Washington Avalanche, 1910

Washington Avalanche, 1910

Cameron Dokey / Jan 23, 2020

Washington Avalanche Buried alive Desperate to escape her cruel stepbrother Ginny Nolan races onto a train heading west to Seattle On the train she meets Virginia Hightower who is en route to Seattle to marry a man she

  • Title: Washington Avalanche, 1910
  • Author: Cameron Dokey
  • ISBN: 9780671036041
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Paperback
  • Buried alive Desperate to escape her cruel stepbrother, Ginny Nolan races onto a train heading west to Seattle On the train she meets Virginia Hightower, who is en route to Seattle to marry a man she s never even met Eager to help her newfound friend, Ginny suggests that they switch identities to confuse her stepbrother who is in pursuit and to check out Virgin Buried alive Desperate to escape her cruel stepbrother, Ginny Nolan races onto a train heading west to Seattle On the train she meets Virginia Hightower, who is en route to Seattle to marry a man she s never even met Eager to help her newfound friend, Ginny suggests that they switch identities to confuse her stepbrother who is in pursuit and to check out Virginia s fiance, Nicholas Bennett It s the perfect solution for both young women until Nicholas appears on board and sweeps Ginny off her feet.Ginny must tell Nicholas the truth Even if it drives him from her side But not even in her wildest dreams can she imagine what is to come a roar in the night as a mountain of snow engulfs the train, testing the limits of human endurance, loyaltyd love.

    Wellington, Washington Wellington later known as Tye was a small unincorporated community and railroad community in the northwest United States, on the Great Northern Railway in northeastern King County, Washington. Founded in , it was located in the Cascade Range at the west portal of the original Cascade Tunnel under Stevens Pass.It was the site of the Wellington avalanche, the worst in U.S history Washington state Washington w t n , officially the State of Washington, is a state in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States.Named for George Washington, the first U.S president, the state was made out of the western part of the Washington Territory, which was ceded by the British Empire in , in accordance with the Oregon Treaty in the settlement of the Oregon boundary Local News The Seattle Times The Seattle Times Local section covers Seattle, the Eastside, Snohomish County, the Puget Sound region and the Pacific Northwest Coverage includes breaking news, crime, transportation, politics The Free Online Encyclopedia of Washington Out for a Ski This week Historylink takes to the slopes with a look at the history of skiing in the Cascade Mountains The sport first became popular here in the s, mainly due to the efforts of The Mountaineers, who opened a ski lodge on Mount Rainier in .More skiers arrived after Paradise Inn opened in , and for years the mountain was the state s premier spot to enjoy the snow. All Digitized Newspapers Chronicling America Search America s historic newspaper pages from or use the U.S Newspaper Directory to find information about American newspapers published between present. Twitpic Dear Twitpic Community thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state.

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    1. Not a bad book considering the dramatic (bizarre) turn the story took towards the end.Things I did not like:The main character "beds" her lover of less than a week to "make memories." And oopsie she forgot that she could get pregnant!The evil twin concept.The facts of the avalanche were not in the author's voice.The heroine truly believes that she is in love after (not even) one day.The language did not often fit the time period, as if it was dumbed down for our young modern readers.And the cove [...]

    2. Again, good historical material on the disaster and how people managed to survive it, etc BUT terribly cheap, predictable love story with girl going to the boy’s pullman bunk to seduce him. Not explicit, but not moral, and NOT typical of a gently raised girl in 1910, but then again, maybe I’m naive about gently raised girls in 1910. It seems like this whole series had guidelines for what had to be included: lots of explicit feelings when he first touches her, when they dance together. Really [...]

    3. Frankly, this book was a waste of time. Over dramatic, predictable, weak characters making foolish decisions, a souped up version of love The only good thing I have to say about this book is that it eventually ended.

    4. This book was wonderful at the beginning, and then the main plot began and it just went downhill from there. The whole story hinges on the coincidence that two girls happen to look almost exactly the same, share the same first name, and board the same train. If this weren’t unrealistic enough the main character falls in love within a day and less than a week later compromises her virtue in the name of ‘memories’.The characters are completely flat. Ginny, the main character, is shallow and [...]

