All It Takes

All It Takes

Sadie Munroe / Jun 04, 2020

All It Takes Nineteen year old Star Collins never intended to return to her hometown Avenue That part of her life ended when she was nine years old and child services took her away from her hoarder mother Her mo

  • Title: All It Takes
  • Author: Sadie Munroe
  • ISBN: 9780993894213
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nineteen year old Star Collins never intended to return to her hometown, Avenue That part of her life ended when she was nine years old, and child services took her away from her hoarder mother Her mother chose her stuff over her daughter That part of her life was supposed to be in the past.But her mother has just passed away and Star finds herself giving up her summerNineteen year old Star Collins never intended to return to her hometown, Avenue That part of her life ended when she was nine years old, and child services took her away from her hoarder mother Her mother chose her stuff over her daughter That part of her life was supposed to be in the past.But her mother has just passed away and Star finds herself giving up her summer to quietly clean out her old home She just wants to sell it and move on with her life However, things aren t going the way she planned With her dyed black hair and tattoos, she s attracting almost as much attention from the small town residents as Ash Winthrope, the guy who was just released from prison.All Ash wants is a chance to start over He screwed up and he knows it, he s going to have to live with the guilt for the rest of his life But he s stuck in Avenue until his parole ends, and no one, not even his own parents, wants anything to do with him Nearly out of money and completely out of options, Ash takes the only job he can, helping Star haul stuff out of her mother s house.Neither of them expects anything to happen between them, or for their lives to change But sometimes meeting the right person is all it takes.

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        Sadie Munroe has been dreaming up stories for as long as she can remember She is often found staring off into space, brainstorming her next plot, even when she hasn t quite finished the one she s currently working on It s a problem She lives in Ontario Canada with her family and her dog Trips, as well as what some people would consider far too many books they re wrong ALL IT TAKES is her first novel.


    1. This review is all Kelly's fault. She got me all excited about sex on dirty diapers and dead cats. All her fault!She teased me with New Adult hoarding!Star has to come home to her hometown after her mom passes away to clean out her mom's house. Her mom was a hoarder.Not like that. That's like my house!Like this:Her mom had lost custody of Star when she was younger because she couldn't give up her hoard. So Star comes back to Asshole town USA to get the mess cleaned up. She then goes into the loc [...]

    2. Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/I requested this book for one reason and one reason only . . . . I have a morbid fascination with all things hoarding related. I know. I’m heartless and also not right in the head. I can’t help it : ( The premise of this book is that Star was removed from her mother’s custody as a wee little child due to the conditions of their house. Now Star’s momma has gone to that big ol’ pile of dead kittehs in the sky and Star needs to get the house cleane [...]

    3. Title: All It TakesSeries: standaloneAuthor: Sadie MunroeRelease Date:30 June, 2015Rating: 3.5 - 4 starsCliffhanger:. No HEA:(view spoiler)[ Yes (hide spoiler)]The story follows Star, a nineteen year old college student, who inherited her mother’s house after she passed away. After years of living in foster care and not seeing her biological parent, Star goes to the town she was born it to deal with the house. To her surprise the house is in worse shape than she thought was possible. Before se [...]

    4. This didn't work for me at all. At first when I read the blurb I got excited! I really enjoy books with outcast main characters and this sounded so promising.But. I couldn't connect with the characters at all and the story was so boring at times.It reminded me a lot of 'Lifers' by Jane Harvey-Berrick, it tried to have the same feel and to extract the same emotion of the reader but it didn't work for me.

    5. Sweet slow-build love story. The H's situation reminded me of , everyone was against him. But the h was amazing. The part about the h's mom hoarding rang so true - you can never understand why hoarders do the stuff they do, get so attached to things above people, above anything else.H was an ex-con and guilty of manslaughter but I felt like he had remorse and also was a better person for being in prison. I honestly wasn't sure whether to DNF( H killed a young dad; he was driving when high on dru [...]

    6. Star was taken away from her mother when she was 9 years old because her mother was a hoarder. She grew up in foster care after that. When she is at college, she gets a call that her mother passed away so she has to return to her childhood home to de-hoard it and sell it over summer break. Ash made an awful mistake 5 years ago that had tragic consequences. He spend 5 years in jail paying for what he did and when he is released he learns that people in his small town and even his own family aren' [...]

