Hedgie Blasts Off!

Hedgie Blasts Off!

Jan Brett / Apr 05, 2020

Hedgie Blasts Off Hedgie wants than anything to be an astronaut and travel into space He gets his chance the day Big Sparkler the geyser starts to sputter and fade disappointing all the alien tourists As he launches

  • Title: Hedgie Blasts Off!
  • Author: Jan Brett
  • ISBN: 9780399246210
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Hedgie wants than anything to be an astronaut and travel into space He gets his chance the day Big Sparkler, the geyser, starts to sputter and fade, disappointing all the alien tourists As he launches into space and fixes the geyser problem in a most unusual way, Hedgie returns home a hero.

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        With over thirty three million books in print, Jan Brett is one of the nation s foremost author illustrators of children s books Jan lives in a seacoast town in Massachusetts, close to where she grew up During the summer her family moves to a home in the Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts.As a child, Jan Brett decided to be an illustrator and spent many hours reading and drawing She says, I remember the special quiet of rainy days when I felt that I could enter the pages of my beautiful picture books Now I try to recreate that feeling of believing that the imaginary place I m drawing really exists The detail in my work helps to convince me, and I hope others as well, that such places might be real As a student at the Boston Museum School, she spent hours in the Museum of Fine Arts It was overwhelming to see the room size landscapes and towering stone sculptures, and then moments later to refocus on delicately embroidered kimonos and ancient porcelain, she says I m delighted and surprised when fragments of these beautiful images come back to me in my painting Travel is also a constant inspiration Together with her husband, Joe Hearne, who is a member of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Jan visits many different countries where she researches the architecture and costumes that appear in her work From cave paintings to Norwegian sleighs, to Japanese gardens, I study the traditions of the many countries I visit and use them as a starting point for my children s books from janbrett


    1. Sometimes I really appreciate Brett's artwork and sometimes it really leaves me unmoved. I'm afraid this book falls into the latter category. Despite my ardent affection for hedgehogs, I could not warm up to the space-bound Hedgie and the doggie scientists just seemed so odd to me. It is neat that Brett steps into unfamiliar (for her) territory illustrating a book set in outer space, and it allows much scope for the imagination but I really felt that this was more a product of her wanting to dra [...]

    2. Hedgie wants nothing more than to become an astronaut. When Big Sparkler breaks, a new robot is created in order for someone to go into space to fix the problem. When no one else fits in the robot, Hedgie is their to save to day. Hedgie blasts off into space ready to fix the problem. Although he encounters some obstacles along the way, Hedgie is able to solve the problem and save his planet. The illustrations are rich with color and detail. The artistic media for this book is drawing because it [...]

    3. We love looking at space. Books of Hubble photographs, astronomy books, space pictures of the day, planetariums, yes, please. So, the spreads of Hedgie in space are awesome: Brett's artwork has never been better. I mean, gorgeous spreads.The set-up for the gorgeous spreads, however, baffled us. I don't know why all the space center dogs are Labradors, or why reporters are birds, or why hedgehogs are janitorial staff. The gratuitous specie-ism kind of stands out. Yes, we're perfectly happy to rea [...]

    4. You know, if you were to ask what my favorite thing about shelving would be, the answer would be pure selfishness. I would not be saying 'Oh, I just love to put things in order and the alphabet is one of my favorite things in my life*!'. actually nah. I would instead say 'I love to find books about hedgehogs that go blasting into space.' So here I found one of the best books I have ever read in my life. Hedgie Blasts Off. If I could blow up all of the pictures and print them off, I would plaster [...]

    5. Perhaps it's because it is late, but I just didn't get into this book. Everyone loves Jan Brett. I have never been a huge fan, but this book is even less appealing than her others.A hedgehog astronaut is a stretch for me. There was no compelling storyline here. The make-believe was too far-fetched for me. The illustrations did not capture me, although there is nothing inherently wrong with them; they just don't appeal to me. Overall, blah.

    6. I was not very entertained by the story or the illustrations in this book. The book seemed more inspired by the author’s trip to NASA then Hedgie’s desire to be an astronaut.

    7. Jan Brett books have always been some of my favorite books to read to kids. I was read Jan Brett stories when I was young, and I love passing them on to the next generation of readers. In this story, a classic character, Hedgie the hedgehog, is a janitor at Star Lab. He desperately wants to be an astronaut though, and finally gets his chance when a small robot meant to fly a small spaceship malfunctions. Hedgie is then given the opportunity to go into space to see what the problem is on Mikkop, [...]

