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Anandamath reprint of a classic adpted from Bengali by Basanta Koomar Roy historical novel used widely as text

  • Title: Anandamath
  • Author: Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay Basanta Koomar Roy
  • ISBN: 9788122201307
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Paperback
  • reprint of a classic, adpted from Bengali by Basanta Koomar Roy historical novel used widely as text

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      • Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay Basanta Koomar Roy

        Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay Bengali Chattopadhyay in the original Bengali Chatterjee as spelt by the British was a Bengali poet, novelist, essayist and journalist, most famous as the author of Vande Mataram or Bande Mataram, that inspired the freedom fighters of India, and was later declared the National Song of India.Complete works of Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay is now available in this third party website bankim.rachanabalitr Chatterjee is considered as a key figure in literary renaissance of Bengal as well as India Some of his writings, including novels, essays and commentaries, were a breakaway from traditional verse oriented Indian writings, and provided an inspiration for authors across India.


    1. । আনন্দমঠঃ বঙ্কিমের রাষ্ট্রপ্রকল্প ও অন্যান্য ।বঙ্কিমচন্দ্র চট্টোপাধ্যায়ের লেখকজীবনের চৌদ্দ উপন্যাসের মধ্যে বারোতম 'আনন্দমঠ' পড়া হলো। পাঠ-পরবর্তী অনুভূতি বেশ মিশ্র এবং কয়েকভাবে দ্বিধা [...]

    2. दोस्तों यह पुस्तक मैं कितनी बार पढ़ चूका हूँ शायद मुझे इसका ज्ञान भी नहीं। जब मुझे उपन्यास शब्द से कोई सरोकार नहीं था उस समय यह पुस्तक अनोखे तरीके से मेरे हाथ लगी। मुझे यह पुस्तक मेरी माता जी क [...]

    3. This is a review of the early 20th century English translation, titled Abbey of Bliss, by Basanta Koomar Roy. Set during and in the aftermath of the Bengal famine of 1770, Bankim Chand Chattopadhyay’s Anandmath begins with a brief description of the devastating famine, and the way—despite there being nothing more to even survive upon, let alone give—the English, under Warren Hastings, continued to squeeze out taxes, often by violent means. Starving and desperate, a wealthy man named Mahend [...]

    4. "Anandmath" by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee is one of those books which can never fail to precipitate the feeling of nationalism in the mind of an Indian reader. The plot of the story, touches various segments of the pre-Independence India, whether it is the plight of the people during the Bengal Famine, where hunger turn humans to cannibals or the women's equal participation in the revolutionary activities along their husbands. The unjust tax policies had forced the people of Northern Bengal to ag [...]

    5. I admit I would never have thought to read this book if it hadn't been assigned for class. Yet, even so, I thought it was a surprisingly good read. Definitely poetic, but also with rather dense with descriptions of Hindu religious life. The introduction was a tough read, a very rigorous study of the text, but it was definitely helpful in understanding the importance of the novel. At least skim itbut if you have a copy, definitely read the novel!

    6. Sanaatan dharma is dynamic and adapts to time and situation. The author describes the sanaatan dharma for that time period through the words and activities of Santaan-s. Excluding the last 5 pages which perhaps were written to bypass the British censure at the time, the book describes the condition of our beloved motherland and our duties for its upliftment. (The Muslims could very well be substituted by the British and a message for independence struggle could be given very easily, and this hap [...]

    7. কাহিনি পুরোটা ধরতে পারি নাই। বইটা বিরক্তিকর বর্ণনায় ভর্তি। কোনোরকমে পড়ে শেষ করেছি বলা যায়। ইংরেজ কোম্পানির শাসনামলে মুসলমান রাজা কর্তৃক সনাতনধর্ম অনুসারীদের উপর অনেক অত্যাচার করা হয়, সনা [...]

    8. This is an update. The degree of sanitisation of the original text, is criminal. As I read through Sri Aurobindo's translation, I can't but help thinking that Basanta Koomar Roy, was probably looking to write a book of his own, not translate an existing book.If you are looking for an honest translation, *do not* pick this book.~ ~ ~ I am holding back this review. I am going to read another version, by Sri Aurobindo & Barindra Kumar Ghosh. Will post a review after that.I got the story. I don' [...]

    9. British rule has been admired. The message to fight British is implicit as the author had to get the books through the British censor. The geet "Vande Matram" is highly energizing.

