The Poisoned Pilgrim

The Poisoned Pilgrim

Oliver Pötzsch / Dec 12, 2019

The Poisoned Pilgrim The monastery at Andechs has long been a pilgrimage destination but when the hangman s daughter Magdalena her doctor husband Simon and their two small children arrive there they learn that t

  • Title: The Poisoned Pilgrim
  • Author: Oliver Pötzsch
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • 1666 The monastery at Andechs has long been a pilgrimage destination, but when the hangman s daughter, Magdalena, her doctor husband Simon, and their two small children arrive there, they learn that the monks have far larger concerns than saying Mass and receiving alms It seems that once again, the hangman s family has fallen into a mysterious and dangerous adventure Tw1666 The monastery at Andechs has long been a pilgrimage destination, but when the hangman s daughter, Magdalena, her doctor husband Simon, and their two small children arrive there, they learn that the monks have far larger concerns than saying Mass and receiving alms It seems that once again, the hangman s family has fallen into a mysterious and dangerous adventure Two monks at the monastery experiment with cutting edge technology, including a method of deflecting the lightning that has previously set the monastery ablaze When one of the monks disappears and his lab is destroyed, foul play is suspected Who better to investigate than the famed hangman, Jakob Kuisl But as the hangman and his family attempt to solve the mystery of the missing monk, they must deal with both the eccentric denizens of the monastery and villagers who view the monks inventions as witchcraft that must be destroyed at all costs This thrilling fourth entry of The Hangman s Daughter series features scheming monks, murderous robots, and the action and intrigue that never seem to cease when the Kuisls are on a case.Page Numbers Source ISBN 0544114604

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        Oliver P tzsch is a German writer and filmmaker After high school he attended the German School of Journalism in Munich from 1992 to 1997 He then worked for Radio Bavaria In addition to his professional activities in radio and television, P tzsch researched his family history He is a descendant of the Kuisle, from the 16th to the 19th Century a famous dynasty of executioners in Schongau.


    1. OK, this is the fourth in the series and it has some issues. The story is still fun as the Hangman and his family solve another mystery. The problem is that this is a translation not only from German to English, but also from 17th century to 21st century. The translator in this case uses common turns of phrase and vernacular expressions that may be a fair enough translation, though not to 17th century English. Again, as a result, the dialogue comes off as somewhat inauthentic. I'm not sure "you' [...]

    2. I LOVED the first three books in this series. This one just fell a little flat for me. Simon was more annoying than possible, and most of the "surprising" plot twists at the end had been easily figured out much earlier. Magdalena and Jakob are still fantastic, but even they seemed to have weaker personalities in this one. Simon was more annoying than usual. I've never particularly liked him, but this one took it to a new level. It kind of felt like I was reading a slightly more intricate Nancy D [...]

    3. “The Poisoned Pilgrim” is the fourth in a series of books by Oliver Potzsch based on his family history research. During the middle ages, his ancestors were hangmen, a trade that was considered dishonorable by the citizens of Bavaria at the time.The novels revolve around Jakob Kuisl, hangman of the village of Schongau in the Bavarian Alps. Several years have passed since the earlier books and the hangman’s daughter, Magdalena is now married to Simon Fronswieser, who was the town medicus. H [...]

    4. I absolutely LOVED the first three books in this series - and I waited and waited for this one to be released! I bought it but was in the middle of reading another series and so I just finished it. Magdalena and Simon are married now and have two children, Peter and Paul. While on a pilgrimage to a not-so-distant monastery, Simon and Magdalena, as ever, get involved in a murder case, deal with an outbreak of disease, and have an extremely chaotic time in general. The hangman, Jakob, does get inv [...]

    5. It feels like the author either thinks his audience is stupid, or his editor told him it was too short and his solution was to add in repetition as filler. Dialogue often feels like conversations with parrots as the character continually repeat each other with slightly different wording. Plot "twists" are predictable because the author repeats the clues so frequently.The plot in itself is intriguing, but the author presented the mystery in such a way as to be predictable thus eliminating the ant [...]

    6. Description: 1666: Two monks at the monastery of Andechs experiment with cutting-edge technology, including a method of deflecting the lightning that has previously set the monastery ablaze. When one of the monks disappears and his lab is destroyed, foul play is suspected. Who better to investigate than the famed hangman Jakob Kuisl? But as the hangman and his family attempt to solve the mystery of the missing monk, they must deal with both the mysterious denizens of the monastery and villagers [...]