    8. “Hedgie Blasts Off!” by Jan Brett, published by G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers; copyright 20066. Awards: 7. Appropriate grade level: PreK-2nd grade8. Summary: This book tells the story of Hedgie, a hedgehog scientist. Hedgie is sent on a mission to save the Sparkler planet in order to save the flowers. With the help of his team, Hedgie saves the Sparkler planet. 9. Review: I like how the book’s illustrations almost look like real animals! The hedgehog in his special scientist s [...]

    9. A sci-fi picture book. Hedgehog is sent into outer space to a planet that has a volcano on it that is not erupting. He finds it clogged with coins from alien tourists. He plugs the hole with himself so the volcano builds up pressure and clears itself out.

    10. Hedgie Blasts Off is a picture story book about a hedgehog who dreams of going to space. He is the janitor at the Star Lab, where the smartest scientist in the world works. The smartest scientist, known as the professor, is concerned because the Big Sparkler is not shooting out sparks. He tries to send his robot up to fix the problem, but the robot is broken. Hedgie gets to go up into space instead because he is the only one small enough to fit into the rocket ship. He ends up fixing the problem [...]

    11. Hedgie Blasts Off is a fun read aloud for students. The language such as portholes, tourists, and astronaut, suggest that this book is appropriate for a classroom full of 1st or 2nd graders. This book displays an ample amount of figurative language, especially, onomatopoeia. Words like clink, clank, clunk, and boom, give the story more animation than just the illustrations. Besides this being a "fun" book to read, I could use it in various ways. Since the setting takes place in space, I would us [...]

    12. Jan Brett did a book about a hedgehog going to space? Sign me up!This is definitely a departure from her usual forest animals, folk-style tales, and Scandinavian-style illustrations. It was very different from her other books and took some getting used to, but in the end my daughter and I loved it.The best part of this book is that my children recognized the story from our summer vacation to Yellowstone. There is a geyser there called Minute Geyser, because it used to go off every minute until p [...]

    13. We love reading Jan Brett's books and we are always searching for any hedgehogs that she might include in her illustrations. So we were thrilled to find out that Hedgie is featured in a few books of his own. We liked this story and was pleased to see the sci-fi illustrations and theme, a radical departure from her Scandivian-themed tales. I loved the dog scientists and her illustrations, while very different from her "typical" stories, are still very detailed and amazing. Overall, this was an en [...]

    14. This funny story features a Jan Brett favorite, Hedgie, who takes an adventure to space. In space, Hedgie works with different animal astronauts to help fix Big Sparkler. Hedgie is a character that is featured in many of Jan Brett's books, but this is possibly my favorite show of Hedgie's character. Teaching children about outerspace is not always a fun experience. This book can be used as a fun introduction to the different aspects of the solar system before getting into the deeper, harder stuf [...]

    15. Generally I love Jan Brett's work. Her illustrations are phenomenal and I usually love her stories. But this one sucks. It's the weirdest, most inane story ever. I guess one reason I like Jan Brett's stories is because they are based off folktales, or stuff that could be a folktale. They seem down to earth and "real." But Hedgie Blasts Off is about a hedgehog who flies into space to fix a fictional geyser. There is no lesson to be learned from this book and while the artwork is nice, it's nothin [...]

    16. This story never felt enthusiastic and seemed to just drag on. I couldn't wait for it to end as I had hoped it would liven up our study of space and it simply did not. Hedgie comes across as being very non-chalant about the whole experience even though he states in the first sentence that he wants to be an astronaut. The illustrations are very nice artistically speaking, but seem to lack warmth that most children's books have. Hedgie might have gotten three cheers, but I could only give it two a [...]

    17. In Hedgie Blasts Off!, Brett has created a lively cast of characters-dog scientists running Star Lab, bird reporters covering the mission, and hilarious alien tourusts rocketing around in Outer Space. Stars and planets in the dramatic blues and purples of space, the strange flowers on Mikkop, and big Sparkler provide the intriguing landscape for a story that is both funny and wise. An interesting feature in this book is that she does not utilize the use of boarders. She does however have a doubl [...]

    18. Visually speaking, this book by Jan Brett is quite different than many of her other young children's picture books. This fantasy is about a hedgehog who wishes to travel into outer space as an astronaut. I have a hard time deciding whether or not it is this story I don't care for or if its the genre altogether. I gave it two stars for its creativity and potential children's appeal. I also thought the book provided some great vocabulary both space related and otherwise. I could see many young ele [...]

