The Story of Her Holding an Orange

The Story of Her Holding an Orange

Milos Bogetic / Apr 09, 2020

The Story of Her Holding an Orange When I was and living in Europe strange woman started following me She would find me everywhere And every time she d find me she d only want one thing for me to take the orange After a year of be

  • Title: The Story of Her Holding an Orange
  • Author: Milos Bogetic
  • ISBN: 9780615776101
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When I was 17 and living in Europe, strange woman started following me She would find me everywhere And every time she d find me, she d only want one thing for me to take the orange After a year of being constantly stalked, I moved to America 10 years later, she found me again This is the true story of her, the woman holding an orange description

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    1. Seriously? This got a book release too?I'm going to take a wild guess here and say that this author was inspired by what happened with the 1000vultures story Penpal. Both of these works were posted originally in the subreddit nosleep, which has a couple of hidden gems here and there.But this?I never got what made it so terrifying. I remember rolling my eyes when I saw the name, but I'd been wrong before with my first impressions of NoSleep stories and decided to give it a try.All I remember was [...]

    2. This review is also available on Cornerfolds.I first read The story of her holding an orange by Milos Bogetic (better known as Inaaace) on Reddit’s r/nosleep over a year ago. It pulled me in and I spent days checking and rechecking to see if he’d posted an update. It ended abruptly, leaving me (and everyone else) to scour the comment section for answers. When I heard Inaaace was releasing a book with more details and an expanded ending, I could not wait to read it! It took me a little while [...]

    3. This can hardly be called a masterpiece, but it was good enough. Above all it was intriguing, I really wanted to find out what's with the damned orange. After reading a few reviews prior to reading the book, I was prepared to be truly disappointed or at least unimpressed by the ending, but actually this is the bit I liked the best. SPOILER I don't know if the other readers were not cool with the idea of Rose being the baby or simply didn't get it, but overall I think it was very smart. No horror [...]

    4. I just finished the online version of this short, which I think has another ending than the book. I, however, do not feel the urge to purchase this book because I wasn't that impressed by the story anyway - plus I feel a bit annoyed by the fact that all of the sudden you have to buy a book to finish the story.

    5. On the Creepypasta Facebook page is where I came to know of the story about a terrifying woman who oddly enough, demands a boy to take the orange she holds in her hand. I can say that I bought the book from , because I was interested in how it ended. Although, the ending was rather dull and disappointing. It didn't tie up any of the plot, other than finding out how Milos and Trish's families were involved with the woman in white and the man in blackd the story of why she holds the orange.We are [...]

    6. I feel like this guy wrote this as a bet. "Betcha I can write a horror story about an orange." You probably can, but that doesn't mean it will be good.Wisdom is not putting a tomato in a fruit salad, but idiocy is thinking it's a good idea to make it the villain of your horror story.

    7. Eerie!This will definitely keep the shivers running up and down your spine! A short that's well worth the time it takes to read. I'm looking forward to a second one!

    8. The story of a woman wanting to feed a boyShe really wanted him to eat fruits and vegetables. She always offered him oranges. She did so in a cutesy voice to see if he responded. She was so misunderstood. Just kidding. I read this on reddit no sleep one night and thought it was really interesting. I read the whole thing in an hour or something and was so passed the author decided not to give the ending away so his book could come out. (Really smart business-wise). I refused to get the book until [...]

    9. This book, while fun to read online as it progressed, was lackluster as a book. I actually think I enjoyed the ending much more than most. It added some sort of actual plot and structure to what was happening. Otherwise the entire book is literally a repeating sequence of "moment in characters life- woman shows up- prompts him to take orange- oh no spooooooky!" It's fun for a sequence like short updates on a horror blog. I don't think it translated to a book. Their weird self jabs the author tak [...]

    10. Why are there so many reviews of this creepypasta? It almost makes me think I should skip my commentary, but I didn't see anyone mention this the plot involves a fellow who experiences a repetitive visitation from a creepy person and he is distraught that no one will believe him. Recurring theme. Then, in two cases, when he tracks down others who have had the same experience he makes comments like "well, you probably can't believe anything that *%!*&*!* senile crackpot says."I could have don [...]

    11. I always say that the great thing about independent art of any kind is the lack of restraints imposed by studios, publishers, record companies, and the like. I have to say that The Story of Her Holding an Orange is one of the more unique and interesting independent books I’ve read latelyRead the rest of the review at Ravenous Monster Webzine: ravenousmonster/books-

    12. Absolutely dreadful. I've only ever thrown 2 books across the room and this was one of them. Crap writing, awful pacing, some totally unnecessary things including a thing that makes me furious and upset on a personal level, plotholes a mile wide. To be honest, I don't know why I expected any different from a cheap, self-published reddit story.

    13. Interesting story with a nice spooky edge to it, though it didn't bother me later since the creature/woman only seems to bother certain people. I do wish it was written in a slightly more literary style because that's my personal preference, but the style the author uses is effective.

