That Touch of Ink

That Touch of Ink

Diane Vallere / Feb 24, 2020

That Touch of Ink This is an alternate new cover for ISBN SLEEK CHIC AND CONSTANTLY SURPRISING The suspense is intense the plot is hot and the style is to die for A thoroughly entertaining entry in t

  • Title: That Touch of Ink
  • Author: Diane Vallere
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Paperback
  • This is an alternate new cover for ISBN 13 9781940976099 SLEEK, CHIC AND CONSTANTLY SURPRISING The suspense is intense, the plot is hot and the style is to die for A thoroughly entertaining entry in this enjoyable series Catriona McPherson, Agatha Award Winning Author of the Dandy Gilver Mystery Series When a rare five thousand dollar bill arrives in the mail,This is an alternate new cover for ISBN 13 9781940976099 SLEEK, CHIC AND CONSTANTLY SURPRISING The suspense is intense, the plot is hot and the style is to die for A thoroughly entertaining entry in this enjoyable series Catriona McPherson, Agatha Award Winning Author of the Dandy Gilver Mystery Series When a rare five thousand dollar bill arrives in the mail, interior decorator Madison Night knows it s a message from her past In happier times, she once joked that she could be bought for 5000 how could she deny a bill with her name on it Suspecting the bill indicates trouble, she consults a numismatist They set up a meet, but upon arrival she finds an abandoned office, a scared dog, and a dead body in the kitchen The twist The victim isn t the numismatist it s a John Doe.The police led by Lt Tex Allen are on the case, but it s Madison who discovers the victim s identity But where s the numismatist Before long, she uncovers a kidnapping plot, a unique counterfeit operation, and the true price of her own independence Praise for THAT TOUCH OF INK A terrific mystery is always in fashion and this one is sleek, chic and constantly surprising Vallere s smart styling and wry humor combine for a fresh and original page turner it ll have you eagerly awaiting her next appealing adventure I m a fan Hank Phillippi Ryan, Agatha, Anthony, Macavity and Mary Higgins Clark Award Winning Author of The Other Woman All of us who fell in love with Madison Night in Pillow Stalk will be rooting for her when the past comes back to haunt her in That Touch of Ink The suspense is intense, the plot is hot and the style is to die for A thoroughly entertaining entry in this enjoyable series Catriona McPherson, Agatha Award Winning Author of the Dandy Gilver Mystery Series A fast paced mystery with fab fashions, an appealing heroine, and a clever twist, That Touch of Ink is especially for fans of all things mid century modern Reader to Reader Diane Vallerehas a wonderful touch, bringing in the design elements and influences of the 50s and 60s era many of us hold dear while keeping a strong focus on what it means in modern times to be a woman in business for herself, starting over Fresh Fiction Books in the Mad for Mod Humorous Mystery Series MIDNIGHT INK prequel novella in OTHER PEOPLE S BAGGAGE PILLOW STALK 1 THAT TOUCH OF INK 2 April 2014 WITH VICS YOU GET EGGROLL 3 April 2015 Part of the Henery Press Mystery Series Collection, if you like one, you ll probably like them all Author Bio Diane Vallere lives in a world where popcorn is a breakfast food and Doris Day movies are revered for their cultural significance After over twenty years in the fashion industry, she now writes full time, juggling the Mad for Mod series, the Style Error series, and the upcoming Material Witness series She launched her own detective agency at age ten and has maintained a passion for shoes, clues, and clothes ever since.

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        I grew up reading both Trixie Belden mysteries and Vogue magazine and learned how to spot a counterfeiting ring and accessorize a wardrobe Now I use that knowledge to dream up plots for the Samantha Kidd, Madison Night, Material Witness, and Costume Shop mystery series I still love accessories, only now some of them are accessories to murder.


    1. I am up in the air with this book. Don’t get me wrong the read was fun and fast paced. A fun mystery to say the least just up in the air.I think it is Madison that has me up in the air the most. She is this woman who thinks she is independent and can solve things but hasn’t moved on from her past. Her past truly dominates her being. She isn’t trusting in herself or others and she is very confusing when it comes to her ideas and thoughts. Sometimes her confusion is warranted but her constan [...]

    2. That Touch of Ink was second in the Mad for Mod mysteries. I had not read the first one but the author gave enough background info that I didn't feel lost in the book. Yet there wasn't too much given that I had no need to read the first, something that has actually happened a time or two in my years of reading. This was a well written mystery and I was on edge trying to solve it. The book was a real page turner! Madison has three men interested in her so I can't forget to add a bit of romance in [...]

