Whodunnit? Murder on Mystery Island

Whodunnit? Murder on Mystery Island

Anthony E. Zuiker / Dec 09, 2019

Whodunnit Murder on Mystery Island Ten excited co workers arrive at the beautiful Avondale Resort on a remote island in the middle of the Caribbean having been told that they are being rewarded for their hard work and productivity But

  • Title: Whodunnit? Murder on Mystery Island
  • Author: Anthony E. Zuiker
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ten excited co workers arrive at the beautiful Avondale Resort on a remote island in the middle of the Caribbean, having been told that they are being rewarded for their hard work and productivity But their relaxing tropical getaway soon turns into a murderous nightmare After an extravagant first night dinner, the guests retire to their lavish suites only to be awakenedTen excited co workers arrive at the beautiful Avondale Resort on a remote island in the middle of the Caribbean, having been told that they are being rewarded for their hard work and productivity But their relaxing tropical getaway soon turns into a murderous nightmare After an extravagant first night dinner, the guests retire to their lavish suites only to be awakened by an ear splitting bang They rush to the smoking parlor to find Jordan, the company s intern, dead a massive hole in his chest Giles, the consummate English butler who seems to be in charge, announces that they must solve the crime or be the next victim The killer, who has booby trapped the island and cut off phone and Internet connections, is hiding among them Is it the HR representative with a penchant for Bloody Marys, the twenty two year old claims processor with the purity ring, or perhaps the head chef of the company cafeteria The killer plays with their minds, inviting them to explore the beautiful resort, from the infinity pool with the high dive to the white sand beach complete with jet skis and snorkel gear Their quest to find the clues that reveal how the killer pulls off each horrific slaying If they fail, they just might be the next to die.A must read for mystery fans, Whodunnit Murder on Mystery Island is full of mind bending surprises, challenging the reader to solve each ghastly murder along with the unfortunate resort guests It s Agatha Christie for the new millennium.

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        Anthony E Zuiker is the creator and executive producer of the American television show CSI Crime Scene Investigation He produced all three editions of the CSI franchise CSI Crime Scene Investigation, CSI Miami and CSI NY Besides his work on CSI, he also founded the murder mystery show Whodunnit He also assisted in the writing of Terminator Salvation He is currently involved in Blackbox TV, a YouTube series and is the executive producer and writer of the web series Cybergeddon.On September 8, 2009, Zuiker released Level 26 Dark Origins, a book with associated web based motion picture and interactive elements which he termed a digi novel Zuiker produced 20 cinematic cyber bridges, which readers are prompted to view online using special codes embedded in the book s text every 20 pages or so On October 14, 2010, Level 26 Dark Prophecy was released and the third installment, Level 26 Dark Revelations was released in 2011.


    1. 2.5*Very similar to the first book in this series. Not a bad way to while away some summer hours but these are not really mysteries in my sense of the term. It isn't possible for the listener to figure out who the murderer is before the big reveal and the killer's motivation is never explained.

    2. I got this free on audible, and it reminds me of a phase I went through reading bad free kindle books. Uggh. Basically 11 people end up on an island, one of them is a murderer and starts killing them off one by one while forcing them to play an investigative game. Apparently there's some TV show that goes with it. It seemed like each murder got progressively worse (gross/bizarre) and I would've stopped listening, except that it was only 5 hours long and I was mildly curious as to who the murdere [...]

    3. A quick who done it that was pretty good and also a freebie from Audible. The age old story of a group of trapped people forced to play a game for their individual survival. Some of the killings were pretty abrupt and others were done with a little flair. Good narration that added to the book.

    4. I kept waiting for the "contestants" to start asking why instead of who, waiting for the connection of why this group of people were picked to be killed, but it never came. And even when the killer was revealed, there was never an explanation of why. This was a morbid waste of time.

    5. OK, so I thought this was a neat idea, and I did listen through to the end, so that's why I bumped it up to 2 stars. Now for the parts I didn't like. While the format was kind of interesting, it didn't really make for much of a mystery. There weren't really any clues for the reader to pick up on, only the ones that were explicitly pointed out in the story. So this meant that the big reveal for each murder was almost redundant.Now for the murderer. Let's see, who could it be? No, it would be too [...]

