Don't Ever Look Back

Don't Ever Look Back

DanielFriedman / Feb 28, 2020

Don t Ever Look Back DON T EVER GET OLD was one of mystery publishing s biggest critical successes last year earning starred reviews from every major trade publication garnering nominations for the Edgar Thriller and

  • Title: Don't Ever Look Back
  • Author: DanielFriedman
  • ISBN: 9781250027566
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Hardcover
  • DON T EVER GET OLD was one of mystery publishing s biggest critical successes last year, earning starred reviews from every major trade publication, garnering nominations for the Edgar, Thriller, and Anthony awards, and winning the Macavity Award for Best First Novel The producer of four Harry Potter films and the Sherlock Holmes sequel, Lionel Wigram, is set to produce tDON T EVER GET OLD was one of mystery publishing s biggest critical successes last year, earning starred reviews from every major trade publication, garnering nominations for the Edgar, Thriller, and Anthony awards, and winning the Macavity Award for Best First Novel The producer of four Harry Potter films and the Sherlock Holmes sequel, Lionel Wigram, is set to produce the film version.In Daniel Friedman s new novel, set in Memphis, Tennessee, and four months after the events of DON T EVER GET OLD, eighty eight year old Buck Schatz is reluctantly coming to terms with the fact that he can only move around with the aid of a walker, and his dementia seems to be getting worse.So when one of Buck s long time foes, a bank robber named Elijah, comes to Buck looking for protection from mysterious pursuers, Buck wavers In the end, his desire to cement his legacy by closing out a series of long unsolved robberies overwhelms his usual antipathy toward doing favors for people he dislikes Buck agrees to broker Elijah s surrender to the authorities, if Elijah will promise to confess to his long ago crimes.But nothing involving Elijah, or Buck, is ever simple, and Elijah s plans for Buck are sinister than they first appeared.Written in Buck s signature voice and featuring a mystery that will knock your socks off, DON T EVER LOOK BACK takes a decades old feud between two dangerous and now elderly men and brings it to a final, explosive conclusion.

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    1. I won this book from Firstreads. This is my honest review."Truth is, there are a lot of things I've done that I don't feel that great about. But if you look back on whatever the wrath of God is burning down behind you, you turn into a pillar of salt.So, you just write down stuff you want to remember, leave out the rest of it, and keep pushing yourself forward, on a walker or in a wheelchair or with anything that can keep you moving" Baruch (Buck) Schatz ( from DON'T EVER LOOK BACK by Daniel Frie [...]

    2. DON’T EVER LOOK BACKDaniel FriedmanAfter Mr. Friedman’s marvelous debut novel DON’T EVER GET OLD Introducing Butch Schatz, I was not sure there would be a sequel, but I’m so glad there was.Eighty eight year old Butch Schatz and his wife are now in a retirement home mainly because Butch needs physical therapy from the damage he suffered in the last novel. He still keeps a .357, and in this novel he definitely is darker, grittier and more political.A clever villain from his past who escape [...]

    3. Hooray! Retired Police Detective Baruch “Buck’’ Schatz returns, more ornery than ever, in Daniel Friedman’s terrific second mystery, Don’t Ever Look Back. Friedman introduced the colorful octogenarian in Don’t Ever Get Old, imagining what life would be like for a Dirty Harry type of character is in his 80s. At 88, Buck is in even worse physical shape in Don’t Ever Look Back, thanks to injuries he incurred in the first book. He is living with his wife in a senior assisted living fac [...]

    4. Dieser zweite Teil der Buck Schatz-Reihe bereitete mir einen schwierigeren Einstieg als der erste.  Zum einen liegt die Lektüre des Vorgängers eine Weile zurück, es wird zwar immer wieder mal Bezug genommen, aber die Erinnerung an den Reihenauftakt kommt nur häppchenweise zurück. Beim Lesen hat man aber permanent das Gefühl, dass man sich daran erinnern sollte, um der aktuellen Handlung besser folgen zu können. Zum anderen konnte ich meine Sympathie für den Protagonisten ebenfalls nich [...]

    5. The second Buck Schatz's story is preditably tamer and a little more stern, because now that Daniel Friedman established his tremendous character, he actually passes some pretty heavy messages about the perception of senior citizens in our society. It's nonetheless still an extremely enjoyable tale about identity and living through the desegratation of the United States. Not only I think that Daniel Friedman is the best author with a senior protagonist, but I believe he redefined the paradigm. H [...]