    3. I was lucky to read an advance copy of THAT TOUCH OF INK, and if you liked PILLOW STALK (which I very much did), then you'll love this follow up. Diane writes with wit and savvy and sophistication, blending mystery and suspense into page-turning entertainment. Love!

    4. Nine months after learning that her boyfriend lied to her that he was married in order to protect her from bad people in his life, That Touch of Ink by Diane Vallere, Madison Knight gets a $5,000 bill in the mail, which she realizes has come from Brad. Knowing that this bill is worth approximately $100,000, Madison makes an appointment with a numismatist to get it appraised and arrives just in time to find a dead man in the office. Calling Tex, the cop who helped her in the previous case, Madiso [...]

    5. If you love mid-century vintage, The Mad for Mod Mysteries are for you. As a fan of Doris Day and Danish Modern, I enjoy steeping myself in the delightful world of Madison Knight, interior designer for mid-century lovers. In the second mystery, Madison's Philly past has brought himself to Dallas where she's tried to create a new life for herself. Not only does Madison's ex show up on her doorstep, he pulls her into a James Madison five thousand dollar bill counterfeiting ring. Even worse, she ca [...]

    6. Madison Night is a Doris Day look alike who accentuates that by dressing in retro clothes. So refreshing to have a female protagonist that wears ballet flats instead of high heels.This is a well written mystery with very well developed characters. Madison receives a James Madison $5000 bill in the mail that is worth $100,000 and that delivery is followed by the arrival of former lover, Brad Turlington. Quickly Madison finds a dead body and is plunged into the dangerous world of counterfeiting. T [...]

    7. Madison Night is back and she's in a heap of trouble. When her old love shows up, Madison's confused about whether or not to let him back in her life. And his reappearance brings a sudden slew of $5000 bills. Dead bodies, forgery, and possible romance are keeping Madison from doing her real job--mid-century design with a Doris Day flair. I was lucky enough to score an ARC, which tickled me because I loves me some Madz! Mad For Mod is such a fun series. Madison models her life on her idol, Doris [...]

    8. i loved that this mystery was just as much about character development. to be honest, i'm enjoying these characters enough that the mystery is just a small bonus. i do think madison needs to have a talk with her neighbors anbd friends about letting people in her house or giving them her keys lol. can't wait to see what happens next with madison and tex and hudson.

    9. What a fun book, I'm sorry I missed the 1st one in the series! Anyone who loves Doris Day, Rock Hudson and the whole crazy 50-60 era is OK in my book! Love, laughter, cats, dogs, throw in a counterfeiter or two and you have a very enjoyable story. In my humble opinion, I don't feel that we are through with these folks yet, at least I hope we're not.

    10. 3.5 stars. A Netgalley arc that had a LOT of editing errors; I hope they'll be gone before publication. Overall a good story.Full Review: jennoklikes/post/827226

    11. I love this new installment of Madison Night series! An amazing ending as well as a surprise! I can't wait for the next book. Diane write faster, I want to know what happens next!

    12. Diane Vallere's Madison Night series continues to be my Find of the Year. Normally I do not let myself read more than one book in a series per year. This works well because there are dozens of series that I follow closely. But when I fall for a series as hard as I did this one, that rule can go out the window. I began by reading the most recent book, The Decorator Who Knew Too Much, then I bought the rest of the books. I've only got one left to be completely caught up, and the question is-- will [...]

    13. Madison received a $5000.00 James Madison bill in the mail. Her ex Brad Turlington he could send it to her if he really needed her. In Madison's search for the truth about the bill. She uncovers a forgery operation that leaves several deaths, lots of danger, and answers to questions she has had for over two years about the stories Brad had told her and also where or if their relationship will ever be renewed. This was a fun story that well written and had many surprising twists in it. I will def [...]

    14. This is the second in the Mad for Mod series, which has me running on only 5 hours of sleep today. (I keep telling myself I should stop struggling to stay awake because "there are only 50 pages left to go.") Book 3 is waiting next to my bed, and I am hoping it will resolve the suspicions I have about at least two of the characters. You don't have to like old movies or have particularly fond memories of the 60s to enjoy this book.I got this book from the library and this is a voluntary review.

    15. Another hit with this series and author! The main character, Madison, is so engaging and likable that anything she gets involved in, purposefully or not, becomes interesting to me. I like the way the author has given her flaws and insecurities. The mysteries are well thought out and there is plenty of humor thrown in for good measure. Great!

    16. Fun read bringing back all the same characters from the first story with a few new ones tossed in. Madison is forced to revisit her past when her former fiancee shows up and involves her in a counterfeiting scheme. Can she trust him that he's only ever tried to protect her? Madison doesn't know who she can trust but at least she's well dressed while she tries to make up her mind.

