My Voice Will Go With You

My Voice Will Go With You

Milton H. Erickson Sidney Rosen Lynn Hoffman / Nov 20, 2019

My Voice Will Go With You Milton H Erikson has been called the most influential hypnotherapist of our time Closely related to his therapy was his use of teaching tales Calling upon shock surprise confusion with generous use

  • Title: My Voice Will Go With You
  • Author: Milton H. Erickson Sidney Rosen Lynn Hoffman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Milton H Erikson has been called the most influential hypnotherapist of our time Closely related to his therapy was his use of teaching tales Calling upon shock, surprise, confusion with generous use of questions, puns, and playful humor he seeded suggestions indirectly and positively with these tales, here gathered together by Dr Rosen.

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      • Milton H. Erickson Sidney Rosen Lynn Hoffman

        Milton Hyland Erickson 5 December 1901 25 March 1980 was an American psychiatrist specializing in medical hypnosis and family therapy He was founding president of the American Society for Clinical Hypnosis and a fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, the American Psychological Association, and the American Psychopathological Association He is noted for his approach to the unconscious mind as creative and solution generating He is also noted for influencing brief therapy, strategic family therapy, family systems therapy, solution focused brief therapy, and neuro linguistic programming.


    1. I rate it as "I really liked it" but really wanted to put "it was amazing!"I'm telling you I wanted to put this as 5*'s all the way and who knows I might just change it later. I just couldn't give it 4*'s without pointing out that the blurb on page 165 about "not trying to understand the experience while it is happening - just letting it happen" SHOULD HAVE BEEN AT THE BEGINNING OF THE BOOK!Erickson's stories need to be read and pondered all by themselves first. Then, if you must, go back and re [...]

    2. Read this book if you are interested in the techniques of the grand master of Hypnosis. It's not one of those charlatan do-it-yourself hypnosis book, it just gives you a birds eye view of how Erickson did his thang and there was no 'look into my eyes, not around the eyes, not around the eyes' type stuff. Even reading the book, i found myself going into a trance like state. Even though, it is just on the page, you can hear the rhythm of Erickson's words and his circular/mind confusion techniques [...]

    3. An astonishing work of a genius.Q:Я ввел его в транс и сказал ему: "Ты будешь бить только по первой лунке. Ты будешь помнить только об этом. И на соревновании ты будешь играть один". (c)Q:И второе, что я сделал, я пригласил человека, которого гипнотизировал раньше. Я сказал ему: "После того, как в [...]

    4. Milton Erickson is regarded as the father of neurolinguistic programming, and this book is a collection of very short stories he told clients who were in a trance state as a means of reprogramming their thinking about a problem they brought to him.I recommend this book because, perhaps more than anything I have ever read, it illustrates vividly the power of a story to transform thinking and behavior--immediately. The accompanying commentary by a working practitioner also sheds light on why each [...]

    5. I felt like I fell into a trance reading these stories. I wish that Mr Rosen's commentary was in a separate section while I find it to be absolutely enlightening. This is a book to be read over and over again and is packed with wisdom and lessons of all kinds. I keep reading and reading and wishing never wanting to put the book downWhy is that?! There is something gripping in how he tells his anecdotes. I don't think about the experience but I go through it and having experienced it I try to mak [...]

    6. Very useful, helpful book for me!Here is a quote I loved:"Too many therapists think that they must direct the change and help the patient to change. Therapy is like starting a snowball rolling at the top of a mountain. As it rolls down, it grows larger and larger and becomes an avalanche that fits the shape of the mountain." (p. 56)And another one: "I think it's very important to take the patient seriously and meet his wishes. Not to exercise cold, hard judgment. And recognize that people need t [...]

    7. Dalla lettura di questo gradevole testo emerge quanto E. fosse una persona dotata di grande genio e incredibile sensibilità e allo stesso tempo di quanto noi ne siamo sprovvisti. Difficile ripercorrere le stesse strategie di saggezza, ma questi racconti sono lì per ricordarci che sono possibili. Il libro è a cura di un collega di E. e i suoi intercalari dovrebbero essere saltati per apprezzare più interamente l'umorismo e l'astuzia dei racconti.

    8. Counseling Through the Mind's Eye, October 8, 2007 A unique approach to psychiatry and psychotherapy - bends the walls of these disciplines to reveal an approach based on connecting with the unconscious of the analysand through a variety of techniques, such as conversational hypnosis, talk therapy, self-hypnosis and behavioral modification. Highly recommended for all pychotherapists, hypnotists, counselors, and psychiatrists willing to expand their horizons and their vocational range. Also, for [...]

    9. O carte plina de povestioare scurte despre tehnicile terapeutice contraintuitive ale lui Erickson. Asterne inca o caramida in zidul intelegerii schimbarii comportamentelor prin intermediul psihoterapiei.

    10. My Voice Will Go With You by Milton Erikson, Sidney RosenIt is for good reason that My Voice Will Go With You has been included among the classics of psychology. The book from which I had learned about Milton Erikson has probably changed my life and is called 50 Psychology Classics, which has listed among other great books, the one recommended here. Many , if not most of the stories told in the book (some of them resumed here and on the blog) recall the Pygmalion Effect and the revelations about [...]

    11. While I was reading the stories, I started to realize that this book had a therapeutical effect on me. I heard about Milton Erickson 11 years ago, but only now I've had an experience with his work.Erickson used his wit and humor to tell stories that would indirectly suggest positive changes in a patient's life. He was very flexible with how and what he told. With a policeman he would get tough; with a soft-hearted girl, he would dream of a prince on a white horse.He was a genuine person, a since [...]