    6. I listened to the audio version of this book, cleverly narrated by the man who plays Giles the butler on the Whodunnit? tv series. The narration was excellent- he has a great reading voice, and gives personality to the different characters. That the book is free on audible makes that a thoroughly enjoyable experience. The book itself is a fairly decent murder mystery. Unlike the first one (and the tv show, for that matter), I was able to guess who the murderer was fairly early on in the story. S [...]

    7. Just finished rereading this. I stand by my original review:I don't know, I like these books a lot. Hopefully they'll have a new season of the TV show too because the set-up is so much fun. But, like in the previous book in this series, there is weirdly a lot of very detailed descriptions of all of the meals to the point it seemed like it should be a clue. But it wasn't. I like food and recipes so this was a fun detail, but kind of out of place.Also (view spoiler)[ can the next book have the kil [...]

    8. I hope this becomes a nice, long series! Enjoyable, quick read with plenty of twists and turns. The creativity of the murderer is admirable (in a creepy sort of way.)I kept looking up the series because Giles referenced two previous events on several occasions. I was convinced this was book 3 but it wasn't. I hope that there was just a change in publishing order because it means another book would be coming out soon!

    9. While the first one is my favorite, this one is still enjoyable as well. I love the references to the show in it, which anyone who didn't want/wasn't a fan of the show wouldn't have understood. I loved the show, I love the books and I love the narrator.I love that these two books got me into audiobooks, so YAY!

    10. "March 12, 2017 – page 19170.22% "was the color of candle wax. He’d already bled out completely in just under a few minutes. It didn’t seem possible to those guests who knew anything at all about anatomy""March 12, 2017 – page 19069.85% "Aaron’s body drifted on the surface of the pool, facedown. Gary acted quickly, grabbing a pool cleaning net hanging on the wall of a nearby pool maintenance shed. He extended it out and pulled Aaron toward the edge of the diving pool. Then he reached d [...]

    11. Got this one for free from Audible.My thoughts as I listened: "Oh, let me guess, [X]. Naw, that's too cliched, the author would never go that route. Wait, no - I'll bet it's [Y]. No, that's silly. There's literally nothing more cliched than that. They wouldn't do that, either." "Oh. Look at that. I was right. Both times."Add to that the Survivor meets Saw premise. If you're into that, this book is for you. As for me, no thanks.

    12. A great book, almost as good as the first. If you read Whodunnit, read the first one first, the second one contains spoilers to the first.

    13. Okay, so I was absolutely stoked when this sequel to Murder in Mystery Manor came out. So stoked, in fact, that I had already pre-ordered it before it released and spent my early morning hours of the day it came out reading it, or shall I say listening to it, since I also bought the free audio book, I listened to it that whole day, finally finishing it in the dark hours of the evening.Now as far as audio books go, I tend to judge them by the reader, because ultimately to me, if the reader is not [...]

    14. WARNING: This is the second book in a series (currently two) and do not read this before reading "Murder in Mystery Mansion", the first volume.Giles the butler is the main character who was cursed by the killer in volume 1 to find himself in similar situations. (Here's hoping there are more volumes after this one). Giles is a professionally trained butler who is an estate manager. After being cursed in the first volume he is very cautious about his next assignments and tries to avoid placing him [...]

    15. I have always liked a good mystery and this was a very good one. I probably liked it even more because I managed to figure out who the killer was after the the second murder, though I could have easily been wrong. The set up is the same as the first book and works perfectly well even if you know how things are going to play out. The pace is fast and just right for what is going on. You get to know the characters just enough to give insight into the type of person they are, which helps you to dec [...]

    16. Murder On Mystery Island is not as good as book one. They have the same theme. Giles, the butler, plays host to a party of colleagues stranded on this occasion on an island. The murderer kills the party one by one. It is a version of Agatha Christie's, And Then There Were None. Christie's book is haunting these more bloody. I was exasperated early in the book because nobody on this corporate retreat challenges the killer. They just accept to play and abide by the rules of this adult version of C [...]

    17. This is the second book in the Whodunnit? series. I did a bit of looking around and it seems like it is the last book as of the time of this review. I listened to the audiobook of the first Whodunnit? Murder in Mystery Manor in October of this year. I gave it top stars. 5 out of 5. In this second audiobook, Giles the perfect English butler finds himself in yet another evil plot to kill off 8 people in a game of life and death. But this time it is taking place on a small tropical island. Giles is [...]