    7. 3.5. An entertaining story but some of the folklore and science fiction aspects seemed a bit silly to me.

    8. 2.5 starsI'm going to divide this into pros and cons. Pros:-I'm still enjoying the 17th century setting and all the details of the society. -A general theme of both this book and the series seems to be the dangers of faith and superstition taken to extremes. It's definitely thought provoking to imagine a time when everyone believed everything taught by The Church literally and completely with no other framework for understanding the world. It puts modern fundamentalism into an interesting perspe [...]

    9. At this point, I'm completely entwined within this family. They can't go anywhere without me tagging along. So when we were off solving another murder togetherI was on cloud 9.This story follows Simon and Magdalena on a pilgrimage in Andechs, Bavaria. Once thereockingly someone diesSimon deduces it wasn't natural thing leads to anotherd we have found ourselves in a murder mystery!!! Nowe person blamed for the murders, just happens to be Jakob Kuisl's long lost best friend and Jacob comes to the [...]

    10. Just a quick review here - a good book in the series and I love the books (historical fiction mystery) but my main issue with this is the plot was repetitive if I think it was the last book. Someone in trouble, gotta save him before he's tortured to death by another hangman. eh it was a bit predictable. I also think Simon is a moron even more than usual in this book. Magdalena I usually love but having kids turned her into a nag. I'm hoping this book was a fluke in the series. I enjoyed it becau [...]

    11. Ich habe mir dieses Buch letzten Freitag (06.07.12) zu gelegt, da mir auch die Bücher vorher sehr gefallen haben. Wenn ich Zeit habe, füge ich sie hier auch mit ein. Hier im vierten Teil verlassen wir erneut Schongau, wie bereits im Vorgänger. Diesmal führt es uns nach Andechs. Simon und Magdalena Fronwieser (geb. Kuisl) haben sich mit anderen Schongauern auf Wallfahrt zum Kloster Andechs begeben. Es dauert jedoch nicht lange nach ihrer Ankunft bis sie in einen neuen Mordfall hingezogen werd [...]

    12. 2.5 starsI had previously read Oliver Potzsch's "Beggar King" and liked it very much. I like historical mysteries and he writes the time period very well. Set in Germany in the middle 1600's, the story centers around the hangman, Jakob Kuisl, and his daughter, Magdalena, and her bathhouse doctor husband, Simon. Simon and Magadalena set off for a pilgrimage to the monastery in Andechs.Once there they stay with Jakob's cousin, a tanner and thus undesirable, and his assistant Matthais who had his t [...]

    13. Full disclosure: I did not finish this book, and here's why. I was really into the first three books in this series. I loved the Hangman's Daughter, I enjoyed the second book, and I liked the 3rd. When I saw that a fourth book was coming out I was excited. When it actually came out and I began to read it, I was disappointed. There's only so many times you can take the same family and have everyone in the family run into some type of mystery that involves the daughter needing to be saved, and the [...]

    14. Mystery is afoot in a monastery in Bavaria in 1666, a popular pilgrimage destination. Monks are experimenting with lightning, relics are missing, and people are dying and disappearing. The local villagers fear magic and sorcery are involved. On hand to look into the strange happenings are three unusual pilgrims: the hangman's daughter Magdalena, her medic husband Simon, and the hangman, Jakob Kuisl. Unfortunately, during these times suspects are regularly tortured until they confess, so the true [...]

    15. Lessons learned:1) A monastery on a craggy, lightning-prone mountain is a great setting for a book.2) 17th century Bavaria is not a place/time that I will ever visit in my time machine.3) Modern day Bavaria sounds lovely.4) Automatons are extremely creepy in any time period. I give this book 4 instead of 5 because the book felt overly long. The characters had both the smarts and the information to figure things out quicker.

    16. I've enjoyed Oliver Potzsch's Hangman's Daughter series, but the fourth installment, "The Poisoned Pilgrim," fails to hit the same high marks as its predecessors. Potzsch's fourth novel is a tedious, sloppy affk opens air.On the good side, the book opens with a sinister murder and and horrific thunderstorm. Magdalena, the titular hangman's daughter from the first book, is making a pilgrimage to the monastery at Andechs with her husband (the surgeon/dandy Simon) for a holy festival. Andechs is fa [...]