    7. Posted to The Bevy Bibliotheque:Happiness is a fragile state. This is something the main characters of All It Takes know only too well. Ash's life went bad in a flash and a scream in a car crash. Each time Star's life changed for the worse it was something simple: a phone call, for instance.Sadie Munroe's debut All It Takes is the story of two damaged people finding their way back to that fragile state.I loved the voices of both Star and Ash as they work through their pasts in All It Takes. The [...]

    8. ༺**Complimentary Copy**༺ Provided by the author in exchange for an honest reviewThank you!!TITLE: All It TakesAUTHOR: Sadie MunroeGENRE: Contemporary RomanceRELEASE DATE: June 30, 2015 MY RATING: 5 STARSI've never read anything by this author, this is her debut novel, but I can say already, the lady has talent.Star, our heroine is one tough cookie, and I love her! She's definitely not your average wishy washy weak female (my hated 3 W's) And Ash, our hero, just got out of prison. Love that t [...]

    9. This review was originally posted on Just a Lil' LostStar Collins, a 19-year-old who has been living in the foster care system for the last 10 years, returns to her small hometown after finding out that her mother has passed away. As a hoarder, her mother had chosen her stuff over her daughter, and now Star is tasked with the job to clean out her house so she can sell it. Fresh out of a 5-year prison sentence for a mistake he made, Ash is kicked out of the house and struggles to find work. Star [...]

    10. “All It Takes” is a story about a young woman named Star, who has just lost her mother, and a young man named Ash, who has recently been released from prison for manslaughter. Both outcasts in a small town, they end up working together, and the story builds from there.The story itself is at turns tragic and cute and romantic. There are some difficult issues raised about drug use, hoarding (I need to clean out all of our closets now), the foster care system, and how people treat one another. [...]

    11. 4 round heart-warming stars for a second chance!The resolution, however, did not at all satisfy the bookworm in me. Too easy. What was the thorough building-up of all that suspense regarding the leaving for college of Star for??? And that final climax Ughh Was it even considered one??? Despite being beautifully touching and all, it still seemed pretty irrelevant to me Had the last two chapters of the book been written otherwise, "All It Takes" might have been a perfect read to end my June. But n [...]

    12. It isn’t often that a book surprises me, and I’m not talking about the twists and turns within the story, but as to how the story is presented but All It Takes surprised me, but it was in a very good way. When I first read the blurb my interest was definitely peaked, but I hemmed and hawed a bit because there was a chance that since this story falls under the New Adult arena that it could’ve veer into the realm of unnecessary drama/uber angsty-ville based on the issues that both Ash and St [...]

    13. Check out more reviews at Little Miss Bookmark!Usually, I write a little blurb for the book but not this time. I'm just going to get down to business. I was excited about reading All It Takes because I love a broken character. I enjoy seeing how the author will have them overcome whatever it is that is going on in their life. I like seeing that progression and transformation. That is what I was looking for with this one because really, these characters seemed screwed up. Really screwed up. And t [...]

    14. 4-4.5 PINKIE SWEAR stars :D :D :D Once again, a new book Ive read by a new author!! And I have to say, it was really really sweet yet completely heartbreaking!! We get to meet Star, a girl who lost her dad to an accident and her mom to her obsession in her early childhood Now she returns after her mom's death only to come across her obsession of hoarding And i WILL BE HONEST. i had no idea what hoarding meant till I researched it!! really interesting to see this newthing and then she comes acros [...]

    15. "Like everything bad that has ever happened in my life, it started with a phone call."'All It Takes' is Sadie Munroe's debut novel. Although it's categorized as a new adult title, it brings the genre a welcoming breath of fresh air. College campus dramas, angsty young adults, and incomprehensible drama are no where to be found. Instead the reader finds that Sadie Munroe focuses on real life problems that are often ignored in many genres; hoarding, coming to terms with your past in a healthy way, [...]

    16. Omg really?! That is how it ends!!! I want more!!! Please tell me there is a sequel! I need to know how they make it work, does she go back to school? What happens with the hoarder friend? Who do they become? Do they get justice against the bullies! Ugh this can't be the end I Loved this book so much, please please please write more to this story. Totally fall in love with Ash and Star, two completely angsty characters with so much more to give to the world. This book reminds me of the coinciden [...]

    17. All It Takes was a good book. I would have liked to have had more of an ending though. What did they do? I liked how great she treated him and talked to him. They each gave each other crap and laughed a lot. She healed him and made him feel better. They both helped each other, but she really helped him.They are together in the end and get their HEA.The story kept me reading until the end.I received an ARC of this book from the publisher and Netgalley for an honest review.

