Too Close to Home (The Forensic Files #1)

Too Close to Home (The Forensic Files #1)

Tressa Messenger / Nov 20, 2019

Too Close to Home The Forensic Files When the beautiful blond senior head cheerleader Melissa Cooley is found stabbed to death on a teacher s desk in the local high school this small coastal town nestled on the east coast of North Caro

  • Title: Too Close to Home (The Forensic Files #1)
  • Author: Tressa Messenger
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When the beautiful blond senior head cheerleader, Melissa Cooley, is found stabbed to death on a teacher s desk in the local high school this small coastal town nestled on the east coast of North Carolina goes into frenzy To make matters worse another body of slacker boy, Ronald Marks, is found hanging from the field goal post only a day later Pamlico County native DetecWhen the beautiful blond senior head cheerleader, Melissa Cooley, is found stabbed to death on a teacher s desk in the local high school this small coastal town nestled on the east coast of North Carolina goes into frenzy To make matters worse another body of slacker boy, Ronald Marks, is found hanging from the field goal post only a day later Pamlico County native Detective Carma Jones and her partner Harold Green set out on a search for this ruthless assailant who is causing so much havoc in her peaceful home town No one is safe and everyone is a suspect The twists and turns along the way lead them in a direction Carma would never have guessed with deep secrets meant to stay buried Will she be too late to stop the real murder from killing again

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    1. I honestly never expected to write this book, or more like this genre. When I started writing I assumed I would write mostly romance and drama but when the idea for a murder/mystery came to me I knew I had to write it. I love the familiarity of this book. It is based where I am from, not only the towns and landmarks but also the feel of the area, and it is filled with the type of people I grew up with. This book is so good and full of unexpected twists. I'm so proud of this work of art and it gi [...]

    2. Tressa Messenger wrote an awesome story. So many twists and turns, leaving you in complete awe. Can not wait to read more from her.

    3. I received a free copy of this book from TressaThis is a very American murder mystery, the head cheerleader Missy who's dating the quarterback Rob is killed, since this is a small town the killer has to be someone they all know, but who. Then a couple of days later another body is found also on school property, this time it's a guy who had a crush on Missy and followed her around. Trying to solve the case is local Detective Carma Jones and her partner Harold who's moved down from New York.It was [...]

    4. I'm not usually a fan of mysteries, but I might be after this :-) I was pulled right in from the first chapter. There were enough surprises that I didn't see the ending coming, and the ending - OMG. I found Carma likable, and I enjoyed seeing the book through her point of view, especially since she has a history in town. Her relationship with her partner felt natural and I liked their interactions. There were a couple twists I didn't see coming - especially the ending! I'm looking forward to rea [...]

    5. Really didn't enjoy this. The story itself was predictable and boring, and the writing was just awful - the dialogue in particular was awkward and unnatural. I don't know if it's just a problem with the kindle version or if the book never got anywhere near an editor, but there were sentences either missing words or with extra words added so they just made no sense, a lot of typos, and constant changing from past to present tense - occasionally mid-sentence. It was almost unreadable.

    6. Carma Jones and her new partner have a murder to investigate. He’s transferred in from New York and isn’t used to the small town but he’ll have to learn fast.***The first chapter is a huge info dump… and then she ends up being the murder victim… what? That seems kind of odd for a murder mystery.Missy’s eyes widened at the sight of the blade and she began to scream. “What do you want from me?” she whimpered.(p. 12). Did she scream or did she whimper? Because they are very differen [...]

    7. Suspenseful, heart-pounding, emotional!The cover of this book makes sense, because it is a mystery, but it feels a little understated for the amazingness (is that even a word?) of this story. The title, however, is perfect for the story.I’m usually really good at keeping my emotions in check during killings, rapes, etc (in books and TV shows), but as the victim was being “claimed” in this book my heart pounded in fear and I actually started crying for her. This read like I was watching an [...]

    8. I really liked this book because it kept my interest and there where surprises all through the book. The plot has to do with murders in a town where the main detective has grown up. The author does a good job of pulling you into the murders by describing how scared the victim was and how they felt through the whole ordeal. I felt like I was feeling what the victims where feeling. Any crime is hard for everyone involved and the Detective finds out it's really hard when it happens in your town wit [...]

    9. I felt like I was reading the script to a B horror movie. I gave it two stars because I at least wanted to read to the end to make sure I was right about who the killer was. Extremely predictable. There were several grammatical mistakes and issues with the continuity. It looks like something that someone may have written for a school project or something.The main character was supposed to be a strong, female lead; but she was over-sexualized and exaggerated. An experienced New York cop would not [...]

    10. This was a really entertaining story, it certainly grabs you from the first page! I liked the competent detective, Carma, makes a nice change to have a woman who is more than just support for a male detective, she was calm and thoughtful but not over the top in anyway. This is also one of those books where every time you think you have it figured out you are proved wrong and time actually passes not like in CSI where everything is wrapped up by the end of a shift lol In fact everything was just [...]

    11. gave me this for free. How kind. I'd never heard of the author or title - but given my love of forensic pathology I jumped right in. The book is the equivalent of what makes a really good TV detective drama better than a crap one. Ok so this story line isn't groundbreaking but it's really well written. For me, it's too on the fence between short story and novel - Id have liked the author to be brave and just go for it, add a bit more depth to the twists that are just plainly presented.I'm not su [...]

