The Woman Who Walked Into the Sea

The Woman Who Walked Into the Sea

Mark Douglas-Home / Mar 30, 2020

The Woman Who Walked Into the Sea Cal McGill watches the young woman through the dirty windshield of his Toyota There s something compelling about her stillness about the length of time she has been standing staring out to sea What

  • Title: The Woman Who Walked Into the Sea
  • Author: Mark Douglas-Home
  • ISBN: 9781908737328
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cal McGill watches the young woman through the dirty windshield of his Toyota There s something compelling about her stillness, about the length of time she has been standing, staring out to sea What has brought her to this remote beach, he asks himself Is she a kindred spirit who finds refuge by the shore Idle curiosity soon turns into another investigation for oceanoCal McGill watches the young woman through the dirty windshield of his Toyota There s something compelling about her stillness, about the length of time she has been standing, staring out to sea What has brought her to this remote beach, he asks himself Is she a kindred spirit who finds refuge by the shore Idle curiosity soon turns into another investigation for oceanographer and loner McGill as he embarks on a quest to discover why, 26 years earlier, another young woman walked into these same waves According to the police, she killed herself and her unborn baby McGill, the Sea Detective, questions this version of events and confronts the jealousies, tensions, and threats of a coastal community determined to hold on to its secrets.

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        Mark Douglas Home is a newspaper editor turned author The Sea Detective, his first novel, introduced a new kind of investigator to crime fiction the oceanographer Cal McGill who tracks floating objects, including dead bodies, at sea It received critical praise, becoming a Sunday Times Crime Book of the Month in the UK The sequel, The Woman Who Walked Into The Sea, was described as simply intoxicating by the Library Journal in America The Malice of Waves, the third in the series, will be published in spring 2016 Before writing books, Mark was editor of Scotland s leading daily newspaper, The Herald, and The Sunday Times Scotland He also had senior roles with The Scotsman and Scotland on Sunday When he was Scottish correspondent of The Independent he reported on the Lockerbie and Piper Alpha disasters His career in journalism began as a student in South Africa where he edited the newspaper at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg After the apartheid government banned a number of editions, he was deported from the country He is married with two children and lives in Edinburgh.


    1. This is the second book in the Sea Detective series. I find it funny that it is known as the Sea Detective series as Cal McGill's agency is known as Flotsam and Jetsam Investigations although he is thinking over the idea of changing it to the Sea Detective Agency. McGill is an unique investigator as he is an oceanographer who uses his knowledge of the ocdean tides and currents and how they carry objects to solve problems. He tries to find bodies and items that have "fallen" off cargo ships. In t [...]

    2. The first Cal McGill book, The Sea Detective, was one of my reads of the year so far. I therefore had high expectations for The Woman Who Walked into the Sea. In many ways it is quite a different kind of book. The pace is much slower, the narrative is dominated by long descriptive passages that, for my tastes, are too much show and not enough tell, and nearly the entire story takes place in and around one village. Whereas the first book had a set of intersecting storylines and a relatively large [...]

    3. I picked up this book from the library as the cover and blurb sounded interesting. It is a brooding atmospheric novel set in the fictional town of Poltown, a coastal town in the North of Scotland. There are two main characters. One is Cal McGill an oceanographer and detective who locates items and sometimes bodies lost at sea. The other is Violet who receives some interesting information about her birth mother. Violet was adopted after being abandoned as a baby on the hospital steps. They come t [...]

    4. Intriguing. I picked this read for the title (I love picking titles for my books and this is a beauty). I was not disappointed. Fabulous plot, setting and writing. Highly recommended.

    5. This novel is the most interesting and uncomplicated read that I have read this year.Violet receives a visit that will change her life, put her in danger and put her in contact with the charismatic Cal McGill.Cal is an oceanographer, and this piqued my interest. Set in a fictional but beautiful part of Scotland, I was glad that Douglas-Home refrained from using 'Scottish dialect', although his brilliant writing style does give Poltown a realistic feel. A novel that gives revenge, secrets and mur [...]