    18. Check out the full review on Bookaholics Not-So-Anonymous.Note: This ARC was provided by Patchwork Press Cooperative in exchange for an honest review.Whenever I go into a book that isn't part of a series or is by an author whose work is completely new to me, i.e. I've never read any of their previous work or they're debuting their work, I have one very simple expectation: I expect to enjoy it. I mean, that's how it should be with any book you read, but then I add on other stuff if I'm a fan of t [...]

    19. *This ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*What a debut novel! I really am thankful to NetGalley for introducing me to all these amazing authors! I hope by sharing the love on this blog I can pay it forward. Sadie Munroe is a new author (ta-dah!) and her book will be available on June 30th. Click here to pre-order on ! I see great things in this girl’s future.****4 Stars****The introduction to Star reads like a knock-out fight. Left – her father dies when she’s a kid. [...]

    20. I received a copy of this story from Net Galley. Yay books!Spoilers possible aheadThis is one of those story's that remind me just how much I hate small towns. Seriously.Here is this guy, Ash, who made a mistake and who paid for it by going to prison. But, the town get the title confused, because really who cares how he killed someone, just that he killed someone. And he is forever more known as a murder. These are the type of people I like to lecture about the differences between manslaughter, [...]

    21. This review can also be seen on my blog I Heart Fictional PeopleWow. Just wow. I absolutely loved this book. I don’t even know where to start. Okay, let’s start with my initial impression of the book. I really liked the cover. I just had to know more about this girl, and I felt like I could relate to her just by looking at her. Then, I read the first page, and I was hooked. Sometimes judging a book by its cover really pays off, and it definitely did here. Star and Ash may be my new favorite [...]

    22. So. Remember when I talked about new adult as a new genre? Yep, here’s another. What I like about new adult s that it’s more likely to find topics that relate to an older group of readers. That’s not to say that young adult doesn’t deal with some real-life issues (John Greene for example). That’s also not to say this new adult doesn’t produce stories just to tell a good story. But, there’s a part of me that believes the older you get and the more you experience in life, sometimes w [...]

    23. Book Review- All It Takes by Sadie MunroeStar is back in her hometown. She hasn’t been back since Child Protection Services took her away and placed her in foster care. She is now back to clean out her mother’s house after she has died. She has the summer to clean it out in order to sell. It’s a big job since her mother was a hoarder.Ash just got out of prison. Five years ago he got into a car accident while high and killed a man. His life is forever changed as his parents kick him out and [...]

    24. I am not going to give a play by play or anything like that. The issue with the book is hoarding. Yes you heard me right hoarders! They are just now becoming known to most people. They function well in society but their home, care, yards, and so on, usually look like a dumping ground. The main character is a 19 year old named Star Collins and she was removed from her home because of her mother's hoarding. I was really thrilled when that came out because it is so new that I just gobbled up the bo [...]

    25. This was such a good read and different than what I had expected. I really liked Star instantly and Ash too.Star's mom was a hoarder, I'm talking big time hoarder to the point that she lost custody of Star. After she dies Star has to come back to her hometown, Avenue- for the record this town was horrible!- to clean out her mothers house to sale it. But she gets a little more than she expects when she see just how bad the house is. I really hated the people of Avenue. They were so damn judgmenta [...]

    26. Two people, the oddballs out in a world that didn't want to accept them, find solace in each other after returning to their hometown. Star - to clear out her mother's house after she passed away, and Ash - to start over fresh after being released from prison. I know I've said this about so many books but each time I say it, it's true -- this book was incredibly well written. I had my reservations, of course. I wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy the book despite how tantalizing the description w [...]

    27. CuteThis was a great little story. I enjoyed it very much, the writing was good, and there really weren't many (if any) errors like I (unfortunately) typically encounter with books. I do agree with the other reviewers, though this could've been a 5 star for me if the ending was more. complete. I wanted to see some follow-up with the couple. There's a lot of unanswered questions/issues for them, there's no justice for their "accident (??! Really??), and I he stuff with his parents was a little T [...]

    28. All it takes is an awesome New Adult read. Star is a very strong main character. I loved the way she just accepted Ash even after the whole town including his family shun him. Star has dealt with a lot in her life from the death of her father to her mother's hoarding, which leaves her being taken into care at an early age.Ash, he made one silly mistake that ruined his life. After spending five years in prison, he comes home to realize he has nothing left. Until Star enters his life. I loved the [...]

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