Visconti's Forgotten Heir

Visconti's Forgotten Heir

Elizabeth Power / Dec 12, 2019

Visconti s Forgotten Heir The memory of his touch At her new job interview single mom Magenta James feels like her life is finally back on track after suffering from amnesia Until she meets Andreas Visconti s familiar sapphir

  • Title: Visconti's Forgotten Heir
  • Author: Elizabeth Power
  • ISBN: 9780373131976
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Paperback
  • The memory of his touch At her new job interview, single mom Magenta James feels like her life is finally back on track after suffering from amnesia Until she meets Andreas Visconti s familiar sapphire gaze across the desk She just knows the Italian CEO is the father of her child, but when she doesn t get the job, it s clear they parted on bad terms Then he offers herThe memory of his touch At her new job interview, single mom Magenta James feels like her life is finally back on track after suffering from amnesia Until she meets Andreas Visconti s familiar sapphire gaze across the desk She just knows the Italian CEO is the father of her child, but when she doesn t get the job, it s clear they parted on bad terms Then he offers her a new role as his very personal assistant Now Magenta will have to rearrange the scattered puzzle of her memory in order to make sense of the sensual tension that burns between them.

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    1. Wow lots of angst! Magi is a poor girl whose only dream in life is to become a top model. She wants fame and money and she is mercenary and heartless something weird for a HP heroine. She meets Andreas a poor young man who works as a waiter and he falls in love with her. He worships her, reads her poetry, gives her gifts he can't even afford but Magi abandons him for another man, a manager who promises to make her rich and famous. She starts dating her manager but when she finds out she is pregn [...]

    2. I really liked the premise for this story. A young woman has selective amnesia following a brain hemorrhage, and cannot remember all the details of her life. Like who is the father of the baby she had while in a coma! Sounds like a Harly, doesn't it? Hee! Well, the cool thing about this book is how Magenta (don't laugh at the nameI know!) is no longer the woman she used to be. I found it fascinating how she struggled with memories of her own selfishness as they came flooding back. And I loved th [...]

    3. 3.5 stars. So I really had a problem with the heroine's name. I'm sorry. Magenta brings up instant Rocky Horror flashbacks. But story packs a huge emotional punch that had a sincerity HPs have been missing lately.This books is exactly what I expect from an HP. Hero and Heroine are not two stick figures bickering back and forth. So with all the let downs lately, this one was a pleasant suprise. I think this is the first book by Elizabeth Power I've read and I'm not sure why. So excited she has a [...]

    4. Really well done amnesia story combined with a spot of hero revenge and a secret baby. Story opens when the waitress heroine sees the hero and instinctively knows he's the father of her child even though she was in a coma when she gave birth to that child five years before. Hero is taunting to the heroine and she takes it because there is a ring of truth in what he said. She must have brutally jilted him, but she can't really remember. Six years ago he was a poor waiter in his father's restauran [...]

    5. The title of this book is a bit of a misnomer - Visconti's heir wasn't ever forgotten. Visconti was. Magenta (I kept visualizing Blue's, from Blue's Clues, little friend every time I read this name!) sorry where was I -Magenta and Andreas were lovers six years earlier, when she was a teenager. Their relationship did not end well. Now they are back in each other's life but with a few marked differences. Magenta's memory and Andreas' wealth. Andreas wants revenge on Magenta for breaking his heart [...]

    6. Pretty decent story.What I liked- lots of angst stemming from the Heroine who made a bad decision in her past when she left the hero but she's still likable. The story was compelling. I absolutely loved that the heroine groveled. Oh and I liked the hero. He was really wronged by the heroine and gets some vengeance by making the heroine acknowledge her past wrongs.What I didn't like- the romance wasn't compelling. I didn't feel the sensual pull between the hero & heroine. I didn't like the he [...]

    7. this was nice ! magenta had been a real n ruthless bitch in her teens. she was driven by ambition n a bad childhood. she did pay 4her actions, infact more than she deserved ! as the saying goes, payback is a bitch !! the story was very well done but i thought it lacked drama. it had great potential 4 lots of drama but the author did not explore it. imagine charlotte lamb or lynne graham wid a theme like dat ! der wud have been fireworks!!lol! andreas initially did want revenge n he reveled in th [...]

    8. Andreas Visconti had worked in his father's restaurant as a young man. His father was probably a better chief than he was a businessman and he and his son argued. They also argued over the girl in Andreas's life, Magenta James. Andreas was in love and wanted to marry her.Magenta James was a 19 year-old beauty who had an alcoholic mother and no father on her birth certificate. Andreas was her first sexual encounter. Magenta was young and naive about men. Although Andreas was good to her and wante [...]

    9. 2.7-3.1 Stars. Public Library 4/2/15. I liked the story but it didn't go the way I wanted. Six years ago Magi had a traumatic brain injury that has left her memory with gaps in it. Working several jobs just to make ends meet for herself and her son she is startled one night when she meets a good looking wealthy man who seems to know her intimately. She knows instantly that this man is the father of her child (which he doesn't know about) but can't remember anything about how their relationship e [...]

    10. I kind of half-liked this story and half-didn't like it. I really liked the character of Magenta and I thought she was really well-written and her background was dealt with well, including the issue of her amnesia. However, I have a thing about heroes who mess with people's lives just to get revenge, and so from the start, I really didn't like Andreas. I thought he was unnecessarily cruel (he even admits as such to himself) and he deliberately stops Magenta from getting the job she'd been offere [...]

    11. No llegué a entender porqué ella lo dejó por su carrera de modelaje, eso me chocó.El hecho de que se haya ido a vivir con el manager, todo para evitar a su madre, el tener al bebé y creerle a ella que había estado con montones de hombres y a eso sumemos la amnesia.Que la familia de él la odiase y que él se pelease con el papá que desencadenó en su muerte no sé, algunas cosas no me cerraron. Más que nada el hecho de que realmente el hijo ni aparece casi y el héroe apenas se molesta d [...]

    12. This book was good, but not great and I did finish it. Magenta our heroine, if you can get over that ugly name was in my opinion a hot mess. She was all over the place, she was good, she was bad, she was heartless, etc… I never liked her and never warmed up to her character. Andreas was too nice, too in love, and too fine a person for a jackass like Magenta. I really tried to like her but I just couldn’t do it. I give this book three stars only because I finished it and didn’t fling my kin [...]

    13. In Visconti’s Forgotten Heir by Elizabeth Power, The moment Magenta lays her sight on Andreas Visconti , she realizes he is the father of her son but the only problem is that she doesn’t remember anything about him because of her amnesia caused by a brain haemorrhage when she was pregnantRead More

    14. The better of the book: Nikos Demakis. Though Magenta changes positively her behavior, is yet difficult to me change the opinion to her. C'mon, she was a real bitch in the past. And it's inevitable not to think that, if they had not given "X" miraculous circumstances, I'm think than she had been a harlot.

    15. "Power's second-chance romance, with its amnesia-fueled storyline, packs a sensual punch." RT Book Reviews

    16. It was good, I just couldn't really relate to it. I found it a bit too common with other harlequins like it. It didn't have that quality defining moment that changed everything for me.

    17. First, I don't think that Visconti's Forgotten Heir should be the title. It's a little bit misleading somehow. Second, The story has remembered its teen romance, first love-first sex, wrong choices, , angst, revenge, reconciliation, etc. Third, it also touches about amnesia and its discrimination towards the recovering victims (how some were unable to find stable employment) Fourth, although what I said about number 2 is true, I felt that there was lacking in the chemistry of H and h.

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