Breathing on Her Own

Breathing on Her Own

Rebecca Waters / Dec 11, 2019

Breathing on Her Own Molly Tipton and her husband are looking forward to retirement but Molly s life suddenly spirals out of control when her oldest daughter is involved in a terrible accident An icy road and a sharp tur

  • Title: Breathing on Her Own
  • Author: Rebecca Waters
  • ISBN: 9781941103159
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Paperback
  • Molly Tipton and her husband are looking forward to retirement, but Molly s life suddenly spirals out of control when her oldest daughter is involved in a terrible accident An icy road and a sharp turn leave one woman dead, another clinging to life While two families grieve, details emerge that reveal Molly s daughter was driving under the influence As she prepares herMolly Tipton and her husband are looking forward to retirement, but Molly s life suddenly spirals out of control when her oldest daughter is involved in a terrible accident An icy road and a sharp turn leave one woman dead, another clinging to life While two families grieve, details emerge that reveal Molly s daughter was driving under the influence As she prepares her daughter for the prospect of a vehicular homicide lawsuit, Molly discovers her oldest child is not the only one injured and forced to deal with past mistakes If it s true that time heals all wounds, what are we to do with our scars

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        Rebecca Waters views writing as both a gift and a ministry As a teacher education professor at Cincinnati Christian University, Rebecca s writing focused on journals of professional education Now, after completing her fourteen year tenure at the university, Rebecca has turned her pen to freelance writing and to the completion of her first novel, Breathing On Her Own She has published in national publications such as Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Lookout Magazine, and Home Health Aide Digest My goal in everything I write is to serve God Rebecca and her husband live in Florida for most of the year, venturing north to spend time with their three adult daughters, three sons in law, and seven grandchildren.


    1. I do not typically read Christian fiction, but I read this book because my library was having a program with Ms. Waters. I was blown away by the writing and by the subject! The main character Molly seemed to have it all together until the unthinkable happened - her daughter was driving a car and wrecked, leaving another woman dead. Molly's faith was shaken but even more so when learning that her daughter had been drinking and could be paralyzed. Taking care of her grandchildren and helping with [...]

    2. From the first sentence I was hooked. The events that happened in this story would definitely shake my world as a mom. I like how the mother struggled with her faith, her hope, and her beliefs throughout the book. It's good to walk in those footsteps rather than see the over confident character who never waivers or questions real life. This family journeyed together throughout and sacrificed for each other. Also, there are several themes going on that keep a reader interested and wondering how t [...]

    3. Breathing On Her Own by Rebecca Waters is a story of trusting in God and that His plans for the future are far better than anything one could imagine. Life for the Tipton family changes dramatically when eldest and married, daughter Laney has a car accident which leaves her seriously injured and her friend Tori dead.The whole family, headed by parents Travis and Molly take it in turns to keep a vigil by Laney's bed and to look after her children Hunter and Ellie. Their prayers are answered as La [...]

    4. Rebecca Water’s Debut Novel Breathing on Her Own is so relatable. I love mature characters dealing with real-life problems. This faith-based story takes the Tipton family through a trauma where only God’s grace and mercy can keep them. Molly Tipton finds it difficult not to be in control. Her daughter’s auto accident and possible Vehicular Homicide charges are things she can’t control. The battle to fix a situation and persuade God to see things her way is a challenge any woman can relat [...]

    5. When Laney Camden gets into a car accident, she changes more than just her own life. Her actions affect her parents, her husband, her kids, and even the lives of her dearest friends. She struggles with the impact on her own life while learning to love God again. It’s a heart wrenching tale that inspired me to think about my own faith and question how I would handle myself if I went through something like that. In this book, the author tells a tale of love, commitment, and endurance from the pr [...]

    6. Molly and her husband are a few years from retirement when a horrible tragedy occurs as a result of their married daughter's poor choice. All of a sudden, her world is reeling with uncertainties and worries for the future of her family. Travis, her husband is the solid rock on which Molly finds her stability, only it's not always enough.Only after her daughter, Laney has come to terms with her poor choice can she come to terms with her relationship with God. This, in turn, flows to Molly who rea [...]

    7. Whose life isn't full of trials and tribulations in one aspect or another? We all experience them, some minor, some bigger and some huge mountains that we never think we can overcome.Molly and her husband are near to retiring and enjoying they're plentiful life after bringing up a family and working and near to fulfilling their dream. A tragic event happens wherein one of her daughters is involved in a terrible accident one day. Leading ahead of this, we have Molly, her mom. Although Laney is ma [...]

    8. Breathing On Her Own was a quick read. It addressed how one mistake can change the lives of so many people you love and care for. I think what sets this book apart from others is that one, the characters call on God to help them through their struggles and openly pray with one another to seek guidance and comfort. Second, Laney, is a grown woman with a family of her own who makes a tragic mistake. Since Laney is an adult, married, with children it’s interesting to see how her parents react to [...]

    9. This was a thought provoking and gripping book to read. The story is about 59 year old Molly Tipton. She is the wife of Travis, and mother to Laney and Melissa. The opening setting of the book is at the hospital ER, after Molly and Travis have received that dreaded call in the night informing them their daughter has been in a car accident. The story continues with how everyone’s lives are changed. It is a beautiful reminder of Romans 8:28 - And we know that all things work together for good to [...]

    10. Breathing on Her Own is a captivating inspirational fiction that immediately drew me into the story of Molly Tipton, wife, mother, grandmother, perfect job whose life is changed forever by a tragic event. Her adult daughter is the intoxicated driver of a car that is involved in an accident that leaves her paralyzed and her girlfriend dead. I could relate to Molly's feelings and thoughts as she tries to come to terms of this new life that she didn't ask for. Her daughter is paralyzed. The whole f [...]