    6. 88 year old Buck is funnier in this one than in the last. His physical therapy and other rehab descriptions of recovering from the last novel's bullet wound-those pages, are truly fun copy. Aging is not for sissies.These mysteries and their perceptions are probably more appreciated the older you get. Good plot, and this time there is more revealed history as characters return from the 1960's. 3.5 star, better than the starter novel of this series.

    7. I missed the humor of the first book. 88 year old Buck Schatz is still an awe inspiring ex cop who gets the job done despite his decaying body and there are moments of humor but not nearly as many as Don't Ever Get Old. I still think Friedman is a great writer and I will stick with the series but I hope Buck recovers physically and his sense of humor.

    8. From the Author's Note:"My grandfather was a strong man, but nobody can be strong forever. He made his living on the road, and always took special pride in his cars. But, as his reflexes slowed, he had to give up his keys for his own safety.Around the time he turned 90, he was still exercising regularly at the Jewish Community Center, but the last couple of years he was at high risk of falling, and had to use a walker.Pop-culture depictions of old age never seem to depict the price that people p [...]

    9. Actually a 3.5.What started as a ho-hum mystery (and actually the mystery was sorta ho-hum) picked up interest through the aging detective, Baruch Shatz now 90 years old, on a walker, dealing with his past, his present, his values and of course, his aging. There are also underlying questions of good and evilwhich is which?

    10. I disliked the character although I did find many of his asides funny. I thought it was a stupid story line and difficult to track in the back-and-forth of eras (though that may have been because it was an audio book I listened to in heavy traffic). I most especially disliked that his wife didn't leave him--why stay with a man so unable to meet you at least halfway in the relationship?

    11. A shame Buck continues to smoke. Some funny spots but this one was too morbid dealing with episodes of aging. Rehab is time consuming but the miraculous recovery at the end is mind-boggling. Ridiculous!!!!

    12. The 88 year old former policeman in this book acts as though "former" had nothing to do with anything. Inspired by the author's own grandfather, the cantankerous old hero is visited at his assisted living dining room by an old nemesis, who drags our hero into his current scheme just as he had done 40 years ago. This time he seems to be asking for help, but our hero is suspicious. His suspicions do lead to figuring out how the crime was committed, albeit after the fact just like 40 years ago. The [...]

    13. This book is the second by Daniel Friedman featuring Baruch “Buck” Schatz, an 88-year-old Jewish ex-cop from Memphis, Tennessee, self-described as “grumpy more for sport than out of necessity” but more recently as “a crippled retiree living in a rest home.” He has had to sell his house and move with his wife of 65 years into an “Assisted Life-Style Community for Older Adults” after having been shot and severely beaten in the first book, “Don’t Ever Get Old.” During his 35 y [...]

    14. OK Let me first note that I received an advance reading copy from one of these awesome Goodread's giveaways (thanks, guys!)The book was great! I am familiar with the returning protagonist, Buck Schatz, from the first book in this series: Don't Ever Get Old. Upon seeing this book had been shortlisted for an Edgar award--given to the best books in the mystery genre--I quickly read it, and I was more then a little underwhelmed. The pacing was off, the story was bi-polar--are we playing this for lau [...]

    15. I was fortunate to receive an ARC of the book from and looked forward to reading and reviewing the novel. The novel is a detective/crime story. Buck Schatz, 88-year old retired police detective, recuperating from injuries in an earlier adventure, is visited by a former nemesis. This criminal, Elijah, an Auschwitz survivor and elusive burglar, presents himself to Buck, offering to give himself up to the police with Buck's assistance. As the story unfolds, we learn about Buck's earlier involvemen [...]

    16. You might have met Baruch "Buck" Schatz in the debut book in this series, 2012's Don't Ever Get Old. Buck is 88 years old, a veteran who made it through a Nazi POW camp (an especially bad place for a Jew), and who served for many years as a detective in the Memphis police department.Buck has been retired for more years than he worked in the MPD, and now he and his wife, Rose, have had to go into assisted living because of the injuries he suffered as a result of his shenanigans in Don't Ever Get [...]

    17. Tequila SunriseNur langsam erholt sich der 88jährige Buck Schatz von der Schussverletzung, die er während seiner letzten Verbrecherjagd erlitten hat. Sogar ihr geliebtes Haus mussten er und seine Frau Rose aufgeben, weil er doch mehr Hilfe im täglichen Leben braucht. So schlecht wäre es in der Wohneinrichtung für Senioren auch nicht, käme er alleine aus dem Bett, bräuchte er die Physiotherapie nicht, gäbe es Essen, dass nicht verbrannt und gefroren gleichzeitig wäre, würde sein Gedäch [...]

