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Inheritance Cirkulatti a person descended from circus performers of the ancient world rumoured to have supernatural giftsTallulah has always known she was different She can communicate without speaking a secret

  • Title: Inheritance
  • Author: Lisa Forrest
  • ISBN: 9780733328923
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cirkulatti a person descended from circus performers of the ancient world, rumoured to have supernatural giftsTallulah has always known she was different She can communicate without speaking, a secret she shares only with her childhood nanny, Irena, who warns Tallulah that gifts like hers are not always welcome.When Tallulah begins training at the prestigious Cirque dCirkulatti a person descended from circus performers of the ancient world, rumoured to have supernatural giftsTallulah has always known she was different She can communicate without speaking, a secret she shares only with her childhood nanny, Irena, who warns Tallulah that gifts like hers are not always welcome.When Tallulah begins training at the prestigious Cirque d Avenir school, it soon becomes clear the troupe is not all that it seems As Tallulah is drawn deeper into a world of dark, ancient powers and centuries old greed, she must call on the skills Irena taught her and on the protection of the mysterious cuff Irena gave her for safekeeping.But what is the secret of the power the cuff holds And why are men willing to die to possess it Tallulah always knew her gift was dangerous But will it stop her from accepting her true inheritance

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        Lisa Forrest is an author, TV and radio broadcaster and Olympian.Her first career, as a teenager, was swimming backstroke for Australia In 1978 when she was 14 she won a silver medal at the Commonwealth Games in Edmonton, Canada she captained the women s swim team to the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow and in 1982 won gold medals at the 1982 Commonwealth Games in Brisbane, Australia.For almost twenty years she worked as a TV and radio journalist presenter before writing her first novel in 2000, Making the Most of It, a coming of age story loosely based on her own teenage experiences Forrest has so many arrows in her quiver it seems almost obscene she should add novelist to the CV Yet she has done it very well This story for teenagers well crafted, deftly sketched and plotted with pace and panache.Herald SunLisa Forrest s delightful and disarming debut novel is told in Forrest s frank style, which eschews pathos and any attempt to make this either a heroic or cautionary tale.The Australian Review of BooksSince then Lisa has written four books, including djmAx, about a teenage girl who wants to be a DJ and the grandfather who has raised her DJ Max is another great book for young adults It captures the vibrancy of youth, the need to break free into new territory while still having support of the oldies Filled with delicious details and intriguing subplots, DJ Max dances with life, a sure fire page turner.Bella s Books For Older Readers and Young Adults and Boycott Australia s Controversial Road to the 1980 Olympics, a non fiction account of the months leading up to the Moscow Games when the Federal Government, sections of the media and, unfortunately, members of the public, used all manner of intimidation in their attempts to force Australian athletes to boycott the Olympic Games Forrest s book is enlightening This is memoir, growing up diary, elite insights and administrative history meeting sport in change and generation gap The best sections are marvelous Above all, she demonstrates that sport is rarely divorced from the wider world, and always deserves serious attention.Australian Book ReviewForrest s account of the times is remarkable and moving Deftly weaving her own autobiography through these major machinations she has produced a powerfully honest book amazing to learn that it took until the Sydney Olympics for many of the rifts in Australian sport to finally heal.Inside SportIf only every book about sport was like this Literate, well researched, a careful mixture of personal anecdote and commentary from a wide collection of interviews Forrest is a very good journalist she adopts a wonderfully even handed approach The story gets along at a page turning clip and Forrest s style is detailed and engaging.Sydney Morning HeraldAfter an absence of some ten years Lisa has returned to YA fiction for Inheritance, a fantasy novel about an ancient mythical circus troupe called the Cirkulatti She was inspired by her niece Indi, a circus girl in Wollongong, south of Sydney Lisa Forrest has created a butt kicking heroine and a world of rich traditons, epic destinies and, of course, dark and closely guarded secrets Don t miss this action packed new fantasy series Kinokuniya Books, SydneyLisa lives in Sydney with her husband, Jess, her son, Dex, and Dex s two cats, Storm and Amber Deathray.