    17. An easy, clean read. A bit more disjointed than the first. The story was predictable and vague. This book was entertaining, but frustrating. There were lots of sub plots that were started but never went anywhere. I feel as if in this book the author is mistaking a lack of information as being mysterious.

    18. Lots of funA great, light mystery, perfect for those who love sixties fashion and design and wish they too could capture a piece of it for themselves.

    19. A masterfully convoluted mystery with various plots including counterfeiters, kidnappers, old and new friends, and an unknown dead body showing up to spur the investigation.

    20. alotofreadingandalittlewritingThis is my first ever ARC (Advanced Reading Copy) book that I have recieved so I was very excited. I won the book via a giveaway. Here is my very honest review:This is the second book in the Mad of Mod series. I have not read the first book, but the author sums up the previous book so its not necessary that you read it (although I would recommend it since so much of the story depended on the previous).Madison Night is an interior decorator with a very specific nich [...]

    21. To read this review and others like it check out my site homelovebooks Full disclosure, I haven’t read the first book in this series, so like all series that you jump into in the middle of, I am sure I am missing some of the backstory and little nuances from the first book. That being said, I think you can read this book as a standalone since the author did a pretty good job of catching me up on the events of the first book. So if you haven’t read the first one you can certainly start with t [...]

    22. That Touch of Ink by Diane Vallere is the second book in a series featuring Madison Night, a Doris Day wannabee with a Shih Tzu named Rocky. Madison is a mid-century modern interior decorator who owns her own business, Mad for Mod. She's also owner/landlord of her own apartment building. In this outing Madison has an old flame, Brad, send her a $5000 dollar bill, something she knows sends a message specifically for her. Meanwhile Tex, her police detective friend is watching her closely for a num [...]

    23. 4 STARS That Touch of Ink is the second book of A Mad for Mod Mystery. It picks up 6 months after Pillow Stalk ended. A new mystery starts when Madison receives a $5,000 dollar bill in the mail. Then her old boyfriend Brad shows up after 2 years wants to get back together. He is the one who sent her the bill.I like Madison Night. She is a strong fun character. She dresses like Doris Day of films and her hole business is to decorate from that age. Madison has a hard time trusting people since her [...]

    24. I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Doris Day? Rock Hudson? Did I get into a time machine without realizing it and set back in the late 1950s/early1960s? Nah, it’s not the real Doris and Rock; just a clever version of them (Madison and her dog Rocky). That Touch of Ink is the second book in the Mad for Mod series. I didn’t read the first book, Pillowstalk, but I never felt like I was lost. The author gave enough background from the first book t [...]

    25. This cosy mystery begins with a five thousand dollar bill, arriving by post. The recipient knows who must have sent it, and she's still mad at him. Madison Night stashes it away and gets on with redecorating. Then the sender reappears - Brad Turlington. Madison is soon breaking into a house with a distraught dog, whose owner is dead on the floor.The tale is set in Dallas. Lieutenant Tex Allen is interested in Madison, so when Brad takes her out for a meal, Tex happens to stand outside and make s [...]

    26. This an new author for me and it is the second in the series. I had no trouble understanding events that occurred in the previous book. I was thoroughly caught in the story.Madison Night receives a five thousand dollar bill in the mail. She realises her ex-boyfriend is alive. She moved to Dallas to start her life after Brad told her he was married and didn't intend to married her. Madison calls the local numismatist to check the bill out. Arriving at the shop trying to recuse a dog she stumbles [...]

    27. Madison is fun, if headstrong, and I love all the Doris Day references (I *really* want to watch The Glass Bottom Boat now), but there are WAY too many love interests.

    28. I had a lot of fun reading Vallere’s follow-up to Madison Night’s debut, Pillow Stalk. In That Touch of Ink, Madison has had a few months to recover from the reveal of a snippet of film with a message from her ex. When she receives a $5000 bill in the mail, a whole new mystery emerges from Madison’s past. I liked the more tightly written story this time, we already know about Madison’s retro business and bum knee and don’t have to go over that ground as much as in the first novel. I st [...]

    29. This book is fun! It's a quick, fun read with a likeable heroine and a cast of interesting characters. It's the best kind of chick lit/mystery combination.Madison has left a troubled past to start her mid-century modern decorating business in Dallas but her past comes back to haunt her. Just when her new life seems to be going really well, a past boyfriend shows up to wreak havoc on that new life. Murder and mayhem! The story has a lot of twists and turns and action. Quite satisfying.As a huge f [...]

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