    6. Really good! Long buried secrets come to light in a beautiful setting. Love the Sea Detective Mysteries, can't wait to read the third one now!

    7. PoltownEine alte Freundin seiner Eltern ist verstorben und Cal McGill nimmt an der Bestattung teil. Dort hilft er einer alten Frau, die von der Gemeinde seltsam abweisend behandelt wird. Nur wenig später sieht er am Strand eine junge Frau, die aufs Meer hinausblickt. Violet Wells wurde adoptiert, erst jetzt hat sie erfahren, dass sie an einem Krankenhaus ausgesetzt wurde und laut einem anonymen Brief soll ihr Vater einer der angesehensten Bewohner des Ortes Poltown gewesen sein. Violet beginnt [...]

    8. I have to say that I was a little disappointed with this. That's not to say that the plot wasn't original and engaging, or that the setting wasn't as magical and inventive just as the first one. This one too was well researched and clever. However, the thing that I felt let it down was that it really didn't feature our hero, Cal McGill, all that much. Certainly he wasn't as integral to the story as he was in the first novel, and here he did seem to be lingering on the sidelines a little. Also, t [...]

    9. Another great read this one started slower than the first in the series, but I was gripped with the mystery and thoroughly enjoyed it unravelling. So many secrets and lies from a multitude of characters.Really looking forward to continuing the series!4 stars!

    10. A decent enough whodunit mystery, probably not enough action for me I'm used to more dead bodies, enjoyable enough though

    11. A favorite line from book: " For Mrs Anderson, vengeance was an overdue visitor and it did not come as a horned, horrible creature but as a glorious butterfly."Vengeance and resentment can be powerful. Revenge started the storyline in The Woman Who Walked into the Sea. A young woman was seen twenty six years ago walking into the sea. She was never seen again and the police determined it must have been a suicide.Now in current time a young single woman named Violet who has a child receives an ano [...]

    12. I'm glad to report that The Woman Who Walked into the Sea did not meet my expectations-- it exceeded them. Expecting to read the second book in a mystery series featuring the same cast and location as in the book before it, I found something new. Yes, Cal McGill is still with us, thank goodness, but he's set down in the midst of a brand-new locale and a secondary cast filled with memorable characters. The author brings his setting to life, so much so that I could almost smell the sea air and hea [...]

    13. A twenty six year old mystery. What happened to Megan Bates all those years ago. Violet, her daughter is lured to the place and there meets Cal McGill at a funeral. Maybe his expertise can help Violet to uncover the truth.I came up with three scenarios about what happened to Megan and thought myself very clever. But I was wrong. The twist is even better than I had imagined. Cal has a different sort of role in this than in The Sea Detective, more a support and friend for Violet, but I love his ch [...]

    14. An Unexpected New ReadI chose this book on the recommendation of Goodread's. I enjoy crime fictioo but the central character has to engage me as much as much as the mystery does. It is rare to find a new way of looking into a crime and the idea of tidal flows and what part the environment plays was an interesting way in. I found myself fascinated with the science of it - probably not a surprise since my father works in river and land drainage. I will be reading the others next.

    15. Cal McGill ist Meeresbiologe, Umweltaktivist und er hilft im Meer verschollene oder vermisste Menschen aufzuspüren. Da ihm seine Arbeit mitunter sehr belastet, vor allem wenn er für verzweifelte Eltern Kinder sucht und findet, verschlägt es ihn an die raue Küste Schottlands, um dort Abstand und Ruhe zu finden. In Poltown begegnen ihm recht eigenbrötlerische Menschen, vor allem Fremden gegenüber sind sie nicht sehr offen. Das bekommt nicht nur Cal zu spüren. Violet, die in den Ort gekommen [...]

    16. Ich mag Krimis, die sich mit Taten in der Vergangenheit beschäftigen und einen mutigen Protagonisten haben, der sich durch den Staub und das Schweigen wühlt, um die Wahrheit ans Licht zu bringen. Und das erfüllt dieses Buch zu 100%. Eigentlich hat das Buch zwei Protagonisten: Violet, eine junge Frau, die nach ihrer Geburt vor einem Krankenhaus ausgesetzt wurde, und Cal McGill, den Meeresbiologen, der eher zufällig an Ort und Stelle ist. Die Einführung in das Buch und die Geschichte hat mir [...]