    1. This review has been posted on Happy Indulgence. Check it out for more reviews! Sometimes, books can be deceiving with their pretty covers, interesting blurbs and well written beginnings. Inheritance was one of those books, turning out to be all style and no substance.It starts off with Tallulah, a girl with telepathic powers, wanting to fit in with others like herself. She joins circus camp at the Cirque d’Avenir, who are rumoured to be descendants of the Cirkulatti, a mystical circus troupe [...]

    2. I have three publishers that tend to lure me into reading their pretties over and over again.Harlequin is hit and miss with me. They're primarily a romance publisher and I'm not particularly into romance, but it's hard to avoid in YA books. They also publish my favourite writer.Penguin are also hit and miss. I'll either love their YA books or feel 'meh' about them.But HarperCollins? HarperCollins have the highest consistent ratings from me.Inheritance is published by HarperCollins.I hope I love [...]

    3. I loved it! I got drawn in by the beautiful cover, and the book didn't disappoint. Though I am a bit biased because I'm an ex gymnast who is now starting circus classes, so I loved all the circus training in the book, particularly the silks. The whole ancient flashbacks and chanting got a bit much sometimes, but other than that it was well written and had great relationship and character development. I still think its likely Tallulah will ultimately end up with Sasha though. I feel a little sorr [...]

    4. Inheritance is a bright flash of inspiration that rises far above the current crop of Vampires, Werewolves etc that have dominated Young Adult fiction in recent years. The author has given an interesting, contemporary twist to the childhood dream of running away with the circus to make it attractive to this current generation of originality-starved teens.Mix together a modern story with a bit of history - Add in some suspicious characters, a heroine with plenty of gumption, some strange powers - [...]

    5. ARC ReviewHmm I'm not sure how I felt about this one. The premise is really interesting, but maybe it was too much going on. I don't know at this point, I'll have to think about it. I didn't dislike it though.

    6. I wanted to like this book, because it was an Australian author but i got maybe halfway through and was unhappy with the plot and poorly developed characters. Firstly the plot was way too random and far-fetched a circus for teenagers, i can deal with. People with magical powers, i can deal with. A circus for teenagers with supernatural powers, not so much Also there was just generally a lack of detail and cohesive-ness. It was really cliched and easy to guess the ending, and the characters were [...]

    7. Okay, wow.I picked this up in Kinokuniya for two reasons - I recognized Lisa Forrest's name and the shiny 'signed by author' sticker on the cover caught my eye (pro-tip for Kinokuniya - they often get copies signed by visiting authors. Definitely keep an eye out!)This is incredible - amazingly original and multi layered. A supernatural/magical saga set in Australia? XD(view spoiler)[:: It was so refreshing to have parents who actually knew something. Admittedly, their knowledge of Tallulah's abi [...]

    8. From the very beginning I loved Inheritance. I started reading from the day I bought it, and couldn't put it down from then on. In the end, I managed to finish within a short amount of time, and I wanted to more. When I did manage to close the book to go to sleep, I found myself wanting to turn the light back on to continue reading.The world Tallulah lives in in is one I wouldn't mind being involved with. I was particularly interested in the workouts, and as I read, I found myself feeling tired [...]

    9. Tallulah Thomson always knew she was different, she has the power to communicate without speaking, but upon her arrival at the Cirque d'Avenir school, she learns that the troupe isn't all that they seem. She is drawn deeper into a world of dark secrets and ancient powers long hidden from the world. But as Tallulah is delved deeper into these new-found secrets, she must call upon the skills that her Nanny, Irena, taught her and on the mystical cuff that Irena left in her possession for safekeepin [...]

    10. I'm not quite sure what I think of Inheritance. It was certainly an interesting concept of the circus performers who have extra 'performing abilities'. The characters were okay, but I'm not sure how well it all hung together. Also, I when I'd finished, I had to re-read the last couple of pages before I realised that there was going to be a sequel.Interesting, and certainly aimed at teen girls.

    11. Bravo for a unique story! I loved the intertwining of history ; real and reimagined. The Circulatti are fascinating & I definitely look forward to further adventures. The characters are well-written individuals with realistic flaws. The only thing I really didn't care for was the name of the " dark side" groupCirknerojust doesn't have the same ring as the Circulatti. Minor quibble with a great story. Thanks again to Liz Hollendonner for sharing her " shinies" : ) )

    12. I liked the idea, but I kept feeling as if I had missed parts of the plot and it all seemed rather confused.

    13. This is the best best book I have read for a long time. I love the story telling and kept me reading to the end and wanting more. Really want to read the sequel!

