Who Wants to Marry a Doctor?

Who Wants to Marry a Doctor?

Abigail Sharpe / Dec 16, 2019

Who Wants to Marry a Doctor A WITH THIS RING NOVELThe Doctor Is In As a single mom and pediatrician Sabrina Bankhead doesn t have time for romance All that changes when she reluctantly agrees to take part in a dating show fund

  • Title: Who Wants to Marry a Doctor?
  • Author: Abigail Sharpe
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A WITH THIS RING NOVELThe Doctor Is In .As a single mom and pediatrician, Sabrina Bankhead doesn t have time for romance All that changes when she reluctantly agrees to take part in a dating show fundraiser for a children s hospital But once she sets eyes on the journalist hired to cover the show, none of the four contestants stand a chance If she doesn t choose oneA WITH THIS RING NOVELThe Doctor Is In .As a single mom and pediatrician, Sabrina Bankhead doesn t have time for romance All that changes when she reluctantly agrees to take part in a dating show fundraiser for a children s hospital But once she sets eyes on the journalist hired to cover the show, none of the four contestants stand a chance If she doesn t choose one of the eligible bachelors, the hospital doesn t raise a cent What s a lovestruck doc to do Investigative journalist Quinn Donnelly is on the mend after an assignment in Afghanistan left him both physically and emotionally scarred Though he s itching to return overseas and finish his story, he ll have to be content with this fluff piece assignment to cover a local dating show One night stands are Quinn s forte but after he meets Sabrina, he s ready to say yes for the long haul After years of chasing the next big story, Quinn is starting to wonder if maybe home really can be where the heart is .

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    1. Hot on the heels of Who Wants to Marry a Cowboy? which I loved, comes the story of Harbin's resident pediatrician, Dr. Sabrina Bankhead and Quinn Donnelly (Meagan's brother, who we see with Cookie in Cowboy). While last time around, it was Ryley's sisters who set up an informal competition, this time we have an actual reality show, with Sabrina as the "prize" and proceeds going to raise funds for a much needed pediatric update at the local clinic.Once again, Ms. Sharpe fools us into thinking tha [...]

    2. Abigail Sharpe has done it again, only a touch hotter. I completely enjoyed her first book in this series, "With This Ring" called Who Wants to Marry a Cowboy. This book however is more.Who Wants to Marry a Doctor, has intelligent main characters with very realistic strengths and flaws. The secondary characters are well rounded, enough to like or dislike as you get to know them.Sabrina Bankhead is a single parent, a pediatrician, and a hot intelligent lady. Quinn Donnelly is a Investigative jour [...]

    3. Scars are sexy. There, I said it. And I know I am not the only one who thinks so. Journalist Quinn Donnelly is scarred and it’s one of the things that interested me about this book. It’s not something I’ve seen a lot while reading and more and more I find myself drawn to perfectly imperfect characters. Know what I mean? Smart, sexy but a little bit physically broken. Makes them more attainable. Except for the fact they’re fictional, but that’s a problem for a different dayPediatrician [...]

    4. openbooksociety/article/whBrought to you by OBS reviewer AndraI like the premise of this book. The story started off really strong. Quinn Donnelly is a strong, silent type of guy. Used to action and a fast paced life who has been sidelined from his overseas assignment in Afghanistan as a result of an injury. Now he is relegated to this assignment until he has physically recovered enough to return overseas. What Quinn did not expect was to have such an immediate spark with Sabrina…d he did. The [...]

    5. This is my 4 star review for Who Wants to Marry a Doctor? by Abigail Sharpe for Eskimo Princess Book Reviews.Who Wants to Marry a Doctor is about Doctor Sabrina Bankhead, a pediatrician from a small town who agrees to do a TV show for a fundraiser for her local Children’s Hospital. She has to go on dates with local men and the votes are tallied by who gets to most money donated in their name. She is a young, beautiful, single mom and only has the children of her town’s best interest at heart [...]

    6. Here's what I like most about this novel: the characters. I would love to hang out with Sabrina and her whole family, with Quinn and his sister, with the townsfolk (with only one exception, really). They seem like genuine, real people who have lived real lives away before the events of this story. (Okay, I'll admit that both the newspaper editors are perhaps more stereotypes than individuals, but that's it.)Quinn and Sabrina are warm, caring, scarred, damaged, hopeful, giving people, and I enjoy [...]

    7. The blurb is pretty accurate so I’ll jump right into my review.One of the first things that drew me into the story was the concept. I loved the thought of the single working mom putting herself on the spot for a good cause.I have to admit that in the beginning it was a bit hard to get into the story. The pace dragged and Quinn had a tendency to ramble repetitively about why he could get involved with Sabrina. However, once the show got on its way the story picked up pace and the romance became [...]

    8. The Doctor is in and stealing the show! The TV show that is. Sabrina is convinced this is a great way to raise money so pediatric patients from this little town in Wyoming do not have to travel to a different town for medical treatments. So the show Who Wants to Marry a Doctor is her way to contribute to this cause she will willingly " date " 3 different bachelors and the audience will vote and contribute to the pediatric wing for their local hospital.The fly in the ointment: Quinn Donnelly. He [...]

    9. This book is a followup to Who Wants to Marry a Cowboy. It follows that same format of dating competition a la reality tv though neither book's competition is sleazy like those tv shows *Shudder*While I really enjoyed Cowboy, I have to say that I liked Doctor even more. The sleaziness of some contestants, while contrasted with a surprise announcement from another (which was probably meant to be a minor thing, but I just loved it - it made me happily cheer for the guy). It was quite obvious from [...]

