Bound and Freed Boxed Set

Bound and Freed Boxed Set

Nikki Sex / Jan 20, 2020

Bound and Freed Boxed Set Bound an Andr Chevalier novel BDSM Stories The toughest case of Andre s Chevalier s careerJohn Taylor is a brilliant and sexy young man in need of BDSM training to curb his Dominant sexual tastes Bu

  • Title: Bound and Freed Boxed Set
  • Author: Nikki Sex
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Bound an Andr Chevalier novel BDSM Stories 1 The toughest case of Andre s Chevalier s careerJohn Taylor is a brilliant and sexy young man in need of BDSM training to curb his Dominant sexual tastes But John is a deeply damaged soul, bound to his tormented past Can Andr save him from himself Submissive Kelly Flynn has a huge crush on John Taylor, and is restraiBound an Andr Chevalier novel BDSM Stories 1 The toughest case of Andre s Chevalier s careerJohn Taylor is a brilliant and sexy young man in need of BDSM training to curb his Dominant sexual tastes But John is a deeply damaged soul, bound to his tormented past Can Andr save him from himself Submissive Kelly Flynn has a huge crush on John Taylor, and is restrained by troubling ties of her own She is suffering from the Fatal Female Flaw when ordinarily sensible women fall madly in love with an unattainable man who can t, or won t love them back There s no possible way Kelly can ever break through John s defenses to the tortured soul beneath or can she FreedWith a deep phobia of small spaces, the last place Kelly Flynn wants to be is trapped in a dark elevator especially with John Taylor, the handsome Dom she has a huge crush on As her fear threatens to overwhelm her, it becomes clear John will have to do something drastic to save her.Luckily, John is just the man to solve the problem An experienced Dom, he knows everything about a woman s body, including how to bring it to soaring heights of pleasure.Both Kelly and John are caged by far than just walls Each has their own issues that bind them Can they free each other StrippedAfter escaping the elevator, Kelly Flynn goes home with John Taylor, the Dom she has a crush on Why Because she has fallen completely, madly in love with the man And what woman in her right mind wouldn t fall in love with him To Kelly s mind, John is perfect Or is he PunishedKelly Flynn is on an emotional roller coaster ride from hell.Saturday night she had hit a freakish all time low when she had been caught in a broken elevator With a phobia of being trapped in small, dark places Kelly had totally flipped out when the lights went out and the elevator screeched and jerked to a halt Luckily the Dom she had been crushing on all month, John Taylor, was there to save her One thing led to another and Kelly ended up spending the night with John and having the BEST SEX of her entire life Not to mention falling head over heels in love with the guy.Who unfortunately it turned out, was a complete nut job wacko bastard Or was he John Taylor is in fact, the ultimate Dom He knows just how to deal with a disrespectful sub What will John do Because it is pretty clear by now, that Kelly won t get away with her behavior toward him There is no question about it Kelly will need to be punished.ConnectedSubmissive Kelly Flynn s life is falling apart.John Taylor, her Dom boyfriend is wanted by the police for the brutal murder of his psychologist, a woman who was helping him deal with his childhood.Kelly is John s alibi, but the police don t believe her Her parents don t believe her either, but she knows John Madly in love with John Taylor, Kelly just doesn t know anything about his past What is it that made him the way he is Meanwhile, with John s solid alibi, the real killer is looking for another victim Does the murder have Kelly s name on the top of his To do list Between her parents, John s past, the police, and the killer, Kelly s perfect love story is seriously feeling the strain.

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    1. I LOVE John Taylor ("Father John" the sexy Dom) and Kelly, the heroine makes me laugh. Mostly set in a BDSM club, 'Bound and Freed' is pretty damn hot. I defy anyone to read this series and not happy cry at the end of this book. One of my best.

    2. Oh John Taylor! Will be days before I can move past him. Awesome series, very sexy, very erotic and intense. Great and compelling story line that flows with such ease, makes this a must read. Never a dull moment makes it hard to put down. Bless me Father John for I haveJust kidding. He's not really a man of the cloth but he will have you confessing your deepest, darkest secret, only to have you begging for mercy afterwards. Loved it!

    3. I received this book as part of the TBR read for an honest view by the author.I so wanted to give this book 5 stars, the start was just wow. The book is a box set of multiple books, but they actually fit together exceedingly well. I will never look at being trapped in a lift with a stranger the same again. This scene was awesome, I so warmed to John at this stage. In the first few books, I thought John was just so hot, the fact he was so mysterious and so in control, knowing what people were thi [...]

    4. I absolutely loved this book!! It was amazing!!Kelly Flynn is a small town girl with a big time crush on John Taylor aka "Father" John. Her only problem, the good father is a sadist. While Kelly enjoys a good spanking as much as the next girl, she is no masochist, and Father John's bullwhip terrifies her. John Taylor is a man with a troubled past. He approaches Andre Chevalair after his beloved aunt Brenda's death and asked him to train him to be a Dom. Now four years later he is the most sought [...]

