Bloody Irish: Great Irish Vampire Stories

Bloody Irish: Great Irish Vampire Stories

Bob Curran / Jan 17, 2020

Bloody Irish Great Irish Vampire Stories This book discusses the ancient Celtic beliefs about death and how these were assimilated by Christianity the importance which the ancient Celts and early Christians placed on blood and how the Christ

  • Title: Bloody Irish: Great Irish Vampire Stories
  • Author: Bob Curran
  • ISBN: 9781903582190
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Paperback
  • This book discusses the ancient Celtic beliefs about death and how these were assimilated by Christianity the importance which the ancient Celts and early Christians placed on blood and how the Christian Church transmuted the vampire from an ancestor s ghost to a malevolent demon Stories of spooky, mystical, and bloody tales are relayed.

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    1. These are simply the best vampire stories that I have ever read. No cheesey count from Romania with a bad accent. No stupid one hundred year old teenage vampire getting it on with a regular girl. All the stories are very simple spooky and chilling.

    2. -2017 Popsugar Reading Challenge: A book by an author from a country you've never visitedBloody Irish is an anthology of Irish vampire stories. With an introduction from the author, explaining the stories a bit and what counts as a vampire, the actual content of stories is only a little over 150 pages, split into 4 stories. The first one and the third one are the best. It's hard to figure out what time these stories are set in, except modern era, but I suppose that's to make it feel like it coul [...]

    3. This book contains four (longish) short stories. They are all set in Ireland, in what I can perceive as present day (wen the book was published in 2002), but are old fashioned ghost/vampire stories. In the introduction the author claims that stories of vampires originated in Ireland. The first story is about a man on a walking holiday who trespasses onto private land and gets a "cut" on his hand from a stone wall in a derelict cottage. The second is about a woman who returns to a childhood home [...]

    4. I wasn't sure what to expect from this-- my friends bought it for me when my birthday happened to coincide with a vacation in Ireland for them this year. So the first story sort of threw me. but I ended up really enjoying these stories-- not the run of the mill vampire stuff, but some really interesting little tidbits. The writing isn't jaw-dropping, but it has moments that are very pretty. I liked it a lot in the end.

    5. These are some of the creepiest, scariest stories I have ever read. These four stories are Irish folklore after the potato famine. These were not your classic horror stories where the author uses gore and cheap thrills to scare you, but rather the build up of the characters terror like you see in old films. Very well written.

    6. A collection of four "short" stories that focus on the traditional Irish vampiric lore. The book jacket seemed to indicate that there would be more exploration into the lore and how it developed from a scholarly perception, however this was erroneous. Despite the slight deception, I still greatly enjoyed the stories and hearing the Irish vampire come to life.

    7. This book is a handful of vampire inspired stories from Ireland. As I find both topics entrancing, I had to have this book! And it did not disappoint. Sure, the tales are simple, and the book is an easy read. But I know I will be shivering under the covers tonight, thinking about those scary stories! Don’t pass this book by if either topic interests you.

    8. Interesting little read about celtic vampire stories. There were only four of them, and the middle two were very alike, but it was a good Halloween treat. I found out the author has another about Leprechauns I might try to find.

    9. This interesting compilation is a twist to vampiric folk lore as it looks at some Irish stories concerning the creatures. Although untraditional in their reading, the stories hold their own and are worth the time.

    10. I thought this book sounded interesting, but I found the stories to be very dry and just couldn't keep my interest. In the end I gave it up before the end of the first one, tried part of the next but the same thing happened.

    11. I thought this was a great book! My boyfriends mom had gotten it for him years ago, and I found it a few months ago. I figured I didn't have anything else to read, so I gave it a shot. Really interesting, and it made me want to do some more reading on the old Celtic vampire tales.

    12. 民話調の雰囲気。感想:リーリー日記/2008-10-13rew/wikii/diary?page=%C6wjp/2008/10/200下楠 昌哉訳。出版は早川書房。アイルランドのヴァンパイアの話です。民話とかも元にした短編4つ入り。普通に古い土地に古くからいる妖怪のお話みたいな民話調の雰囲気でした。

    13. I absolutely loved it. My only complaint is that I wish it were longer!*spoiler*The second story honestly scared me. I have a friend from Ireland named William Hudson and the very first time I met him he tried to get me to go into the woods alone with him.

    14. Nice little collection, but of uneven quality. Different styles some Lovecraftian, some Gothic. Not bad, but not great.

    15. Not the most original book I've ever read but it was very enjoyable. Would recommend to anyone who likes ghost/vampire stories. Lots of fun.

    16. Not great and not really about vampires Stories were pretty slow and boring. The last one was definitely the best of the four and the only reason it didn't get a 1-star rating from me.

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