The Stranger from the Sea

The Stranger from the Sea

Winston Graham / Jan 24, 2020

The Stranger from the Sea Cornwall Stephen Carrington s arrival in the Poldark household changes all their lives For Clowance and Jeremy in particular the children of Ross and Demelza Stephen s advent is the key t

  • Title: The Stranger from the Sea
  • Author: Winston Graham
  • ISBN: 9780330345019
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cornwall, 1810 1811 Stephen Carrington s arrival in the Poldark household changes all their lives For Clowance and Jeremy in particular, the children of Ross and Demelza, Stephen s advent is the key to a new world one of both love and danger This novel is set in early 19th century Cornwall.

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        Winston Graham was the author of forty novels His books have been widely translated and the Poldark series has been developed into two television series, shown in 22 countries Six of Winston Graham s books have been filmed for the big screen, the most notable being Marnie, directed by Alfred Hitchcock Winston Graham was a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature FRSL and in 1983 was invested an Officer of the Order of the British Empire OBE In his death, he left behind a son and daughter.


    1. Let's be clear this was still good but for me more of a struggle. Two problems - it's all about the kids; Jeremy, Clowance, Valentine etc and there's a lot of social history. The first half is Napoleon and politics the second half is steam engines. I miss all the miners and minor characters like Zacky and Jud and Drake and Sam. Plus I don't like Stephen Carrington - he can go straight back in the sea.

    2. "Save a stranger from the sea and he will turn your enemee."The Stranger from the Sea (book 8 of the Poldark saga) begins ten years after book 7, The Angry Tide, ended. Life has continued for our familiar inhabitants of Cornwall. Children have grown and more children have been born and the author cleverly catches us up on all the occurences by a chance reunion and conversation in Portugal on the eve of a battle between French and British forces. My knowledge of historic events during this time p [...]

    3. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel. I had had some recollections of the PBS Poldark Series when it was on TV back in the 1970s. But beyond that, I did not know anything else about Ross Poldark and his family. That is, until I read this novel, the first of the series for me. In this novel, Winston Graham provides rich character sketches of Clowance and Jeremy, two of the Poldark children. Clowance is a free-spirited, sensitive, yet sober-minded kind of young lady. You see her becoming acquai [...]

    4. Book Eight of the Poldark Series, The Stranger from the Sea takes place ten years after Book Seven, The Angry Tide. I was concerned that this would mean an abrupt transition from the story of Ross and Demelza to that of the next generation. I have had this happen with other sagas and found it disconcerting. Not to fear, Winston Graham knows precisely how to tell a story with continuity and progress mixed in perfect proportions.Life has continued apace since we left Ross at a moment of sadness, b [...]

    5. The Stranger From The Sea is the eighth book in the Poldark saga by Winston Graham and continues the sweeping story of the Poldark family. This series has been a marvelous blend of historical fact and romantic fiction. Graham focuses heavily on the dreams and aspirations of the next generation here as he continues to paint a portrait of the history of Cornwall. This installment introduces some new and colorful characters. The energy and restless spirit of Jeremy Poldark, the son of Ross and Deme [...]

    6. Unlike the previous books, this one does not start in the year the year the last one finished. It opens a decade later, in 1810. The first chapters are set not in Cornwall, but find Ross in Portugal where he is once again fighting in a war. This time it is against the French army led by Napoleon.He meets up with Geoffrey Charles, son of Elizabeth. On the eve of a battle.In Cornwall the story opens with widower George wooing Harriet. Clowance is now in her late teens.This, the 8th in the series m [...]

    7. This is more about the kids than anything. Jeremy is obsessed with steam and a girl he can't have. I suspect he'll become famous for the first train or horseless carriage in the end. Clowance (ugh, that name) has suitors from every walk of life, including Stephen from the title, who just makes me uncomfortable in every way. Something slippery and unreliable about him, and there was a little throwaway line from Dwight Enys about rescuing a man from sea, he'd soon become your "enemee." No doubt th [...]

    8. SPOILER ALERT!This book was a gross disappointment after the other delightful Poldark books, mainly because: a. it focuses too much on war and especially politics; andb. it leaves out so many characters we've come to love.After all the time spent on Drake in past books, we get a one liner that he and Morwenna are living away, have one child (guess she got over being touched), and work in Ross' boatyard? And Sam has wooed and won Rosina Hoblyn, but that's about all we hear about them? Almost noth [...]

    9. 3.5 stars. Although this book marks a significant transition to the younger generation of Poldarks and Warleggans, there’s still a satisfying number of pages with Ross and Demelza and George Warleggan.It’s 1810 and the king’s madness has returned. There is rampant speculation that a Regency will bring about a change of government and an immediate end to the war. Warleggan is one of the speculators, and his unwise investment marks one of the few times we see him stumble. Warleggan is a bast [...]

    10. Thoroughly enjoying this series. I would have given this 3.5 if I could. Definitely setting the stage for upcoming events. Love these characters! So well developed.

    11. Another winner! This time we delve into the lives of Jeremy and Clowance, Ross and Demelza's older children. Jeremy is now 19, Clowance 17, and they are experiencing life as people on the brink of adulthood. I absolutely adore the warm, friendly relationships that the children have with their parents. I'm so tired of the worn-out trope of the angst-ridden, rebellious, misunderstood teen with the parent who is either distant (or not distant enough), oblivious, unloving, or just plain stupid. It's [...]