    11. Some Christian books treat faith as if it's a billy club and beat the reader over the head with it. Rebecca Waters' Breathing on Her Own does not fit that category. The characters' faith, and their struggles and challenges with faith, are woven into the fabric of the story. There's nothing preachy here, just a tale well told of a family in crisis and how that crisis impacts the whole family. It was easy, as a mom, to relate to the protagonist, Molly, who struggles to keep things "normal" for her [...]

    12. Breathing on Her Own is a story so true to life that the reader feels they are a participant in the story. Rebecca Waters weaves a poignant tale of tragedy, parental love, and faith that will draw the reader in from the very first page. It is a satisfying tale that answers the author’s own question, “If it’s true that time heals all wounds, what are we to do with our scars?” Without being pushy or preachy, Breathing on Her Own leads the reader to a conclusion about their own faith and ho [...]

    13. How would you react if your were told your child might never walk again, or even live after the tragic accident in which her girlfriend was killed. What if you were certain that the accident was not your child's fault only to find out she played a bigger role than you ever suspected? Rebecca Waters story addresses all these questions in her realistic novel of one family dealing with just such an event. I enjoyed reading this first time novel and highly recommend it.

    14. Breathing On Her Own is a compelling read. The story line does not let the reader down. It is the all-too-real story of problems within many of today's families. Parents feel left out; wanting so badly to control the circumstances of their grown children's lives. The faith of the characters and the lack of it will resonate with anyone who reads this book. I read it from beginning to end without stopping.

    15. Written from a mother's perspective, this book hit close to home. From the time our children are little we want to fix everything. We want our ideal life for our children and the hardest lesson as a parent is to "Let Go and Let God". Another hard lesson is how to balance our marriage with wanting to be there for our children. This book examines that in a way that is easily to relate to. You'll ride the familiar roller-coaster of parenting and marriage and love every minute of it.

    16. This book thoughtfully approaches the subject of faith in the midst of trials. Rebecca Waters' clear and straightforward writing guides the reader through Molly's struggle to deal with tragedy in her family without being sappy or trite. She shows how hardship can produce growth. I'd definitely read more from this author.

    17. Finished Breathing On Her Own by Rebecca Waters last night and want to post my review here.This story is a very painful revealing of choices and consequences. I found the writing to be very good and the story line one we can all identify with in one way or another. I connected with the characters from the beginning and the ups and downs resulting in spirital growth were great. Highly recommended.

    18. Breathing on Her Own is an authentic depiction of family dynamics including the thoughts, fears, joy, and pain, as we witness the picture perfect family deal with the reality of an automobile accident and what the future holds.

    19. "Breathing on Her Own" captures one's attention from page one. One can readily identify with Molly and her struggles. Her character is warm and believable. As Molly's inner struggles start to emerge, one begins to look at ones own interior life. This is definitely a great "quick read" book!

    20. Great book! I was hooked from the first page. Believable, easy-to-relate-to-characters. Has strong Christian theme, but not heavy-handed. Would recommend even to those not fans of Christian fiction.

    21. I loved this book! That being said I'm sure you will want to know why I liked it.The characters! Molly and her family are loveable and believeable. They are just like friends at church. I like that the mother at the center of the story, Molly, is an older mature woman. Her daughters are gown and out of the house. I liked seeing how she interacted with her daughters and grandchildren and witnessing her struggles as a Christian. All very believable.There were several different elements going on at [...]

    22. Molly and Travis raised two daughters, Lissa and Laney. Laney married Rob and they had two children. She had strayed from being a dedicated Christian. College friend, Tori, who was not a good influence on Laney, came for a visit. Then, a horrible car accident changed everything.Laney was injured in the accident, and was paralyzed. She spent a lot of time considering her blessings and also what she had lost.Laney’s mother, Molly, found herself not only grandchild-sitting but feeling self-guilt [...]

    23. This was a great story. Some people think being a Christian means every thing is rosy but is not. It is during the hard times you know God is with you. He is in control and is not surprised when troubles come. I enjoyed the fact that this was an interesting story about a Christian family. It really held my interest seeing how the characters each handled their situations. I have been burdened by Church goers that thought they were believers and had not totally given their all to Christ. I had bee [...]

    24. Review: Breathing On Her OwnThis is another great read for anyone seeking a spiritual connection to our God. The subject of living with a disability is very real, and how to cope with it as one living with it, and the family members too. Grief also is very real. I recommend this book for anyone who has a loved one who is living with a recent disability, and is struggling with their faith, or lack of one. Kudos to the author, this one is very new to me.

    25. Medical mysteryI felt this author did very good job. There was a horrible car accident that involved drinking a nd driving. The aftershocks are gripping. There is paralysis. There is much more pain involved therein that the author didn't go into but even the part she touched on was perhaps gruesome enough. Forgiveness and re-connecting with family and spiritual healing does occur so a good ending that shows the work it takes to mend and thereby make a beautiful picture.

    26. Made me review my relationship with God!This book spoke to me at a time when I was questioning my walk with God. The words spoken by various characters resonated with me, especially the words and thoughts of Molly. Very insightful and real. Christians characters who live real lives to which I relate.

    27. I really enjoyed every bit of this book. And i got so envious of Laney for having such a devoted family. this amazing journey with God in times of despair and faith-crushing circumstances helped me to see my own problems with a different eye. Sometimes in our darkest hours we find peace and a sense of everything. I was touched and moved by the reflexions in the novel.

    28. Doubt is Part of FaithIt's always good to have family, friends and faith in God when life throws you a curve. Rebecca expressed this very well and I enjoyed this novel very much.

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