    12. Riveting!!, May 1, 2013This review is from: Too Close To Home (Carma Jones) (Kindle Edition)Carma is a detective is a small North Carolina county. She grew up here and knows everyone. When the High School's head cheerleader is murdered at the school, Carma is determined to find the killer. It is a suspenseful story. I don't wish to give anything away, because that would ruin it for the reader. Tressa's story flows smoothly and you feel for everyone. Her characters are well-developed and you beco [...]

    13. I Love love LOVE this book! I've read everything she has out, except her newest which I WILL read this weekend, and I get SO excited for everything she puts out! Tressa is a ROCKSTAR! This book has gotten her reading community to start calling her Mrs. Sparks! This particular story was captivating! I literally could NOT put it down for 2 straight days! I fell asleep reading and I woke up wanting to read it! I've never read another book that I actually WANTED to re-read! Well done Tressa, well do [...]

    14. I thought that this story wasn't bad, but it could have been better. The main character, detective Carma Jones, just wasn't a very strong, likeable character. She defied police procedure when dealing with crime scenes and evidence, and she came off as too confident and empowered, which ended up getting her into trouble. Also, the author made Carma's partner Harold, a former New York city detective, seem inexperienced, which isn't very believable.

    15. Interesting readNot having read this author before I was pleasantly surprised. She had me wanting to read more and more and her crime story had twists and turns with a bit of a love story gone, wrong. I feel for her character wanting her to realise her dreams but not yet it seems in this story so will have to read the next one.

    16. Great mysteryGreat mysteryThis book was full of suspense! Throughout the whole book I was trying to figure out the answer to the "who is the killer" question. I thoroughly enjoyed the twists and turns. I am so glad that I read this book and it only took me hours to read it because I couldn't put it down. This is definitely on my recommended list!

    17. Great new style by Tressa Messenger! Loved the twists and turns & cannot wait to start I'll See You Soon!

    18. GreatvreasGreat criminal story with a lot of twists. Had to read it in one day. Couldn't put it down once I started

    19. I was originally going to give this a two star rating because I thought this was a self-published author and this was her first attempt at a crime series. While this is the author’s first attempt at a crime novel, this is not the author’s first book, nor is this a self-published work. This book actually has a publisher (Limitless Publishing LLC). This is why I ultimately bumped it from two stars down to one.The concept of this book wasn’t bad, but the actual writing was less than stellar. [...]

    20. Such a great suspenseful thriller! Had several twists that left your head spinning. Just when you think you've figured it out. BANG! I very rarely read reviews before I buy a book and I am thankful for that. There are so many bad reviews for this book but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It does end in a cliffhanger, however, the plot to this one is finished out. Before writing this review, I went in and purchased the next book so I can immediately start on it.

    21. Great storylineI thoroughly enjoyed this book. I could not out it down, I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good page Turner.

    22. Loved itThis was so much better than I was hoping for ,just the kind of story I needed for a pick up, can't wait to get the second book in the series and see what happens next,

    23. Tressa Messenger does not like to limit or categorize herself by a single genre. She shifts from YA to romance to mystery / thriller without hiding behind the “this pen name is for THIS genre” conceit other authors sometimes choose to use when they branch out.It was suggested to me that “Too Close to Home” would be a good choice to introduce myself to the workings of Ms. Messenger's minds, as my favorite genre is murder mystery/suspense/thriller. In this book, set in coastal North Caroli [...]

    24. Spoiler alert So I was offered this book to read for free and decided to give it a go due to being interested in the genre. Overall I quite enjoyed the book. For most of the book it keeps you guessing who the killer was until it becomes obvious. When Mike was arrested for sleeping with Missy and for the two murders, I guessed straight away he didn't make the murders. I then guessed it was either Rob or Kristen, but as soon as Marshall says that Rob has a jekyl and hide personality, it became obv [...]

    25. Picked this up free a couple of weeks ago . . . I didn't have my hopes very high but it ended up being a quite well done mystery. Setting is North Carolina shore area. I did more or less figure out who it was but didn't have all the details wrapped up. There was a bit of an odd epilogue that I didn't feel added anything, but it sort of set up the next in the series.Bottom line, definitely worth the time. It was a fairly quick read, characters were a bit stereotypical, but the writing was good en [...]

    26. This the first book I have read by Messenger and I was pleasantly surprised. I can't wait to read more.This is a suspenseful mystery murder story about a chain of murders in a small town. It's hard to pin point who the bad guy is when everyone knows everybody, and everyone has reason to be suspect. I enjoyed the pace of the story. it was very fast paced and kept you wondering who or what was coming next. The past was tastefully covered with out dwelling and did a great job of tying it all togeth [...]

    27. Too Close to Home is a fast paced exciting thriller. I was on the edge of my seat from the beginning and I didn't know what to expect. I thought the twists were great.Carma was the main character, and I loved her tough attitude. Her own struggles as she solved the case gave the book something extra. I also loved each little insight into other characters. Some of the time I wasn't sure who to suspect until another piece was revealed.This book was a fast read, and I couldn't wait to find out who t [...]


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