Dunkle Sehnsucht des Verlangens

Dunkle Sehnsucht des Verlangens

Christine Feehan Katja Thomsen / Feb 24, 2020

Dunkle Sehnsucht des Verlangens Als er ihre Stimme h rt wei er Sie ist f r ihn bestimmtDie begabte S ngerin Desari hat eine magische Stimme die alle Menschen fasziniert vor allem aber Julian Savage den einsamen J ger Julian will

  • Title: Dunkle Sehnsucht des Verlangens
  • Author: Christine Feehan Katja Thomsen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Paperback
  • Als er ihre Stimme h rt, wei er Sie ist f r ihn bestimmtDie begabte S ngerin Desari hat eine magische Stimme, die alle Menschen fasziniert vor allem aber Julian Savage, den einsamen J ger Julian will eigentlich sein Leben beenden, denn er ist verflucht, auf ewig allein zu sein Nur seinen letzten Auftrag, Desari vor dem Tod zu bewahren, will er noch ausf hren Aber aAls er ihre Stimme h rt, wei er Sie ist f r ihn bestimmtDie begabte S ngerin Desari hat eine magische Stimme, die alle Menschen fasziniert vor allem aber Julian Savage, den einsamen J ger Julian will eigentlich sein Leben beenden, denn er ist verflucht, auf ewig allein zu sein Nur seinen letzten Auftrag, Desari vor dem Tod zu bewahren, will er noch ausf hren Aber als er sie singen h rt, wird er von tiefen Gef hlen und von Sehnsucht nach dieer Frau ergriffen Doch die sch ne S ngerin widersetzt sich seiner Kraft und wird von einer Gruppe besch tzt, die Julian feindlich gesinnt ist Julian ist verr ckt vor Verlangen, er muss diese Frau besitzen

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    1. 4 New Family Stars*Spoilers*Sing for me, cara mia. I love the sound of your voice. It is a miracle. You bring me peace and joy when you sing. You make my body burn as it never has before. Sing for me.-JulianFirst read June 2012 Reread January 18, 2016Reread January 27, 2017Dark Challenge the 5th book in the Dark series by Christine Feehan was a nice read. But for me a little slow which is why it's a 4 star and not 5. Julian and Desari are a very sweet couple and I enjoyed reading about Desari's [...]

    2. Finally, a heroine in this series that doesn't make me want to slap her on her mouth with a glass frog, repeatedly. Instead of throwing childish tantrums to prove her "adult" status, Desari talks and explains like a logical human being. And miracle of miracles, the hero actually listens and agrees, instead of beating his chest hair in a manly way and saying "I know better, obey me silly female". Just this phenomenon would be enough for me to give 4 stars to this book. But the sex scenes! Someone [...]

    3. I liked Julian. His history was sad. Desari was not my favorite. I believe I thought she was a bitch early and then she became a self centered bitch. So uncompromising. I thought for sure at some point she would give an inch to Julian on her career or spending every waking minute with her annoying family. But nope. Not at all. And she bitches to him about them not spending time together! I liked that she was powerful in her own way. I did not like the burden she placed on Julian and her family b [...]

    4. Despite how much I enjoyed book #2, this is the book that makes the series pop for me. Maybe it's the fact that a Carpathian male is matched up with a Carpathian female of equal power, not a newly turned fledgling. It was nice seeing the female portrayed as someone with gifts that match her lifemate's.This is the story of Julian Savage (Book #3-Aidan's twin brother) who has been a solitary hunter for nearly his entire existence. His lifemate is Desari, the younger sister of Gregori (Book #4), wh [...]

    5. Another lovely addition to the "Carpathian" series.Dark Challenge is the story of Julian and Desari.Julian is the rebel twin of Aiden, a vampire hunter who chose to live alone after he exchanged bloods with a vampire and prepares for his end.On his last mission as requested by Gregori, he meets the gypsy singer Desari, surrounded by leopards, and finally finds his lifemate and colors.It was absolutely lovely to see two Carpathians mating. I loved the family bond between Darius, Desari, Barack, S [...]

    6. 2nd time reading - this time by audiobook.Finally a woman that doesn't fight fate! I loved how she saw how she felt and wasn't scared of it or blaming him for her feelings. I forgot how much I enjoyed this book.