    17. As the fourth installment in The Hangman's Daughter series, this book is probably my second least favorite. I remember enjoying the cinematic suspense of the first novel, not enjoying the convoluted plot of The Dark Monk, and finding The Beggar King a near return to the excitement of the first. This volume lands smack in between The Beggar King and The Dark Monk for me. I found the early portions of the novel as similarly engaging to the original The Hangman's Daughter, but halfway through I cou [...]

    18. The Poisoned Pilgrim is the 4th novel by Oliver Poetzsch about the hangman of Shongau and his daughter, Magdalena. I have read the first in the series and now the 4th and was happy to find that it isn't necessary to have read the previous books to be able to follow the 4th. They stand alone perfectly well, though now I know of their existence, I will certainly go back and read books 2 and 3.The books opens as Magdalena and her husband Simon are on a pilgrimage to give thanks that their 2 young s [...]

    19. Magdalena, the hangman’s daughter, and her husband, Simon, join a pilgrimage to Andechs Monastery, intent on giving thanks their children survived a serious bout of illness.Their goal is interrupted when Simon, a doctor, discovers what had been dismissed as an accidental death was actually murder. Another murder and the disappearance of the abbot’s brother results in the arrest of an old friend of Jacob Kuisl, the hangman.Summoned to the scene, Kuisl joins Magdalena and Simon in investigatin [...]

    20. I'm disappointed in the direction this series is heading. Actually, it doesn't seem to be going any place new - same characters with little development, a too-modern sensibility (perhaps the fault of the translator?), and not much of a mystery. The hangman, his daughter, and her now-husband are still the cranky, complaining people they were in the first book. Magdalena the daughter now has two little boys; pregnancy and motherhood seem to have made her very stupid. How many times did she wander [...]

    21. I just finished the book, so I don't have much distance from it, but here goes. There were some predictable turns and some pleasantly surprising, suspenseful moments. I am a sucker for wretchedly melancholic endings, and this one does not disappoint. I enjoyed the development of the characters, though some spots in the book had a bit too much "telling" of back stories. The action is easy to follow and the scenes are set well. What I enjoyed most was the beautiful intertwining of historical detai [...]

    22. Finished "The Poisoned Pilgrim" on the train this morning.I really enjoy Potzsch's writing style, but I just wasn't as hooked with this story as I have been with others in the past. I may be close to done with this series, but we'll see. Whenever anything medical is discussed I'm always surprised that we've survived as a species. The travel guide in the back on the book is one of my favorite touches that Potzsch does. Some day I will make it to Bavaria, and I'm going to have to visit Regensburg [...]

    23. This book was very bit as magical, mysterious, & full of enticing twists & dangerous turns as the others. The ending was filled with both sadness & happiness which is a unique way to end this book considering most of em end in happiness for the good & justice for the bad. I'm very fond of this series and its characters, I'm bursting with anticipation and excitement for the next one: The Werewolf of Bamberg. It's also bittersweet to know the fifth book is the last one, saying fare [...]

    24. Beware! I generally like historical fiction, but whoever's been giving this series four star ratings must be high on something! The prose is bloated (does this author get paid by the word?), and the two-dimensional characters and dialogue were almost straight out of a Scooby Doo cartoon! ("And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!") The only question remaining is why I even finished this book!

    25. I enjoyed this book but don't know that I need to seek out any other books in the Hangman's series. If you've read the Hangman's Daughter you will know exactly what to expect from this book. There were a few new spins but in general, not enough to make me want to go further with these characters in future books. It was clever and engaging so I'd recommend it but it doesn't cover any new ground.

    26. This was my least favorite book in the series and the first I have given less than five stars. I really love Oliver Potzsch and the setting for these books, but Magdalena was not likable in this book at all. Rather than being a strong-willed, independent thinker, as portrayed in the previous books; she behaves like an immature, selfish, teenager. I wanted to slap her at times!

    27. I honestly think this book was my favorite of the series. I read it the quickest and I felt like the ending was super intense so it had me hooked. I thought this series was unique though, the setting and the whole story. I would definitely recommend this series to any book lover

    28. So far, this is my least favourite of the series. It started out rather slow and I wasn't invested in the story line. It did pick up towards the middle and the action and tension were reminiscent of the previous books in the series. The ending, however, was disappointing.

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