The Last Hours of Humanity: Warming the World to Extinction

The Last Hours of Humanity: Warming the World to Extinction

Thom Hartmann / Feb 24, 2020

The Last Hours of Humanity Warming the World to Extinction None

  • Title: The Last Hours of Humanity: Warming the World to Extinction
  • Author: Thom Hartmann
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  • Page: 436
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        Thom Hartmann is a progressive radio talk show host, author, and retired businessman who was born and grew up in Michigan.His daily progressive radio talk show is syndicated and distributed to radio and television stations nationwide and in Europe and Africa.Thom has spent much of his life working with and for the International Salem relief organization In 1979 Hartmann and his wife Louise founded New England Salem Children s Village whose main purpose is to provide a home and a nurturing environment for neglected and emotionally disturbed children and New England Salem Childrens Trust NESCT Hartmann served as NESCT s Executive Director for five years, and on its board for over 25 years Through his affliiation with German Salem International organization and with that group he helped start international relief programs in Uganda, Colombia, Russia, Israel, India, Australia, and several other countries between 1979 and today.Thom Hartmann introduced the theory of hunters and farmers in his groundbreaking Attention Deficit Disorder A Different Perception In the book, Thom hypothesized that traits that were advantageous in a hunting culture being alert to every sound in the environment, willingness to take risks, etc became not so helpful when society switched to farming, and the prized trait was the ability to stick patiently to a task The hunters and farmers theory of ADHD children is the idea that they are the hunters who are able to take in continuous stimuli and react quickly to changing circumstances Whereas, non ADHD children are the farmers who are patient, methodical, and focused over long periods of time Unfortunately for ADHD children, traditional schools teach for the patient farmers , and not the alert and quick reacting hunters In 1998 the New England Salem Children s Trust established The Hunter School and began to serve children who struggle in traditional education settings because of the educational and behavioral differences associated with ADHD Hunter School, the Hunter School is a small, non profit residential and day school where young boys and girls with Attention Deficit Disorder ADD , Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD and Asperger s Syndrome are nurtured, educated and celebrated As an entrepreneur, Hartmann s also founded several successful businesses including Woodley Herber Company which operated until 1978 In 1983 he founded International Wholesale Travel and its retail subsidiary Sprayberry Travel and the Atlanta advertising agency Chandler, MacDonald, Stout, Schneiderman Poe, Inc which did business as The Newsletter Factory He sold his interest in that company in 1996 and retired to Vermont, although he and Louise now live in Washington D.C complete with a radio studio and their mascot attack cat, Higgins.


    1. A polemic. A good, well written polemic that I agree with but yet still informs me.Thom Hartmann pulls no punches and about climate change and what causes it. His most shocking but what I increasingly believe to be true is that the IPCC has been pulling its punches. It has erred on the side of caution and been conservative about its estimates of the acceleration of global warming. Hartmann makes the point that EVERY prediction it has made has thus far been wrong and this conservatism is giving u [...]

    2. Time to jump.There is a saying that a frog in hot water will jump out but that same frog will stay in the water (if the temperature is slowly raised) until it dies.The difference is we can control the temperature if we wake up to the fact of our impending extinction and take action. It's time to jump into action.

    3. The Last Hours of Humanity: Warming the World to Extinction by Thom Hartmann“The Last Hours of Humanity" is an alarming plea for action to stave off what is essentially a life and death scenario for humanity. Best-selling author and progressive talk-show host, Thom Hartmann provides the public with a clear, succinct and an updated look at the perils of global warming. This disturbing 46-page book includes the following six chapters: 1. The Extinction Threat, 2. The Great Dying…in fast forwar [...]

    4. This may be the scariest book you ever read. Humans have unleashed a change in our climate that resembles the beginning of the great Permian mass extinction that wiped out 95 percent of life on Earth 250 million years ago. It all starts with carbon dioxide, but after only a degree or two of warming, we start releasing frozen methane trapped in permafrost and under the ocean, and methane is 100x as potent as a greenhouse gas as carbon dioxide. Methane will add greatly to the Earth's warming, melt [...]