    17. I really enjoyed this. Thought the first in the series was good but this, I think, was better. I like the concept of a story in the past being intertwined with one in the present and, as in the first book, this achieves this very well. Violet is a 26 year old woman with a four year old daughter, living in Glasgow. She was, as a baby, left outside a hospital in Inverness and has no idea as to who her mother or father were.She receives an anonymous letter informing her that her mother was Megan Ba [...]

    18. Once more Mark Douglas Home delivers a narrative that draws you into a story that is captivating, a real mystery that grips. This is the kind of book I love to read, as with it's predecessor from the moment I read the first page, I did not want to put it down.Cal McGill is a different kind of detective, this story hinges once more on an old mystery, Megan Bates was rumoured to have strolled into the sea 26 years ago, now her daughter Violet Wells is searching for the truth is a community that is [...]

    19. The second 'Sea Detective' story is a well-plotted mystery that sees Cal McGill, the oceanographer and amateur detective, helping a young woman, Violet Wells, unravel the story of her birth and her mother's suicide almost immediately thereafter. Set in a fictional town on the Scottish NW coast, the story moves quickly. Douglas-Home creates a range of interesting and sometimes perverse characters and disguises the eventual denouement very well. Like its predecessor, the novel includes enough tech [...]

    20. Good bookI was reminded what syzygy means. As a child my siblings and I learned to read the tide tables to go clam digging!!Quote:"ah, I still get a kick from knowing that in three days there'll be a new moon, that the sun, the moon and the earth will be aligned, that it's called syzygy. That the combined gravitational pull of the sun and the moon will make the high tide higher than normal and the low tide higher."Syzygy-a conjunction or opposition, especially of the moon with the sun."the plane [...]

    21. LOVED this book. There's a twist but not a massive one because the whole book trundles along (in a good way) with different parts of the story coming to light. I liked all of the characters, even the twisted ones, and I thought the whole "small town, hidden secrets" thing was really well written - you could easily picture it and imagine it in an ITV adaptation! I liked the fact there was no cheesy romance between Cal and Violet but that there could possibly be! I'd recommend this as a "whodunnit [...]

    22. Totally underwhelming, I'm sorry to say. It's not badly written, it's just not very exciting or intriguing and the characters are not appealing. As for the "sea detective" angle, apart from some brief mumbo jumbo about tides and patterns, Cal McGill's profession seems pretty irrelevant. I don't read many thrillers but I think this is a weak, tame effort compared to the ones I have read, which I suppose must have some appeal somewhere?

    23. Much better than the first one in this series. A cohesive single plot instead of three quite different plots being melded together into one. Not much oceanographic detection work in this one, but a good story nonetheless and fairly plausible. It's also quite well written, which is a plus. I'll keep reading this series and any standalone mysteries this author may eventually write. As I said, such a big improvement over his first one!

    24. Zwar bin ich ein bisschen enttäuscht, weil ich mir mehr von Cal McGill erwartet hatte, aber der steckt gerade in einer Krise und macht Urlaub. Dass er dennoch bei einem Problem behilflich ist, liegt vor allem daran, dass er Gemeinsamkeiten mit Violet vermutet, der jungen unnahbaren Frau, die nach Informationen über ihre Eltern sucht07/10 Punkte

    25. Really liked it, til the end. The death of 2 characters were sad & unnecessary. The ending could have crackled, instead, it fizzled. And Wish Violet had arranged for some $$ to be appropriated for her daughter's education I listened to this book and it was a really wonderful reading!

    26. Single mother Violet Wells traces her roots back to a remote seaside town in Scotland but learning the truth about her mother's disappearance is not as straightforward as she had anticipated. Nice cast of characters and a few twists and turns along the way makes this an engaging read.

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