pamela Mingle writes with the eloquence and charm that reflects that of Jane Austen's own writing.It has been around three years since the events that took place in Pride & Prejudice. Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy have settled with their 2-year old twin girls and Jane and Mr. Bingley are still quite smitten with one another in addition to their 6 month old son David.Life for 21 year old Mary Bennet has been pretty much the same; she still lives at home with her parents and Kitty, who has been incr [...]

    20. Most readers are familiar with the five Bennet girls from Pride and Prejudice. Most came to love fiery Elizabeth and sensible Jane and cheered at the end when these two got their happily ever afters. I admit that Lydia always bothered me in the novel and I felt that in the end she was not really impacted by how her behavior could have ruined her family. Kitty seemed to just be giggly and Mary was a non-entity. There really was not much to Mary in Pride and Prejudice except that she acted like a [...]

    21. I liked this book until about halfway through. It got a little weird after that. The scene where Mary puts Lydia's baby to her breast, was a bit much. I just can't think that Jane would have ever written such a thing. It just got weirdly almost sexual (but with no sex). Also when the little girl talks about the horse pooping. Yes, she used the word poop. ugh, the story was just ruined. I realize that not all Jane fan-fiction sounds like she wrote it, but somehow this just went too far for me. I [...]

    22. Loved this book!! Granted it was literally a page out of Austen's book, but that's what made it so endearing! Loved picturing the characters and finding them as they should be a few years after Pride & Prejudice. So good!

    23. Mary Bennet: un trait d’union fra Jane Austen e Charlotte BrontëA Longbourn ci sono ancora due figlie nubili, ma Mrs Bennet è sicura che Kitty riceverà presto una proposta di matrimonio da Mr Walsh, il vicino di casa di Charles e Jane Bingley a High Tor, la tenuta che Mr Bingley ha acquistato in Derbyshire. Anche Mary ha conosciuto Mr Walsh nell’ultima sua visita e il giovane non le è indifferente, ma sa di avere meno attrattive della sorella (come la madre spesso le fa notare). Il rappo [...]

    24. Though an entertaining read, this book read very much like fan-fiction (with the storyline actually not unlike Pride and Prejudice itself, sigh). However, the main character was conveniently changed into a more socially acceptable person, while the other characters stayed exactly the same. I especially had some issue with the language - it was modern interspersed with some of the more famous terms from the Jane Austen books. If you're going to do a JA novel, go all the way. Not a bad book at all [...]

    25. *Sigh*Okay, so it wasn't like I had any major expectations that this book would be anywhere near how incredible Pride and Prejudice is, but I didn't expect to dislike as much as I do right now. What a huge disappointment. The first half of the story wasn't that bad. I was actually a bit invested in the relationship between Mary, the "plain" Bennet sister, and Mr. Henry Walsh. It was engaging to see how much she has changed over the years, and how her bond with her family has progressed post P&am [...]

    26. Another Mary Bennet story. This time she's both believable and unbelievable.The Bennet family dynamics were well done. And the author makes a good attempt at trying to figure out the effect of the past dynamics on Mary's psyche. But her Mary needs to grow up.The behavior of the main protagonists were sometimes reasonable and sometimes annoyingly and juveniley mercuric. The switches from one to the other made them both less sympathetic. The annoying petulance on the part of both the hero and the [...]

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