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Queenie The seductive and beguiling story of Dawn Avalon who when wrongfully accused of a crime she didn t commit flees her homeland to London where she becomes Queenie a star of both the stage and screen

  • Title: Queenie
  • Author: Michael Korda
  • ISBN: 9780330291941
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Paperback
  • The seductive and beguiling story of Dawn Avalon, who when wrongfully accused of a crime she didn t commit, flees her homeland to London where she becomes Queenie , a star of both the stage and screen.

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      • Michael Korda

        is an English born writer and novelist who was editor in Chief of Simon Schuster in New York City.


    1. QUEENIEMichael Korda has given me another reason why I love their site so much. When reading reviews and comments by my friends, I'm constantly reminded of books I've read and loved before there was a . This is one of those books.Beautiful, seductive, Anglo Indian Dawn Avalon flees the street of Calcutta for London when she is wrongfully accused of murder. She uses her intelligence and beauty to become a bona fide movie star mainly by marrying a charismatic director and their union is as enchant [...]

    2. When I was young my mom kept telling me I remind her of a miniseries she watched years ago before the war but couldn't find again called Queenie starring the enchanting Mia Sara. Years later, I told a friend of mine who was obsessed with books and movies about it and he got me the book, first edition, I kept on searching until I got two copies one on VCR and another on DVD as a surprise to my mother, I was 16 at the time, we only had half of the miniseries before and to me watching the whole thi [...]

    3. First a disclaimer: my husband bought this for me as a joke because of its title alone. Once a few years ago in a moment of contention my husband blurted out that I was "such a princess" to which I replied, "No, Queen."Anyhow, as these things go with married couples some things that were once angry become funny and reappear from time to time. Thus his nickname of me as Queenie has stuck. And so this year on our anniversary when he was out of ideas this book became one of my gifts.We shared a goo [...]

    4. This was another book that I loved when i was younger. I still have the Dutch copy. Might tell my daughter to give it a try. She loved Lace by Shirley Conran. (I did too)Back in the days I loved reading books like this. Judith Kranz,Jacqueline Susann, Jackie Collins and Harold Robbins come to mind. That is what is great about . You click one book and then you see other books which reminds you you have read those as well.Well if you are not easily offended by sex scenes and you want to read somet [...]

    5. tried reading this book years ago and didn't like it. got a copy recently and decided to give it another go. loved it this time around!! Queenie Kelly leaves the slums of Calcutta to become Dawn Avalon a film star in hollywood just before the war. loved this so much and liked Queenie who was prepared to do anything to become famous.

    6. I read this book a long time ago, but the story has stuck with me and I keep looking for it so I can re-read it. It is both tragic and joyous and paints a very realistic picture of the "dark side" of fame.

    7. I first read QUEENIE when it was published in 1985, and remember it as a juicy, hard-to-put-down roman a clef about Hollywood's legendary Merle Oberon. All the author did was change the names!Michael Korda knew his subjet well - by virtue of her marriage to his uncle, film producer Sir Alexander Korda, Oberon was for a time the author's aunt.And with its pedigree, why shouldn't it be a juicy, hard-to-put-down book? The author, after all, was at the time Editor-in-Chief of Simon & Schuster, a [...]

    8. I enjoyed this, though it certainly had a bit of 80s camp about it--even though it was about colonial India, 30s London, and 40s Hollywood! I got interested in this after reading Korda's memoir about being an editor, and it is based on his aunt Merle Oberman, who I saw in part of a movie once. Anyway, not great literature, but a fast and entertaining, if not a little guilt-inducing, read, especially for 632 pages!

    9. I really enjoyed this book, from the start to the finish. I was drawn in right from the start and even though there were many characters, which I do not like in books, I did not have a hard time keeping them all straight. If you are looking for a happy go lucky book, than this is not the book for you.

    10. I absolutely LOVED this book this was one that I couldn't put down!!! I just recently came across another Michael Korda book that I'm going to read I hope it is written as well as Queenie was!!!

    11. Michael Korda doesn't know how to write for a woman. Queenie is a hollow shell of a character that fails to impress throughout the entire book. It's a droll journey through mediocrity that fails to live up to the stories potential.

    12. Read this book when I was about 12 (not many books available where I grew up) and found it fascinating and inspiring. It made an impression on me that has stayed with me throughout my teenage and adulthood.

    13. A mysterious childhood in India, career of fame and fortune, and hints of story links to a real movie star's life combined to make this a very satisfying read. I saw the TV movie years ago and, naturally, the book was better.

    14. I had absolutely no idea that the author had based this book on his aunt, Merle Oberon. You learn something everyday!

    15. Huh, sainpas vihdoin luettua. Tuntui, ettei tämä lopu koskaan. Aikamoista jaarittelua ja kiinnostavia tapahtumia vain harvakseltaan. Ei nyt oikein uponnut, vaikka sinnikkäästi loppuun asti luin.

    16. What I think? sheesh this took foevaaaaa. Left it aside after I got about 1/3 through the book. Picked it up about a year later and finally finished it one summer.

    17. Loved this book!! I have read it over and over and even own the VHS mini-series starring Mia Sara and Kirk Douglas.

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