    10. Hypocritical writing and totally against the Real History of "Fakir Shanniyashi Bidroho" which was lead by "Fakir Majnu Shah" and the headquarter was in "Rangpur". Here the writer sentiment was rather anti-muslim then anti British. Whereas the reality was very different.Biased writer like these sparks hatred between races and communities.His other book "দুর্গেশনন্দিনী" had the same types of tone. He was a hate preacher and should be hated.He is a very powerful writer, [...]

    11. भला मैं इस अद्भुत साहित्यकृति की क्या समीक्षा करूं? मेरी उतनी योग्यता नहीं।भारतवर्ष के लोकसाहित्य इतिहास में इस महान कथा का स्वर्णिम स्थान है। जिसने वंदे मातरम मंत्र हमें दिया उस ग्रंथको औ [...]

    12. এ বইয়ে এমন এক আন্দোলনের আদর্শকে উজ্জ্বল করা হয়েছে যাতে কোন গভীর জীবনবোধ নেই। মানুষকে মানুষ নয়, হিন্দু-মুসলমান-ইংরেজ বিচারে মাথায় তোলা কিংবা পোড়ান হচ্ছে। ব্যবস্থার মূলে আঘাত দেয়ার কোন প্রয়া [...]

    13. A patriotic saga with a twist in the end. A patriotic saga with a twist in the end. Needs some reading between the lines and understanding of modern Indian history to get to the real message in the book. No wonder it was the "Gita" of the Indian Revolutionary movement.

    14. The book in which the song Vande Mataram was written. This book represents a turning point in Indian History. I would recommend the reader to consciously imagine the scenarios mentioned in the book, and I'm sure it will give you goosebumps.

    15. Good to read!!Never thought abt early centuries described well abt the situation before British rule and after mugals. Good to read book!!

    16. A great novel. The patriotism and the love for motherland that is depicted by the ascetics in this work is extremely inspiring. A must read, even in this age.

    17. सन्यासी विद्रोह का जीवंत शाब्दिक निरूपण।

    18. Interesting plot. However its not that great as it is made out. May be all vitality got lost in translation.

    19. Excellent book to read.Glimpse of history in this book is amazing represents the time of 1760s of the indian sun continent .Good book for reading

    20. Reason behind the establishment of British Governance.A little bit biased towards Hinduism. But a nice coverage of famine situation and a war between ruthless governance. A well established reason behind the requirement of British Governance. A defeat over victory.

    21. The book is precious and no Indian worth her salt can be unbiased while writing a review of this gem of a book. We have been brought up singing 'Vande Mataram' which is a principal song of the sons; the protagonists.The book is also precious because it gives a glimpse of the life and times of Bengal during Bankim Chandra. The view that English are ethical and neutral to the struggles of the common mass is amusing. One can find traces of nascent Indian nationalism. This is a book which needs to b [...]

    22. Before reading Anandamath, I didn’t know that Bankim Chandra hated Muslims as Hitler hated Jews. Every writer has impacts on their fans and followers. By this novel, Bankim Chandra instigates minds of religious fanatics to be more violent against Muslims. Some shonnashi (hermits) are portrayed as heroes who fight some battles valiantly against the English. But the objective of the Shonnashi group, is to perish Muslims and uphold the religious values of Hinduism. As Satyananda says,"আমর [...]

    23. Well I read it and I don't know what to or how to review this book .i was searching for some matter in this which would be I presumed nationalist , unifying different religions to overthrow the colonial rule in India at that time. But as it turned out or was it just my interpretation of the book ,the author wrote it in the context of that time which I wasn't even a bit familiar with . It presents a picture of India during the sanyasi andolan during which irrespective of their castes people unifi [...]

    24. One of the earliest novel in Bengali Literature. The setting and story-line is unusual but typical of Bankim Babu. The story is about freedom struggle against oppressive ruler. What makes this different is that the characters (the freedom fighters) are not from the main-stream Indian social class but the Sadhus from remote Akharas, ancient hidden temples and Mathas typical in contemporary Bengal. The language is typical of early Bengali literature, Bankim Signatute but poetic, events and charact [...]

    25. An Indian author's account of Sanyasi Rebellion and Pre-Independence India. Also, in this book Vande Mataram was first published. I enjoyed this book and finished in a day. If you are interested in Indian History and Pre-Independence India then you will like this book.

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