    19. I am a huge huge fan of Jan Brett's! The only thing I can think of is that Jan Brett was kidnapped by aliens and forced to write this book. Not only is the story not up to her usual high standards, the artwork is not like hers at all. I usually love Hedgie and the only good thing about this story was him and his resourcefulness. If the emphasis is on the flowers why weren't more of them drawn? And where is the beautiful framing artwork that she is so known for? I am really disappointed! I hope s [...]

    20. Little Hedgie the hedgehog wants more than anything to be an astronaut. Hedgie finally gets his chance the day the Big Sparkler on planet Mikkop begins to die out, disappointing all of the alien tourists. Fortunately for Hedgie, he is the only one small enough to fit into the tiny spaceship. He flies to planet Mikkop where he finds out what is making Big Sparkler sputter out, and he fixes the problem in a very unique way. Teaching idea: Hedgie Blasts Off! could be an opening to a lesson about dr [...]

    21. Jan Brett's book are always such a delight and the illustrations are gorgeous art masterpieces in themselves. This new book fell flat - the story was too touristy as if she was trying to sell a book to NASA or Air and Space museum shops rather than fully develop a good animal story. Hedge is our favorite and this story with the rocket is silly - didn't hold much attention for me or my 4 yr old book lover.

    22. Hedgie is a janitor at a local space station. There is trouble going on in the galaxy and a very beautiful crater in space is lodged. They have to send a small space ship to the far away planet but Hegie was the only person that was small enough to fit into the spaceship. Since Hegie displayed a great amount of courage and he took risks to save the planet's life forms, Hegie came back to Earth as a hero.

    23. Lately, I've been reading quite a few children's books regarding space. This book adds to the pile of imagination sitting beside me. Hedgie is the perfect example of the unlikely hero. He is part of the clean-up crew at Star Lab. He wants to be an astronaut, but does his job with extreme positivity. I was so glad Hedgie finally got his chance. Hedgie is a wonderful character who shows kids that dreams can come true, no matter how large they are. =)

    24. Picture book #21This book is about a Hedgehog who works at a space lab as part of the clean up crew. He has always wanted to go to space, but has never gotten the chance. He was there when the lab crew was coming up with a rocket robot to go save another planet. The robot ended up not working, so Hedgie went into space and saved the day by getting rid of all of the space coins that were filling up the crater. He got promoted in the lab after that.

    25. Being a fan of Jan Brett, "Hedgie Blasts Off!" did not disappoint. At first I was unsure where the story was going, but soon, Brett pulls the reader in. I think this book would be great for a read aloud. Words such as "ZOOM" and "KA-BOOM" are sure to get the children involved. This was a great science fiction book for young students to enjoy.

    26. I grew up reading many of Jan Brett's book and have grown to love her as an author and illustrator. This book happens to be my least favorite book of hers. Brett is known for doing a lot of research before she writes a book often traveling to a possible setting, she was not able to that with her book as much of it takes place in space.

    27. This was kind of a unique storybook, illustrations were wonderful but storyline was just kind of 'blah' to me but reading it out loud to my two special needs teenage sons they both grinned and giggled through it. So if you have an 'astronaut' type child or just one that enjoys fun illustrations they would enjoy this book.

    28. After starting this book I wasn't sure it would hold the attention of my 5-year-old, but it did. "My name is Hedgie and I want to be an astronaut. I work at Star Lab on the cleanup crew. I've never flown on a spaceship, but I take care of the Zeppadoppler rocket for the Professor, the smartest scientist on Earth. He's in charge of Outer Space."

    29. The only Jan Brett book that takes place in space (that I am aware of). Great story of little Hedgie having to fly into space to save Big Sparkler - a geyser that spews sparkles that makes the space flowers bloom - on the little planet of MikkopAbsolutely stunning illustrations - exactly what you would expect from Jan Brett

    30. This is a cute story about Hedgie the Hedgehog cleaning up Big Sparkler crater and saving the flowers on the planet Mikkop. Big Sparkler couldn't erupt because alien visitors threw too many coins into it and clogged it up. The flowers couldn't grow because Big Sparkler couldn't erupt. Hedgie finds a way to clean up Big Sparkler and get the alien visitors to not throw coins in it.

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