    14. Thank you to Harper Collins Australia for providing me with a copy of this in exchange for an honest reviewFind this review and more on my blog The Rest Is Still Unwritten!Inheritance is the first book in Lisa Forrest’s Inheritance series and is a debut novel that explores ancient circus performers like never before in this unique and fresh tale!I have to be honest; I was really excited to read this novel. I’m always excited to read new Aussie fiction, especially when the novel is set in Aus [...]

    15. A disappointing book. All style no substance and very confusing. Like why name two opposing force Circulatti and Cirknero? And two siblings Sasha and saskia? I left one star for the cover. One star for being set in Australia.

    16. (I got an free ARC of this book through a program at my local bookstore, so thanks publishers for providing it to them)4.5 stars. It was really good. I liked the Cirkulatti, and how Tallulah had flashbacks to ancient Rome and the eminence there. I can't wait to read the next book! EDIT: 8/23/16I read this book a while ago, but as I was looking through the files on my computer, I found a more in-depth review I wrote. Here it is:Inheritance, written by Lisa Forrest, is about Tallulah Thomson, an a [...]

    17. I quite enjoyed this book, though it does have some serious flaws, especially as it unravels at the end But that being said, it was a fun read and I'm disappointed that there isn't another one in the series. (Well, it's been like a year, so I suppose the next one could be on its way). I'm usually so far behind in my reading of stuff that there are several books out before I get to a series. So- the good points: the storyline and the world set up were really cool- the circus is always and interes [...]

    18. I was hesitant going into this novel because I'm not a huge fan of the circus and the opening did not do much to help my worries. The opening scene, which was intended to show the power of the "Cirkulatti" instead seemed hokie, imagining Ringling Bros performers fighting an ancient battle. Because I never want to abandon a book, I stuck with it. Halfway through the book, I became attached to the characters and found all of the special powers that they had really interesting.The book is almost 40 [...]

    19. I really wish I hadn't spent $20 on this one. It sounded like everything I enjoy in YA; romance, strange setting, historical references. But I found the writing hard to follow, and I spaced a lot while reading. I'd just stare at the page, willing my brain to absorb it and keep going, but I just couldn't! It felt like the scenes chopped and changed, but maybe that was just my inconsistent reading.I really did not like Tallulah as a character, and usually if I don't like the main character then on [...]

    20. This was another ARC I was able to read, and I enjoyed this book! I loved the story and the insight into circus life, combined with the history of powerful women. Interestingly, the heroine of the story was a bit meek and used her friends to help her make decisions, but I found more in common with this type of character rather than an over-the-top strong heroine. Overall, a good story!

    21. Alright, I quit. DNF. This book started off good with an interesting premise and the promise a rich history. Unfortunately, it was just too confusing (I had to reread pages to try and follow the train of thought/conversations) and I didn't really care for any of the characters. Full review to come.

    22. Inheritance by Lisa Forest was an overall enjoyable book. It has an unusual plot that is not similar to any other book I have come across which was refreshing and I enjoyed some of the characters. However there was allot going on in this book I often found myself confused with what was happening and I also thought that the ending was rushed and incomplete.

    23. It was well written, but to be honest, I found it kind of stupid. But that is my opinion. For someone else, it may be brilliant. So, with that, I cannot say it was a terrible book; just not my type :)

    24. Thrilling journey through the magical realm of the circus - lots of historcal references - will keep any young reader on their toes - keep gifting to young friends who in turn are passing it on -hopefully, Tallulah's adventures have just begun!

    25. I didn't finish this one--granted, I barely got into it. The prologue was a confusing info dump during the middle of a circus battle, which made both difficult to stomach. The first chapter a fairly standard "meet the cast." Lost interest = done.

    26. The general story line seemed a bit cliche but when I read the book it was more different then i thought. All the adventures were good and I loved all the characters, especially Adelaide. I did get quite annoyed about Sasha though, particularly towards the end of the book.

    27. Interesting premise, but a bit too long and it drags in places. The action really picks up at the end, but it's almost too little, too late and I'm not sure I'll be inclined to finish the series.

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