    5. I wish people gave honest reviews. With that being said this book was so/so. It was not brilliant or amazing. Yes, John has serious issues and we find out later what kind of happened. It is told without telling. There aren't too many details given but I guess you don't need too many because of the circumstance. I would have liked to read more of what he went through at once rather than here and there to understand him. John is sadistic and a take charge Dom. Where Kelly is the eager to please Su [...]

    6. This was a very interesting and captivating novel. I’m still thinking about it days later. The author develops some amazingly vivid scenes throughout this novel. These scenes weren’t necessarily even erotically based (although those were definitely there as well). There was mystery, suspense, heartbreak, and relationship drama galore. She keeps the novel intense without it becoming vulgar or garish. There is a stark contrast between the prayers to God and the subject matter that heightens th [...]

    7. At midnight I told myself that I would finish to read Freed.ah right, I wen to bed at half four in the morning, having finished the boxed set!I read Bound before and I was completely in love with John Taylor, I knew he was troubled by his past, but I didn't realize to which extent. He is such an amazing man, and you can't help but love him more when you learn about his history and his parents, so crazy and inhumane.It's a great story, that goes well beyond the sex and the attraction between Kell [...]

    8. I read this about a month ago and had forgotten that I read it until I was going through the BDSM listopia and saw the title. Yeah, just that memorable. This was not a story that made me want to get out my BOB. It had an okay plot and was about about a couple that used BDSM in their relationship but if you are looking for something like the stories Kallypso Masters and Cherise Sinclair put out this is not the book for you.

    9. Bound (Book #1) Kelly Flynn has a huge crush on John Taylor (The Basement's most dangerous, sexy, lusted after Dom). But Kelly fears and is turned on by his torturous tactics. She would never do the stuff that she sees his submissives doing. Or would she. Many of his subs tell her it is a spiritual act that they cannot explain.After a fun night at The Basement with Dom Ron and after viewing a very interesting show starring John Taylor Kelly leaves for the night. Only those plans are interrupted [...]

    10. I had run across the couple in this story in one of Nikki's other books, and wanted to know more about them. I was also intrigued about Andre Chevalier. I am not a fan of the serial book craze, so was happy to find the bundle with all the books put together like a real book! John Taylor is revered at The Basement, an exclusive BDSM club in the Portland area. He is a sadist who is in high demand, the subs he works with love him, but no one has ever seen him have sex. Kelly Flynn is a young woman [...]

    11. I loved this series & quickly became immersed. Once I entered this world, I didn't want to leave. There were fascinating characters with whom I could relate, care about & fall in lust & love. There was surprising depth, psychological aspects & emotion that is hard to find, especially in books with this degree of heat.The sensual component of this series was done masterfully. My word! There was an intensity and a building of suspense & tension that made me weak in the knees. T [...]

    12. **ARC exchanged for an honest review**I loved this series!I was hooked an invested in the characters (John and Kelly) from the very first book.Who doesn't like a damaged hero??This series was sexy, erotic and, at times, heart-wrenching. Nikki Sex makes character development look easy. Her story flows, she has a great writing style and plot.I highly recommend this series to anyone who likes grit with their erotica.Get this seriesright now!

    13. WOW book!!!! If you have not read a Nikki Sex book you are missing out. You must read this book, great story & characters and you will love the ending. Fell in love with John & Kelly and their story of love. I didn't want the story to end could not get enough I was addicted. And the sex was HOT!!!

    14. LOVED this box set. I fell in love with John Taylor immediately!!!! I got Bound for free and at the end with that cliffhanger, I just had to have the rest and lucky for me, the boxed set was on sale for only $0.99 woohoo!!!! couldn't put it down.

    15. ***4.5StArS***I always get sucked into a Nikki Sex Novel.d this little box set was no exception.

    16. Holy crap, what a ride! It's not your typical D/s story, it's so much more. It's thought provoking, and identifiable without being overly dramatic. I couldn't put this book down!!!!

    17. I loved this story it was erotic and heart breaking to think that as a child John was broken he was unable to connect with his feelings until he met Kelly and learned how to love and be loved.

    18. “Haven’t you ever been in love?”“You mean that stupid, insane, sickly infatuation one gets when they can’t eat and can’t sleep because they only think of him?”“That’s the one.” I’m relatively new to the BDSM novels, I’ve kinda been avoiding them so far because a)I’m sooo tired of hearing them all being compared to 50 shades, seriously-you would think it was the first erotica book ever written with the way everything since gets compared to it (I know I’m in the minorit [...]