    7. ¿Qué puedo decir de mi amado Julian y de Desari? Esta es la tercera vez que lo leo y me ha encantado como siempre, estoy deseando ver a los personajes en las siguientes historias.Repasemos un poco, Julian Savage es un cazador carpatiano experimentado que guarda un secreto oscuro que lo hace sentirse sin el derecho a tener lo que le ha deparado el destino, a pesar de todo es inevitable que se sienta sumamente imposibilitado de dejar de lado a su otra mitad, porque es la luz para su oscuridad, l [...]

    8. Dark Challenge is book 5 in Dark series by Christine Feehan. From previous books we learned about Julian Savage who was Aidan’s twin brother, who was featured in Dark Gold. Desari is Gregori’s younger Carpathian sister who can sing. She is an ancient, but was thought to have been killed a long time ago. Like all Carpathians, Julian drinks blood; he can shape-shift; he is telepathic; and he can not go out in the sun. The males of the species lose their ability to see in color and can no longe [...]

    9. Great paranormal, romantic suspense. Julian's story is especially interesting because we are introduced to a whole new family of Carpathians. The secondary story becomes just as interesting as the primary. With the total Carpathian series being a definite formula, this twist added all the interest needed to keep the reader riveted. The steamy scenes were also more thoughtful and easily skippable for those who prefer.

    10. Entretenidísimo, como todos los de la saga. Lo que más me ha gustado de esta historia es su protagonista, por fin una carpatiana antigua que tiene poderes y que puede defenderse.La única pega que le pongo a la saga, es que parece que Christine Feehan tiene alergía a los encuentros familiares. Me encantaría leer como interactúan entre ellos después de tantos años separados.

    11. Centuries of hunting the undead had left Julian Savage ready to face the dawn, he only had one more task to perform for his prince. The safety of a singer, Desari, was in question after her name was found on a list. Arriving at the concert hall, Julian was amazed to find that even the security at the front door seemed to feel his presence. After seeing and hearing Desari, the color and light and emotions that flooded him left him unaware of the assassins in the hall. He was there to protect her [...]

    12. This was my favorite book in the series so far. I really loved Julian. I felt so sorry for him at his forced separation from his twin brother because of the vampire threats. Julian had such a great sense of humor and he didn't have the overbearing possessiveness that the other males in the previous books had. Desari was great too. She was really strong and powerful and was afraid to show it and put Julian in his place when he deserved it. They were such a great couple. I also loved Darius. The b [...]

    13. Dark Challenge is the fifth book in this series by Christine Feehan. It was a little slow but a good book. Julian and Desari are such a great couple. I loved reading about Desari family. You seem to forget I am no fledgling but your equal. Do not waste your energy attempting the impossible.Julian was a chilled kind of guy. He had a very funny sense of humor. He had to learn the hard way about women listening and obeying him. He had to learn to compromise with his lifemate. Well I could go on and [...]

    14. This is my second favorite book out of this series. I liked the whole concept about the Carpathians. This was really original and I’d never come across anything remotely like this. The women being rare and therefore precious and protected was sweet, and even the males’ arrogance was tolerable. I liked the fact that they couldn’t see colors or feel emotions without a lifemate. Even the term lifemate was cool to me.But boy does this lady know how to beat something to death. The repetitivenes [...]

    15. Julian felt a smile softening the hard edge of his chiseled lips. A lifemate. After all these centuries, after never believing. Why in the world would he be chosen for such a thing? Out of all the Carpathian males he knew, men who religiously followed the rules, why would he find a lifemate? He was practically an outlaw.-Julian's thoughtsJulian could not take his eyes from her. She was so beautiful, he could barely find it in him to breathe. This was the one? His lifemate? No one, least of all h [...]

    16. I'm so excited about the changes going on in the series, it's as if all my demands and complains had been heard and everything I was hoping for became reality. It's funny because with series this long I usually get bored easily, but with this one I can't seem to stop reading. I'm getting addicted to this Carpathian's world. I loved reading Julian's story. After Aiden, I just had so many questions about this intriguing and mysterious character. Why was he so secluded? Why would he go away from ev [...]