    18. Originally posted at Bunny's Review***Disclosure: Audio book purchased at Audible.***Earlier this year I started listening to audio books while I work. Just another way for me to get in more books to read. I was tired of listening to the radio each day and wanted some type of background noise. A friend and author recommend I start listening to audio book. I told her that I did not think I could get involved in the book as much as I did when reading. She kept pushing me to just try. Well I tried [...]

    19. If you read the first book in the series, get ready for more of the same. This novel is pretty much a carbon copy of the first. I gave the first book three stars, and this one is probably a two and a half because nothing original happens. Again, it's not a terrible book because it employs a tried and true formula, but the whole novel has a 'been there, done that' feel. Besides that, a couple of things really irked me. For one, the characters were far too accepting that they were trapped on the i [...]

    20. Short Review: The Whodunnit? book series is based on the television series of the same name. The television series is an actual competition where 10 or so individuals are brought to a mansion in order to essentially be the last man standing. One of the contestants is actually the killer, who in each episode kills off one of the contestants who had performed poorly in figuring out how the previous murder had been committed. I picked up the audiobooks for the two novels because I saw that they are [...]

    21. I pretty much listened to the audiobook in one day. This is not a difficult read nor is it a particularly difficult mystery. I listened to the previous audiobook as well (both are free on audible). I got them both because I had been watching the show and someone said these were more interesting. They are more interesting than the show, but don't expect any connection to the show. Other than Giles, the butler, nothing about the show has any impact on the books. In fact, the show takes place betwe [...]

    22. I actually liked the characters from this second book in the series a little better. I still love that Giles is consistently involved in each story. I also liked the setting of the island in its off season because it gave a better sense of the characters being trapped and helped to heighten the tension of the storyline.I love how the deaths are still just as complicated and unique but I felt the deaths in the book were more targeted to each victim than in the last book. As an avid CSI, Forensic [...]

    23. After reading the original Whodunnit? companion novel, I was quite excited to pick this one up. Now, before I get too deep into this, I will warn that I may end up spoiling something major further in. Make sure you're okay with that before continuing.The book itself was nicely written. Just as the first one, it followed the format of the TV show in a nice way. Also, much to my appreciation, the characters were unique and interesting unlike the first book's (in my opinion, some were too similar t [...]

    24. I liked this slightly better than Murder in Mystery Manor for the following reasons: it was shorter, had more creative chapter titles, the preexisting relationships between the characters added a bit more depth, it was fun to see Giles dealing with the ridiculous situation for the THIRD time and the killer actually had something resembling a means and motive. But I still think the curse thing is very stupid and the last person standing was likeable but sort of bland and probably the least develo [...]

    25. so as you know if you are reading this a group of people are stuck on an island and forced to "play a game" to figure out how the murders are committed. If you do well you get to live slightly longer. the story is not original though I think anyone would expect that from the name alone. I must say that I was fairly disappointed by the killer. it was the person I first thought it was. never once did my opinion waver even when I could tell the author was trying to get them you to think it was some [...]

    26. 1 1/2 stars. It gets a half star for trying to take a different spin on a popular plot.The idea behind this story is intriguing. What does the mystery look like from the eyes of the ubiquitous butler? However, that line of the story remained underdeveloped. In fact the story was rather gory, seemingly just for the sake of being gory. This book is simply a bunch of puzzles without much story or purpose. A sad copy of And Then There Were None. I even guessed the murderer early on, but there really [...]

    27. Second book in a series. I got both books free on Audible and enjoyed the reader's performance much more than the book. This had the same problem as the first - elaborate plot, totally unsatisfying ending. (Though this one had a better twist than the first.) The reason for the murderer choosing these victims and committing murders in the first place is the bigger mystery and goes unanswered. Given this is the second time (third, of you include the TV series that ties in with these books) that on [...]

    28. Just like its predecessor, Murder on Mystery Island is just an average read. We don't get much character development and the plot is extremely formulaic. It's not a deep, amazing read by any means. It's hard to refer to it as a "light read" either, because it's a murder mystery. It's just a very simple Whodunnit. It keeps you guessing pretty well and the most interesting part of the book is trying to figure out who is killing everyone and how the next person will be killed. I wish that the books [...]

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