    5. Excellent book. Highly recommended for anyone concerned with our and our children's futureExcellent book. Highly recommended for anyone concerned for us living now and future generations. Easy to read and understand r stand

    6. It is rare to find a book that is so densely packed with scientific references and yet so easy to read. This is one of those books. Unfortunately this book did nothing but reinforce my belief that my baby's future is ****ed. Here are two random quotes that I found interesting: "When a mass extinction begins rolling down the hill of time, the geologic record shows that it picks up speed rapidly and then ends with a mass die-off of life. That mass die-off exhausts the processes that drive change i [...]

    7. Very Important for all of us! Climate Scientists may have calculated the results of their research in a very conservative manner under estimating any dangerous effects to the climate. Collectively, there has been a trend erring on the side of least drama. This is especially dangerous as we don't know where all of the planetary tipping points or boundaries are and will not know for sure when we pass, trip or cross a tipping point. Very large plumes (1 kilometer wide) of methane have been observ [...]

    8. The book was a sobering look at climate change as it's been playing out - going MUCH faster than even the worst predictions of just a few years ago. The book explains just why it is that scientists give warnings that are on the conservative side. Not, as popular media claims, "being alarmist" - and how and why alarmism just doesn't work for scientists. He goes into current predictions, why those predictions are as they are, and how and why many of the proposals will not help in the slightest if [...]

    9. When discussing global warming it seems to be hard for most writers to give an objective presentation. Mr. Hartmann did a pretty good job of just presenting the facts. Only a couple of times did the ax come out for sharpening and he went after some nay-sayer's head. Even in this short discussion, there were really only a couple of facts that he presented over and over and over again ok, you get it. It was a little distracting as a reader to be going, 'um, didn't I read that exact same point just [...]

    10. The end of life on EarthA well researched report on the state of affairs on global pollution and its horrifying effects on the planet and life on Earth. All the information and scientific data we need to change curse. But nobody is listening, not realizing how we are dangerously approaching extinction. A well presented picture of the end of times, anyone can understand. It should be made a text book in schools off all levels. We all must learn what we are doing to ourselves plunging like sheeps [...]

    11. Author Thom Hartmann concisely summarizes the geologic history of global warming (climate change) and the science behind it. In this clear, short work he tells us everything we need to know about Earth's six mass extinctions, including the impending one we are causing through our own irresponsible, extractive practices. Up to now I've focused primarily on the economic and political challenges of climate change, accepting the science as a given. Thanks to Last Hours of Humanity I am now well info [...]

    12. Melting polar ice and permafrost are going to release a metric fuck-ton of methane and carbon dioxide which will accelerate the warming of the planet and send us into a temperature death spiral that would make a journey to hell look like a day at the beach. And it's probably too late to do anything.

    13. Quite interesting. Heard most of this before but it was good revision. Have read better versions because I thought the referencing was a bit weak and this will be used by the skeptics to dismiss the arguments. Referencing has to be meticulous in this debate. Enjoyed it.

    14. This was a short but very scary read into the current crisis the world is facing regarding climate change (or carbon emissions). Perhaps I should go and build myself and my family a bunker of some sort.

    15. SoberingWe are living in a science fiction reality, except it isn't fiction. This is the future we are facing. There is no guidebook for how to prepare for extinction. It's hard to even wrap ones mind around.

    16. Fairly good rundown; I never give 5 stars to scientific persuasion books. Need lots of fact checking, though. Also it's a bit over-the-top.

    17. Clear. Short. Concise. Easy, quick and informative. Rather depressing but we should all be concerned. Author does a nice job of making the impact of global warming understandable.

    18. A very short and light read. Decent as a first intro to the issues of global warming for those who don't really want to invest any effort.

    19. Brief and Brilliantlays out effectively what is plainly at stake and the mostly consequences of the next twenty years. Very scary and sobering.

    20. Best 2 dollars you can spend! If you don't know about the threat of global methane emmissions, you should read this book. It's very short.

    21. Um excelente resumo das razões para o aumento das temperaturas e do impacto na vida como a conhecemos. Pareceu-me bastante factual.Não há plano B para os efeitos do aquecimento global

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