    19. I received a copy of this story for an honest review for Paranormal Romance & Author's That Rock.WARNING: This is a BDSM story and features a variety of sexual acts including M/F, M/M, whipping, spanking, public displays, voyeurism, etc. The story also includes descriptions of childhood sexual abuse, incest, and violence to animals.An amazing entry into the world of erotica, the “Bound and Freed” box set manages to balance countless scenes of intense hotness with a sweet love story built [...]

    20. 4.5 HOT EROTIC STARSAn erotically charged, sexy love story about John and Kelly’s journey. From where they begin in this story, to where they end and finding who they really are. A beautiful journey, of discovery and exploration, redemption and forgiveness and finding love.The box set includes: 1) Bound, 2) Freed, 3) Stripped, 4) Punished, and 5) Connected.I was blown away, yes blown away, by the sex scenes in this story. Nikki has a way of portraying the scene so vividly and perfectly.I love [...]

    21. This was a wonderfully sweet story. John Taylor, sexy handsome good but very broken. Kelly Flynn, a strikingly beautiful girl, not without her own hangups.John had had years of abuse from the people who should love him unconditionally, his parents. Who had a D/s relationship, but we don't find that out until later.Kelly has recently joined a BDSM club, and begins to hone her submissive ways, she loves to watch John when he is working a scene, the other subs all love John, and want him to top the [...]

    22. The Bound and Freed box set consists of five short stories that tell about the relationship between John and Kelly: 1) Bound, 2) Freed, 3) Stripped, 4) Punished, and 5) Connected. This is the first book (s) I have read by Nikki Sex and I was completely blown away by the sex scenes. This series has alot of HOT, HOT, HOT sex scenes but surprisingly you are able to connect with the characters emotions also. John "Father John" is a tortured soul that can connect and dominate men and women to confess [...]

    23. The story of John and Kelly unfolds over five short books, taking you on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Kelly has a crush on John, but as a rather tame submissive, she has never approached John, fearful of the Dom's sadistic preferences. When a chance elevator malfunction leaves them trapped together in the dark, they begin a healing journey of sexual, and self-, discovery that neither can walk away from.However, John is tormented by memories of childhood traumas that have left him emotional [...]

    24. Bound Box SetIncludes books, Bound, Freed, Stripped, Punished and ConnectedBy Nikki Sex5/5WOW what a box set, I was struck from the start by the closed of character of John Taylor, I just knew that something had happened to him in his past, however I don't think I was fully prepare for where this story went, it had me in tears, and full of rage, and feeling physically sick to my stomach and what made it even worse for me is I know out there in the world there are real live people who have experi [...]

    25. This was a very interesting and captivating story I am giving it 4.5 stars. It's a little bit on the dark side -story wise, but not toooo much. There was mystery, suspense, child abuse ( nothing too graphic) a very sweet love story, and lots of heated moments in this novel. I have to give it to the author, she introduced BDSM with lots of class. She showed that there is more to BDSM life style then what we generally read about. The writing wasn't the greatest but the the story was intriguing. It [...]

    26. This series was the best in my opinion. Nikki sure knows what BDSM is all about. I couldn't put this book down and I was sad when it ended. John Taylor is my new book boyfriend. He's the perfect Dom. Even though he has a troubled past and has his limits, he is very caring with any sub he scenes with. When Kelly ends up in the elevator with her crush John Taylor, she doesn't know what to do. When the elevator breaks down Kelly screams. Childhood trauma caused her to be afraid of enclosed dark spa [...]

    27. Man oh manwhat can I say. This was a GREAT read. The story continues where it left off in Bound. Kelly and John trapped in an elevator. Kelly, having a hard time coping in a confined space begins to panic. John being a Dom, takes hold of the situation and calms her down, the only way he knows how. While being trapped in the elevator there is this connection that Kelly has with John, she isn't sure if he feels it, but she knows deep in her heart, that John is meant for her. John on the other hand [...]

    28. Book one- bound Father JohnI feel so bad for him. I hope he can find someone to trust & love.Book two- freed John has finally felt emotions. All in the sark confines of the elevator. Oh I really hope that he and Kelly can make things work between them.Book three- strippedFinally John & Kelly are together and happyen she finds the file. She doesn't even give him a chance to explainoh I need the next book!!!!Book four- punishedOk so this book was another quick read. The big difference was [...]

    29. This is absolutely a fantastic read. John is amazing, disturbed, and beautiful. Kelly is insecure, eager to please, and perfect for John. Andre, much to my delight, makes his appearance in Nikki's book and is best friends with John. This story however is John and Kelly's love story. Kelly is a new sub in the BDSM lifestyle and is totally infatuated, a bit of a crush in fact. John has made his name in the BDSM scene and is known as Father John. No one can get close to him but he has a "healing" p [...]

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