    14. It was scary. Never thought I would get creeped out by an orange. I read the online version so I'm not sure if the ending is different but I was pretty disappointed with the ending.

    15. This is an amazing story was spawed by a writer on the horror-fiction platform NoSleep on Reddit.I won't go into the plot because it's just about ~100 pages long. Reddit/r/NoSleep is a place for writers and Readers to share their fiction, the clue is, that everyone has to act like every Story is 100% true. This leads to amazing community interactions between People commenting and the authors themselfes.

    16. IntriguingI first read the shortee version on Reddit, and was so intrigued that I followed the link to to read the book. The story is told in such a realistic style, like the author is just sitting in the same room as you, which somehow makes it more real. It's a little predictable at times but as a whole, it kept my interest until the end. I would definitely recommend!

    17. I think I’m one of the few to own a print edition of this book. The story was interesting to say the least. You find out why she has the orange. It didn’t scare me like it did originally on wattpad. However the ending was kind of sweet.

    18. an orange. the most terrifying fruit one can imagine - at least after reading those storiesr some reason i didn't like the book-version as much as i liked the consecutive stories being released on NoSleep. but i guess that was just because of the thrill of waiting for the story to continue - when reading the book you already know what happened. and it also didn't scare me as much as reading it on reddit. but again, those might be because of the circumstances - i'm on reddit at night and the book [...]

    19. Some non-specific spoilers.I'd agree with the other reviews here. I too found this on /r/nosleep and loved it. I actually thought the to-book adaptation was generally good, and I liked that Bogetic had elaborated on the ending - except that, when it came, that ending was pretty unsatisfactory. On nosleep he left it hanging, which whilst frustratingwell, it worked. This answered some stuff whilst leaving big gaps, which was annoying - I'd say 'all or nothing' works best in these situations.Nevert [...]

    20. throughout the book we see milos getting stalked by rose (despite literally moving across the world), who is trying to get him to take an orange. there's something unnatural about rose, besides the fact that she is the best stalker ever, which sets the basis of a scary story. the climax of the story falls really flat, but it's worth a read for the rest of it. i was going between two and three stars the entire time reading it, but the ending was such a disappointment that i went with two. i felt [...]

    21. انتهيت من قرأتها فى اقل من ساعة، الفكرة جيدة وتشدك لمعرفة الى ما ستنتهى اليه لكن اعتقد ان الكاتب نفسه لم يعرف كيف ينهى كتابه، فهو وجد الفكرة الجيدة ولكن لم يستطع ان يواصلالقصة ببساطة عبارة عن مراهق يلتقى بصديقة والدته التى تخيفه بطلبها الغريب والمتكرر له بأن يأخذ من يدها برت [...]

    22. It wasn't what I hoped it would be. When I first started reading the story online, I was very interested and wanted to know the ending. When I purchased thebook and read the ending, I was a little disappointed. Throughout the book, it raises so many questions and the ending doesn't answer them all. The Naration of the book didn't bother me. What bothered me was the ending was built up to be all the puzzle pieces in the right place, and I found myself still missing some of those pieces. Overall a [...]

    23. Ooooh, a modern day short story that is quite disturbing. The lady holding the orange is actually terrifying in a very subtle way, as is her friend who appears later in the book. If this sort of thing happened to me I would be enjoying a padded cell within the hour.It would make such a good British TV drama (say in the style of M R James adaptions by the BBC), even though it is set in the US. The location doesn't really matter as it is the characters that make the story.I 'enjoyed' this a great [...]

    24. I was listening to this one on youtube, and was just invested enough in it to purchase it from the author and finish it. It is kind of mediocre overall, though, especially toward the end. I was more curious about how it would end than creeped out. I've read better, and worse, both published and not. If you want something amazingly mind-blowing, you might want to look elsewhere. If you want to support a creepypasta/nosleep author, here you go.

    25. Lost a star on the wayWhen I first read this on Reddit it was so creepy-scary-good; this polished version sort of suffers for that reason. It's mostly the same, but the way it ended was far too logical when compared to the raw blog/journal of a man driven to madness. I would have enjoyed more if I'd never read the online version, but I probably would not have bought this if I hadn't.

    26. Why didn't Rose want Milos baptized?Who is the man in the suit?How did he save Rose?Why did Rose haunt the priest with such fervor?What is the deal with the orange? Literally, nothing happened when he took it.I don't get it. I don't understand it. But it kept my interest from r/nosleep so for that, here's 3 stars. Since this is a true story, it's almost unbelievable. But if this shit happened to me, then I would want someone to believe me.

    27. I came across this story first on Buzzfeed then on Reddit. At first, it was very believable, what with all the cry for help and photos (of the orange as well for that matter). However, as it gradually came to fruition, it slowly transcended to being a fiction rather than a reality. The details became less and less impressive, and just became utter nonsense. The first chapters were spine tingling-- I have to give it that, thus, the 2 stars.

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