Amanda Rose

Amanda Rose

Karen Robards / Feb 28, 2020

Amanda Rose From the mistress of sizzling sensuality Romantic Times comes a riveting romance about a swashbuckling hero and the high spirited lady who wins his heart In England Lady Amanda Rose Culver saves

  • Title: Amanda Rose
  • Author: Karen Robards
  • ISBN: 9781475602326
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • From the mistress of sizzling sensuality Romantic Times comes a riveting romance about a swashbuckling hero and the high spirited lady who wins his heart In 1840 England, Lady Amanda Rose Culver saves handsome, falsely convicted murderer Matt Grayson s life when he is wounded as he barely escapes the gallows Finding the American semi conscious on the shore near the cFrom the mistress of sizzling sensuality Romantic Times comes a riveting romance about a swashbuckling hero and the high spirited lady who wins his heart In 1840 England, Lady Amanda Rose Culver saves handsome, falsely convicted murderer Matt Grayson s life when he is wounded as he barely escapes the gallows Finding the American semi conscious on the shore near the convent where she has been imprisoned by her older brother, the Duke of Brookshire, Amanda gets Matt to safety and hides him from the searchers combing the countryside for him The beautiful, headstrong eighteen year old is desperate to escape an arranged marriage the badly wounded convict is just desperate to escape As Amanda nurses him back to health, and the clock ticks down as they wait for a ship to take Matt back to America before the authorities can find him, they discover an intense physical attraction stranger than anything innocent Amanda has ever imagined existed Even jaded Matt finds himself falling head over heels in lust and love But then something happens that threatens to destroy both their lives AMANDA ROSE is one that readers will remember for a long time Romantic Times And don t miss Karen Robards newest crime thriller, THE ULTIMATUM, available in June New York Times, USA Today and Publisher s Weekly bestselling author Karen Robards is the six time winner of Affaire de Coeur s Silver Pen Award for favorite romance author One of the finest, most talented writers of romantic history today Affaire de Coeur Ms Robards has the marvelous talent to zero in on the heart of erotic fantasy She seems to know instinctively our most secret thoughts and then dreams up the perfect scenario to give them free rein The result is pure magic Romantic Times Karen Robards is one of the most popular voices in women s fiction Newsweek About the Author Ever since I was a little girl, I ve loved to write My first book was a ten page effort written at age five for my grandmother Throughout grade school, high school and college I wrote for various school publications When I was eighteen, my first professionally published piece a humorous anecdote appeared in Reader s Digest Still, it never occurred to me that I might become a professional writer I aimed for a career as a lawyer and was actually in law school when I sold my first book When that happened, the world lost a would be lawyer and gained a writer That book, which is still in print, is Island Flame, and it was published when I was twenty four Since then, I ve written over forty books, which regularly appear on the New York Times, USA Today, and Publisher s Weekly bestseller lists, among others The mother of three sons, I read, I write, and I chauffeur children That s my life.

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        Karen Robards is the New York Times, USA Today, and Publishers Weekly bestselling author of than fifty books and one novella She has won multiple awards including six Affaire de Coeur Silver Pen Awards for favorite author.Karen has been writing since she was very young, and was first published nationally in the December 1973 Reader s Digest She sold her first romance novel, ISLAND FLAME, when she was 24 It was published by Leisure Books in 1981 and is still in print After that, she dropped out of law school to pursue her writing career.Karen was recently described by The Daily Mail as one of the most reliable thriller.writers in the world.


    1. DNF at 37% with a little bit of "ick".I've never really given much thought to how long I've been reading romances. They have just always been lying around - on bookshelves, my kindle, library books, borrowed from friends, given away and fondly remembered, just always there. I talk a lot about Shanna being the first one I read back in the late 70s, but I've never really connected the dots between how old I was then, and how old I am NOW. It really became clear to me today when I picked up Amanda [...]

