The Jonah

The Jonah

James Herbert / Jan 19, 2020

The Jonah The shadow of his past was always with him but he never knew what it was or when it would strike next Sent to a small coastal town to investigate drug smuggling Kelso soon found his life and his san

  • Title: The Jonah
  • Author: James Herbert
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  • Page: 422
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  • The shadow of his past was always with him, but he never knew what it was or when it would strike next Sent to a small coastal town to investigate drug smuggling, Kelso soon found his life and his sanity in great danger.

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        James Herbert was Britain s number one bestselling writer a position he held ever since publication of his first novel and one of the world s top writers of thriller horror fiction He was one of our greatest popular novelists, whose books are sold in thirty three other languages, including Russian and Chinese Widely imitated and hugely influential, his 19 novels have sold than 42 million copies worldwide As an author he produced some of the most powerful horror fiction of the past decade With a skillful blend of horror and thriller fiction, he explored the shaded territories of evil, evoking a sense of brooding menace and rising tension He relentlessly draws the reader through the story s ultimate revelation one that will stay to chill the mind long after the book has been laid aside His bestsellers, THE MAGIC COTTAGE, HAUNTED, SEPULCHRE, and CREED, enhanced his reputation as a writer of depth and originality His novels THE FOG, THE DARK, and THE SURVIVOR have been hailed as classics of the genre.


    1. First published back in 1981, ‘The Jonah’ was Herbert’s eighth novel to be published. Moving slightly away from his previous splatterpunk and down right gritty horror subject matters, this well written and intriguing tale delivers a well balanced mixture between a thriller and a horror.Set in a quiet coastal town, Detective Jim Kelso (a typical Herbert style anti-hero) is placed on an assignment to discover the reason behind how a good honest local family came into contact with the drug LS [...]

    2. Despite a promising opening scene of squalid childbirth on the floor of an underground bathroom, this winds up being lesser Herbert, despite its circa-1981 anti-drugs hysteria. People die from ingesting a single pill of LSD and the bad guy is prone to making pages-long Bond villain speeches bragging about his LSD supply network. The speeches go on for so long even his henchman get restless. Think of how many times these poor schmoes have had to sit through this exact same speech. Never before ha [...]

    3. Basically, I have the same complaints and same praise that I have for most James Herbert books. The overly detailed and gratuitous sex scenes just had me rolling my eyes and rushing through the words as fast as I possibly could. Not quite as bad, but also useless and jarring is the switch to random people's viewpoints during an event. I don't much care what some random old man is pondering as he's about to die, I mean, if I wanted to read that, I would have read an introspective book about life [...]

    4. James Herbert has been a permanent feature of the bestsellers lists since “The rats” was first published in 1974. Often considered, mainly by those who haven’t read his books, to be a horror writer, his books and actually generally thrillers, all-be-it often with a supernatural twist. In facrt, his most famous series – Rats, Lair and Domain – are closer to science fiction. “The Jonah” is a detective story with a touch of the supernatural. Jim Kelso is a detective with the Drugs Squ [...]

    5. I've read all of Herbert's pulpy novels as a kid, and im enjoying re-reading them now, sort of as a palate cleanser between more serious or heavy novels. this one is good - but I'd actually give it 3.5 stars if I could. a troubled narrator - check. page turning action - check. graphic sex scenes - check. horror - check, but not nearly enough and too late on. but it's a bit of fun, to while away an hour or two.

    6. This was good but not one of his best. It failed to have the sense of sustained horror bubbling beneath the surface that is usually a presence in Herbert's horror books. The horror aspect doesn't really appear until it's too late to make much of an impact. It's a quick, easy read but there are other Herbert books I would pick up again before this one.

    7. Very slow, didn't have the underlying tension that I'm used to from Herbert, was hoping for a climactic ending, that just didn't "come", hurts to give the rating, but I have to be honest :/

    8. I am reviewing the supernatural thriller The Jonah by James Herbert which is a very good novel which I bought from a car boot sale. This novel was originally published in 1981 and this book was republished in 1988 presumably because James had achieved more success as an author. He is the most successful British horror author and is probably most famous for his novels The Spear & The Fog. The plot to this book starts in 1950 when the key character is a new born baby a few hours old that has b [...]

