Images: My Life in Film

Images: My Life in Film

Ingmar Bergman Woody Allen Marianne Ruuth / Feb 21, 2020

Images My Life in Film Following the success of his bestselling autobiography The Magic Lantern the most influential film director of our time shares his wisdom and insights about himself and his cinematic work Bergman s c

  • Title: Images: My Life in Film
  • Author: Ingmar Bergman Woody Allen Marianne Ruuth
  • ISBN: 9781559702935
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Paperback
  • Following the success of his bestselling autobiography The Magic Lantern, the most influential film director of our time shares his wisdom and insights about himself and his cinematic work Bergman s career spanned 40 years and produced over 50 films, many of which are considered classics Over 200 photos.

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      308 Ingmar Bergman Woody Allen Marianne Ruuth
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      • Ingmar Bergman Woody Allen Marianne Ruuth

        Ernst Ingmar Bergman was a nine time Academy Award nominated Swedish film, stage, and opera director He depicted bleakness and despair as well as comedy and hope in his explorations of the human condition He is recognized as one of the greatest and most influential filmmakers in cinematic history.He directed 62 films, most of which he wrote, and directed over 170 plays Some of his internationally known favorite actors were Liv Ullmann, Bibi Andersson, and Max von Sydow Most of his films were set in the stark landscape of his native Sweden, and major themes were often bleak, dealing with death, illness, betrayal, and insanity.Bergman was active for than 60 years, but his career was seriously threatened in 1976 when he suspended a number of pending productions, closed his studios, and went into self imposed exile in Germany for eight years following a botched criminal investigation for alleged income tax evasion.


    1. One of the best books on Bergman's films; Bergman on Bergman, essentially. One great thing about this book is that it's filled with lots of images from his movies. It's a wonderful book just to browse through. Bergman has worked with some of the best cinematographers, and these still shots are simply beautiful. I've been inspired to watch a number of these films just because of the photos in this book. Couple this with Bergman's own comments and excerpts from his personal diaries and journals ma [...]

    2. Sven Nykvist is the greatest cinematographer of all time. I want to live inside some of those black and white frames.

    3. It says on the back of the book that "Bilder är en bok som likt en syster sluter upp bakom Laterna Magica.", or as it would be loosely translated "Images is a book that stands like a sister to Laterna Magica".I'm inclined to agree with this statement in the sense that they really do complement each other. While Laterna Magica is more of a poetic and anachronic take on Ingmar Bergman's persona Bilder (or Images) stands as a more factual book. I would say that while Laterna Magica is about Bergma [...]

    4. I got this book after reading The Magic Lantern, another autobiographical book by Ingmar Bergman, and found the latter to be more focused on his theatre work (and continuous ill health) than his cinema that I love. This book gives great insights into the mind of the Swedish master as he made his remarkable films. Throughout the book you will find the endless self-depricatory prose that is familiar to anyone who has read The Magic Lantern. what I found so interesting were the excerpts from his di [...]

    5. This book is about as insightful as one can hope for in a book about Bergman. We are told at the end of the book that these were adapted from interview questions and then edited by Bergman. It certainly feels that way. There's a disjointed quality to what would be the natural flow of a memoir and it makes for uneven reading. With that said, it's difficult to be too critical of a book that provides so much comprehensive analysis of even the smallest of Bergman's films. We are left understanding B [...]

    6. This book wasn't much for reading, although it did have some very insightful looks into Bergman's creative process, but to look at the pictures was AMAZING!!! Seriously. Images. 1000 words in each, all a poem unto its own.

    7. If you're a fan of Bergman's films, then you will probably be into this book. Bergman is more candid about his body of work than he ever has been in any interview or even previous publications. One of the greatest filmmakers of all time.

    8. الكتاب كان مُحبط بالنسبة لي قليلاً، يمكن عشان المقياس اللي بقيت أتعامل بيه مع كُتب المخرجين عن مسيرتهم هو "هيتشكوك تروفو"، اللي كان فائق العَظمة بشأن علاقة الصانع بالفيلم والطريقة اللي بيفكر فيها في تتابع الصور اللقطات المشاهد، عشان يحكي الحكاية اللي هو مهتم بيهاكتاب "بيرجم [...]

    9. I like Bergman's evocative writing and he has a sly sense of humor (at one point, he puts off a suicide attempt in favor of a business meeting). But this book favors his earlier films, most of which I haven't seen. Actually, many of the films I was most interested weren't elaborated on and for the ones that did show up, Bergman only devotes a few pages to. I think this would be most useful for those most interested in Bergman's whole oeuvre, or his life. The book is titled Images, but for those [...]

    10. الكتاب مكون من عدة مقالات كل مقال مخصص لعرض ذكريات برجمان حول أحد أفلامه مع الإستعانة بما كتبه حين إخراجها. بجانب إنطباعاته عن هذه الأفلام بعد مشاهدتها للمرة الثانية.على العكس من المصباح السحري لا يمكن قراءة الكتاب إلا إذا شاهدت الأفلام التي يتحدث عنها, وعندها فإن رأي برجمان [...]

    11. صادقانه می گویم که با شادی و کنجکاوی به کودکی ام می اندیشم. تخیل و حواس ام از آن دوره تغذیه می شد و به یاد نمی آورم که بی حوصله شده باشم. برعکس٬ روزها و ساعت هایم با عجابی شگفت٬ مناظری غیر منتظره و لحظاتی جادویی سپری می شد. هنوز می توانم در میان دورنمای کودکی ام گردش کنم و روشنایی [...]

    12. برگمان فاخرانه نوشته به نظرم شاید به این دلیل این طور فکر می کنم که قبلن نوشته های بونوئل رو خوندم. نوشته هایی که واقعن دلنشین بوداما کتاب جالبیه باید خوندشچند روز بعد:هر چی تلاش کردم نشد!نتونستم بخونمش . شاید به این دلیل که بعضی از فیلم هاش رو ندیده بودم. شاید به هر دلیل دیگه ای [...]

    13. While it doesn't always provide the analysis into each film that we might like, especially some of his more abstract ones (Persona, Cries and Whispers), it does offer a unique perspective on how a genius would look back on his own work, evaluate it, and see what he was trying to do with it

    14. The greatest of all filmmakers discusses his films, his triumphs and his failures in this tightly written book. Bergman tells us what he had going on in his mind, and in his life as he made his films.

    15. من أعظم الكتب عن السينما, الراجل الكبير بيحكي تفاصيل كل فيلم من أول ما كان فكرة لغاية رأيه فيه بعد التنفيذ

    16. Complemento de Linterna mágica, la gran autobiografía de Bergmen, es un repaso personal a su gran filmografía.

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