    10. This is Abigail Sharpe's 2nd book in the "With This Ring" series and in sharing with readers. She still has a sweet "voice" as in Who wants to Marry a Cowboy?, but this outting has more twist and secrets from many Characters. You will love Bree and Quinn, Their journey is colored by their past which has trust issues. I was given my copy for a fair review. Give Abigail's Dr. Bree a read, you won't be disappointed.Thx Abigail & Good Writing

    11. I admit it, I read this book because of the title. It’s so silly and obvious, I wondered if there would be subversive depth going on underneath. And there kind of was, so, yay!The first unexpected twist came when I realized that the heroine was the doctor. I know, how sexist of me to think that it would be a book about shallow women trying to marry a rich doctor. Sabrina was a pediatrician in a small Wyoming town, she had a son out of wedlock, and she lived with her parents. Her sister ran (or [...]

    12. She did it AGAIN!Abigail Sharpe knocked it out of the park. I loved Who Wants to Marry a Cowboy and this newest installment gives it a run for it's money. I really loved the premise of the book, corny as it may seem. Who could find fault with a small town pediatrician trying to raise money to improve their facilities? Not I. The addition of the hunky wounded reporter with ties to the nearby community and it looks more than promising.As with the last book, the secondary characters are vivid, real [...]

    13. Who Wants to Marry A Doctor is book two of the With This Ring collection. I call it a collection since it’s not so much a series. This book is a stand-alone. This was a very fun, story to read. A real page-turner from the beginning to the end.Sabrina has reluctantly agreed to do a local reality showed called Who Wants to Marry A Doctor to raise money to build a new clinic so the children can be treated in town instead of sent to Jackson Hole. She is a single mother with a bit of a secret and a [...]

    14. First, the disclaimer: I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. I am not a professional reviewer. All opinions are my own.I read Sharpe's first book, "Who Wants to Marry a Cowboy (a book I paid for, by the way), before reading this, her second book. While the books are part of a series, they can most definitely stand alone. I thought the first book was good; I think this one was better.I should also mention that romance is not typically my first choice of genre, though I [...]

    15. Who Wants to Marry a Doctor? Is about the very smart and sexy doctor Sabrina Bankhead. She is a single mother and also a pediatrician that agrees to do a TV show to help raise money for a local Children’s Hospital. Quinn Donnelly is the TV show host. He is also a world famous journalist who was recently injured in Afghanistan. The attraction between the two is instant and soon the sparks are flying. Can the good doctor finish the show or will the handsome host steal her heart? I LOVED THIS BOO [...]

    16. Full disclosure - I'm an RWA chapter-mate of this author. That however does not affect my judgment about the book. COwboy (first book in the series) was okay, but the author really hit her stride with this book. I loved the bar with its bartender/psychologist (who really 'is' a psychologist, even if she doesn't practice). The pediatrician, Sabrina, was great both as a mother and a dedicated doctor. She agreed to do an entire show just to help raise money and is understandably devastated when thi [...]

    17. This book is a great, quick, refreshing four-hour readI just accidentally started it at 11pm. The characters are lovable and realistic with flaws, scars, warts n' all. Quinn = sexy times, and Sabrina is cute, funny, smart, and a person that I wish I knew in real life (though I would probably hate her because I would love her so much). Lots of ups and downs relationship-wise, with the good lesson of "just frickin' talk to and trust each other" as the moral of the story. Also lots of VERY steamy m [...]

    18. I have to admit that I had trouble with this book at the very beginning. I found that it dragged a little bit in the beginning and I was a very confused in regards to which characters were which. The farther I got along in the book so the more I enjoy the book and the characters that were developed. For love story was sweet but fairly predictable. But this special extenuating circumstances of the two main characters made it enjoyable. If you can get past the beginning part and get past the confu [...]

    19. Who Wants to Marry a Doctor? (With This Ring) by Abigail Sharpe: Can you date four men, trying to find your mister right and raise money for sick children when your heart is unexpectedly captured by another. That is the question that single mom and pediatrician, WWTMADSabrina Bankhead has to ask herself in the wonderfully funny and extremely sexy Who Wants to Marry a Doctor by Abigail Sharp.Read More

    20. I still hate reading romances, but a friend wrote this book. Those darn social obligationsI liked this book more than the first book in the series. It took me a little while to get into it. I read at bed time and so I was reading it 5-10 pages at a time and tired. I did have a 198 page binge toward the end. I liked the suspense better this time. The two lovers got my motor running better than the first book.I can't say how this book compares to other romances. I thought it entertaining and a fun [...]

    21. small town funWhen Dr. Rachel agrees to be on a bachelor show to raise money for a clinic what can go wrong? Everything if the producer holds a grudge against her from the small town high school, and she falls for the host. I can't say anymore without giving the ending away , however this book keeps you guessing and you do not want to put it down. It is a must read

    22. Cute story with several laugh out loud moments! Although I liked the fundraiser, two of the four contestants were so similar that the story became confusing. However, Quinn and Sabrina were well-developed and realistic. I found myself cheering them through their struggles hoping for a HEA! Nicely Done! I received this book, free, in a Goodread's First Reads Giveaway. Thank you!

    23. 2.5 I got this as the same time as Who Wants to Marry a Doctor. I preferred this one, still had the unreasonable female conflict, I feel like there are better ways to add tension to a story but that is just my preference.

    24. I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.I really enjoyed this book a lot, the basic premise was very unique and the chemistry between Quinn and Sabrina was great. The characters were genuine and realistic. Recommended summer read.

    25. A small town Pediatrician with strong home ties and a daredevil reporter who loves actionn they make it? Full review to follow!

    26. This was a good book to the end then it became great. It reminded me of what happens in a small town and how long the memories of the people who live in those small towns.

    27. Roller coaster of emotions when reading this book! Loved every moment of it! Once I started reading I was kept till the end! Hard to put down! If you haven't read this book yet, you sure need to!

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