    12. I thoroughly enjoyed all the previous Poldark books - I've always felt that I was in the hands of a master romance spinner. With Winston Graham, I could just sit back, relax and lose myself in the story.However, the beginning of Stranger from the Sea made me a bit nervous. The book gets off to a wobbily start with lots of exposition. You get the feeling the author rushed through the first half of the book while his editor was on vacation. He uses "inimical" twice within a couple pages which both [...]

    13. Clearly a "set-up" for events to come, this book hops over a decade or so to start the stories of the second generation. To be fair, after the ending of the near-perfect book seven, I fully understand that temptation. Yet -- although most of the previous characters still are around -- the personalities of the children need to work up a head of "steam" before any of them become quite as distinct. As a result, only one thing of consequence (brilliantly slipping Ross into early 19th Century high po [...]

    14. Very good continuation of the saga of these Cornwall families. Story begins ten years after the prior book in the series so the second generation family members are the center characters. Very good background of the history of the late days of the Napoleonic wars too.

    15. After the last Poldark book, I could see why Winston Graham finished the series. When he picks up the story- 8 years later, Jeremy and Cowlance are in their young adults and there is another Poldark child, Isabella Rose. Ross and Demelza are settled into their lives and they watch with concern and pride as their two oldest children begin to make their way in the world.The story was a bit clunky at first as Graham picked up the threads after years away from the Poldark's story, but it finally fou [...]

    16. Ahh this is my least favorite in the series so far, just because it was 80% war political commentary and 20% typical Cornish drama. I was a bit disappointed about the transition from the last book and it’s shocking death ending and the minor mention of it in the big time jump in this one.

    17. number 8 in the poldark series. Ross and Demelza are growing up, as are their children. The book is more about them and coming of age of the steam powered engines.

    18. Just arrived from Germany through BM.This is the eighth book of Poldgark's saga.Stephen Carrington is The Stranger from the Sea who gives the title of this book and Jeremy Poldgark rescues him in a dramatic way.Apart from that, the author describes the second generation of the Poldgark family, namely Clowance and Jeremy, two of the Poldgark grown up children and the beginning of their adulthood.Clowance falls in love by Stephen Carrington whereas Cuby Trevanion attracts Jeremy.After have recentl [...]

    19. Yes, I love Poldark -- the show and the books -- so I profess my bias. But this book, No. 7 in the 12-book series, was adventurous, fun, stressful and entertaining. Our beloved Ross and Demelza are older now so the book shifts to the experiences of their two older children, Jeremy and Clowance. Jeremy has been sneaking off to "fish" many days in the week, to Ross' consternation that he has raised a "flippant" young man. What he does not know and what Jeremy doesn't tell him is that Jeremy and hi [...]

    20. This novel jumps ahead ten years from the previous one in the series and focuses on the next generation of Poldarks and Warleggans. It introduces a new character - Stephen Carrington, aka the stranger from the sea. He appears to be rather sleazy and makes me feel rather uncomfortable at how he has insinuated himself into the Poldark family. What is his story? Clowance is now of a marriageable age and we see her various suitors. I was disappointed to learn that Valentine has turned into a rather [...]

    21. This one took me forever to read and I can say it has been my least favorite. I still gave it 4 stars because there were parts I did enjoy and I am still completely engaged with these characters. I am warming to Clowance and Jeremy as adults. However, I did miss more of the focus on the original characters that I’ve come to love and was very disappointed in all we missed in the 10 year jump. I applaud the author on his ability to make me love and hate certain characters with such a passion ove [...]

    22. Of course I loved this book--what's not to love about Poldarks??? But I was a bit disappointed that 10 years had passed since the end of the previous book in the series. I want all the details of those years!!! Darn you Winston Graham!! And though I was initially a bit put off by the children of the original characters playing a larger role in the story, I grew to really like them as characters--and there's still plenty of Ross, Demelza, Caroline, Dwight, and even George!! I am, however, complet [...]

    23. This books differs quite a bit from the previous books in the series. While Ross and Demelza are still central characters, the focus has shifted almost entirely to the lives of their children. I didn't so much mind this change (I actually really liked Clowance and Jeremy as characters), but I thought the book as a whole fell flat. For the first time reading this series I found myself a bit bored with it. I hope the plot picks up in the next book.

    24. This book is almost as fantastic as all of the other Winston Graham books. It just wasn't my favorite. Here's the thing – Winston Graham is a phenomenal writer. He has incredible insight and accuracy with history, psychology, and sociology. He is brilliant with weaving metaphors and subtle humor into lovely story lines and character development. My two favorites in the series were probably the first one -Ross Poldark and #6, The Four Swans. The whole epic saga is worth reading.

    25. Book 8 of the Poldark series. The saga continues between the Poldark and Warleggan families. Another great book, three quarters of the way through the series and thinking I may have a major book hangover when the series concludes.

    26. Time marches onOld animosities have taken a back seat, simply due to avoidance of the major irritations. Times are changing and innovations are bringing progress, but class standards still exist. Will the next generation flounder or flourish?

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