Second Chances

Second Chances

Christine Kersey / Apr 09, 2020

Second Chances Enjoy this sweet romantic suspense novel by bestselling author Christine Kersey Second Chances is the sequel to Over You This book descriptions contains spoilers for Over You After surviving an attack

  • Title: Second Chances
  • Author: Christine Kersey
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Enjoy this sweet romantic suspense novel by bestselling author Christine Kersey.Second Chances is the sequel to Over You This book descriptions contains spoilers for Over You.After surviving an attack by a madman, Jessica s terror turns to joy when Kyle admits that he never stopped loving her after breaking their engagement five years before Though thrilled that he stillEnjoy this sweet romantic suspense novel by bestselling author Christine Kersey.Second Chances is the sequel to Over You This book descriptions contains spoilers for Over You.After surviving an attack by a madman, Jessica s terror turns to joy when Kyle admits that he never stopped loving her after breaking their engagement five years before Though thrilled that he still loves her, she is uncertain how he feels about Melanie, the woman he was dating when Jessica came back to town Complicating matters, Melanie seems less than willing to give up the man she loves, the man who is like a father to her young daughter.When Jessica begins receiving frightening warnings, she is unsure who is behind them With several people in her life who are unhappy with her, Jessica doesn t know who to be scared of and who to trust.Will she discover who wishes her harm before that person s desires are fulfilled And will this second chance with Kyle come to fruition, or will he decide to take another path Second Chances is a sweet clean new adult romance.

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    1. This picks up where OVER YOU ended and tells the rest of the story of Jessica and Kyle. Jessica has decided not to marry Alex, and Kyle has supposedly broken up with Melanie, but although Alex is an attorney he can't seem to understand the words "I don't want to marry you", and Melanie is using her 2 yr old daughter Avery as an excuse to be around Kyle. Suddenly Jessica starts getting threatening messages and weird things are happening. Who's behind it? Is is Melanie? Alex?As in the previous boo [...]

    2. The pacing in this book was rather odd to me. The main characters Kyle and Jessica's relationship was rather irritating at times. Their relationship was all over the place. They started out rather quickly and were happy then at odds and then they were ok again and then at odds and it continued like that throughout the book. However, the thing that threw me the most was how their relationship went from being at odds with one another and Kyle having stated that he wasn't anywhere near ready to be [...]

    3. Ok, Jessica continues her flip flopping back and forth between Alex & Kyle although, to give her credit, she does eventually cut one of them loose, sort of. She acts slightly stalkerish & delivers ultimatums that she never follows through on fulfilling. Kyle becomes a bit of a tool as well as he deliberately ignores how much damage his continued relationship with his ex-gf wreaks on his new relationship. I get that he has issues but it's pretty clear that his ex is manipulating him. He a [...]

    4. I thought this was a really good story. I understand how Jessica felt about Kyle wanting to adopt Avery and spending time with Melanie still. If he had been put it in her shoes I'm sure he would've felt the same way she did. I understand how Melanie felt in a way too. She was in a relationship with Kyle, who she loved then Jessica came back into the picture and Kyle broke it off. Her trying to manipulate Kyle by telling him he'd be abandoning Avery was just Wrong!!!I'm glad Kyle & Jessica en [...]

    5. This suspenseful romance had a thread of tension all the way through, especially once the threats to personal safety started to arrive. The reader was left to stew on who the culprit was right to the end. However, the secondary drama with Melanie and Avery was almost more suspenseful than the physical threat to Jessica, as Kyle vacillated under the constant wave of manipulation exercised by Melanie. What is it with guys and helpless women? Having been on the receiving end of the menace such a wo [...]

    6. A little tiresome with the back and forth relationship demands but all in all a good story. Clean read with a little violence.

    7. This book is the sequel to Over You, this report does contain spoilers.After she survived an attach by a madman, Jessica and Kyle get back together. Jessica is continually worried about how Kyle really feels about her. when odd things start to happen and she gets threatened, she has no idea who is behind them, as she has managed to make a few enemies.I didn’t love this book, I couldn’t wait to finish it as I really wanted to know what Kyle’s character would do. I love this authors style of [...]

    8. This book is such a lovely sequel to the perfect first book. Yes, it's definitely not as good as the first one but it's still nice, easy read. I absolutely ADORED how this book starts only two days after the end of the first book! I hate it sometimes when authors don't answer all my questions and leave things open, but this sequel answered all my wishes! I got to learn what happened between Jess and Kyle, how Alex reacted to Jess's marriage refusal, and I loved learning about the next mystery th [...]

    9. Did I waste 5 bucks? F yeah! The main character is annoying! Pathetic! Useless! God she just gives women a bad name! I'm so scarred of losing him blah blah. Geez! No body wants me! Blah! I want a refund! Note author Jess was the most pathetic women I read about! As a women I'm strong and smart to make decisions,and yes I have my weakness but Come on! Don't let women down with your messed up pathetic character!

    10. Did I really just waste $5 ?I read this whole book and hated the characters. Kyle is the biggest jerk in the world and Jessica was a desperate idiot. Elle, her aunt, either defended Kyle's behavior or was ridiculously neutrale really must have wanted her kitchen remodeled! Alex would've been a better choice. This is a second chance book I wish I didn't waste my time and money on.

    11. Hello ChristineMy two teenage daughters and I just finished Over you and Second Chances. Thank you for KEEPING IT CLEAN, and even letting us know in the beginning of the book it was going to be clean. I wish we had more authors that did that - we all know what happens behind closed doors but we don't need to put it into details to get your point across, it really ruins a story line with all the details. BRAVO TO YOU, we can't wait to read more of your CLEAN stories. God Bless

    12. 3.5 maybe?I liked this book quite a bit. It kept me wanting to know what would happen next. I thought Kyle was a total idiot for falling for what Melanie would say! I thought it was crazy how quickly Jessica was willing to forget that he LEFT her! I would have a much harder time getting over that. She seemed a little too desperate to get back with him. The ending was a little rushed and so was the time frame.

    13. This story was very clean. It had suspense, romance, and had a good pace. However, it always bothers me when the characters make ridiculous, stupid decisions. This girl did everything wrong. Everything opposite of what she should have drove me crazy!!! Every decision was backwards. I felt like I was watching that old tv show, Threes companyI guess some people like that. Not me.

    14. Great ReadI love this book. I still think that Jessica was to nosey for her own good. I am glad things turned out well for her and Kyle. This book is mysterious, suspenseful and thrilling.

    15. The main character was so insecure and ridiculous. She acted more like a teenager in her first relationship than a woman in her late twenties. She constantly waffled back and forth on her feelings and her decisions. This couple fought so often it was hard to see why they actually loved each other.

    16. 3.5After reading Over You and enjoying the mystery side of this free ebook and discovering that the story continues into Second Chances, I bought this ebook. Not quite as good as the first one but not bad.

    17. Not anywhere near as good as the first story. It was like two different Jessica's from book 1 to book 2. Very off-putting. I will still read more of the authors work, and hope this was just a fluke that I noticed more than anyone else ever would.

    18. Interesting and keeps your attention the whole timeReally good book! Got hooked on the first and was just as hooked on this one. Loved the plot and wrapped up really well.

    19. I read the first book and thought the plot line was generic. To give the author the benefit of the doubt I read the second book. I found it to be even more predictable.

    20. Loved it!Clean sweet romance book that I couldn't put down till I finished it. The character's flowed well with this well written story.

    21. 2nd book in series This is the second set of books I have read by this author. I love her writing style and the way her books end.I will read more by h er

    22. This author is amazing she knows how to capture you right from the beginning. I loved the story in these two books.

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