    18. I was lucky to receive an advance reader copy of Don't Ever Look Back from a First Reads giveaway. she asked me if I'd like some coffee.Nobody else was drinking anything, so I assumed I was expected to politely decline her offer.I told her I'd love a cup with cream and two sugars.These lines tell the reader all they need to know about Buck Schatz's character. Readers of Don't Ever Get Old already know that Buck Schatz is a standoffish retired Jewish cop who will hit suspects before asking them [...]

    19. This one did not disappoint and my favorite grouchy cop is back to just the way I like him. This story picks up where we last left Buck but this time he faces a different enemy that will really test his limits. As much as I enjoyed another round with good ol' Buck, I am sitting here struggling to accept the ending. The storyline leading up to the last two chapters was spot on and definitely kept me thinking and invested but then I felt a subtle shift and the remaining two chapters felt a tad rus [...]

    20. I won this book through a giveaway. This is a sequel to "Don't Ever Grow Old", a book I really enjoyed. It's very funny, our senior citizen hero Baruch "Buck" Schatz is wonderful, and I really liked how he succeeded in capturing the criminal. The sequel, however, was not as good. Buck is older, and his ailments become more of a theme. He's 88 years old and lives in a nursing home in Memphis, TN. The events of the previous book are briefly alluded to, but it isn't necessary to read the previous [...]

    21. The two old Jewish codgers, Buck and Elijah, who are the focus of Daniel Friedman’s DON’T EVER LOOK BACK have been adversaries for over 45 years. Elijah is an ex-bank robber and Holocaust survivor and Buck is a not so pleasant retired Memphis cop currently spending his days, along with his wife Rose, in an assisted living facility. The fact that both men are in their late 80’s and rely on canes and walkers has not lessened their animosity for each other nor their need to match wits. The st [...]

    22. I won this ARC in a giveaway and am not finished. Since it's an ARC, there was a typo.Just one (page 177. I sometimes see more errors in regular novels. I didn't read the first book, and when I entered I don't think I realized this was a sequel. I'm glad that Friendman hints at what happened in Don't Ever Get Old at various times because that helps me quite a bit.Buck Schatz is a snarky 88-year-old retired police officer who is spending his days in PT and a home. Elijah, a criminal from Buck's [...]

    23. DON’T EVER LOOK BACK is the follow up novel to Daniel Friedman’s Macavity Award winning book, DON’T EVER GET OLD and this one is a pip. The hero of the story again is Buck Schatz, an 88 year old retired Memphis police officer who, due to the actions in the first book, is living with his wife in a retirement home that offers physical therapy on-site, necessary because the cantankerous Buck is recovering from his wounds from his last outing. Enter Elijah to torment Buck. There was a bank hei [...]

    24. "Модерния детектив излъчва опасен сексапил. Бък Шац е на 88 и макар да е далеч от сексапила, 357-калибровия му пистолет е достатъчно опасен"Започвам ревюто с част от анотацията, колкото да имате предвид за какво иде реч. Не поглеждай назад е забавно, смислено и неочаквано добре [...]

    25. I read the review of this book in the Library monthly paper, Book Page. The reviewer picked it as the top pick in mystery. Always looking for new and different mysteries I read it.In the first couple of chapters I didn't know if I could continue, but it got more interesting, though there was quite a bit of violence.The protagonist is an retired Memphis police detective who is living an an assisted living community with his wife. He is a curmudgeon and very cranky, but doing his best. An old adve [...]

    26. Daniel Friedman has certainly created a memorable protagonist in Baruch “Buck” Schatz, who believably comes off as an 88-year old curmudgeon. A retired Memphis detective, Buck is a bit of anti-hero with questionable morals, most certainly shaped by his experiences as a WWII vet, as well as on the police force. Following a gunshot injury, Buck has now been forced into assisted living, where pressing concerns include annoying neighbors and physical therapy. His usual routine is interrupted whe [...]

    27. #2 in the Buck Schatz series. Buck is an 88 year old, Jewish, retired Memphis cop. All the elements of that description are relevant. My gripe is that between the 1965 descriptions of operating in the corrupt, anti-Semite Nashville PD and the 2009 wrap-up to the case, the book was disorienting at times. Despite the gripe, I enjoyed the series debut Don't Ever Get Old (2012) and this entry was even better.Buck Schatz series - Buck Schatz is back, and, once again, this 88-year-old retired Memphis [...]

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