    2. 4.8 swoon-worthy-brilliant-banter-alpha-male starsMATT F*CKING GRAYSON I love Matt, mummy issues, ass-hat behaviour and all I seem to be amongst the small minority who actually came to enjoy this novelYou are all fully aware that I never favourite a novel unless it's 5 stars, but this is the exception. I have forever been told that Robards is one hell of a story teller when it comes to romance and so I gave her a go. This novel- quite frankly blew me away! I was not expecting it to be that enjoy [...]

    3. Not great, not bad either. The sex scenes were a bit TMI for me, and the adjectives flew pretty heavy at times. There is a bit of a big misunderstanding that leads to the heroine being kidnapped and (view spoiler)[ the hero having rape in mind as revenge for supposedly being betrayed (hide spoiler)], but it wasn't quite as bad as I'd been prepared for based on other reviews. I might have rated it higher, but I really didn't connect strongly with either of the characters or feel any real passion [...]

    4. Victorian Set in England and New Orleans, the Innocent and the Older ManRobards is a great romance author and always delivers a fast-paced story. I love her historicals. This one, while not my favorite, is still a worthy read and kept me up late at night to finish it.The story begins in 1842 as ship’s captain Matt Grayson, an American from New Orleans is about to hang in London—for crimes he didn’t commit. He escapes from the gallows but is wounded as he flees to the coast. There, he is di [...]

    5. I read this because I was curious whether the itty bitty heroine falls for her rapist thing could be done well by anyone other than Woodiwiss or Gaffney. (Why was I wondering this? Because of a thread on .)Not only is that iffy trope not done well here, it's boring. The hero is a self-absorbed wanker and the heroine has the sense of a turnip. The plot is heavy on the wrong details--maybe it's just me but extended descriptions of the wind-swept coast make me drowzy--and light on ones that matter- [...]

    6. Convent-bred teenager rescues and secretly cares for an injured man, who repays her by repeatedly raping and emotionally battering her because of a big misunderstanding. So naturally, she loves him all the more Rapey and vicious even by the standards of 80s bodice rippers. Back then, I had a pretty high tolerance for abusive "heroes" and heroines who loved them for it, but this one just made me feel ashamed that I was reading it. Be warned.

    7. Karen Robards mistura em Amanda Rose aventura e romance. A história ocorre em 1842, quando o capitão Matt Grayson (beirando aos trinta), um americano de Nova Orleans está próximo de ser enforcado por um crime que não cometeu. Num golpe de sorte consegue escapar e mesmo ferido vai parar na praia nas proximidades do convento, onde a órfã e herdeira Amanda Rose (17 anos) vive até completar a maioridade. Ela foi confinada lá pelo meio-irmão Ela o socorre e o ajuda a se esconder. Uma inespe [...]

    8. Hooked from the beginning scenes -- a hanging, hiding in a cave, to the convent. Seductive and humorous. Silly Amanda, I liked her - and I could see how Matt found her charming and felt for her plight -- especially when she's so good to him in his hours of need. She's his angel with red hair. He warns her not to fall in love with him. I wish he'd warned me. All goes tedious post-kidnapping aboard ship (middle book). He's all mean & distant, so the story suffers, Amanda suffers, you suffer. [...]

    9. I will admit that the first half of the story was good. But after Matt rapes Amanda, the story lost its appeal. I can't believe after all the verbal and physical abuse she suffer, she went back to him. It would have been better if she became a nun or stayed and fall in love with Matt's brother Zack. The story would have become interesting.

    10. Half n halfStoryline sounded good. Somebody did not do a good job proofreading. Lead female character was annoying in some cases. She was a sheltered/innocent teen but was fast to give up her innocence.

    11. 1.5 stars My first Karen robard's was the last victim and liked it very much So I thought all her writing would be up to par However i was disappointed with this book. Matt was a total douchebag and the whole misunderstanding that you typically see in these historical romances wasn't very convincing. One minute he can see right through her and can detect and lie when he sees it and he next minute he's a stupid ignorant jerk. The story about his mother in my mind wasn't strong enough to have that [...]