    17. First read June 2010So I decided to try re-reading some of my favorites of these. I have to say that I probably would not give it a 5 stars today, I have better paranormal to compare it to and after reading on in the series and getting the repetitive sex and domineering male thoughts and actions, I would dock this one star for the snore worthy sex. I would change it but I would want to read the whole series to readjust all the ratings so that they match. I don't think I have that energy. So real [...]

    18. Dark Challenge is another well deserved 5 star book by Christine Feehan. The story of Julian Savage who has been sent out by the Prince of the Carpathian people Mikhail Dubrisky and an his 2nd in command Gregori Daratrazanoff to locate and protect a women Desari whom they believe to be a human with Physic gifts. Wow!! what Julian finds is not only his Lifemate but a whole group of singers and band players that are all lost Carpathians. They call themselves the Dark Troubadours. Not only are they [...]

    19. This was a great romance story and loved the relationship between Desari and Julian who are both two strong Carpathian Ancients. Desari has a very special gift with her voice and is a very strong woman. I also loved all of the characters who are in her band. Darius is a strong Ancient through his bloodline and saved and raised 6 Carpathian children one of whom turned vampire. But they all have strong strengths in them and obey what ever Darius tells them as their official leader not knowing ther [...]

    20. Dark Challenge is book 5 in Dark series by Christine Feehan. From previous books we learned about Julian Savage who was Aidan’s twin brother. Desari is Gregori’s younger Carpathian sister who can sing. She is an ancient, but was thought to have been killed a long time ago.Since I’m a fan of strong female leads, Desari was not a “why are you doing this to me gal” as previous books. The intolerable Carpathian Warrior male dominance made me a little weary.Get over it already. Desari’s c [...]

    21. Wonderful and sensual story of yet another golden Carpathian…Julian twin brother of Aidan has given up hope of meeting his life mate and he knows he’s on the verge of turning into an evil vampire or ending his life.He meets Desari, the beautiful singer in the band The Dark Troubadours and he knows he has found the woman who will save him.Wow…e 5th book in the series is HOT HOT….I absolutely loved the band and the members. The story is absolutely incredible…I drank in every word I read [...]

    22. This one was really good. I loved Desari's story - finally a carpathian woman who's just as powerful (in some ways more) than her lifemate! The only thing that dissapointed me was the storyline between Barack and Syndil. What happened there? It seemed to me that they were lifemates but they couldn't work through Syndil's pain. And it was never explained I don't understand. I hope there is more to their story later on in the series.

    23. this was better the 1st time around.once u get past the initial coolness& sweetness,once u step back,it all seems rlly ridiculous. they lose emotion &colors all rlly dramatic.her stories&characters r so similar and predictable that it becomes a case of-will this girl be a singer or dancer this time? her storylines r all the samee just changes the professions of the girls.wud be nice if she got more realistic &relatable characteres&jobs.her dark series r so alike.a lot of rept [...]

    24. I honestly should have waited longer to dive into this series again. I kinda power read the first 4 books but now that I'm on the 5th I am realizing they are all kinda the same. Male that spends centuries without color or emotions, a predator by nature fighting the urge to greet the dawn or become the undead. He finally finds his lifemate in the most unexpected place. She refuses to succumb to being obedient even if it involves her safety, and insists that she is an independent woman. Of course [...]

    25. Yup! I was right, Julian and the singer, Desari.And this definitely switched things up for me. It was even a bit feminist! (other reviews for this series here)Let's get down to it!So, as we know from Dark Magic, Julian, Aidan's twin, is pretty close to changing. In an effort to keep him going a bit longer, Gregori gives him the task of protecting a human woman the society thinks is a vampire.Of course she's his lifemate.But here's the good part: She's Carpathian!OK, so back in the day, the Carpa [...]

    26. Absolutely loved this storye series gets better with each book. It is intriguing how Christine is able to make each story so different, even though it is the same "clan" of people. Loved Desari's character in this story - so nice to see how strong the females are in her stories. Can't wait to read more!

    27. I do enjoy this series but geez I am a bit tired of the repeated carpathian are dominate males and women are sweet little lifemates. Sure the women refuse the "dominate male mentality" but still - I get it, they can't help but want their lifemate despite the cavemen ways. meh. I want a little less repetition please. Despite my complaints I am glad that Julien found his lifemate and that they can live happily ever after now.Find all my reviews and more at The Genre Minx Book Reviews

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