    9. Jim Kelso is niet zoals andere mensen en hij weet het. Hoewel hij uitblinkt in zijn werk als politieman en met niemand ruzie maakt, weigeren toch bijna alle collega's om met hem samen te werken. Want wie te dicht bij hem in de buurt komt vergaat het slecht. Kelso brengt onheil!Een rustig Engels kustplaatsje wordt plotseling opgeschrikt door een aantal gruwelijke gebeurtenissen. Een heel gezin wordt de dood ingesleurd. Een vliegtuig stort met donderend geweld in zee. Afschuw en angst maken de dor [...]

    10. Although an entertaining read, this thriller wasn't as satisfying as I'd hoped.[WARNING: SPOILERS]My main problem with the story is the climatic ending. After a straight narrative, competently plot driven staying with the main characters, Herbert breaks the general style with an interlude of scenes where we all of a sudden see what happens to other persons in the local. Although supposed to add to the climatic sea storm breaking in over the area, it was to me an annoying break from what was real [...]

    11. Much more of a thriller with a splash of chiller whilst I loved the relationship between the protagonists the supernatural element felt under utilised and thus the reveal failed to give me the same feeling of revealtion as other books by James Herbert like The Survivor. However, still a very worthwhile read with good lead character even if the supernatural element was under used.

    12. Enjoying the book quite a bit so far, but it needs to be said that Herbert's ideas about LSD are out-of-date. According to members of the UK government's Science Select Committee a few years ago, there are no recorded deaths from LSD, it is non-addictive, you can't overdose on it, and stories of people believing they can fly and jumping through windows are limited to only one or two cases in the 1960s.

    13. I've read quote a few of James Herbert's book, and they seem to fit into two camps: stories like "The Fog", "The Rats" and "Creed" are consistent great horror stories. Then there are those books that feel like two books glued together. "The Spear", "Sepulchre" and "The Jonah". There's some great moments, but it does feel like an average thriller attached to a great horror ending from a different book.

    14. Well, finsished this over the weekend and have to say I was a bit dissappointed. It was good, but I expect so much more from a James Herbert novel that I really missed the big scare!! It was more like a police procedural, with hints of horror that was a little bit too obvious for me. But now I've had my moan, I can say that that I did enjoy the read and am glad that I picked it up.

    15. I read this as a 14 year old school girl, and the fact the story remains as scary to me today, some 25+ years later is testament to James Herbert's fantastic imagination! Despite scaring the absolute cr*p out of me this remains one of my favourite books ever! Read it!

    16. This isn't one of Mr. Herbert's best books. It's slow. Halfway through the book next to nothing significant had happened. It's really just a bland thriller. Not much else to say. Only fans of the author should give it a go.

    17. This could be described as crime fiction with supernatural elements, and although the supernatural aspect was very predictable it was still enjoyable.I liked Jim Kelso's character, he was multi-layered, and Ellie worked well with him.Overall a quick, entertaining read.

    18. I enjoyed this book but found it less than a horror and more of a crime book with a twist at the end.He's written better.

    19. I was a huge James Herbert fan in the late 80's early 90's. Still have the books so must put them on my re read list.

    20. for one thing, the book was slow – it took forever to get exciting. But most maddening was the character of Ellie. She was supposed to be a police officer, but she was a complete and total wimp, constantly breaking into tears and having to be comforted by the hero. She was completely unbelievable as an officer of the law, and completely unprofessional as well – it is ridiculous that she would not call in the cavalry as soon as Kelso was kidnapped. She doesn't even wait to see if he's okay be [...]

    21. Maybe this book just didn't age well or maybe I just wasn't in the right frame of mind whilst reading it or maybe I just expect more from James Herbert. For me however, this book felt like I was reading the script for a 1980s police film. It had all the elements; a cop who has a cloud of bad luck hanging over his head is sent to a small town to get him out of the way. There he is reluctantly partnered with a woman detective. Within 50 pages of meeting they fall in love etc etc. The Jonah just fe [...]

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