    12. I really enjoyed this for the first 50%. Literally. After that, the entire thing was about the "Hero" being very stupid and the classic betrayal issue (when no betrayal had taken place). By that point, the heroine had done MORE than enough as a Good Samaritan, friend, and lover to prove herself. I found it very infuriating. Somewhere between light abuse, emotional neglect, and animosity, it became difficult to like the couple together at the end. I managed to, and I found the ending to be very s [...]

    13. 3.5 stars. This wasn't a bad read at all, if u can get over a bit of the hero's Jerkdom. But still, he had a flimsy excuse of first thinking Amanda betrayed him, then his own insecurities. What bothers is Amanda's flaccid spine ! She forgave his one mistake after the other. That which saved the book was a hint here and there that Matt was hard and abrassive because he was vulnerable to Amanda. He did love her in his own way , but was afriad to own it. Also the lasting/climax was somewhat satisfa [...]

    14. I liked a lot. Amanda falls for Matt an American who owns his own ship and is a captain. He has escaped is believed to be a murderer, He sometimes has eyes that are murderous,lolShe was living in a convent to escape from our mean step brother. He is out to get her to marry, to benefit him.She falls in Love with him, and he falls in love with her. They both try to fight their feelings. one misunderstanding leads to another.He can be brutal at times.She proves her love for him, and so does he.

    15. Bad romance novel making excuses for rape. The main character, Amanda is raped by her hero, Matt. She says no, she pushes him away, she cries for him to stop. He holds her down, tells her he lost "control" after, and that it was her fault because she wanted sex in the first place, then he storms out. The next morning Amanda wakes up and decides to forgive him for no explainable reason. The story wasn't that good in the first place and it certainly never came back after this from the little I rea [...]

    16. Avventura e romanticismo, ma con un retrogusto amaroQuesto romanzo da una parte mi è piaciuto, dall'altra, come per i precedenti romanzi che ho letto della stessa autrice, mi ha lasciato la sensazione di un "retrogusto amaro" perché c'è sempre secondo me nei romanzi della Robards un sottofondo inquietante fatto di intrighi e violenze che fa da contraltare alle avventure e agli imprevisti che i due innamorati devono superare prima del lieto fine

    17. 1-1/2 stars. The male "hero" is a complete jerk. I kep waiting to like him, and I never could. And Amanda was such a doormat! She kept putting up with his vile behavior because "she loved him." Bah. They both made me sick.And she was a mass of hyperboles. SO pure, SO good, SO forgiving, SO beautiful. She was a one dimensional doll. And the book seemed to contain almost nothing but cliches and (overused) tropes. Ugh. Do yourself a favor and don't waste your time reading this book

    18. English girl in trouble meets American guy in trouble in England. both overcome the odds and come out aheadbut will it be with each other or not. A bit of history, a bit of romancea bit of politics to show not a recent occurrence,a bit of men manipulating females thrown in to keep it lively.

    19. I really like this book. It's easy to read. It's kind of short but not so much that you think it wasn't worth it. It's set back in England - when there was still "ladies" and they were very proper. Amanda meets Matt and the story goes from there. Matt owns and captains ships and he lives in America.

    20. I like the other brother's stories better. Amanda is kind of all over the place. she's brave one minute then immature and not relatable the next. she was way too young emotionally to be in a real relationship.

    21. Exiled to a convent by a stepbrother who hates her, Amanda Rose one day stumbles - literally - over an escaped felon. Typical of the '80's romance, there's lots of misunderstanding and borderline if not actual abuse before the couple finally decides they're made for each other.

    22. Was there ever such an unlikeable hero? Run Amanda, run. Even at the end he was brutal.I am usually not so harsh, but just did not like this one. I got it from the library e-books where it is going back.

    23. Love the way Karen Robards spins her story. Plot is typical but somehow when Karen puts her characters together, it turned magical and lovely! I simply adore Amanda's courageous personality! Worth reading.

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