Who Is Ayn Rand?

Who Is Ayn Rand?

Nathaniel Branden Barbara Branden / May 30, 2020

Who Is Ayn Rand None

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        Nathaniel Branden started reading Ayn Rand s Fountainhead in the summer of 44 as he was introduced to it by his sister and her giggling friends He met Rand in California where he attended college for psychology She responded to his fan letter Atlas Shrugged was dedicated to Branden and he became her intellectual heir The two carried on an affair, though each was married After a dispute, they parted and never publicly reconciled.Branden has written several books on psychology and self esteem He practiced psychotherapy in Los Angeles.


    1. First supplemental to multi-part review series.Nutshell: hopeless epigones burp up salty randroid load that they’d swallowed as adolescents.Part I: Atlas Shrugged is the best book ever. We are treated to the following insights therein:Comical that “in America, during the nineteenth century, men’s productive activities were predominantly left free of governmental regulations, controls and restrictions; men considered themselves emancipated from the thoroughly discredited economic policies o [...]

    2. A study of Objectivism by the founder of the Branden Institute which holds lectures and publishes treatises on the subject. The Brandens were early followers of Ayn Rand, and Nathaniel Branden seeks to explain the philosophy with relationship to psychotherapy. Easier to understand than much of the writings of Rand herself, he explains how an atheistic system based on pure logic and enlightened self-interest is superior to a morality based system, and how capitalism is the fundamental basis for t [...]

    3. Reminded me of reading Dianetics: worthless philosophy based on pseudo science. A horrible book written by horrible disciples of a horrible leader.

    4. Very informative and explained so much about Ayn Rand. By the way, The authors knew Ayn Rand for years. Barbara stayed with Ayn Rand up to her dying days. Unlike other authors, this one comes from close friends who knew Rand. Mostly, I learned a lot about Communist Russia and 1930's Hollywood! That was AMAZING to read about! Ayn Rand worked under Cecil B. Demille!

    5. Marginally interesting examination of a cult leader by a headman of the cult followed by an essay about the cult leader written by the wife of the headman. The last third of the book was an easier read but it was still an exercise in egoism.

    6. Well , I am a fan of Ayn Rand so guess that is why I liked it. It is possible to like a person and not agree with her 100%. I was not born until after the second world war so I can not fully understand what she saw in her life time.

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