    5. I honestly don't know how to rate this one. If I was going to rate it for how realistic it is, then about a 4. If I was going to rate it on a happy ending, I would give it a 2.5. So, we'll call it a 3. She does an excellent job keeping you reading. She always ends the chapters in a way that you feel you need to keep on reading. There's one part of the story where there's a question if something immoral has happened, then it's later confirmed. Glad the details were left out, but still probably wo [...]

    6. I like Cameron Dokey and I love historical fiction, but this was not a favorite of her books. The premise was unique and interesting, but the characters motives didn't really make sense. I think it could have been done better with more honesty among characters and more building of relationships. The instant friendships were hard to take without some evidence to back it up beside physical similarities or attractions. It just felt strange.

    7. This is by far the most irritating, depressing, and cliche book I've Ever read. Irritating because of the truly infuriating choices of the protagonist. Depressing because SHE didn't die- but the characters I actually liked did! And cliche because the romance was just sowell, cliche! "My heart always knew that you would come- only my fear made me doubt." Seriously?! NO! Gosh I hate books like this.

    8. It was rather suspenseful actually, ever since the beginning, especially when the facade was starting to show very large holes in it, mainly when it came to Virginia's disadvantage. The story had two prominent stories that went side by side, the story of Ginny and her new found friend, Virginia, and the facade they had kept up when it came to Nicholas (and Stephen as well) and the second story was that of the 1910 avalanche in the mountains on the Great Northern Railway tracks.

    9. I would have to classify this as catasrophy-romance fiction. I was surpised to learn that this is not the only book in this classifacation. There are at least three others. There may be more. I learned about the disaster on the Great Northwest Railroad of 1910 for the first time. So I broadened my knowledge about disasters and what people can learn from them. The happy ending for some of the characters kep the being the really bad downer it might have other wise been.

    10. Virgina "Ginny" Nolan tries to escape her stepbrother and his wife by boarding the train to Seattle, Washington. During the ride, she runs into another woman whose name is Virgina. Virgina Hightower was on her way to marry a man she didn't know. So, each agreed to switch identifies to find out what kind of man he was. At first sight, Ginny knew she was in trouble, she was falling for him and tried to find a way to tell the truth. Of course that was before the diaster strikes.

    11. For some reason I thought that this book was going to be a light read and a nice romance story. I should have known by the title that it was anything but that. I really liked to book until the last 50 to 75 pages. So much happens and you are left feeling so sad. You see this book was based off of true events so you can't help but feel for these people.

    12. I wish I could read all of Dokey's books. But my library doesn't have them all. This was a romance set in a historical event. I enjoyed studying about the real event and seeing the facts brought out in the story. I was not truly convinced by the ending, as well as disappointed by some immoral choices. Gratefully they were not described with detail. Good story though.

    13. Though the entire basis behind this book is unbelievable and dumb (the switcheroo. it's awful.) I still liked it. If you can ignore the catalyst for the plot, it's actually very sweet. And VERY unexpected. You wonder and wonder how it's going to get resolved, and then, quite suddenly it's WHOA!!! I totally didn't expect THAT!

    14. It was somewhat fascinating from a historical point of view. It made me want to go find out more about that avalanche that happened so long ago. Overall the storyline was kind of interesting had potential. But the writing just didn't live up to what it could've been.

    15. I understand this is a book for young adults, but are they young adults with no imagination? The There were parts of the book that were enjoyable, and some of the characters are absolutely wonderful, But the heroine just seems unthinking and kind of stupid. I was irked, to say the least.

    16. I liked the book overall. I really enjoyed the beginning, but I didn't like certain parts towards the end. There were several points in the story where I wanted to reach in the book, shake the main character, and tell her, "TELL HIM ALREADY!"

    17. I love the way Cameron Dokey writes.She knows how to capture the teenage mind. Though I didn't like the fact that she implied that Ginny and Nicholas had sex. I know it was a small part, but still.

    18. I didn't care much for this book. I liked the beginning, but the conflict resolution was weak, in my opinion. I wouldn't recommend it.

    19. This gets five stars because it's the one I loved the best from the series. As soon as I got about halfway through, I was like, this is the one I remembered! It was a delight to read this again.

    20. This was a good fictional story about a historical event. Should a lot about overcoming trials and also, gave you a lot to think about Honesty is essential to a relationship.

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