    12. Неважно, что обложка книги сделана издателем совершенно дикарская; неважно, что издатель не считает нужным указывать, кто же перевёл книгу, — а по сути, в основной своей массе это несколько отредактированный перевод издания 1995 года (с добавкой в виде предисловия Линн Хоффм [...]

    13. It's entertaining, and I did learn a thing or two.Overall the book is of little practical value: stories are often short, and explanations Rosen provide are often too obvious if not repetitive and shallow. A pattern where all the stories have a clear strong positive outcome with little effort on the part of a psychiatrist (Erickson) leaves you a bit skeptical.

    14. A truly insightful book. I love it thoroughly. Erickson explains in such a simple, playful and hopeful way that all perceived problems can be solved by viewing it from a different dimension. I truly feel that this Ericsons voice will go with me.

    15. If you're looking for a book on Ericksonian hypnosis techniques, this is not it. This is fanboying before that word was invented, and Erickson is undeserving of so much praise.

    16. Книжка про прекрасного Еріксона його життя і величезний внесок у гіпнотичні практики. Раджу почитати всім хто хоч трохи захоплювався Еріксонівським гіпнозом.

    17. I don't think I've ever head so much fun reading a book. As the title says, the book takes you on an adventure.

    18. Dorian read out one of Erickson's tales at a workshop last year. It was about a woman who contacted Erickson and said she wanted to have him as therapist, but wouldn't come for therapy. Instead, she would drive up his drive and sit in her car working through her neuroses. The tale fascinated me - is something like this really possible? Perhaps if you hold onto the title of the book: "And my voice will go with you wherever you are". If this is true, then breaking off contact with someone you real [...]

    19. This book tells anecdotes of how Erickson helped patients, friends and familymembers in creative and often humoristic ways. Although there is a lot to learn from these stories and the footnotes by the author, this book is probably better to be read as entertainment than a schoolbook.I belive aspiring therapists should be caucious if they try to use any Erickson's methods. My guess is that he was exceptionably good with people. In addition to good intuition and a healthy portion of wisdom he prob [...]

    20. Sin duda, Milton Erickson fue un geniecillo con una capacidad extraordinaria para mirar al futuro con optimismo, sacar lo mejor de cada situación y de cada persona. Tenía un sentido del humor excelente y una labia sin parangón. En este libro, donde se recogen anécdotas, viñetas y casos de su práctica profesional así como de su familia y de él mismo, se pueden sacar las enseñanzas más básicas que casi cualquier terapeuta debería saber sobre la ciencia y el arte de hacer terapia, segú [...]

    21. Fascinating collection of verbal stories told by a very strange, insightful, wise man. Really cagey and wise insight into what makes people tick and how to communicate and work with people. Also fun to read just because Erickson's voice is real old timey and all american feeling, in a way that is genuine and rare. It reminds me of Mark Twain, there is just something down-home and all American about these stories. The tales work on multiple levels, they are entertaining enough a person could just [...]

    22. Wonderful collection of hypnotic teaching tales from the ultimate master of Hypnosis, the late Milton Erickson. Reading these short stories you will appreciate the warmth, genius and wisdom of this man. You will also undergo transformations This is like hypnosis in a book format. If you are unfamilliar or uncomfortable with the idea of hypnosis, let me just point out that you are in a trance as you are reading this. A reading trance in which you are/were focused on these words to the exclusion o [...]

    23. Recommended by a hypnotist who employed Erickson's methods. Technically Erickson is often considered the founder of clinical hypnosis. Clinical hypnosis differs from Mesmerism based on Franz Anton Mesmer, which was largely a superstition. The tales in this volume consist of anecdotes from Erickson's practice where he uses the authority of his voice to abruptly shift behavioral patterns in his patients. Surprisingly one learns from these interesting cases the sheepish pliability of the multitudes [...]

    24. This book was amazing and I literally started reading it and barely put it down before I finished it.Milton Erickson was simply a natural at understanding human psychology. He was a psychiatrist and one of the world's leading hypnotherapists. Whether or not you give hypnotherapy credit, I think this book reveals that hypnotherapy is really part of psychology - it is a way of communicating with the subconcious, and Erickson was naturally brilliant at this.The case studies in this book will amaze [...]

    25. Erickson changed the Psychology field. A true genius. Here are some of my take aways:Most of life is unconsciously determined.It is foolish to scold or criticize others as they do not see themselves at the problem.Trance is the state in which learning and openness to change are most likely to occur.Erickson would use "mind reading" by carefully observing his patients and mirroring their behavior and responses.He would using shocking language to break patterns as well as have the patient come up [...]

    26. Watch out people. Me getting this book may not have been a good thing lol I'll try my best to use the power I acquired wisely Will definitely test on all my fighter friends, their brains are almost all gone anyway so screw it Kinda brings up the moral question though if I should use this in personal relationships. These very subtle cues can penetrate a pysche, and I don't want to be hopping into things i'm not ready for yet. That may be the only way though.

    27. "Take a new book by an author who you know is good. Read the last chapter first. Speculate about the contents of the preceding chapter. Speculate in all possible directions. You will be wrong in a lot of your speculations. Read that chapter and then speculate on the previous chapter. You read a good book from the last chapter to the first, speculating all the way." I should have read the last chapter of this book first and then worked my way forward. Either way, great read! Very insightful.

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